Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Bilderberg Scheme To Save The Euro

For a prophecy watcher, it seems almost intuitive that the globalists would very much like to keep the eurozone in place without any countries abandoning this central currency system. However, based on the media reports, it seems like a foregone conclusion that Greece will exit the euro single currency. And it is quite possible that a Greece exit, would somehow lead to the next evolution in the EU, but that pathway is difficult to see right now.

It just seems more fitting prophetically that somehow the eurozone will stay together without a Greece exit but finding a way for this to happen seems impossible now. Almost every article in circulation points to an exit, with the exception being what we see written below - so for that reason it is a worthwhile read:

The Bilderberg Group is terrified that Greece’s potential exit from the eurozone could lead to a dramatic economic recovery and provide a template for other countries to follow suit, threatening to torpedo the euro single currency and the entire agenda for a European federal superstate.

The increasing threat of Greece abandoning its promise to honor draconian bailout terms agreed with Brussels and Berlin last night led German chancellor Angela Merkel to acknowledge for the first time that Greece could exit the euro, a likelihood that has sent the single currency along with financial markets plunging in recent days.

The euro crisis is now at its most severe point in history, outstripping similar crisis points which coincidentally also occurred just before the annual Bilderberg Group meetings in 2010 and 2011.

On both of those occasions, political consensus formed by Bilderberg members was enough to keep the euro on life support for another 12 months each time, and the same globalists will once again try and hammer out a strategy behind closed doors that will provide redemption for their cherished pet project.

And it's easy to see why the stakes are so high:

Bilderberg is terrified not only that Greece will exit the euro, but that in doing so it will go on to see a massive economic rebound and become an example for other eurozone countries to follow the same course.

This fear is exemplified in a piece appearing today in Bilderberg-controlled newspaper the Financial Times entitled Greece’s exit may become the euro’s envy.

“Expelled from the eurozone, Greece might prove more dangerous to the system than it ever was inside it – by providing a model of successful recovery,” writes Arvind Subramanian.

“Suppose that by mid-2013 Greece’s economy is recovering, while the rest of the eurozone remains in recession. The effect on austerity-addled Spain, Portugal and even Italy would be powerful.

Voters there would not fail to notice the improving condition of their hitherto scorned Greek neighbour. They would start to ask why their own governments should not follow the Greek path and voice a preference for leaving the eurozone. In other words, the Greek experience could fundamentally alter the incentives for these countries to remain in the eurozone, especially if economic conditions remained grim,” writes Subramanian, adding that Greece’s potential exit “may prove an infectious model” and lead to the demise of “the eurozone and perhaps for the European project.”
Bilderberg is so desperate to save the euro because it represents the entire foundation of their global financial agenda to create regional currencies and carefully-managed bureaucratic federations on the same model as the European Union.

The bottom line?

Given the fact that the euro was at least five decades in the making, don’t expect the global elite to give up on it without a fight. The euro crisis will take center stage at Bilderberg 2012 as members attempt to manufacture consensus for a committed effort to redeem the single currency once again.

This promises to be fascinating to watch. I am predicting a last-ditch effort by the EU elite (for lack of a better term) to keep Greece in the eurozone. What that may be or how that could happen, specifically, is anyone's guess. Still, if Greece is to exit the eurozone, then it will be just another pathway to God's ultimate plan and that plan won't be thwarted by any human actions.

Either way, we may be on the verge of seeing big, fundamental changes in the revived Roman Empire - as a result, we should be following this story closely as it continues to evolve.

Meanwhile, we see this - another expected development from the revived Roman Empire:

For the second day in a row, the European Union issued a document that had some harsh words for Israel, saying a spate of “potentially discriminatory or even anti-democratic bills” were tabled in the Knesset, and blasting Jerusalem for not prosecuting those responsible for settler violence.

The criticism came in an annual document summarizing the political and economic situation in Israel as part of the EU’s review of its partnership with other countries, known as the European Neighborhood Policy.

It also said Palestinian economic and social rights remained “hampered by Israeli restrictions on the freedom of movement,” and that “the risk of forced displacement of Bedouin communities increased.”


Jill said...

Scott, check this out, it is no where in the MSM,,,, incredible,,, they are getting ready to rumble.


Robin said...

Wow Jill . . .how does the US lead such an operation . . .answer reporters questions, and the story not carried by the main stream media here in the US?

Scott, I've read and reread that story about the Bilderbergs and can't for the life of me understand how Greece going down will set off an economic rebound? From everything I've read to date, it will cause Italy and Spain to fall, causing the rest of Europe to collapse like dominoes, setting the stage for a new global currency as the PetroDollar falls apart too. What am I missing?

Anonymous said...

