Tuesday, May 15, 2012

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Big Crisis = Big Change

And don't forget, when we read the news relating to the EU's new "Super-President", one of the many reasons for the creation of such a position is to have a powerful person sitting in this authoritative position in order to deal with this financial crisis. That time seems to have arrived.

Also remember, we are watching for the EU to morph into 10 Kings:

Raising the spectre of a Greek exit, the German chancellor said “solidarity for the euro” was threatened by the ongoing political crisis in Athens.

Stock markets around the world fell sharply with fears mounting that a euro break-up could lead to renewed financial turmoil. The FTSE-100 index of Britain’s major companies fell by two per cent to 5465, with bank shares hit particularly hard.

New elections may be held next month and Greek voters are likely to be warned by European leaders that their country may be ejected from the euro if they do not support parties backing austerity measures.

As if the Greek situation wasn’t messy enough, a missing paragraph from a key legal document is throwing a wrench into a debt deadline.

Acropolis Shines Bright Despite Austerity Cuts
Bloomberg / Bloomberg via Getty Images
The Parthenon in Athens, Greece

Greece has a 436 million euro principal repayment due Tuesday. So far, the country has not decided what to do.

Financial markets are hastily making preparations for a Greek exit from the euro after a day of political and economic turmoil ended withEurope's policy elite admitting for the first time that it may prove impossible to keep the single currency intact.

With attempts in Athens to form a government after last week's election looking increasingly doomed, European leaders abandoned their taboo on talking about the possibility that Greece might have to leave the euro.

Financial markets were plunged into fresh turmoil after Greece's political parties failed once again to agree to form a unity government, and European policymakers warned that Greece's aid payments would be cut off unless Athens quickly produced an administration prepared to deliver far-reaching economic reforms and budget cuts.

Without those funds from the European Union and the International Monetary Fund, Greece could run out of cash to meet its national debt interest payments as early as next month. The country would then have no option but to default. Most analysts expect that a default would be a prelude to Greek exit from the single currency altogether.

Arab terrorists attacked southern Israel with a Kassam rocket early Tuesday and attacked Jews in the Hevron area with two firebombs overnight as “Nakba Day” began.

The rocket, fired from northern Gaza, exploded in an open area near Sderot, and the firebombs were hurled at IDF soldiers stationed at the village of El-Aroub, located less than one mile south of the Gush Etzion junction on Highway 60 leading to Kiryat Arba-Hevron.

The attacks coincided with the beginning of what Arabs call Nakba Day, or the day of catastrophe, referring to the English date of May 15 when the State of Israel was re-established with a declaration of independence in 1948.

Security services are expecting the worst and hoping for the best on Tuesday. Along the northern border, the military said it will not allow a repeat of last year’s Syrian infiltration into the Golan Heights.

Palestinians mark 64th anniversary of establishment of Israel with rallies in West Bank, Gaza; rioters throw stones, firebombs at Israeli civilians, IDF forces; at least 20 Palestinians injured at Kalandiya.

Thousands of Palestinians gathered in Ramallah for a major rally at the Martyr Yasser Arafat Square Tuesday. The protesters raised black banners and Palestinian flags to mark the event. Palestinian Authority Prime Minister Salam Fayyad attended the event.

Zionist activists confronted Arabs and leftist sympathizers in Israeli campuses Tuesday for the second straight day as Arabs marked "Nakba Day," in which they mourn theirfailure to annihilate the Jews in the Land of Israel in 1948.

Arabs in the Har Hatzofim campus of Hebrew University waved PLO flags and chanted the PLO battle cry, "with blood and fire we will redeem Palestine."

President Barack Obama reportedly held an off-the-record foreign policy meeting with nine editors and columnists to discuss Afghanistan, Israel, NATO and the G8 Summit at Camp David. Many of the participants are widely known for their extreme and unwarranted criticism of the Jewish state.

