Tuesday, May 29, 2012

The Reality: "Iran Is Playing Obama Like A Stradivarius"

That may be the quote of the year, and certainly one worth remembering. The sad fact lies in the truth of this statement.

Israel/Netanyahu has reluctantly, and even hesitantly, agreed to step back from the military brink with Iran to allow Obama a six-month window within which to win an agreement with Iran in which the latter would abandon it’s endeavor to create a nuclear bomb.

It’s not going well for Obama.

Iran is playing Obama like a Stradivarius

Iran is playing Obama like a Stradivarius. Plus, Obama, as the naive kid on the block, has invited Russia into the negotiation so than any deal with Iran will include Russia, thereby bringing a third party influence to the mix. (Actually, considering that Israel has given up none of its stake in the deal, there will now be FOUR countries involved in the negotiations even though Israel is silent.)

Think about it a moment: Russia backs Iran AND Syria. Iran Backs Syria, as well. Obama’s blunder has now connected BOTH issues in such a way that the problem with a single country, Iran, is now a regional problem making the matter much, much, more complicated than before. It also turns the heat on Israel up even more.
And the next statement is worth remembering in the coming weeks:

To be a fly on the wall within Israel’s government, (Netanyahu’s office, perhaps) would, I suspect, be very, well, interesting!

It is well to remember that when Israel is publicly silent, that is when Israel is most dangerous to her enemies.
And Israel is very silent right now. Just some food for thought.

Obama has rolled the dice and he is losing this crap game.

Why Mr. Obama seems always afraid to go it alone, to stand tall, like a man, and confront America’s enemies rather than seek refuge in numbers and/or behind the skirts of America’s allies—and in Russia’s case—America’s enemies—is an utter mystery. Does he not understand it makes him, and America, appear weak? Does he not understand that in world politics perception is extremely important? Does he not understand that he is embarrassing his countrymen?

I have lived through a lot of US Presidential administrations and I have yet to experience an American presidential administration as TIMID as the Obama administration. Considering the timidity of the Carter administration, that is saying a LOT.

No wonder Netanyahu is frustrated. Bibi walks, talks, and acts like a man, an Alpha male, if you will. I would expect he would prefer to interact with an American with the same traits. Alas, he is stymied with Obama, an obvious metrosexual male—and it must be exasperating, infuriating, and confounding, all at the same time.

In the meantime, the mess Obama is making of the Iranian situation is doing absolutely nothing toward moving the Iranians off the dime. Indeed, it would appear that it is only muddying the waters even more. In the end, when military action is finally taken it is this kind of “dance of the diplomatic dunces” that will run the death toll upwards and extend the military action longer than would have been necessary otherwise.

“The Iranian nuclear impasse and the Syrian civil war are more tightly interlinked than ever by President Barack Obama’s decision to cooperate with Moscow for solutions of both - a partnership that promises the eventual three-way carving-up of Middle East influence. The six-month break Israel allowed Obama for diplomatic solutions before exercising its military option, gives Tehran the freedom to defy the six powers in nuclear negotiations and ties US hands against Bashar Assad’s atrocities. Obama’s diplomatic path is already cluttered with obstacles.”
And lastly:

In the meantime, there are reports (by Reuters) from the Institute for Science and International Security (ISIS) that Iran has enough high grade uranium to produce at least five (5) nuclear bombs. The report by Reuters continued: “This is nearly 750 kg more than in the previous IAEA report issued in February, and ISIS said Iran’s monthly production had risen by roughly a third.”

Courtesy of the Carter administration, Iran has much experience in “negotiating” with an American president and, as a result has little, if any, respect for the office of the US President. They will do (or say) whatever they feel necessary to maintain these on-going “talks” while, behind the curtain, they are continuing to enrich uranium as quickly and efficiently as possible. When they are ready, or when they grow tired of the charade, they will pull the plug on the talks and leave Obama slack-jawed wondering what happened.

In the meantime, Israel would be well advised to maintain its military on a high state of alert while seriously considering canceling the deal with Obama in favor of the continued existence of their country.

So we had important talks with the Iranian regime and reached an important agreement to have more important talks with them next month. No one on our team seems the least bit embarrassed, nor do any of the pundits who predicted that some sort of nuke deal would be agreed on. Indeed, most of the coverage that I’ve seen has to do with Israel: will they attack or not?

