Thursday, May 10, 2012

Daily Headlines:

Netanyahu Forming War Government

Newspapers across the Arab world could not ignore Israel's political drama and the declaration of a unity government on Tuesday. Benjamin Netanyahu and Shaul Mofaz were described as conniving war mongers and corrupt politicians as editorials declared war was looming.

The paper analyzed Netanyahu as a statesman and ruled he was "concerned about his status in Israeli history and wants to be remembered as the leader who destroyed the Iranian nuclear program and solidified Israel's nuclear monopoly in the region."

Two large explosions killed 40 people in Damascus on Thursday, state media said, destroying dozens of cars on a highway and damaging an intelligence complex involved in Syrian President Bashar Assad's crackdown on a 14-month-old uprising.

Syrian television blamed "terrorists" for the morning rush-hour blasts, which were the deadliest to hit the capital since the revolt began. It showed mangled, burnt and smouldering vehicles, some containing incinerated human remains, and said more than 170 people were wounded.

Damascus terrorized

Beset on two fronts, Bashar Assad rushed his elite Republic Division to Damascus Thursday, May 10, as two massive car bombs in the al Qaza district of Damascus demolished the command center of the Syrian military security service’s reconnaissance division, killing at least 50 people and injuring 170. Over to the southeast, 12,000 special operations troops from 17 nations, including the US and other NATO members, Saudi Arabia and Qatar, were poised on the Jordanian side of the Syrian border for an exercise codenamed “Eager Lion.”

Western and Arab pressure is building up to an intolerable pitch for the Syrian president to step down and save his people from the descent into the ultimate agony of a full-blown civil war. It is coming from two directions:

Special forces units of the US, France, Britain, Canada and other NATO members have gathered in Jordan alongside Saudi, Jordanian and Qatari special units for a large-scale ten-day military exercise in Jordan starting May 15.

Chinese group known as "Sino-Michigan Properties LLC" has bought up 200 acres of land near the town of Milan, Michigan. Their plan is to construct a "China City" with artificial lakes, a Chinese cultural center and hundreds of housing units for Chinese citizens.

Essentially, it would be a little slice of communist China dropped right into the heartland of America.

This "China City" would be located about 40 minutes from both Detroit and Toledo, and it would be marketed to Chinese business people that want to start businesses in the United States. Unfortunately, this is not just an isolated incident. In fact, Chinese companies have been buying up land and businesses all over the country in recent years. There has even been talk of establishing "special economic zones" inside the United States modeled after the Chinese city of Shenzhen.

The Federal Reserve has approved applications by three big Chinese government-controlled banks to set up branches and take stakes in US banks after deciding they were adequately regulated in their home market.

They will become holding companies by taking control of The Bank of East Asia in New York, the first time a Chinese bank has been approved to acquire a US bank.

In other decisions, the Fed approved a bid by Bank of China, the third largest Chinese bank, to expand its US presence by setting up a branch in Chicago. The bank, which is 71pc owned by the Chinese government, already has two branches in New York and a limited branch in Los Angeles.

Iran's fleet of twenty submarines poses a dangerous and unpredictable force in the Persian Gulf region.

The United States - with its Fifth Fleet is based in Bahrain and carrier groups frequently deployed in the region - has not revealed what it knows about Iran's capabilities.

Analysts say look very similar to the Italian made Cosmos SX-506B submarines that Columbia received in the 1980s. The 100-ton SX-506Bs are only large enough to carry commandos and mines. News photos also show what may be two torpedo tubes, as well.

How they would perform against the naval power and prowess of the United States, or Israel's German-manufactured Dolphin-class submarines, will remain unknown unless a shooting war erupts.

The following video is very much worth watching. Perhaps the biggest EU skeptic, Nigel Farage, gives a brief review of the EU, its genesis and where it is going. One gets a sense that his discussion could easily apply to the coming world government:

Below is the intro to this video:

The video below was recorded today at the European Parliament in Brussels by Henrik Rader Clausen. It features the "King of Euro-Skepticism”, MEP Nigel Farage, the leader of the UK Independence Party (UKIP) and the co-president of the "Europe of Freedom and Democracy” (EFD) Group in the EP. The occasion was the presentation of the book Europa Wankelt: De ontvoering van Europa door de EU(Europe Falters: The Abduction of Europe by the EU) by Wim van Rooy, Remi Hauman and Sam van Rooy.

Also see these articles - all worth the time to read.


gearedup2go said...

Hi WV, just wanted to say that you and your family are very close in thought and prayer. I don't know why but it seems that as we journey through life, we face several significant and pressing issues that seem to converge at the same time~and often when we are the most vulnerable. Your father's illness coupled with your heart cath must feel overwhelming at times. Please know that I am praying for strength for the journey and comfort during these troubling times. I will pray for your mother that she will feel peace in the midst of the storm. And I pray that the Great Physician will guide the surgeon's hands and that your health will be soon restored.

