Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Evening Update:

It's starting appear that the conflict in Syria is becoming a proxy war:

Syria remains the top destination for Iranian arms shipments in violation of a UN Security Council ban on weapons exports by the Islamic Republic, according to a confidential draft report by a UN panel of experts seen by Reuters on Wednesday.

Iran, like Russia, is one of Syria's few allies as it presses ahead with a 14-month old assault on opposition forces determined to oust Syrian President Bashar Assad.

The evidence:

The report, which the expert panel has submitted to the Security Council's Iran sanctions committee, said there were three seizures of large shipments of Iranian weapons investigated by the panel over the past year.

"Two of these cases involved the Syrian Arab Republic, as were the majority of cases inspected by the Panel during its previous mandate, underscoring that Syria continues to be the central party to illicit Iranian arms transfers," it said.

"The report also takes note of information concerning arms shipments by Iran to other destinations."

So in one 'corner' we see Iran and Russia.

Then we see who is arming the other side:

Recently reported in “Brookings Announces Next Move in Syria: War,” it was stated that “by the US policy think-tank Brookings Institution’s own admission, the Kofi Annan six-point peace plan in Syria was merely a ploy to buy time to reorganize NATO’s ineffective terrorist proxies and provide them the pretext necessary for establishing NATO protected safe havens from which to carry out their terrorism from.” It was also examined in detail, how in 2007, US, Saudi, and Israeli officials admittedthey were creating a militant front of extremists for the sole purpose of causing the destabilization of Syria we see today, and ultimately overthrowing the Syrian government. It was noted how these extremist militants had direct ties to Al Qaeda.

Now it is fully admitted that weapons, cash, and logistical support is indeed being provided to terrorist forces in Syria by the United States, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and other Gulf States. This, despite a current UN ceasefire the West has continuously berated the Syrian government for violating, indicates that indeed reorganizing, rearming, and redeploying NATO’s terrorist proxies is complete, and another round of destructive violence has begun.

In the Washington Post’s article, “Syrian rebels get influx of arms with gulf neighbors’ money, U.S. coordination,” not only is this admitted, but claims made by Syrian President Bashar al-Assad have been confirmed that Syria’s historically violent Muslim Brotherhood, stated in 2007 by Seymour Hersh as being a direct proxy of US-Saudi-Israeli funding and support, is also directly arming and funding contingents of extremists committing acts of terror across Syria.
This shouldn't be surprising, as we also supported the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt and similar radical groups in Libya. This is just a repeat of the same methods.

Below we see a couple of updates on Greece and that evolving situation:

Where the eurozone crisis heads will depend not on whether Greece leaves the union, but on how the situation in the region affects debt-troubled Italy and Spain, Aleksey Bachurin, head of Russian Cash Equity Trading at Renaissance Capital, told RT.

"The important thing is not Greece itself: it’s relatively small and the investments in Greece are already written down by most banks. But the potential contagious effect on Italy and especially Spain – this is a real danger,” Bachurin said.

Though some European politicians insist the eurozone would survive even without Greece, some economists say it might be the end of the game. The deterioration in Greece could result in “huge withdrawals from Spanish and Italian banks, as depositors try to move their money to Germany,” Paul Krugman, renowned US economist, wrote in his column in the New York Times.

It sure seems like a good time for a powerful leader to emerge - someone who can handle this situation.

Greeks have withdrawn billions of euros from their banks in recent days, with the country's president warning of "panic" at the prospect of the country leaving the eurozone.

Minutes of the meetings between President Karolos Papoulias and political leaders earlier this week show that the run on the banks has increased in recent days. The head of the Greek central bank, George Provovopoulos told the president that at least €700 million were withdrawn on Monday (14 May) alone.

The government in Madrid rushed through a banking sector reform last week, after having taken over Bankia, one of the major lenders. But Brzeski said the reforms were "too little, too late" and the contagion effect from Greece may force Spain to ask for EU money sooner than expected.


Anonymous said...

Well, aside from Scott posting it would seem I am the ONLY one giving updates here. Where is everyone ??

I KNOW the rapture is NOT here yet
so i guess the rest of the crew is

Anyway, stocks UP again tonite,
GEEEEE, never dies.

Face book is doing an IPO here very
shortly, manipulation is present
I believe to HOLD STOCKS up until
said IPO is done on the 18th.

Classic pump and dump scheme...

Stephen >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Caver said...

In your preparations to survive the expected coming chaos it might be worth remembering what a few noted economists have stated.....when we see Europe to start the melt down we probably have 7-14 days on this side of the Atlantic to be fully prepared.

