Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Daily Headlines:

First up, we take a look at the commentaries now in circulation regarding the new "unity government".

In a dramatic turn of events that could influence a possible Israeli strike on Iran, Israeli media reports early Tuesday indicate that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has reached an agreement with the Kadima opposition party for a unity government, canceling an early election.

The appointment of Mofaz, a former military chief and defense minister, is significant in Israel's standoff with Iran as he has been a vocal critic of Israel striking Iran's nuclear sites on its own.

The reports said Kadima agreed to join Netanyahu's government on condition it supports a proposal about a military deferment for ultra-Orthodox Jews. The issue was one of the main reasons Netanyahu decided to bring forward the election date. The deal stipulates that Mofaz will serve as deputy prime minister and that two other key parties, Yisrael Beitenu and Shas, had agreed to the move, according to reports.

More insight is seen below:

But, the deal also reinstates the prime ministers' forum, now again a Triumvirate: an incumbent (Netanyahu), a former (Ehud Barak), and one that shall never be (Mofaz). Barak, like Rabin who maintained the defense portfolio under both Shamir and Peres, achieved the goal set by his campaign ad release earlier this week: to remain defense minister.

At the beginning of the week, when he was the only one joining close Netanyahu family members in going to the grave of Netanyahu's father Benzion, he effectively took on the role of the prime minister's brother. And, unlike the issue-filled 1980s, this time there's only one topic on the diplomatic-security agenda: Iran.

As for Iran, Mofaz...as the only Iranian-born Israeli leader, he already used in previous years in speaking with Iranians on Israeli Radio's Farsi station. Then, he warned Tehran of the consequences of an attack on Israel, and promised, among other things, to spare the civilian population when Israel goes on a counter strike; he also supported economic sanctions.

The addition of Mofaz, along with that of former Shin Bet chief Avi Dichter as head of the Knesset's Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee, gives Netanyahu and Barak a protective vest against any political opposition of the move against Iran.

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu and his new coalition partner, Shaul Mofaz, held a press conference in the Knesset Tuesday in which they announced the entry of Kadima into the Netanyahu government. While Netanyahu did not mention Iran in his initial comments, Mofaz hinted at it, saying that a unity government would face security threats "from all ranges" in the best way.

Lastly, Netanyahu said, a wide government would try to advance "a responsible peace process."

"I want again to welcome Shaul and the Kadima party," he said. "A wide unity government is good for security, good for economy, good for Israel."

Both noted that with the inclusion of Kadima, the 94-seat coalition would be the largest in the state's history and would be invaluable in achieving "historic" solutions to the problems outlined.

Mofaz emphasized that "leaders must make big decisions" at this "important time in the state's history." He argued that national unity was an opportunity to "join arms" to address the state's "hardest challenges."

The agreement stipulates that Kadima will not topple the government until the official end of its term on October 22, 2013.

Also in the news:

The mass media is promulgating the notion that the election of Socialist French President Francois Hollande represents some kind of massive sea change and is a direct challenge to the European Union, and yet Hollande’s past and the people he surrounds himself with confirms the fact that he is merely another committed globalist and an enthusiastic supporter of the dictatorial EU’s sovereignty-stripping ethos.

“Observers agree that Mr Hollande’s election represents a sea-change in the governance of the eurozone and the management of the single currency crisis,”reports Sky News.

He supported the 1992 Maastricht Treaty, the document which outlined the introduction of the euro single currency and was itself based on a 1955 Bilderberg blueprint. Hollande also supported the European Constitution in a 2005 referendum despite most of his socialist allies voting against it.

Hollande is the former spokesman for ex-French President Lionel Jospin, another committed globalist who attended the Bilderberg Group meeting in 1996.

Hollande’s “special adviser” is none other than Manuel Valls, a former Freemason and 2008 Bilderberg attendee who openly supports the establishment of a European federal superstate at the expense of national sovereignty. Valls has publicly called for the European Commission to control national budgets of EU member nations.

Despite all the media bluster about a “sea change” in France and Hollande representing a threat to the European Union’s political agenda, expect him to be yet another dutiful water carrier for the elite as he taxes the middle class out of existence while continuing to sacrifice French national sovereignty on the altar of the EU superstate.

The “Golden Dawn” neo-Nazi party shocked Greece by winning 7 percent of the vote in this week’s election, casting a dark shadow on Athens.