Alot of us get our water here in Hawaii from rain catchment. And frankly, this Fukushima deal scares
me bad. I am ONE OF THOSE on catchment.

If those reactors start sending
cesium from spent fuel rods over
here, there will be alot of dead
people in Hawaii, let me tell 'ya.

I guess I can FORGET about getting
to the rapture at that point.

In any case.....social mood is
social mood. And these Bilderbergs
are NOT GOD, they are only human.
and the GAME being played has allowed them to get away with
forcing stuff down people's throats
in GREECE that is NOT acceptable.

In other words, the poor people
are FINALLY telling the rich
to shove it.

good for them.

Therefore, Greece will be exiting,
no question about it.

If Greece stays in, then the
poor people will have SUBMITTED
to the rich jerks yet again.

and I cannot see that happening.


Stephen >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>.

Ally said...

As soon as Bibi anounced the coalition government, I knew it was on! I clearly and vividly remember 1967. Sitting glued to the black and white grainy t.v. Screen watching and waiting for any news to "interupt this broadcast". This of course was in the days that America still sided with Israel and worshipped the Lord.
My grandmother, a bible believing, prophecy watcher was of course searching the scriptures and telling me all about rhe club of rome. How the Berlin Wall had to fall before the establishment of the European/New Roman Empire. How the clock had started ticking again with the recreation of Israel. How she hoped to live long enough to be swooped up in a golden chariot by Jesus and his angels!
So great were the signs at that time she thought she might slide in. When the Berlin Wall came down in the 80's, it was a sign. The European Union, the euro, all signs. The destruction and dismantling of the U.S., a sign. All signposts on the road to a world run by the son of perdition.
But soon, very soon, an exit sign will appear! And we will be outta this increasingly evil and disintergrating world! Glory, Hallelujah! I've been walking in this corrupt body for far too long. I long to be home. I hynger to be in the eternal presence of the Father. The whole earth is groaning. Come quickly Lord Jesus!

Scott said...

I love to hear stories like that from people's grandparents or parents.

BWest said...

Hello everyone. I'm curious about the group's opinion regarding the Rapture potentially triggering Gog-Magog.

I was thinking about this today, and it makes sense that the Rapture will severely weaken the US and the US military (even more so than the growing economic issues). It makes me wonder if seeing a dramatically weaker US would embolden Russia and its Gog-Magog partners to attack Israel. Obviously, with the Church gone, God's full attention would be turned back to Israel.

Just a thought.

God bless you all and, Scott, thank you so much for the work you do on this blog.

Sharon said...

I have a question. I have read several times here over the years that after the rapture God is going to turn His attention back to Israel. I don't understand this, as I believe that there will be many who turn to God during the tribulation, both Jew and gentile. I don't think that God has turned His back on Israel. (It is man who has turned his back to God.) Prophecy regarding Israel is being fulfilled with the actions being completed by man (driven by the direction of God).

Thank you in advance for explaining this perspective!


Scott said...

The concept of "turn His attention back to Israel" is really shorthand for something much more complicated.

Basically, it goes like this (IMO).

Part of the argument is dispensational, and thats too long and complicated to get into here.

But the short version is this:

When Gabriel was giving Daniel the prophecies regarding Israel (in Daniel 9) he definied the basis of the 490 year period that Israel would face, as they were approaching the time of returning to Israel.

It was clear that he was defining this 490 years - which were "Decreed for YOUR PEOPLE and YOUR HOLY CITY" - (emphasis mine) - which is clearly the Nation of Israel (NOI). Notice no church mentioned as engaged in this time period.

The Tribulation (aka "time of Jacob's trouble" ) is a 7 year period, the last 7 years of this 490 year period. Its made clear here that it isn't for the Church at all, but for the NOI. Additionally, we know that the time of Jacob's Trouble is 7 years.

So the reference about "turning back to Israel" is a reference to completion of this last 7 year period on the overall 490 day "clock" that has been designated for the NOI.

Also noteworthy is the fact that Church wasn't present for the first 483 years either :)

Sharon said...

Thank you, Scott, for explaining this!

I am amazed at how things are unfolding throughout the world to the fulfillment of God's word. It seems like a high level chess match, that God is always several moves ahead of the opponent. I am so thankful for Jesus' great gift of life that He has given us, through His sacrificial death on the cross that pardons all our sins, when we believe in Him!

Blessings brothers and sisters in Christ! Let us pray for those who don't yet know Christ and be an encouragement to one another!


Mrs.C said...