What we most desire is to be with our beautiful Savior on that wedding day. How I pray that we will be with Him so very soon, that we will all be together and not be separated in death.

Many blessings to you, WV

Gary said...

With all the "stuff" happening in the M.E. and the's gotta be soon?........right? Gary

WVBORN56 said...

So good to hear from you gearedup2 go!

Thanks for the encouragement. I just stopped in briefly to report dad actually went to be with the Lord this morning at 11:05 AM.

Interestingly enough his funeral will be Monday about the same time my heart cath was scheduled. Obviously I had to re-schedule. God must have some lesson in there for me.

My mother is taking it hard but dad knew the Lord very well and is now in His presence! Dad's earthly tent has been closed down and his pain and suffering are a thing of the past. He is in the presence of the King of Kings. Our pain and loss while great is but a wave tossed on the ocean.

Thanks again for everyone's care, love and prayers! My dad was an amazing man and he is now resting and at home with his heavenly father.

Pray that at the funeral some will hear and respond to the gospel message as time is short. I had hoped dad would be here fr the rapture but maybe Jesus will use his death to lead some to Christ before the tribulation statrs?

It may be hard to check in much the next few days but I will try.

Dutch Treat said...

WV, so saddened to hear of the loss of you dad; but I know you'll see him again real soon. I remember when my dad passed away 6 years ago we had an absolute blast toasting and celebrating his life; and haven't shed one tear over him knowing that he is safe. You asked us to pray that many will receive the Gospel message at his funeral. One way to do that is to openly talk about your dad's relationship with the Lord at his funeral. I know that's what I did; and it sure helped. So we will keep you and your family in prayer; and just remember that next time we see our dada, we'll all be the same age.

GG said...

Dear WV~

I am so very sorry to hear your Dad is no longer here with you in the physical sense. I am very happy that he is running freely on the other side. I am thinking and praying for you often. I am praying right now your Mom will be OK without him since she really is not understanding things these days.

Please know our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family right now. I am praying that we will get to go home and you won't have to go through that procedure either. Hang in there! I know you will find the right words to witness as Dutch mentioned. What a great opportunity to share pure love :) Your Dad will be so proud.

God Bless!!


Dave Down Under said...

G'day WVBorn,
Mate I just want to pass onto you my heart felt sympathies in this your hour of loss. I'm stoked that your dad was a believer when he went home. No more pain and sorrow, just complete and absolute peace enveloped in the love of christ's presence.

I dare say as well that he will be one of the ones that Christ brings back with Him when He retrieves his body, the church.

All my best to you and your family, and remember 'this is just the begining'!

Caver said...

WV, echoing the many words before me here. Don't get time to post a lot these days but there has been prayer from the Caver household.

Joining Dutch in prayer that through the strength and sure and certain knowledge your family have of your father's present home, others will come to saving faith in our Lord and Savior.

Anonymous said...

Anon, why is it that you do NOT reveal yourself ?? I read your stock comments. I believe what i do and
if you do not like it, that is NOT my business ok ??

I will continue with EWI until the
end, I am SERIOUS about that.

WV.....I am sorry to hear about your
loss. In a way, i am MAD at the bulls
for holding up stocks this long.
But of, course, if I had my
way about it, this market would
have CRASHED long ago.

But u will get the last laugh, i am sure. The crash is coming.
And so is the rapture.

just hang in there.

In the end EWI will be right,
and you will see your father again.

Stocks closed mixed, BUT wave counts are still very bearish.
BULLS are running the clock out
with their silly stupid bids
holding up this market.

But the day of judgment is coming
for them.

Stephen >>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Dave Down Under said...

That line is getting blury Stephen!

Ally said...

WV-Oh honey, I'm so sorry about your dad! Be comforted in the knowledge that he is in the presence of the Lord! And soon we too shall be in the presence!
We all love you and will continue to pray for you and your family.Maranatha!

Anonymous said...

Blurry or not, it is the truth...
I go with the waves, that's all.

please go here >>>>>>

Stephen >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Scott said...

WV - So sorry to hear of your loss. But, he is in the presence of Jesus now and life couldn't possibly be better for him! And you will see him again VERY soon, I am completely convinced of that.

Its bittersweet when a loved one dies as a Christian. I remember when my father died last year around this time - I was sad and missed him, but on the other hand, I was overjoyed that he had finally reached paradise and I couldn't 'take that joy from him' if that makes any sense.

We'll all pray for you and your family.

Alice said...

WV, I'm also praying for you and your family. Such a comfort it must be to know that he knew the Lord!

Anonymous said...

WV...we are praying for you and your family also.

But, I think Scott is right..we will all be together very, very soon.

Much love to you and your Mom..


Dave Down Under said...

Last time I was at a Christian book store(which was only a few months ago) I saw lots of study Bibles, but not any Stock Market Bibles! Then again they say that truth is open to ones interpretation. Who am I to argue!

hartdawg said...