Those who have betrayed the homeland must now be afraid," Nikolaos Michaloliakos, proclaimed after his party’s surprising electoral strength,

"Greece is only the beginning. You know exactly what I mean," he added.

With a surge of support securing the Neo-Nazi party unprecedented parliamentary wins in Greece, and the ousting of Nicolas Sarkozy in lieu of a full-fledged Socialist president in France, recent developments across the eurozone might indicate that history is poised to repeat itself.

Vowing to “rid this country of the stench” — a.k.a. immigrants — Golden Dawn’s insignia is entirely too reminiscent of the swastika and its adherents, reportedly clad in black, are often seen physically abusing and intimidating immigrants across the country. Needless to say, Greece’s immigrant community is understandably concerned and opponents are preoccupied with how best to marginalize the Neo-Nazi group that has now gained legitimacy in the halls of government.

Today, 20% of all Greek political parties comprise either Fascists or Communists. Beck reminded viewers that it only took 30% to elect Hitler.

This article turns to France:

Tying into the Nazi’s odd parliamentary gains in Greece, the first Socialist president since Francois Mitterrand — Francois Hollande — recently won the French presidential election. And he certainly did so with no help from the country’s wealthy, whom he openly loathes. With promises that he would dispense with austerity and instead pour millions into creating new civil service jobs, as well as raise taxes on the wealthy from 41% to to 75%,

The Socialist, who has never actually held a national government position, has also made headlines by stating “my real enemy is the world of finance.”

It‘s worth noting that France’s business owners have been in preparations to flee the country and Jean-Philippe Delsol, of France’s economic and fiscal research institute IREF, wrote that it is not only the wealthy who have sought to take flight. The New York Times, translating for Delsol, reports that between 2006 and 2010 approximately 350,000 French citizens had formally registered their residency abroad, bringing the total to 1,471,622.

With no wealth or private sector job producers, one of the world’s great cultures and countries is poised to live-out a real-life Atlas Shrugged.

…and so might go the rest of Europe.

Russian-Chinese war games "Naval Interaction-2012" in the Yellow sea entered their active phase on April 24. 25 warships, 13 aircrafts, 9 helicopters and 2 units of the special forces of the two countries participate in them. Taking into account the number of participating forces and the scenario, these manoeuvres are apparently the most large-scale in the modern history of bilateral relations.

According to the RF Ministry of Defence message, the goal of the manoeuvres is strengthening and development of the Russian-Chinese relations and strategic partnership, and cooperation between the two countries and their armed forces.

At the same time one of the main aspects of any war games is a demonstration. Apparently, the necessity of such a large-scale demonstration of the Russian-Chinese strategic partnership possibilities has arisen after the promulgation of a new US military doctrine concerning the Asia-Pacific region.

"The current maneuvers must demonstrate to the US that Russia and China are committed to military cooperation in the region. And both our countries confirm it to each other," - believes Viktor Litovkin, the chief editor of the "Independent Military Review".

Post-Antibiotic Era

Drug resistance of all sorts is bringing the planet closer to what the World Health Organizationcalls a post-antibiotic era.

“Things as common as strep throat or a child’s scratched knee could once again kill,” WHO Director-General Margaret Chan said at a March medical meeting in Copenhagen. “Hip replacements, organ transplants, cancer chemotherapy and care of preterm infants would become far more difficult or even too dangerous to undertake.”

Already, current varieties of resistant bacteria kill more than 25,000 people in Europe annually, the WHO said in March. The toll means at least 1.5 billion euros ($2 billion) in extra medical costs and productivity losses each year.

“If this latest bug becomes entrenched in our hospitals, there is really nothing we can turn to,” says Donald E. Low, head of Ontario’s public health lab in Toronto. “Its potential is to be probably greater than any other organism.”

Fears Increase Of Big Earthquake Near Tokyo In Foreseeable Future

A prominent Japanese seismologist rattled some nerves when he declared there was a 70 percent chance of a major earthquake in or around Tokyo -- in the next four years.

He says there’s been a fivefold increase in small tremors around Tokyo since the huge quake off Japan’s northeast coast in March last year. And that adds up to a mathematical omen for scientists like him.

In January, Sakai and the University’s Earthquake Research Institute crunched the new numbers and came up with a shocking prediction: There's a 70 percent chance a major earthquake will hit Tokyo within the next four years.

