Sunday, March 4, 2012

Rumors Of Meetings

It didn't take long today to see what is dominating the news - the upcoming meeting between Obama and Netanyahu, which has turned into a "pre-meeting" war of words and reveals the vast separation between the two. The rumors of what is being said behind the scenes ranges a great deal, leading one to wonder what the truth is. One consensus that has become apparent, is the fact that almost every report works with the assumption that this meeting is a "make or break" point regarding the Iran situation. Here is a sample of the articles in circulation today in no particular order:

Expectations that the meeting between US President Barack Obama and Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu Monday, March 5, will produce accord on how and when to stop Iran going nuclear are likely to prove unfounded, say DEBKAfile’s military and Washington sources. Obama has made it clear that a military strike would be “premature” and economic sanctions, diplomatic pressure and negotiations must be allowed to run their course before a military option is considered as a last resort.

When Netanyahu flies home, therefore, he will come away from the White House facing exactly the same dilemma as before: It is up to him to determine Israel’s window of opportunity for an attack on Iran’s nuclear facilities and decide if and when to go through with it.

This is an interesting article with more detail added, but below note the forever strengthening alliance between "Persia" and "MaGog":

A number of confidential Russian messages advised Israel to forget any reversals of Iran’s nuclear progress. The coming international negotiations, they said, must start with accepting the current status of Iran’s nuclear program, “There’s no turning back.”

And we see this response after Netanyahu listed his demands regarding Iran

The Israeli prime minister’s proposal was rejected by the White House after Moscow too found it unacceptable.

Let that sink in for a minute.

The White House message to Netanyahu on the eve of his meeting with Obama was that Tehran would simply not come to the negotiating table if faced with those three demands.

By reverting to its long-abandoned attitude of denial on the Iranian nuclear threat, Washington flies in the face of the last two International Atomic Energy Agency quarterly reports.

The report also pointed out that “Iran is shifting the most sensitive aspect of its nuclear work, refining uranium to a level that takes it significantly closer to potential bomb material, to the site.”

The Israeli defense minister Ehud Barak has warned that Iran was in the process of moving clandestine nuclear projects to a “zone of immunity” safe from outside attack.

Even before hearing what Israel had to say, Obama was resolved to oppose military action on Iran and not be moved on this. Now he is additionally determined to put his Israeli visitor in his place and draw a line on Jerusalem’s influence in Washington - both as a lesson to Jerusalem and an incentive for Tehran.

Like teenagers dating, Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu and US President Barack Obama are sending messages about one another to each other through emissaries before their big rendezvous.

Obama chose Jeffrey Goldberg of the Atlantic monthly, andNetanyahu chose a press conference standing alongside rock-solid ally Stephen Harper, the prime minister of Canada.

To Goldberg, in an interview that appeared Friday, Obama talked for the first time explicitly about a “military component” in the options that are on the proverbial table. In recent weeks Israel made clear it would like to see and hear more specificity from he US about those options on the table, to ensure that Iran gets the message.

But at the same time, Obama also warned in his interview of any preemptive Israeli strike at this time, advising Israel to see how things play out.

In his speech to AIPAC on Sunday, Obama added two points: the first, that Israel is responsible for its own security, and can make its own decisions. And second, that all the bellicose comments about war only helps the Iranians, since it hikes up oil price, which assists the Iranians.

Another significant element of Netanyahu’s comments was that they were made in Ottawa, not in Washington. The reason for this is that the terms Netanyahu laid down have not yet been accepted by Obama. This is now Netanyahu’s policy, but not necessarily Obama’s, and Netanyahu wanted to get the terms out there before traveling to Washington, to give them time to percolate, and not to deliver a policy position in the US that might be at odds with that of the president.

One bolded statement above seems potentially significant: "Israel is responsible for its own security". That statement may tells us lot and seems to indicate that Israel won't face any type of 'retaliatory action' by the U.S. - even in terms of rhetoric - if they do indeed attack Iran's nuclear facilities. That statement may be the most germane point in everything we have seen thus far.