According to reports, the U.S. and Russian military will be engaging in an anti-terrorism exercise that will involve Russian paratroopers using U.S. weapons to “take and hold” the main facilities of the CIA and Denver International Airport in Colorado and the National Security Agency in Utah.

The European Union Times has more on the report announcing this exercise from the Russian Federal Service for Military-Technical Cooperation:

Russian Defense Ministry spokesman Colonel Alexander Kucherenko publically announced this 24-21 May “anti-terror drill” this Friday past noting that this will be the first time Russian airborne forces have held exercises with the US airborne forces on US territory. Colonel Kucherenko stated, “According to the exercise scenario, soldiers of the two countries will hold a tactical airborne operation, including the reconnaissance of imaginary terrorists’ camp and a raid. After the operation, a helicopter will evacuate the soldiers.” He further added that Russian airborne troops would be training with US special service weapons in these drills in Fort Carson, Colorado.

Puzzling to Russian military analysts about this exercise, this report says, are that according to the American plans, Russian airborne troops (using US weapons that they had previously trained with at Fort Carson) will fly to and then parachute from their planes having the objectives of seizing the CIA’s main computer facility in Denver, the NSA’s main computer facility in Bluffdale, Utah, and taking control of main runways and terminals of the Denver International Airport.

The purpose of seizing the Denver International Airport, this report continues, is for the evacuation of the key personal and equipment previously “freed” from the CIA’s Denver base, and the NSA’s base in Utah, who were, supposedly, under “imminent threat” from an unspecified enemy, according, that is, to the American scenario for this war game.

Business Insider notes this is the first time the Russian military will have been invited onto U.S. soil for a military drill.

Maj. Gen. Albert N. Stubblebine III (US Army Ret.), President of the Natural Solutions Foundation, an international NGO (non-governmental organization), released a 27 minute public service Estimate of Situation about Fukushima, Japan focusing on the immediate threat to the Northern Hemisphere emanating from the highly radioactive ruins of the 5 Fukushima nuclear reactors. The video is available without charge at http://www.GeneralBert.com.

Gen. Stubblebine’s prognosis is dire: “When the highly radioactive Spent Fuel Rods are exposed to air, there will be massive explosions releasing many times the amount or radiation released thus far.
Whether through evaporation of the water in the pools, or due to the inevitable further collapse of the structure, there is a severe risk.

When the final cataclysm occurs, sooner rather than later, the whole Northern Hemisphere is at risk of becoming largely uninhabitable.”

General Stubblebine details in his riveting video the amounts of radioactive materials that will be propelled across the Pacific and across the United States if the Fukushima reactor structures (especially Spent Fuel Pool Number 4) collapse.

An astounding pulse of destruction and growth at an underwater volcano north of New Zealand has provided a new insight into the behaviour of submarine mountains.

The Monowai seamount, which lies at the intersection of the Pacific and Indo-Australian tectonic plates at the Tonga-Kermadec subduction zone, underwent one of the fastest episodes of volcano growth documented on Earth.

Their findings have been published online in the journal Nature Geoscience. The article's authors include GNS Science geologist and geochemist Cornel de Ronde.

The researchers believe the changes are larger than at most other volcanoes. Only Vesuvius and Mount St Helens have recorded larger growth rates.

"Any movement on the seabed has the potential to create a tsunami.

"This is a violent exchange of rock into the water - it could destabilise the cone and cause a landslide which in principle could cause a tsunami.''

A Hebrew University archeologist says finds at a new dig site near Jerusalem are backing up the biblical narrative of an Israelite kingdom centered on Jerusalem in 1000 BC, around the time of King David and his son, King Solomon.

Professor Yosef Garfinkel has been digging at Khirbet Qeiyafa near the Jerusalem suburb of Beit Shemesh since 2007. Carbon dating of unearthed olive pits has put the period of activity at Khirbet Qeiyafa at 1020 BC - 980 BC, almost exactly the period of time the Bible says David and Solomon were active in the region. The dating, together with the uniqueness of the finds, has made Khirbet Qeiyafa one of the most important biblical archeological digs.

