Monday, May 7, 2012

Immersed In Signs: One Day Of News Tells The Story

Just take a step back today and look at the big picture. Following the daily news in terms of prophetic developments can often cause one to become desensitized to the "big picture", but more and more often - a single day can be stunning for a prophecy watcher. Each of these articles is worth reading; I'll try to minimize the quotes from each one as there are so many pertinent stories in circulation today:

Jordanian news site Ahbar Baladna reports that western spy satellites have recently spotted movements of Syrian heavy missile launchers northward and southward, toward Syria's borders with Turkey and Israel.

The site says hundreds of high-caliber launchers are being moved, and that these could only be long range Scud missile launchers.

Syria has threatened in the past that in the event of foreign military intervention on its soil, it will not hesitate to fire missiles at Israel and Turkey in order to ignite a large scale regional war.

France Elections: Sets EU On Course For Turmoil

Greek elections have also delivered a hammer blow to the eurozone’s austerity policies after over 60 per cent of the vote went to far-Left and Right-wing parties opposed austerity measures that are a condition of an EU-IMF bail-out and Greek membership of the euro.

The latest crisis could cause the collapse of a €105 billion (£90 billion) EU-IMF bail-out deal, meaning that Greece would have to leave the euro. Neo-Nazi Golden Dawn MPs will now enter the Greek parliament for the first time since the end of the military dictatorship in 1974.

On the same day in Greece, neo-Nazis entered the country’s parliament after national elections that wiped out mainstream parties that had supported austerity measures imposed by the EU.

Europe's Left Wing Turn Worries Markets

With a Socialist president in France and a strong popular mandate in Greece for re-negotiating the terms of its bail-out, the German-driven focus on budget discipline in Europe may have to soften.

German papers on Monday morning read the Greek and French election results as an "anti-German" vote, making her increasingly isolated on EU stage when it comes to fiscal discipline.

The Israeli-French Honeymoon Is Likely Over

Hollande made one promise that essentially won him the presidency: 75% tax. The socialist candidate made his disdain for the rich clear at the start of the campaign; however two months before election day, he outdid himself, and made a concrete claim: 75% tax for those who earn over one million euros a year. losing a close ally in the international arena - an ally that demonstrably changed French foreign policy concerning Syria and Libya.

Following the departure of former Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi, Netanyahu will not find a man hostile toward Israel at Élysée, but rather a socialist with fundamental reservations concerning the Israeli right and West Bank settlement policy. It is already possible to predict that the tone of the French Foreign Ministry denunciation messages will become more severe, at least concerning these issues.

It's Time For Them To Be Afraid: Greek "Neo-Nazi" Party Leader Lashes Out At "Traitors" As He Calls For Revolution

The leader of an extreme-right, anti-immigrant party on course for shock success in Greece’s general elections Sunday lashed out at those he described as “traitors” responsible for the country’s financial crisis and said his party was ushering in a “revolution.”

The far-right Golden Dawn party is set to win 7 percent of the parliamentary vote, according to early projections, as Greeks punished the traditionally dominant parties who backed harsh austerity measures tied to debt-relief agreements.

Israel Warns Hizbollah Over Iran

Despite the inevitable international outcry, Israel would be left with no choice but to lay waste to swathes of southern Lebanon because Hizbollah has entrenched itself so deeply within the civilian population, he said.

The unusually stark warning comes after months of heightened speculation that the Israeli government is considering unilateral military action against Iran's nuclear installations despite opposition from the United States.

Report: Netanyahu Holding Elections So He Is Free To Deal With Iran In September-October

Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is calling early elections so that he and his government will be free to deal with Iran’s nuclear program this September-October, one of Israel’s best-informed political commentators said on Friday night.

Netanyahu is set on Sunday to announce that he is dissolving parliament and calling elections for September 4 — a year ahead of schedule. In the weeks immediately after that vote, said well-connected commentator Amnon Abramovich on the top-rated Channel 2 news, Netanyahu will head a transition government at home and have no need to worry about voter sentiment, and he knows that President Barack Obama will be paralyzed by the US presidential campaign.

...the dramatic decision to bring the elections forward relates to Iran. After the September elections, which all polls show Netanyahu winning easily, he will head a transition government for several weeks while a new coalition is formed. During that period, Netanyahu “will not be beholden to the voters,” and will be free to take decisions on Iran that many Israelis might not support, Abramovich said.

Furthermore, he will still have his trusted Defense Minister, Ehud Barak, at his side. Barak is seen as unlikely to fare well in the elections, and may not even retain his Knesset seat, but would retain the defense portfolio until a new coalition is formed.

