Tuesday, May 22, 2012

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IAEA: Deal With Iran To Be Signed "Quite Soon"

The UN nuclear watchdog chief said on Tuesday he expected to sign a deal with Iran soon to boost its cooperation with an investigation into Tehran's disputed atomic activity, although differences remained.

Yukiya Amano, head of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), spoke a day after holding rare talks in Tehran and a day before Iran and six world powers will hold broader negotiations on the extent of Tehran's nuclear program.

"(A) decision was made to conclude and sign the agreement ... I can say it will be signed quite soon," Amano told reporters at Vienna airport after returning from Tehran.

Amano, who had been looking for a deal giving his inspectors a freer hand to investigate suspected atomic bomb research in Iran, described the outcome of his meetings in Iran as an "important development".

PM: Iran's 'intentions toward's Israel are clear: it wants to destroy Israel, and is developing nuclear weapons to realize this goal'

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Monday hardened his rhetoric towards Iran saying "Iran threatens Israel and world peace."

Netanyahu's remarks at a meeting of the Civil Service Commission at the Foreign Ministry came as reports in the media indicate progress ahead of talks between the P5+1 and Iran slated for Bagdad on Wednesday.

"In the face of malicious intent, world leaders must show determination, and not weakness," Netanyahu said. "They must not make concessions towards Iran. They should present clear and unequivocal requirements."

Netanyahu repeated Israel's demands to the P5+1, the five permanent members of the Security Council plus Germany: Iran must give UN inspectors full access to all its nuclear facilities, must cease all uranium enrichment activities, and send all uranium enriched to 20% out of the country.

"In recent weeks I have heard those who doubt Iran's intentions. The Iranians declare that they will erase Israel off the map," Netanyahu said, noting the head of Iran's military this week called for Israel's destruction.

"They are aiming for this. They say one thing in English and another in Persian. It was interesting to hear the comments of the Iranian chief of staff said yesterday...."

"Iran is committed to the destruction of Israel. This is simple and straightforward. Iran's goals are clear: it wants to destroy Israel, and is developing nuclear weapons to realize this goal," Netanyahu said.

Barak and Netanyahu have expressed deep skepticism of Iran's intentions ahead of Wednesday's Bagdad talks

Last Friday, Netanyahu again said "he sees no evidence of any sort that Iran is ready to end the nuclear program." On Monday he followed this with an explicit call for a "tough line" from the P5+1 in upcoming talks.

UN Secretary Ban Ki-moon said he was "extremely troubled about the risk of an all-out civil war (in Syria) and was concerned about the outbreak of related violence in Lebanon."
He spoke as dozens of Syrians died in clashes - mostly in the provinces of Aleppo and Idlib and the town of Homs - while two people were killed in Beirut in a spillover of Syrian bloodshed.

Sunday, at the NATO summit in Chicago, Secretary Anders Fogh Rasmussen said firmly that the alliance has "no intention" of taking military action against President Bashar Assad's regime. But he said nothing about individual NATO members translating their concern about the escalating violence in Syria into military action. Above all, he did not explain why Syrian army heavy T-72 tanks have in recent days started bursting into flames on the open roads.

DEBKAfile’s military sources disclose the cause:

The Syrian rebels have received their first “third generation” anti-tank weapons, 9K115-2 Metis-M and Kornet E. They are supplied by Saudi and Qatari intelligence agencies following a secret message from President Barack Obama advising them to up the military stake in the effort to oust Assad.

A looming confrontation with Russia?

Saturday, May 19, President Obama said in a speech to the G-8 summit at Camp David that “Bashar al-Assad must leave power.” Listening to him were Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev whose government strongly opposes the bid to topple Assad and is helping him to weather the uprising against his rule.

Medvedev and Chinese leader Hu Jintao both kept silent after Obama spoke. Both would have had intelligence updates relayed to Camp David on the latest turn of events in Syria.
The supply of powerful anti-tank missiles to the Syrian rebels is intended to achieve two purposes:

1. To impede Syrian military tank movements between flashpoints. During the 14-month uprising, there was nothing to stop Syrian tanks criss-crossing the country as back-up for the official crackdown on dissent. But in recent weeks, trucks hauling the T-72 are being blown up before they reach their destinations.

2. The sight of blazing tanks is intended to undermine army morale and puncture the self-assurance of the security circles surrounding the president.

Russian and Iranian military and intelligence advisers are growing less sanguine as they watch foreign military intervention expand step by step

They reckon that, after failing to ignite a full-dress unified rebellion inside the main Syrian cities, the West and the Arab states have turned to equipping anti-Assad rebel forces for pursuing sustained guerilla warfare between the big cities - on the main roads and in rural and mountainous areas.

The Summer of 2012 will go down as the ‘Summer of Anarchy’.

And the best way for average folk to prepare for the ‘Summer of Anarchy’ is to remember who’s behind it.

Don’t fall for Obama’s Act on this and other matters;

Don’t let shiftless protesters who’d rather protest than work for a living tell you what should make you angry;

Don’t believe Internet columnists who tell you it’s guaranteed that Obama can’t win; It will take far more than wishful thinking to save America from the Marxist elite.

Do not buy into the well-touted propaganda that NATO/G8 protesters and OWS protesters are against Obama. They WORK for him.

Their job is to create the chaos Obama and his czars need to impose martial law as a means to suspend elections indefinitely should his re-election be in any doubt.

Above all, know the difference between the truth and propaganda. The survival of your children and grandchildren may depend on it.