Hi Sister Sharon, :)
If I may add just a wee bit, to Scotts wonderful post regarding your question of God turning back to Israel.
Ezekiel 38-39 is a monumental moment in all of time! :) It is God restoring His Covenant with His People, the Apple of His Eye.
It truly is so beautiful to read His conversation with them. At the end of the Isaiah 17 war, is the beginning of God turning His full attention back to His People. He allows them to suffer greatly, bringing them to their knees, and at the last moment, He tells us He steps in to rebuke Israel's enemies, and prevent His People from being completely wiped out.
The stage is then set. Israel is alone, suffering, completely vulnerable, just where God wants them to be.
God then continues and orchestrates the Ezekiel war to come upon them, where only He and He alone can save them from certain destruction. This time, He fully reveals Himself, and saves Israel.
It is at the end of this war, that He tells us in His Word, a brief history of His relationship with His People. He tells them that for thousands of years, He has "hid His Face" from them, and that He will "hide His Face" no more. He tells them He is back with them, and will never leave them again. He then tells them that He will "pour out His Spirit" upon them. It is so beautiful to read :) We the Church...Praise God forever...are gone!

God Bless!

Mrs.C said...

Ezekiel 39:23-29

23 And the heathen shall know that the house of Israel went into captivity for their iniquity: because they trespassed against me, therefore hid I my face from them, and gave them into the hand of their enemies: so fell they all by the sword.

24 According to their uncleanness and according to their transgressions have I done unto them, and hid my face from them.

25 Therefore thus saith the Lord God; Now will I bring again the captivity of Jacob, and have mercy upon the whole house of Israel, and will be jealous for my holy name;

26 After that they have borne their shame, and all their trespasses whereby they have trespassed against me, when they dwelt safely in their land, and none made them afraid.

27 When I have brought them again from the people, and gathered them out of their enemies' lands, and am sanctified in them in the sight of many nations;

28 Then shall they know that I am the Lord their God, which caused them to be led into captivity among the heathen: but I have gathered them unto their own land, and have left none of them any more there.

29 Neither will I hide my face any more from them: for I have poured out my spirit upon the house of Israel, saith the Lord God.

Scott said...

Oh yea, I forgot - as Mrs C mentions above, it really starts around the time of Gog-MaGog (and surrounding events) - which is another reason I don't believe that we are present at the time of Gog-MaGog.

Ann Marie said...

I sincerely pray for those who think they'll wait till the tribulation to turn towards Christ. I listened to an excellent message bay Pastor who said that there would be such a deception that they would believe in that their should would be forever lost. Please don't wait.

Ally said...

Hi guys, I know we usually deal with scripture here but I would like to encourage everyone to be ready for an emergency, just in case, say a small earthquake, or other possible natural disasters. I feel like the potus and his recent statements might get a response from our Father. So maybe a little prayer covering might be warrented currently!

Waterer said...

Good evening everyone here-

I have the hardest time with understanding the sequence of events in Ezekial and Isaiah.The way that prophecies are written and fulfilled is not as linear as my education has been. And God's mind is so great that even little things He reveals are sometimes too big for me.
Is Fruchie the best commentater on Ezekial? THanks, KR

Scott said...

I think Fruchtenbaum is really the best at putting together the sequence of events overall, but I'm not remembering where he is in terms of Gog-MaGog and Isa 17.

I think it requires some speculation, so whatever we envision could be somewhat inaccurate.

Given that - what presses me more than anything is the "lateness in the hour" - that is, we are SO far into this last generation, I don't think there is much time allowed between these various battles/wars.

Given that (above) - its hard NOT to see one leading directly into the other. There just isn't enough time left for big time lags between these events.

Given that, its hard to imagine something other than Isa 17/Psa 83 (aka the "inner circle") happening first, as a proxy war, leading to Gog-MaGog....Gog-MaGog really can't happen first, because God will destroy the surrounding enemies at the time of Gog-MaGog...So if Gog-MaGog were to happen first, there would be no one left (the 'inner' circle would be destroyed at the time of Gog-MaGog) to attack Israel. ...... So for that reason (and there are others) - I have to see Isa 17 happening first.

Anonymous said...

Scott Frucht calls GodMagog The Northern Alliance Against Israel page 106 Footsteps of the Messiah

He says its before the 7 years because of the 7 years of burning that would not go into the 1k.page 116-7.
Timing before the rise of the 10 kings and antichrist.
The Pretrib Rapture is imminent and can be no later than the revealing of antichrist, but could also happen several years before the 7 year Trib.
Meaning it is possible the church could see GogMagog ???

At this time Frucht is the best scholar on this mainly because of his knowledge and memory of the Old Testament. He says theres more than 300 OT prophecies in the Revelation.

Im with you on Is 17 being before.

Scott said...

Yep - good points. Either way, I have a hard time seeing the church here at the time of Gog-MaGog. We'll see - hopefully soon!