Sakai and his colleagues are among the country’s leading seismic authorities, so the prediction itself gave the country a jolt.


Alice said...

So Scott or anyone else, can someone please explain in a few, short sentences (in a "politics for dummies" style tutorial) exactly what has happened in Israel? I'm not sure I understand the ramifications of the elections being cancelled. Also, can we interpret this as growing support for Netanyahu and an attack on Iran?

Sorry...my eyes sort of glaze over when I'm reading government and military stuff... ;)

Douglas said...

I may not be a political genius, but I believe that this latest Israeli situation makes the odds more
favorable for an Israeli attack on Iran. Probably in October. We are in for a roller coaster ride. I do not believe the Americans will intervene on the Israeli side, and the potential for an Iranian attack on the U.S. is extreme.

Dave Down Under said...

Eccl 3:11-13.
11. God has made everything beautiful for its own time. He has planted eternity in the human heart, but even so, people cannot see the whole scope of God's work from beginning to end.

12. So I concluded that there is nothing better for people than to be happy and to enjoy themselves as long as they can.

13. And people should eat and drink and enjoy the fruits of their labour, for these are gifts from God. NLT.

Being the type of person who preferres to worry (in an attempt to get Gods pity and move Him IAW my prayers) about the surrounding world and my circumstances I can't change etc, etc, these verses have reminded me of the gift of life and natures beuty which God has graciously given me....all of us actually to look at and praise Him because of His handy work. In the midst of turmoil and all our fears of the future we still have the beuty that God has given us in our own specific times so that in the face of human arrogance I can say wow look at that mountain range or look at that beautiful flower or "honey those cookies were delicious".

It's simple, life is a gift no matter what generation we are in and God has said that it's ok to relax and enjoy life, even when all seems lost. Philippians 4:6-8.

Waterer said...

Dave DU

I love those verses too.
I am on my toes as many here to see HIm come and reconcile all things. BUt I also think that Occupying till He comes means living with hope and strength for whatever He calls us to in the interim.Gratitude is a light that pushed my fears aside.
I am immensely grateful for Scott and his work here along with scholars who take such pains with understanding prophetic things.
Like the servant left in charge of his Master things, if the Lord comes st midnight he will beready. things. But what does ready look like?We can watch for the watchmans updates, but we have good works to walk in still.HIs works, His strength, His joy.

Pls. lift up the woman I asked prayer for 2 weeks ago. She is still on the fence. She is Jewish and very curious. A lovely person but without the realization of HIS great love for her. There are still so many like this..

Anonymous said...

Anon has been attacking me again
re EWI, whatevers >>>>>>>

and yet, i have proof on my side
that the wave theory works....

DOW down, but well OFF the lows.

Bulls just refuse to die.

Nasdaq down 11 after BEING much
lower. I am NOT and WILL NOT
be convinced of the ens coming
w/o a break under 12, 700....

which REMAINS elusive....

still waiting

Stephen >>>>>>>>>>>>>

Anonymous said...

ENS should say END

Stephen !!!!

Mike said...

I have the same queston as Alice: can we interpret this as growing support for Netanyahu and an attack on Iran?
Scott, please check this one: After The Government Microchips Our Soldiers, How Long Will It Be Before They Want To Put A Microchip In YOU --->

Scott said...

In a nutshell - Israel apparently wants to have a 'unity' gov't in times like this (war) - as Mrs C pointed out, in the past, just before a big war. I guess they want to enter such conflict without internal conflict. That has now been accomplished.

I believe its one more stepping stone towards attacking Iran's nuke facilities. .

Alice said...

Thanks, Scott and Douglas! I appreciate your insight!

Mrs.C said...

"First Thoughts On A Unity Government"
By CAROLINE B. GLICK 05/08/2012

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu’s surprise unity government deal with Kadima leader Shaul Mofaz has reasonably triggered mass speculation regarding the premier’s ulterior motives.

The first question is whether or not this move was somehow motivated by Netanyahu’s plans for contending with Iran’s nuclear weapons program.

It is hard to see how the formation of the unity government will impact Netanyahu’s policy options on that score. If the elections had been carried out in September, as we thought, Netanyahu would certainly have been reelected. US President Barack Obama, concerned about his foreign policy bona fides and the Jewish vote on the eve of his reelection bid, would have been unable to undermine Netanyahu on Iran or just about anything else. So from Netanyahu’s perspective, a September election date immunized him from White House pressure.