And finally, said Abramovich, the September-October period would see Obama, who has publicly urged more patience in allowing diplomacy and sanctions to have their impact on Iran, in the final stages of the presidential election campaign, with a consequent reduced capacity to try to pressure Israel into holding off military intervention.

Space Weather Expert Discusses Solar Flares

A stream of highly charged particles from the sun is headed straight toward Earth, threatening to plunge cities around the world into darkness and bring the global economy screeching to a halt.

This isn't the premise of the latest doomsday thriller. Massive solar storms have happened before — and another one is likely to occur soon, according to Mike Hapgood, a space weather scientist at the Rutherford Appleton Laboratory near Oxford, England.

Peru Coast Littered With Dead Birds, Dolphins

The government of Peru has warned people away from beaches along the country's northern coast due to the hundreds of dead birds and dolphins that have washed up on shore.

More than 1,000 dead birds, a majority of them pelicans, and hundreds of dead dolphins have washed up in recent weeks.

Change Of French Presidents Weakens Western Front Against Nuclear Iran

Two stalwarts of the Western confrontation against a nuclear-armed Iran suffered election defeats this week: Nicolas Sarkozy was swept out of the Elysee by the Socialist leader Francois Hollande Sunday, May 6. Three days earlier, the two parties forming UK Prime Minister David Cameron’s government coalition were trounced in local elections across Britain. Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu, who faces an election in four months, never imagined he would be left so quickly on shifting sands against the Iranian nuclear threat.

Jews Unwelcome On Campus

From the outside, Western faculties appear as genteel oases of wisdom and knowledge. In truth, institutions of higher education are becoming brutal offspring of anti-Jew hatred. Famous faculties that have been an historical cradle of European civilization are sacrificing freedom and Israel to barbarism and obscurantism.

Even in America the gloves are coming off. The Institute for Jewish & Community Research in San Francisco recently published a report titled "Alone on the quad: Understanding Jewish Student Isolation on Campus,” one of the most comprehensive surveys of its kind. More than 40% of students confirm anti-Semitism on their campus; some 41% of students have encountered anti-Israel remarks made in class by professors.

School Says "Jesus" Shirt Is Hate Speech

A Canadian high school student was suspended for a week because wore a t-shirt promoting his Christian beliefs and he was told if he wears it again – he could be suspended for the remainder of the school year.

William Swinimer, a student at Forest Heights Community School in Nova Scotia, was punished for wearing a shirt that read, “Life is wasted without Jesus.” The shirt is a reference to a passage of Scripture from the New Testament

Cloward-Piven Strategy Working Perfectly

The now-infamous “Cloward-Piven Strategy” outlined by Richard Cloward and Frances Fox Piven in 1966 proposed a clear roadmap to socialism: get so many people addicted to government entitlements that the economic system collapses, and in the resulting chaos the populace will demand and vote for a new economic system in which everyone is supported by the state.

But something interesting happened on Sunday in Europe: Voters in both France and Greece, two countries ruinously addicted to government entitlements, rejected the “austerity” model of debt-reduction and instead doubled down on unsustainable spending sprees. France elected Socialist Francois Hollande as president, and in his acceptance speech he promised to increase government benefits and amp up “stimulus” spending programs — the exact things that got France into a metaphorical debtors’ prison in the first place. But exactly as Cloward and Piven has surmised, once you get 50+% of the population hooked on “free” government money, there’s no turning back — they will vote for socialists every time. The election of Hollande is the culmination of Cloward-Piven; the strategy worked, but in the wrong country.

Will the revolution spread to America? Have Obama’s policies over the last four years addicted so many people to food stamps and Social Security disability payments and unemployment benefits and so many other entitlement programs that we as a nation will go the route of France and vote for the guy who promises to keep the drugs flowing, regardless of the consequences? Will the inherent resilience of the American economy keep the illusory prosperity afloat long enough to usher Obama into office for the final assault on capitalism?

Gold Rush In Israel?

First it was oil, then natural gas, now a group believes it has found a commercially-viable concentration of gold in Israel. A few weeks ago, Gulliver Energy Ltd. officially applied for a gold exploration permit in the mountainous area surrounding the southern Israel resort town of Eilat.

And lastly, two highly politically incorrect articles:

Articles: The Two Lefts

All Fall Down


Ally said...