This article is well worth reading. Below are the conclusions:

Even as Jews remember the great triumph of Jerusalem Day, the ethnic cleansers and their accomplices are busy searching for ways to drive Jews out of Jerusalem, out of towns, villages and cities. This isn’t about the Arab residents of Jerusalem, who have repeatedly asserted that they want to remain part of Israel. It’s not about peace, which did not come from any previous round of concessions, and will not come from this one either. It’s about solving the Jewish problem.

As long as Jews allow themselves to be defined as the problem, there will be plenty of those offering solutions. And the solutions invariably involve doing something about the Jews. It only stands to reason that if Jews are the problem, then moving them or getting rid of them is the solution. The bloody god of diplomacy always assumes that they are the problem. There is less friction in defining Jews as the problem, than in defining Muslims as the problem. The numbers alone mean that is so.

Jerusalem Day is a reminder of what the real problem is and what the real solution is. Muslim occupation of Israel is the problem. The Islamization of Jerusalem is the problem. Muslim violence in support of the Muslim occupation of Israel and of everywhere else is the problem. Israel is the solution.

Only when we liberate ourselves from the lies, when we stop believing that we are the problem and recognize that we are the solution. Only then will we be free of the Joe Bidens and the Peter Beinarts, the Jimmy Carters and Barack Obamas, the Gilad Atzmons and Jeremy Ben Amis. Only then will the liberation that began in 1967 be complete.

If you think about it, this is truly incredible:

Police have reportedly issued new draconian instructions for non-Muslims who ascend to the Temple Mount, Judaism's holiest site, which has been under Muslim occupation for centuries. According to a report in the daily newspaper Ma'ariv, non-Muslims are now not even permitted to close their eyes while on the Mount, or do anything that could be interpreted as praying.

While Jews have not been allowed to pray on the Mount since the Muslim riots of the year 2000, and their entry has been restricted to specific hours and days, the new instructions take the restrictions to an even greater extreme.

According to the report, the Jerusalem District Police responded to the story by saying only, "This was a statement by an officer who explained to the visitors to the Temple Mount about the characteristics of prayer that are forbidden during the visit there."


Tsvetan Sirmanov said...

For many years in the past USA were the flagship of liberty in the world. Now the Marxist elite of your country obviously want to change this status.

What I realized in my long life experience under totalitarian rule (about 45/not 50 years) is this: Communist elite want POWER, POWER and again POWER. ABSOLUTE POWER!

And the way they reach it is the same - they promise what people most need in the moment. Lenin captured the minds of workers and peasant by a few simple slogans: All power to the Soviets (that is, to soldiers and workers)! All land to the peasants! Stop the war now! It was just what the exhausted Russian people coveted.
However, Lenin did not say at what price all this would be done, neider did the people ask him. A deadly error, for the price was the highest possible - abandoning God and the Christian faith.
Hitler seized the power in a similar way - using a few slogans liked by Germans.

Anonymous said...

Hello Tsvetan Sirmanov . It is very sad that this is going on in the USA. It is something that one thought could never or would never take place here, but we are on the fast track down that road if you ask me. All part of things coming together just as the Bible has told us they would. Everything is just falling into place just as prophesied. Our God, is an awesome God.
Come quickly Lord


Scott said...

Thanks so much for the comments Tsvetan...No one would know better than you - having lived it and its such a tragedy that people here, who are willing to give away their freedoms, won't listen to people like you.

It reminds me of last summer, when a person (I forget his name) who had lived in the Soviet Union and now resides in the U.S. - went out and interviewed people involved in OWS - and the discussions would have been hilarious if not so sad and threatening.....But these OWS people were telling HIM how great communism is etc etc....It was utterly ridiculous, the lies these college students have been fed by their indoctrination leaders ("professors")......And they have bought the line 100%.

But your insight is greatly appreciated.

Dutch Treat said...

Welcome Tsvetan! What you shared were some of the same things my parents went through under Nazi Occupation. What gets me is they all say how great Communism is; but nobody is willing to move to a Communist country. As the old saying goes, those who dont learn from history are bound to repeat it; but then Jesus said that these things must happen before the end comes. So look up and cheer up. For he has overcome the world. Soon we will all be home. Come quickly, Lord Jesus!

Ally said...

Tsvetan, thank you so much for sharing! I love hearing from people who have "been there". Be blessed! Maranatha!

Cary said...

Welcome Tsvetan, my family came here from Cuba in 1959. My parents left behind everything..family, possessions, their homeland and here we are now surrounded by people who have no idea what they are throwing away with both hands or what they will be getting. And telling ME how great things are in Cuba!

I ask my family here on this site to pray for my family remaining in Cuba...we have no way of knowing where they stand in regards to their salvation. It is my prayer every night to see my parents reunited in Gods Kingdom with the family they so miss...

But we now know that we are Citizens of a much Greater Kingdom that will never end and I really feel is soon to arrive.

Welcome my friend...Cary

Anonymous said...

UPDATE >>>>>>>

Stocks are going sideways again.
No real direction at the moment.
After the 1,000 pt drop this
market appears to be getting
WELL BID at these levels.

Dow down, BUT very little.

Bulls continue to behave like
they "own" this market, makes
me sick as always.

It appears that we are looking
at a NUMBER 2 up here in small
degree of waves. Possible target
would be 12,700 maybe 12, 800.

As u may recall, 12, 700 was the
breakdown level. It is EXTREMELY
doubtful that a despot type of
regime would have success now.

BUT, a big crash would change all that.


we will see >>>>>>>>>>

Stephen >>>>>>>>>>>>>