Less than a year after working Khirbet Qeiyafa, Garfinkel unveiled what is believed to be the oldest Hebrew inscription found to date. At the time, Garfinkel said the inscription proved that vibrant, centralized and literate Hebrew kingdom existed in the area 3,000 years ago, just as the Bible says it did.

Last week, Garfinkel shared his latest find - two ancient models of shrines that very closely resemble the biblical description of Solomon's Temple in Jerusalem. The models would have presumably been used in religious rites.

All of this evidence combined is important because it counters the claims of some archeologists that the Bible is full of myths, which until now the have based on the lack of evidence for a large and centralized Israelite kingdom around 1000 BC.

"For the first time in history we have actual objects from the time of David, which can be related to monuments described in the Bible," Garfinkel said in a press release. "Various suggestions that completely deny the biblical tradition regarding King David and argue that he was a mythological figure, or just a leader of a small tribe, are now shown to be wrong."


Gary said...

Dear Ally:
" I still think its going to get weird before we are out of here. Maybe a huge "scare" or stock market crash or something to jolt the sleeping awake"...I have to politely disagree with you and Stephen. My thinking is the other way around. In my humble opinion, I think the Dow will be up by hundreds of points and then...Bam! We're gone! Who would think the rapture would happen on a day like that? Fool a lot of people wouldn't it? A big surprise?...Just sayin...

Ally said...

I totally understand your point of of view! A lot of people feel that way! The main reason I feel differently is because the Bible says that God doesn't want anyone to perish. And currently a lot of people are going to perish. A lot of these people would recieve Jesus if they got a wake up call. So I'm expecting a wake up call.
Over and over I ask Christians what could possibly happen to "fool" the elect. The Bible says many will be fooled. And since its going to fool even some of the elect, that means there will be elect here on eaeth to be fooled. So pre rapture I'm guessing.
You tell me. I've always been very curious and a thinker. People like me make great scientists and detectives. I search for answers. I cant help it. Its just how God made me I guess.
I throw thoughts out there, so we can collectively search the scriptures, so I can hear your thoughts and maybe between us all we can come to a deeper understanding of the things of God. But its weird, I get really attacked a lot, sometimes viciously, but people who are supposed to be my brothers and sisters. But most the time, unsaved people really listen to what I'm saying. It clear to them that "something" is getting ready to happen. Baffling.
Gary, you have always been respectful. Thank you to you and all the others who are!

Caver said...

Folks, you do want to read the link above that starts with...."Physicist: Unit 2 Completely Liquified, 100% Liquification ....."

This is beyond the very worst of scientific nightmares....many times worse than multiple nuclear devices going off in a target country.

Scott said...

Whats the deal here, for the nuclear-knowledge-impaired? :)
What does it mean and what would you expect to see next?

Anonymous said...

ypu seems troubled by the coming deception and the 5 foolish virgins, hope this will strengthen your faith.
Mat 24:24For there shall arise false Christs, and false prophets, and shall shew great signs and wonders; insomuch that, if it were possible, they shall deceive the very elect.
Note ally the word "if it were possible" it did not say the elect were fooled.
It is only to show how great the deceptions, signs and wonders that the false christs/prophets will perform.
knowing ally that our election is of God, that we are chosen before the foundation of the world to be holy, and elect accrding to the foreknoledge of God, No one can pluck us out of our Father's hand.
For we shall not go into comdemnation but is passed from death unto life (john 5:24)
Thats is our assurance.
Do not worry abput the 5 foolish virgins, for they are fools.
They are an example of that mean servant who do not know when their Master will come.
they are children of darkness that the day overtake them as a thief and found them naked.
For they didnt watch, and did not make themselves ready.

Anonymous said...

I doubt it very much. the rapture
will occur during a time when stocks
are already headed down, like now.

When social mood is bullish, LIKE
in the first few months of this year,
when stocks did nothing but go UP,
was there are rapture ??


but now it is more likely.

Take a look at the suicide attacks
in SEP 2001......stocks were ALREADY HEADING way down before
it hit right ??