On the basis of my mother’s dictum that repetition is the basis of all learning, let’s go through the basic principles again:

* Iranian Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei is not interested in a deal with the West unless it is clearly and unequivocally a total Western surrender that ends sanctions, confirms our retreat from the Middle East, and acknowledges Iran as the regional hegemon;

* The current game–call it “around the world in 180 days”–provides the diplomats with good food, luxurious accommodations, and pictures in the papers, and it leaves the Iranians free to enrich uranium, build missiles and warheads, and kill us and anyone inclined to work with us. That is the Real War and no Western leader ever talks about it;

* Sanctions will neither stop the Iranian nuclear program nor stop the Real War.

It’s very disappointing and very scary. If you wanted to create a strategy to lose the Real War, you’d be hard pressed to do better.

Theoretically, we should be dismayed at the facts cited above. But we are not dismayed - rather we are following Jesus' instructions to look for His return as we watch these generational signs unfold. Its time to bring back a couple of scriptures that we should never forget during these darkening days:

"When these things begin to take place, stand up and lift your heads, because your redemption is drawing near" (Luke 21:28)

"Even so, when you see these things happening, you know that the kingdom of God is near." (Luke 21:31)

Are you doing as Jesus instructed? Are you focused on His return, or are you becoming anxious and worried at the state of affairs in this world?

We also must remember the instructions given to the Thessalonian church - that we are to "serve the living and true God", and:

"...to wait for his Son from heaven, whom he raised from the dead - Jesus, who rescues us from the coming wrath." (1 Thessalonians 1:10)

Amen. Jesus knew that we'd see some of what is coming - and in His infinite love for us, He gave us instructions - instructions that He knew would alleviate fear and concern:

To look for and focus on His return and to remember that He will rescue us from the coming wrath.



ChristineInCleveland said...

Amen, Scott! Thank you for these mighty words of truth & encouragement. :-)

nathan said...

I have to disagree with the "go it alone" comment . You have to remember our military is already spread thin . Personally , i meet soldiers everyweek at my job with Delta airlines here in Asheville and they are very tired . Some are on their six tour of duty . Also , we're already drone bombing Pakistan , Yemen , Somalia (once in a while)have bombed Libya and are still entangled in Afghanistan and Iraq . Not to mention shifting our focus to the South China sea , building "bases" in Australia , Negotiated ports with New Zealand , helping the Phillipines and Taiwan against China (our Banker) , and of course there's always pesky North Korea . If we went it alone without an international coalition and Russia decided to join the fray along with China, Syria, Iran, Venezuela and N. Korea....I hate to say this but its game over for the Almighty United States of America . Not to mention the havoc that fuel prices would have on our "so called economic recovery" ....Also , we would once again be going against the United Nations wishes(which isn't all that bad) just like Bush did with Iraq (when he ignored the vetos and took us to war because "they hate our freedom ) ....but WHO CARES its all leading us to Bible Prophecy revealing itself (This is how the United States turns its back on Israel) so i say get a bag of popcorn , Bible , and Soda and sit back and watch the show . The only thing that spoils all of this is that we already know the ending....Peace Nate

P.s don't forget that its our soldiers who have to lose limbs, get emotionally or physically maimed or possibly lose their lives for this . We just sit back and type words into a computer on what we think should happen :) You and i will only read about their death , feel pity for a moment, say a prayer then turn the page of the newspaper .

Anonymous said...

It is PATHETIC that the powers that
be are SO EAGER to PACIFY bulls that
they would even allow Iran to get
their little DIRTY hands on all the
enriched uranium.....750 kg ??

what a joke...

I think it is TWICE that easily.

Islam mentality is CONVINCED that
Allah will allow them to destroy
Israel ?? They are all deceived.

It is really the other way around.
(Israel will destroy Islam)

Stephen >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Scott said...

I think the "go it alone" comment was in another post, not this one...The issue here isn't relating to America's position as far as getting involved, rather its about America's current administration convincing Israel to sit back and wait (theoretically while these so-called "talks" have a chance to work), and therefore creating a scenario allowing Iran to continue with their nuclear development....IOW, Obama is gettting 'played' by Iran..

As far as US involvement in these other regions that you mention - I am in the Ron Paul school of thought, that we should NOT be spread so thin and involved in all of these regions, so hopefully the comment on "sit back and type words" and "feel pity for a moment" etc, doesn't apply to me; and I;m acutely aware of the sacrifices paid by the military (one reason we should NOT be spread so thin throughout the world) Additionally you'll never find anyone who is more pro-military than me.

In this instance, however, I DO believe that we should be supporting any and all efforts to ensure Israel's survival ( as contrasted with what the admin is currently doing, which seems to be supporting efforts to destroy Israel) - whether overtly or covertly.