Im still predicting May to be one of the most prophetic months yet! Esp. Towards the 20th and after.
Bibi may have plans for sept/oct bombing of Iran, and it may hold off til then, but Syria moving weapons to the bueno!
Thats one of the reasons those ill lume ee naughties have to get bashad and other dictators out of office. Think arab spring here. These guys are unpredictable and uncontrollable! And control is the wird if the day with these guys.
If Syria starts lobbing rockets at turkey and israel, all bets are off! At that point I could even see putin stepping in, but not in their defense. More like syria becomes a mini russian colony. Wouldnt that change everything! And no ine will even be cimplaining.
I have a lot of stuff I would like to add here, but I wont. Likee prophecies from dmitri duduman etc. too scary I think for most. So I will say this instead. I will finally be free in dec. To move back to my beloved california! I seriously doubt that will even be possible by then. If we are still here even. I think we will be but I sure hope not! I dont think america is gonna be looking to pretty by then.
Fukushima is still spewing like crazy. We cant see it visually really, but its really starting to poison everything. And its not stopping ever! They dont even have plans to contain
Remember to pray health and nourishment over everything you put into your mouths! Try to eat as nutritiously as possible. Vitamins and anti oxidants are very important! This is a good time to remember our bodies are his temple.
We are overdue for a pretty big earthquake somewhere on rhe planet too.
Keep looking up! We are superclose! I personally have made no plans for 2013. Lol! But thats just me :) really not exoecting to be here!

Anonymous said...

I agree with you Ally! If Im talking about any time in the future with family or friends I always start my sentences with "if we are still here"...I dont think we will be, I HOPE we wont be!

James N Nashville said...


I couldn't agree with you more. I'm hoping that your thoughts on Pentecost will come true or at the very least it will be a definitive start to all things bringing us home.

Just read the visions of Dimitri Duduman. Very interesting.

Cary said...

Hello Ally, at this point in the year I should be planning for Fall/Christmas inventory for my store. You know what? I run into a big wall. I can just came to the computer to order just now and you can see where I ordering..checking out what is going on IN THE REAL WORLD..if you know what I mean.
I cannot see us into 2013 and I cannot concentrate or think of much else except His Return. Has to be very close or I would not be reading the same story over and over again from so many watchers..

love to all you guys...Cary

Ally said...

James-so glad to see you here! You are in my prayers and thoughts often. Very very soon you will be seeing someone quite special again!
I said something once that I'm afraid may have grieved you deeply and I want to apoligize for that. I was trying to express how awful it must be to go through losing a child and not having Jesus to lean on! I love you brother~
Im beginning to wonder if the fervent burning of the elements hasnt already begun with Fukushima. Or if a massive earthquake rocks not just Japan but cracks open many nuclear plants. Don't fret. If that happens, we most definstely will be gone by then!
This "real" war thats coming up in the m.e. Is going to be a serious speedup of prophecy. It is not going to be like the others. But its going to change many things.
Yes, I love dimitri duduman. His walk with God is incredible, and that alone makes me love him. I see him as a close confident with God. Maybe not a prophet exactly, but definately a watchman who was shown things. I feel the same way about David Wilkerson too. These were humble men who truly loved and served the Lord!
Speaking of humble men who love and serve the Lord...WV how is your father doing and how are you? Keep us updated so we can pray specifically!
I cant wait to meet you all! And we will be looking our best, sporting those new glorified bodies. I cant wait to see my husband again! 27 years, ive been waiting. He comitted suicide and I have had many christians tell me he didnt make it to heaven, but assuredly, I KNOW my with my whole heart he is there and waiting!
oh I am getting excited! I cant believe I am watching this all unfold before my eyes-
I love everyone here! Including those who never comment, sometimes comment or always comment!
I would like to hear more from our brother who lived under communist rule for so long! He might have some very important hints for us in how to walk with God under oppresion! Thats going to be a new experience for most of us.

Ally said...

Cary-I have to move at the end of May, the apt im renting, the building has been foreclosed on. I keep praying but God hasnt shown me what to do, nor am I feeling stressed about it. I lost everything I own in the fall (didnt we all? Lol play on words there) and normally I would have been destroyed about it. But the Holy Ghost let me know, it just doesnt matter. The hour is late and I wont be needing it!

WVBORN56 said...

Hi Ally, God Bless you and thanks for asking. My dad is no longer eating and on a morphine drip to keep him comfortable. He is heading to hospice care this afternoon My son and brand new DIL came in from CA saturday night and dad woke up enough to give them both a big smile and a wink. It was priceless. God is good.

I am having my heart cath next Monday a week from today. I hope to put off surgery until dad passes or the even better the Lord comes back.