I would think that if BULLS regain
control, there would be no rapture
for a LONG LONG TIME....

right now, it is uncertain.

Dow down 64 but Nasdaq hardly dropping.

However, GOLD and SILVER falling apart.......DEFLATION is VERY
EVIDENT, unknown to most people
since they are NOT taking off
their little blinders to see it !!!!

TIME to face reality on that.

TOO MUCH DEBT in this world.


Stephen >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Caver said...


Don't know, not for sure, and don't think anyone else does either. It's never happened before.

If true, this is worst case theoretical nightmare scenario.

Imagine a huge molten blob (tons, not pounds) of "stuff" (various metals, the fuel rods, concrete, etc)so radioactive that it generates enough heat to melt through the concrete containment, and the rock layer below and contaminating everything it melts....its many thousands of degrees in temperature and gravity is pulling it toward the center of the earth.

The half life of some of this "stuff" is many thousands of years...not months, days, or hours.

Now, what happens when it hits a vein of water....and does the water empty into the Pacific or the aquifer.....their drinking water. Different scenario, what happens if this multi thousand degree blob melts through the surface rock and then drops into a huge pool of underground water? Can you imagine the continuous steam explosion, and where does the steam go? Up, into the atmosphere and jet stream.

You get the nightmare story from there.....

The half life of cesium and plutonium and other isotopes is huge, thousands of years I believe. How long before it spreads through the Pacific, contaminating all fish, through the public water, how long before it falls back to the ground as rain water and is in the food chain after being drank by animals and absorbed by everything that takes up water.

IF this story is true...huge IF...it is gonna be capital letter UGLY.

Scott said...

Wow......Any idea how long we may be talking about here? I mean, before it gets really bad?

Also makes me want to re-examine the 21 judgments of the tribulation and see what fits. The only one that comes to mind is Rev 16:2 "The first angel went out and poured out his bowl on the land and ugly and painful sores broke out on the people who had the mark of the beast"....But this is relatively late in the Tribulation and it seems more imminent than that.

Perhaps it will represent the general state of carnage during the Tribulation (as elements of pain and despair of the Tribulation come from more than the 21 judgments)......Food for thought

Caver said...

No idea at all. Remember, everything is theoretical. Maybe it won't hit a huge body of water.

We don't have any real specifics and even if we did, not sure I would know what to make of them or how to put it together.

Everything is just speculation but its informed speculation on just what would occur under a given set of circumstances.

The only thing that's certain is that a huge glob of highly radioactive "stuff" that melted its way through the containment building and is going down into the rock underneath by melting it is not considered prime vacation territory.

I do think occasionally about Rev 8.9 and 1/3 of the sea dieing. Course, I believe, its supposed to turn red also and I don't think that fits.

Mrs.C said...

In Matthew 24, Jesus is clearly speaking to the Jewish Believers of the Tribulation. We the Church, are not going through one second of the Tribulation. The word “elect” in Matthew 24:22 is not the Church. The Hebrew and Greek word for “elect” means “chosen” which can be used in many different ways. It can refer to the Messiah, Israel, angels, Tribulation Believers for an example. It is to be read in context within the writings of the Scripture it is presented.
Some wont accept the pre-Trib Rapture based on their misunderstanding of this word “elect” .

God Bless!

Scott said...

Oh, yea, I understand that (you may be referring to another comment above, other than mine) -- I'm just speculating that if this nuclear accident gets really bad during the Tribulation, it wouldn't be surprising, but I have no idea how long it will take to have effects on the "northern Hemisphere" as the article suggests. It would be one more piece of carnage during the Tribulation.

Scott said...

Mrs C - I think you meant for that comment to be in the thread below

Mrs.C said...

Thanks Brother Scott, :) But I was referring to the above comments by Ally and once again...another "anon" that kinda seems to be perhaps suggesting a mid-Trib point of view maybe?

God Bless!

Ally said...