"I do not have a policy of containment; I have a policy to prevent Iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon," he declared to another standing ovation. "I will not hesitate to use force when it is necessary to defend the United States and its interests."

But he also emphasized that, "I firmly believe that an opportunity still remains for diplomacy, backed by pressure, to succeed."

Differences over how much time to give diplomacy and what conditions must be imposed on Iran in any talks are one of the main points Obama will address with Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu with whom he will meet during the day tomorrow. Netanyahu himself will address AIPAC Monday evening.

And this, from Joel Rosenberg:

High-level meetings between President Obama and Prime Minister Netanyahu are set for Monday at the White House. This could be the last face-to-face meetings between the two leaders before Netanyahu makes his final decision whether to go it alone on Iran.

“At the White House on Monday, President Obama will seek to persuade the Israeli prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, to postpone whatever plans he may have to bomb Iran’s nuclear facilities in the coming months,” notes an important new article by Jeffrey Goldberg in The Atlantic. “Obama will argue that under his leadership, the United States “has Israel’s back,” and that he will order the U.S. military to destroy Iran’s nuclear program if economic sanctions fail to compel Tehran to shelve its nuclear ambitions.” Goldberg’s article has triggered a series of other similar articles in the mainstream media, confirming the coming pressure by Obama against Israel.

“President Obama plans to caution Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu next week against attacking Iran’s nuclear facilities in the coming months, urging patience while international economic sanctions take full effect,” reports the Washington Post. “Obama’s meeting with Netanyahu on Monday begins a critical week in his effort to contain Iran’s nuclear ambitions and preserve the trust of the United States’ closest Middle East ally. Israeli leaders have made clear they think time is running out to stop Iran from achieving the ability to build a nuclear weapon….‘We’re trying to make the decision to attack as hard as possible for Israel,’ said an administration official, speaking on the condition of anonymity to discuss internal deliberations.”

And below, we see another emphasis on Obama's point that Israel has a right to defend itself. Again, this may be the most critical aspect of what we are seeing this week:

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu immediately responded favorably to US President Barack Obama’sspeech to AIPAC on Sunday, highlighting Obama’s remarks about Israel’s right to defend itself as it saw fit.

“I appreciated the fact that he said Israel must be able to defend itself, by itself, against any threat,” Netanyahu said to reporters before meeting Canadian Jewish leaders.

“I appreciated the fact that President Obama reiterated his position that Iran must not be allowed to develop nuclear weapons, and that all options are on the table," Netanyahu said. “I also appreciated the fact that he made clear that when it comes to a nuclear armed Iran, containment is simply not an option.”

This week hasn't really started and we're already getting useful information. Is it possible that Obama is telegraphing that Israel is free to 'go it alone' but they shouldn't expect any help from the U.S.?

If so, does this make an Israeli attack even more imminent?


Anonymous said...

Hey Scott, you can read Obama's AIPAC speech <a href="> here</a>. He says "peace and safety" a couple times. Can you reas it and tell me your thoughts about it? Thanks

Scott said...

Couple of quotes stick out:

"Let's begin with a basic truth that you all understand: no Israeli government can tolerate a nuclear weapon in the hands of a regime that denies the Holocaust, threatens to wipe Israel off the map and sponsors terrorist groups committed to Israel's destruction. And so I understand the profound historical obligation that weighs on the shoulders of Bibi Netanyahu and Ehud Barak and all of Israel's leaders.

"they should not doubt Israel's sovereign right to make its own decisions about what is required to meet its security needs."


Not only is Obaa saying this. but the talk show circuits today had the same rhetoric...I was just watching Lindsey Graham making the same statement, with emphasis - that Israel has a right to defend themselves and the US would never stand in the way of this.

I believe this could be decision time. Israel now knows that they have to go it alone, but there are no US restrictions in the way.

I think this essentially gives a green light to Israel, and they will act on it

Dylan said...

Scott, are you saying that if Obama doesnt take back what he said tomorrow, he gave Netanyahu the green light to attack Iran?

Caver said...