Wv...i "lost" mom (not really lost when you know where they are) about 8months ago.with the study of prophecy and the certain hope we have i haven't really felt much sorrow. i suspect we'll all be reunited in less than 5yrs. be sure to let everyone know why you don't sorrow as those who don't have this hope

WVBORN56 said...

The family of God is absolutely amazing. I sooo much appreciate the out-pouring of love and prayers here. We are doing fine. Thanks everyone!!!

Celebrating my fathers life this afternoon and evening with my family as we went through picture albums and old scrap books my mom had wonderfully preserved.

I agree I'll be seeing dad sooner rather than later thanks to Jesus returning soon for his bride (the church) Even if God sould tarry I am reminded from the Psalmist our life is but a wave tossed on the ocean or a wisp of smoke. One way or the other we will all soon be seeing Jesus face to face.

As an aside we learned from our niece that there was a small choir of menonites college age students that stopped by the skilled nursing unit where dad was staying and they sang beautifully for Dad Amazing Grace, How Great Thou Art and one other song she could not remember just hours before his passing. He might have even dreamed he was hearing angels singing? Isn't our God wonderful! We would have never known this very cool tid bit had Rebecca not decided to go up late last night. Thank you again Jesus. We love you!

Anonymous said...


I'm so sorry to hear of your loss & my condolences to the you & your family. Thank God your Dad knew the Lord, & knew Him SO WELL. I Pray that you & your family will be abundantly comforted during this brief time that you're physical apart. Yet your separation will not be for long, for His coming is so very much nearer than when we all first believed. (Maranatha!) God bless you all.


Anonymous said...

Mr. Down under. As I have stated
MANY times, the stock market is
one of the signs in the earth.

Look, it does not matter what u say,
really, JUST GO AHEAD and believe
the way u do, and i will do the same.

I use EWI for timing, as I have said
many times. Scripture does not really
SAY WHEN that rapture is coming does
it ??

ok, Aloha, Stephen >>>>>>>>>>

mary said...

Dear WV, I am so sorry to hear about your dad. May you and your mom find comfort and strength in our Father during this time. He promises that He "carries us in His arms."
I will continue to lift your family up in prayer.
God bless, mary

Dave Down Under said...

Mr Hawaii,
Have a great day! Lol


Jec said...

WV, I am so sorry for your loss, and will be praying for you and your mom and family. Also, praying for lost souls attending the funeral, for open hearts and and the moving of the Holy Spirit.

Waterer said...

Dear Wv,

YOur testimony over the joy in your Dad's present state and well lived life are very encouraging.
Of course the pain of loss is there too.
Yesterday morning, I prayed especially for your MOm yet I didn't read about your Dad's passing till this morning. This is just one little instance of His care for her, for all of you at this time. I am one of many , I'm sure, who the Lord is reminding to be of one heart with conncerning the sorrows as well as joy.
Much love in Jesus

Anonymous said...

Brother Stephen , i do apologize if I my comment about not knowing anything about stocks, nor caring about them upset you. That certainly was not my intent brother. I came across the blog when looking up information about end time prophecies and read lots of comments, including many of yours about stocks and such, bulls and bears. I simply was stating that I don't know anything about them, and I don't know how they fit into prophecy but if it is something that you watch then that is your business. Who knows, you may be on to something!

As for revealing myself..hmm, this is the internet and I don't normally reveal my identity. But how about my name be Bob.

Sorry to upset you. I just put this on my new favorites, but man, I am not feeling welcomed!


Alice said...

Hi Bob! Let me be the first to welcome you!

How cool that you simply came upon this blog when looking up prophecy stuff! Having been a watcher for around 5 years now (not that long compared to some), I can confidently say that you have found the BEST daily update on the internet! And God led you here! Again, welcome!

Many thanks to Scott for all he does here!

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much Alice. I must say it is the most informative blog and sorce of information I have come across. My passion is the bible, and prophecy especially. We are living in the very last days of our dispinsation. I fully believe that we will all be with the Lord soon. How can it last much longer? Of course , time is not an issue with God. Our time clocks are not His. It may get much much worse than many of us expect before we are with the Lord. I pray not, I just want to be with the Lord.

Oh..almost forgot

Scott said...


Stocks do not play a role in prophetic signs, although I would agree that immediately following the gathering up, they will probably tank. We let Stephen go on and on about his stock stuff for some reason, which I still can't figure out (where are the moderators when you need them ? :) )

Anonymous said...

Hi Scott. Love your blog. very intersting news , and comments are incredible. I didn't think stocks had anything to do with prophetic sings, but Stephen is very into it and that is ok by me. At least I know what is going on with them thanks to him.


Scott said...

Yea, we let him go about stocks but it has no relevance at all IMO. Thanks for the coming by and feel free to comment (unless its about stocks :)

mary said...

Hi Bob and welcome to the family. I am with you... I know nothing about stocks and am not involved in them, but I do find Stephen's comments interesting. I too just long to be with the Lord!! mary