Just like how politically, socially, economically etc are lining up for the one world govt,, so are disasters both natural and whatever you want to believe Fukushima was are lining up for thetribulation. The elements will melt with fervour and if this isn't a precursor....what would be? This should also show you how close we are getting also.
So while we are still here, take your vitamins and anti oxidants. They will help your body to protect your dna from damage.

Scott said...

Yea. I think the most frustrating aspect is that they just refuse to engage in the most fundamental scriptures and usually focus on 1-2 more tangential scriptures, usually involving a misinterpretation of those more tangential scriptures. for instance, in 1 and 2 Thessalonians, the context of the letters is of utmost importance in a thorough dissection of the passage... and to ignore that or to misunderstand that, starts one off on the wrong path immediately. In this instance, Paul was crystal clear in the purpose of the writing - and it doesn't require any speculation.

It would be like me trying to explain to someone that we're not in the Tribulation. And a part of my argument, I stated "We know we're not in the Tribulation, because during the Tribulation Haley's comet will pass close to earth....The only problem is - you are saying that at a time when indeed, Haley's comet is actually flying past the earth. What kind of argument would that be? How would that be reassuring to a group of people? It makes no sense.

OTOH - if Paul was referring to a physical departure, then it would make perfect sense.

The funny thing about this argument is this. Whether Paul is referring to the rapture or a falling away in faith - its not even an argument that I use when making the case for a pre-tribulation rapture. I don't need it because there are 6-8 scriptures-arguments that (IMO) unequivocally point to a pre-trib rapture and are unambiguous - so this argument isn't worth a lot of time - its really a diversion.

I'd rather discuss:

Scott said...

Revelation 3:10, 1 thessalonians 5:1-11, Revelation 3:10, Revelation 4:1 (in chronology after the church age - chapters 2-3), the absence of the church in Revelation 6-18, Why no mention of a rapture in Revelation 19, why the church is seen IN HEAVEN in Revelation 19 which is BEFORE the second coming, John 14:1-3 and the parallel of the wedding, Why we would face God's Wrath (during the Trib) when Jesus already did that for us on the cross, 1 Thess. 1:10, etc.

The above list are more important than the discussion above, and because there is even the slightest bit of ambiguity AND because it doesn't matter one way or the other (the issue is settled in the scriptures above) - the argument is almost moot (moot in terms of the overall argument regarding a pre-trib rapture.

Scott said...

The above comments are in reference to a thread below not this thread.

Anonymous said...

Blog: Ariel Ministries Dr. Arnold Fruchtenbaum.

The Restrainer: 2 Thessalonians 2:1-12


(2nd Study down from the top April 13 2012)

Part one.

In any study dealing with eschatology, 2 Thessalonians 2:1-2 must be brought into the discussion.[1] There has been much debate as to the exact point or points Paul wished to make, the identity of “the restrainer,” and exactly what is the relationship between the Antichrist and the restrainer. In dealing with this passage, perhaps it would be best to first summarize the main points Paul made and then proceed to an analysis of the text.