Well, if he did then its the green light Israel has been asking for over 5 years now. A green light that comes after Iran has significantly upgraded their air defenses, armed Hamas and Hezbo with rockets of every description, and made a much stronger Syria. A ME with a real Russian presence and now a Turkish twist to boot.

This is an attack that will probably take far more Israel assets and lives than it would had a green light been given years ago after Israel correctly assessed the situation.

OH, the cost of appeasement.

Anonymous said...

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Scott said...

Dylan - quite possibly. I find it interesting that this same verbiage is being repeated like a mantra. That tells me its no accident.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Jill said...

thanks Stephen, For every person speaking up there are thousands that want to but do not want to be called an intolerant hater. I point to Kirk Cameron on Piers Morgan CNN the other nite, he stood his ground and wonderfully explained why he does not support the cultural nose dive. Soon after, the blogosphere was blowing up and demeaning him and calling him ..... you guessed it, an intolerant hater.

Kirk is taking fire for all of us, we will need to speak up when they come and ask us where we stand on these issues. I hope we can be like Esther and Pinchas -not literally like Pinchas ;)

I do think as Purim approaches this week we need to read the book of Esther again. Have you stopped to consider that as Obama and Netanyahu meet tomorrow to discuss the threat of a Persian madman trying to annihilate the jews. We are about to celebrate Purim,,,, the commemoration of the Jewish victory over the evil persian Haman seeking to kill them,,,,, the celebration of Esther who heroically stepped up for such a time as this. Israel is at that place again, who will step up?

Rapi said...

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Caver said...

Hi Rapi, and welcome.

I believe you have taken the correlation of the Bulls incorrectly.

Many of us here also paid close attention to the stock market and invested to improve the economic stability of our family.

At least some of us believe that the stock market is in for a huge correction, if not complete collapse, that we have moved out of most investments unless they have to do with gold and silver or other things we feel will thrive when the world's currencies collapse.

One of us believes there is a direct relation to the stock market and certain events in Bible prophecy in a very specific way.

Many of us concur but in a broader and more general in the collapse of currencies and increase in the cost and availability of food and fuel and move to a global currency which, in turn, moves toward a global government. That is the base for most of our interest in the stock market and currencies with respect to Bible prophecy.

I hope that brings some clarity to the entries and opinions you read here.

Again, welcome to our little family here. Scott gives us the best summation of real events relating to Bible prophecy that I have ever seen.

Many opinions are expressed here. Just because one or two people express specific opinions on a given subject does not make it everyone's opinion.

Alice said...

Welcome, Rapi!

To what Caver said I will simply add that "Bulls" and "Bears" are slang terms for our stock market and how it is performing. They do NOT refer to a specific person.

A "Bear market" means the stock market is doing well, whereas a "Bull market" means it is doing poorly. You can use your search engine and type in "bear market" to read about what I am attempting to explain.

I hope this helps! :)

WVBORN56 said...

And to others here bears and bulls are "greek" to use an another American euphemism. :)

I was never smart enough to invest in the stock market and it looks like that may just have been God's protective hand on me and my family. My brothr goes "crazy" with every little variation and blip in the market.

Anonymous said...

Hi Rapi! Welcome! We love you! We care very much about you and ALL people! We want everyone to get to heaven :) We also know Jesus and some of the prophets left us detailed "hints" of what to look for. So we look for those things. When we see those signs coming closer and closer we have mixed emotions. We become happy because we know we get to be with our precious Jesus soon. We also are sad because a lot of people, sometimes our families even, do not believe in Jesus :(
Different people here look at different things. Caver and I are very fascinatef with earthchanges and outer space things. Also I look at a lot of pestilance and food relatef changes. Scott really looks at the political landscape especially the middle east. And many people here look at other things. Stephen is waiting for the stock market to fall! And he watches it and updates daily. He has a certain theorist that he follows closely.
We are so glad you have come here. Please ask as many questions as you like! Maranatha-ally

Scott said...

Rapi and Stephen

If you two want to discuss this stock related stuff off-line let me know and I'll find a way to get an email from one to the other.