True, Mofaz has been parroting former Mossad chief Meir Dagan’s attacks on Netanyahu, but those criticisms have had no impact on Netanyahu’s options or public standing. This is particularly true because Dagan and his associates actually share Netanyahu’s assessment of the Iranian threat. They all say that if Iran acquires nuclear weapons it will constitute an existential threat to Israel.

They all say that if all other options fail, that Israel will be forced to attack Iran’s nuclear installations militarily. They just don’t want Netanyahu to be the man dealing with the issue because they hate him personally.

Dagan and his colleagues, Mofaz, and Obama all know that the Israeli public will rally around Netanyahu in the event he orders an attack. So widening the coalition would only impact his decision on Iran at the margins, if at all. It is true that from the perspective of political optics, it is better for Netanyahu to order an attack on Iran with a massive coalition standing behind him.



Anonymous said...

Unity Government is a Coalition combining diff parties so the majority can govern a country stronger. Very common practise with Parliaments. GB had a Coalition during WW2 and have one now;Canada had one before the recent government. Israels coalition is the same, Ben N didn't have enough seats (power) to push thru his policies so has made a agreement with an opposition party to give him more strength and prevent the upheaval of an election during a difficult time in Israel. the deal with Kadema sp? is for their support for one year then Ben N will take up their demands, as payment, to stop the Orthodox Jews from dodging the draft and still get Govermnent handouts. Most Israelis are *** about that!

Mrs.C said...

Bibi came from a position of full power, and brilliance! He didnt just make an "agreement" with any old "opposition party", he made it with THE PRIMARY opposition party.
This isnt about Bibi trying to "push his policies through", it is much, much more than that!
The Kadima party (primary opposition) was toast, they were through should the elections have taken place, and they knew it! They had no choice but to join Bibi in a unity coalition.
This was brilliant, just brilliant of Bibi. As Caroline Glick said in the article:

"When taken on its merits, the unity deal is an example of a situation in which Netanyahu was presented with an offer he’d be an idiot to refuse. In return for essentially nothing, he built himself the strongest and largest coalition Israel has ever seen. He gave Mofaz nothing but breathing space for a year.

Mofaz didn’t even receive a governing portfolio. And in exchange for his parsimonious offer, Mofaz gave Netanyahu unprecedented power and political stability for more than a year."

Anonymous said...
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Scott said...

There was no hostility there at all (I re-read post 3 times and couldn't find it). FWIW, I agree with that analysis above

Mrs.C said...

Good morning :) Forgive me for your misunderstanding, but I have never claimed to "know so much", nor was I attempting to be "hostile". :) Just explaining to Alice, just as you, yourself did. Clarifying Bibi's position of strength rather than your intentional or unintentional - implied weakness of Bibi.
Just sharing, as we all do here.
It is obvious that you are no "dummy" as you describe yourself. Its quite apparent that you are well schooled on the workings of Parliaments.
Madam? Forgive me, but we are all Brothers and Sisters in Jesus. :)
Truly anon, no need for sarcasm, its really not necessary.:)

God Bless!

Anonymous said...

Mrs.C said...
He didnt just make an "agreement" with any old "opposition party", he made it with THE PRIMARY opposition party.
Scot says that’s not hostile? Ok fine, I used the wrong word so maybe you would have liked condescending or arrogant best, even an attack on too simple of an opinion?not nice man, not nice at all.

Yea, I know, DELETED got to keep the dummies in check!!!!

Anonymous said...

“Mrs C”
Good morning :) Forgive me for your misunderstanding, but I have never claimed to "know so much", nor was I attempting to be "hostile". :) Just explaining to Alice, just as you, yourself did. Clarifying Bibi's position of strength rather than your intentional or unintentional - implied weakness of Bibi.

YOU want ME to forgive YOU for MY misunderstanding! Pshaw!
Why would you bother to CLAIM to “know so much” when you do such a good job of writing it. Pshaw!!
Yea, “sister” fits ur mother superior, truth dodging style very well.

Call me Frank, but I don’t like you madam. /:O| tips hat and leaves pronto FOREVER!!!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Anon...is this banter really necessary and/or helpful in any way?