Even with all this "bad" stuff going on in my life God is good and there have been many hidden blessings. Have you heard the Laura Story song, Blessings? It is a beautiful encouraging song.

So looking forward to my heavenly body and going home to see Jesus. No more tears, suffering or pain!

I had never heard the story about your own suffering in regards to your husband. I had a first cousin who also committed suicide about a year ago in his early sixties. Yes it is sad but it is not the unforgiveable sin. You could say Samson committed suicide and I fully expect to see him in heaven.

Let's hold to the faith and finish this life race strong by keeping our eyes on Jesus the author and perfector of our faith.

Cary said...

Ally, I think God is "untethering" his children. Constantly looking up now. Your new "apartment" is in heaven where we will all be shortly. God never closes a door without opening another! And I really like this new door I know is getting ready to open....

If I did not have you guys here and my immediate family I think I would explode from this incredible feeling.

And you are so right .. the hour is very late. Am now constantly praying for my friends who think I am crazy when I try to play connect the dots for them with bible prophecy and the NEWS.

WV...still praying for you..Cary

Cary said...

Ally, if you have a signed lease at your present apartment it will carry forward to the new landlords.


Robin said...

Ally, do I understand you correctly, you expect something around Pentecost?

I think there's something to the Jewish Feast Days . . .as we know they've been used by God in the past. However . . .Pentecost was the fourth used on the Newish calendar. In fact, all four of the spring feasts have been used by God. Next up are the three fall feats. Feasts of Trumpets (Rosh Hashana) being next.

September 17 is the date of the next Rosh Hoshana, Feast of Trumpets. That would mean, it begins on September 16 at sunset. Just 12 days after Israel's new election date. What better timing to strike Iran, than immediately following the Rapture, which could easily be blamed on terrorist biological/chemical attack?

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

Not sure what or who DD is..But, from my understanding Babylon is all false religion, be it in America, or any other country.


WVBORN56 said...

I have no idea who DD is but one poster mentioned him. I have never heard the blog owner, Scott mention him. Scott is rock solid and it would be just plain silly to discount his work because of reading something in a comment section.

I completely agree that Babylon of old is the same Babylon of the tribulation because most here believe in a literal interpretation of scripture.

Anonymous said...

Well..I just found out who
Dimitri Duduman is. I must say, I am shocked and disappointed. I had no idea some of you actually believe this man. LSD.? Not for me.

Mary N.

Ally said...

I don't "expect" anything to occur on any day really. I just thought how amazing it would be for the Holy Spirit to leave with us on the same day he came in. I am certainly not privy to anything that you guys aren't. I also hold all things to the Word of God, the Holy Bible!
I do really look at Jewish Holy Days though. There is a fullfillment of Christ previously and I don't see that stopping in anyway.
I try to keep an open mind, with a discernimg spirit. Thats just me, don't expect anybody to follow me in anyway. God is so big, he just doesn't fit imto a shoebox! I try not to squeeze him into one. He always surprises me!
I see satan's special little helper is back! I will pray for you honey. A little leaven....
I'm curious, anon, are you a govt paid troll or just a troll in
general? I can tell you really enjoy trying to cause dissention and dusharmony with the brethern! So, in the name of Jesus, by the power and authority of the blood, the Lord himself rebuke and cast you out to the depths of the abyss, immediately! Do not come back! All who agree, say amen! Thank you Jesus!
I did not say Duduman was a prophet. I don't call anyone on this site a prophet either, though there may be some who are. But I can assure you, if Scott, or Caver said God showed them something. I would certainly look into it prayerfully.
Maranatha with agape LOVE!


Anonymous said...

Duduman lived behind the iron curtain, was beaten tortured and imprisoned for refusing to denounce Jesus. He emigrated to America. He raised his children here and continued to share the gospel. I have never heard of any drug use by him.
Just because a prophecy has come true yet, doesn't mean it won't. If this were not true, we would not be looking eagerly for the return of Jesus. Just because Jesus shows you something does not mean a person is a prophet. But it might mean he considers you a trustworthy friend.
I dare say almost everyone here has been shown something by God. Those things are usually of a personal nature.
Have you noticed how well we get along here until the "anonymous" troublemaker stirs things up? Satan's handmaiden, the churches are full of them. Persons possessed by lying demonic religious spirits. They are extremely difficult to cast out because the human hosting them usually wants them to stay.
I'm glad the majority of people here are able to spot them quickly. We don't have time to waste on such foolishness.
Even so, come quickly Lord Jesus.

Anonymous said...

I did not say Duduman was a prophet.