1) Paul intended to comfort the believers of Thessalonica by letting them know that they are not in the Tribulation, nor has the Tribulation arrived.
2) He wanted to convey that there will be two separate revelations of the Antichrist at different points in time.
3) He communicates that two things are being restrained:
1. the mystery of lawlessness in general now,
2. and the Antichrist specifically, in the future.
Let’s look at his first point above in verses 1-4. Apparently, some false teachers taught that the believers were already in the Tribulation after Paul left Thessalonica. In verses 1-2, the Thessalonians were troubled that the day of the Lord (the most common title for the Great Tribulation) had already arrived. This was especially true since, in the first Epistle, he taught them a Pre-tribulation Rapture. In verse 3, Paul stated that the Tribulation could not have come yet because two events, both of which must precede the Tribulation, had not yet occurred. The first event is the apostasy of the church, and the second, the revelation of the man of sin or the son of perdition.[2]
In verse 4, it is clear that this “Antichrist” will be opposed to God and to all objects of veneration and will take over the Jewish Temple and declare himself to be god. This event will occur in the middle of the Tribulation in conjunction with the Abomination of Desolation.
Let’s now consider Paul’s second main point above in verses 5 7. These verses are somewhat parenthetical. In verse 5, Paul reminds his readers of things he had taught them while he was still with them. The key thing he had taught them in verse 6 was the fact that the takeover of the Jewish Temple and the self-declaration of deity will be restrained; therefore, until the restrainer is removed, the events of verse 4 cannot occur. What will restrain the Antichrist from gaining full political and religious control will be three of the ten kings of the first half of the Tribulation and the governments they represent. It is only when the last of these three kings has been killed, leading to complete submission by the remaining seven kings, that the Antichrist will be free to take over full global dictatorship and to carry out the events of verse 4. Consequently, the last restrainer of the Antichrist will be the last of the three kings and the government he represents. In verse 7, Paul reminds his readers that the mystery of lawlessness is already working and is even then being restrained. The Holy Spirit is never described as restraining. The task of restraining evil was given to human government under the Noahic Covenant in Genesis 9:1 17 and this basic doctrinal truth was reiterated by Paul in Romans 13:1 7. On one hand, human government is even now restraining lawlessness. On the other hand, the government of the last of the three kings will restrain the Antichrist, the lawless one, until the middle of the Tribulation.


Anonymous said...

Part two.
Blog: Ariel Ministries Dr. Arnold Fruchtenbaum.

The Restrainer: 2 Thessalonians 2:1-12


Paul’s third point (above) is found in verses 8 12. According to verse 8a, the Abomination of Desolation (see v. 4) will serve as the second revelation of the Antichrist. While the first revelation will be to believers before the Tribulation, the second revelation will be to Israel in the middle of the Tribulation. By the very act of the Abomination of Desolation, the Antichrist will be revealed as truly being the lawless one, and then Israel can realize with whom they have made their seven year covenant (see footnote 2). The act of the Abomination of Desolation is clearly stated by Yeshua (Jesus) to be a sign to Israel in Matt 24:15 22. Paul then proceeds to give further facts regarding the Antichrist. He will ultimately be destroyed by the Second Coming of the Messiah in verse 8b. In verse 9, the Antichrist is the one who will be totally energized by Satan and will be able to do miracles for the purpose of world wide deception. In verse 10, he will call all men to worship him. In verses 11 12, the ones who will be deceived by him and his counterfeit signs are those who have already rejected the gospel of Yeshua the Messiah.
These verses have often been taken to mean that those who heard the gospel before the Rapture but who did not believe will not have the opportunity to be saved after the Rapture and during the Tribulation. However, the passage places the rejection of the gospel during the Tribulation itself, rather than before it. It should be remembered that during the first half of the Tribulation there will be a world wide preaching of the gospel by the 144,000 Jews (Matt. 24:14; Rev. 7). While myriads will accept the gospel, many more will not. Because these “many” will refuse to respond to the preaching of the 144,000 during the first half of the Tribulation, they will be deceived by the Antichrist and will begin to worship him during the second half of the Tribulation. The initial act of worshipping the Antichrist will involve accepting the mark of 666. Once this mark is taken, the individual will have reached the point of no return and will not have the opportunity to be saved from then on (Rev. 14:9 12).
[1] This post is a modified version of Dr. Arnold Fruchtenbaum’s original Messianic Bible Study. The full version may be obtained here.
[2] The revelation of the identity of the Antichrist that precedes the Tribulation. The Rapture of the Church may or may not have occurred by then, since the Scriptures do not state exactly how long before the Tribulation the Rapture will occur. From other Scriptures we may deduce that the Tribulation will begin with the signing of a seven-year covenant between Israel and the Antichrist (Dan 9:27) – thus believers may become aware of the identity of the Antichrist – and that believers will deduce who the Antichrist is by the numerical value of his name: 666.

Anonymous said...

Yes..Yes..we know. We have seen your posts many times before.

Anonymous said...
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