Nobody knows for sure what is going (cash) holidays, resultant food shortages, and the like.

Suggest everyone pray about it.....see if you are lead to do any special preparations. Doubt if the needs and situation will be the same for everyone everywhere.

WVBORN56 said...

I've never really felt the need to prep, other than what would be ordinarily wise for a natural disaster. However as this gets closer it does make one ponder the possiblities. I'm still inclined to believe the world is oblivious to what is coming just as the folks were in Noah's day. That leads me to believe a pre-crash of the global economy is also the best time for the departure of the church via the rapture. (Big surprise) Now you have me dashing between panic and excitment. Not really but I am certainly on the edge of my seat. I think I'll get the garden planted this weekend too but it would be much nicer just to meet in heaven for our cookout. :)

Ally said...

WV-I am not feeling to motivated myself about anything. Putting the garden in is a great idea though. I have to move sometime in early to mid June and I've been asking the Lord for guidance and I'm getting none. I of course want to live by myself but I might go back to the organic farm. Its very close to a bad part of the city but its kind of hidden . Besides, the Lord is my refuge.
I read an articke over on Rapture Ready by Donna Wasson a day or two ago. She talked about feeling norhing for rhis world anymore. How nothing excites her, is fun for her, has meaning for her anymore except for Christ. Oh how I can relate. I feel like a zombie walking through my day. My emotions run the gamut. Weeping sadness for the unsaved and masses of Christians who won't even look around, much less up! Sadness for my mother and children who scoff and aren't saved, even though they once knew him. Incredible excitement that it might really happen NOW! I wonder if I'm worthy to escape these things, if I will make it out of here, if I'm too lukewarm and will get puked out if his mouth. I feel like running around with a giant sign.
I try not to get to excited though. I already feel like my spirit can't be contained in my body much longer or my body is going to explode! At this rate, I can't make it much longer. What if it doesn't happen for another year or even 5 more years? At the same time, looking at current events in the natural, how can it possibly be more than a year? I'm not sure this world can even hold tigether til June or July at this point. I know I know. I sound totally nuts, but I am not. I am extremely sound minded.
And I know most if you probabky feel kind if like this in some manner. And if you don't and you think I'm a basket case...thats fine too. I feel calm about it all in a very odd way!
I love you guys so much. Thanks for listening to me and talking to me. There are very few oeople un my real world who get it. I am syrrounded by non believers. Its hard sometimes, to know the truth!
Praise you Jesus for your tender mercies! Please come and get us soon. I want to come home. This world is not my home any longer!

Anonymous said...

I can relate to you Ally with everything you and Donna are feeling.I have always felt like I don't belong in this world but I came to know Jesus Christ in 2009 and about a few months ago I just really started feeling like I truly don't belong here and nothing excites me.All that seems to be on my mind is heaven and Jesus.I too feel like a zombie and I feel like I'm here physically but my mind and thoughts are not.I just don't rally want to be here anymore.I'm excited when I see the signs around us and know that Jesus'return must be near,but then I get sad knowing that alot of not only my friends and family but also strangers who aren't saved will miss the rapture and will be left behind.I have been praying nonstop for the unsaved and wonder myself if I will be accounted worthy to escape all these things and if I am truly doing enough for the Lord.I truly hope that we will be out of here soon because I also feel as though I can't take being here two more months let alone another year,I feel weary,I'm glad to know that I am not the only one feeling this way,I sure hope it is a sign that we will all be outta here and in heaven soon,can't wait to meet you all!

Anonymous said...

Ally, that was just beautiful! I rarely comment but reading your post almost made me cry. I too feel like you do...Im just OVER this world, so to speak. Im tired of being here. I pray we dont have to be here for much longer but if our Lord should tarry then I know we will be alright in the meantime. Much love to you and my Christian brothers and sisters


GG said...

Hi Ally and All~

I keep getting this prompting to help you ease your minds right now. There is no doubt that we are living in the last days and with so much weighing heavily on our hearts and minds. I am providing a link to a site I found that may help encourage you while you wait patiently on the Lord. I have been where you are and it's not a fun place to be. I can sympathize with you greatly.

At this crossroad we have a choice to make, one I am sure you know is tugging deeply at your heart. We all must check our sphere of influence daily. In a day when we have the information highway flowing so easily, that could be a great danger as well. Think of the old testament prophets, they had to wait patiently on the Lord and no instant gratification was afforded to them with seeking for the Lord on the internet.