Huh? Whats this mean then??? have a lot of stuff I would like to add here, but I wont. Likee PROPHECIES from dmitri duduman etc. too scary I think for most

Yea too scary for me, lies have that effect on me. Right on, God does not work in a shoebox but He DOES confine Himself to His own Scriptures. Sorry to spoil your plans to send me to the abyss, by Gods love and grace I am still here waiting for GODS prophetic word to be fulfilled. Of course its me causing dissention not the false prophecies you are promoting – crazy stuff!

I guess all sorts of crazies will get posted if the blog master has stopped checking like I thought he was doing.

Scott said...

I have no idea who this Dimitri person is, why he is even being discussed. I assume someone made a comment or posted a link.

Again, I don't try to control every message here in the comments section - and I only delete if inflammatory. I deleted a message above because the comment suggested that "this blog" was endorsing this Dimitri person (whoever he or she is). Making that jump from something in the comment section is absurd at best.

I don't have the time or desire to research him/her - same with finding whatever comment led to this discussion.

Its not worth our valuable time. :)

Dave Down Under said...

Good morning all, bless you all in the name of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.

Anon, So what's your interpretation of end times prophecy? Just curious, I genuinely want to know!

Scott said...

"Some of you believe this man"...An anon poster said something or maybe linked something. Who are "some of you" in reference to? No one I know on this board recommends or endorses Dimitri. (Admittedly I may have missed something) - but who is endorsing this person?

Anonymous said...

I THINK it was because of the first comment by Ally, she mentions his "prophecies" in her post. Ive never heard any talk of that person either, but maybe thats what Mary was referring to?

Anonymous said...

well, I SEE that the Anon's are back, what else is new ??

never dies.

just like stock bulls this am.

FOR SOME reason this market fails to
drop. Bulls are RIGHT UNDER with
their bids buying stock. I really
thought it looked good last week
on FRI but i guess I was wrong.

Financials all up, Nasdaq up,
AAPL up, Transports up, dow
down BUT NOT EVEN 30 pts.

I have said it MANY MANY times,
and i will say it again. Until
we get a SOLID break of dow 12,700
the end will be delayed.....

i will not debate that.

Wave counts are wave counts and
that is serious, I dislike bulls
very much, I find them disgusting,
but as LONG AS the bids are there,
stocks will NOT be dropping....
and the END will not come.

Stephen >>>>>>>>>>>>>

Anonymous said...

sorry Scott, but why arent Stephen's posts deleted too?

Scott said...

People should be able to post links of interest w/o the entire blog or frequent posters being labeled (assuming it isn't obviously inappropriate for the usual and obvious reasons). Its kind of a "straw man" thing.

If someone posts something that is doctrinally incorrect, I'm sure it will be pointed out and we move on - no big deal.

Now if I start endorsing an individual and posting his/her links, that is a different story. I would expect to receive appropriate wrath :) I used to have extensive caveats every time I posted from Alex Jones Website and got tired of doing that, but I wanted to be clear that I don't agree with everything he says or believes, but often he has interesting and pertinent news.

But I'm not going to start moderating various links that people feel are interesting or pertinent. Again, if they are incorrect or pushing a false doctrine I'm sure people here will point it out quickly.

Scott said...

I delete many of Stephen's posts - just ask him, he'll tell ya :)

Dylan said...

Hey Scott, great post as always! It looks as if September is gearing up to be a big month again this year. Netanyahu seems to be playing his cards extremely well. If Syria tries something before then, well we could be going home awefully quick. It's so amazing. Maranatha

Scott said...

Dylan - so true, so true. There seems to be a plan right now that is being forwarded at this time. There are too many convergent events (all tipping points), IMO, to be coincidental. We can't forget that Netanyahu is very aware of biblical prophecy. This is a very interesting situation. And as stated above, right when the EU comes out with the plan for a "super President". Very interesting.

Anonymous said...

Sorry Scott if I offended anyone. I was referring to Ally, she said she loves this man because he loves the lord so much. There are many false religions that love God very much too, but one shouldn't believe or follow their leaders or what not esspecially ones that have bright lights shining on them and then hear a voice..
I assumed wrongly that others here believed him. My appologies to anyone that I may have put in that catagory as believing him.

You have a wonderful blog here Scott. I hate it when someone says something and then if the others don't agree they get attacked by people a very ugly unchristian way. I hope I didn't do that, as it is not the way I want to be ever.

Thanks for your daily news.

I think from now on I will just read the comments and news and refrain from commenting. I don't want to offend or hurt anyones feelings ever.