W.O.W, to live in those days had to have been even harder. Not to diminish what we all have going on in our daily lives, but to gain a better perspective that from then to now we all are to be followers of Christ, pressing in, relying on and leaning on the Lord. In doing those steps, I promise you will fill up with so much encouragement that you too can go out and encourage someone who is lost. Without taking time to fill up your spiritual love cup, one will have nothing to give. If that is the case, we may not be of sound body, spirit, and mind. At this point we cannot complete our assignments in these last days as the Lord desires.

I know many who have been guilty of waking up for the past year and sitting at the computers seeking our great departure and status. Not that we shouldn't be looking but that is only one part in our sphere of influence. When we turn what do we see? If we are seeing and hearing things that are not of the Lord, we will go down pretty fast. If we choose to do nothing about it, we will sink even deeper. Before we know it, there is no longer a sphere of influence because we have detached so much there is no blessed hope around us through other people as well as the word of God.
There is nothing that can hamper our salvation at this point since we are born again. We are still humans living in a fallen world with a great deception around us at every turn. We have talked before about putting on our shield of armor. There is still more to be done. We must protect what goes into our minds, bodies and souls daily. One visit in the wrong direction could have us showing up at the devils playground. We can easily get stuck there while listening to his enticing lies. This is the point where we must use GREAT DISCERNMENT. :) Without matching things properly to the bible, we have things going in and things going out without a sense of direction.

I like WV's idea of planting outside right now. It offers, peace, love , serenity and reflection in Gods setting. It affords us the opportunity to clear out the proverbial and literal 'weeds' in our gardens of life. This year is the first year, I have noticed all around me that the foliage seems perfectly in unison. The colors and blending are working together instead of one dying off and another popping up, like in years gone by. The world has been under stress for so long, but right now this period is like the calm before the storm, IMO. I believe we may see some ugliness and duress before we go, but I also believe we are going to be OK. I also believe that just like in the days of 911, many will be scrambling to and fro. Are we going to be mentally and spiritually prepared to help our neighbors if something goes awry while waiting patiently on the Lord? I hope this helps you to see that you're not crazy. :) It may be that it is time to redirect your energies elsewhere for a bit. Tap into that faith between you and the Lord alone that no one else can come along and steel your joy. Obtain a complete spiritual sphere of influence that pleases God and God alone. We will always find that and more in the bible.

Stay strong!
God Bless!!


GG said...

Christian Quote About Strength

“Those who serve God must serve Him in His own way, and in His strength, or He will never accept their service. That which man doth, unaided by divine strength, God can never own. The mere fruits of the earth He casteth away; He will only reap that corn, the seed of which was sown from heaven, watered by grace, and ripened by the sun of divine love. God will empty out all that thou hast before He will put His own into thee; He will first clean out thy granaries before He will fill them with the finest of the wheat. The river of God is full of water; but not one drop of it flows from earthly springs. God will have no strength used in His battles but the strength which He Himself imparts. Are you mourning over your own weakness? Take courage, for there must be a consciousness of weakness before the Lord will give thee victory. Your emptiness is but the preparation for your being filled, and your casting down is but the making ready for your lifting up.” – Charles Spurgeon

Read more:

Dave Down Under said...

Hi Ally as the old song goes, 'one day at a time sweet Lord is all I'm asking of you,
Give me the strength to do everything that I have to do,
Yesterday's gone sweet Jesus and tomorrow may never be mine,
Lord help me today show me the way one day at a time.

God Bless All

WVBORN56 said...

Ally none of us are worthy but thank God Jesus makes us worthy thru the washing of his shed blood!!! Read Hebrews 12:1 and 2. We are near the end of the race....don't give up with the finish line in sight sister!! Keep your eyes on Jesus the author and perfector of our faith. God is sovereign and nothing happens without His purposes.

Waterer said...

Dear Ally,
YOu are loved and you are His.No one can snatch you from His hand.
Waiting is harder sometimes more than at others. I know you know this. Loving Him first and best is where you are. That is good . Really and truly the most important thing. I love what GG had to say.I think about occupying for the sake of others so to stay engaged as long as I'm here. My family are believers though and that makes it so much easier. I pray even now for all of your children and Mother to listen and hear with their hearts.
We are your family too in this very real way:we LOVE His coming!

Scott said...

Amen to that!

Ally said...

:) oh, I am so not giving up! But weary, yes! Thank you all so much! When we get to heaven, you will understand how very much you mean to me and how much of a real family you have been to me.