Friday, March 2, 2012

Update: Netanyahu - Obama Meeting

We're starting to get a feel for what will be discussed at the upcoming meeting between President Obama and PM Netanyahu, and it's fairly predictable:

If this is true (see below) - then Netanyahu will have his answers.

In a New York Times article published Thursday, former Israel Military Intelligence Chief Amos Yadlin wrote:
“Asking Israel's leaders to abide by America's timetable, and hence allowing Israel's window of opportunity to be closed, is to make Washington a de facto proxy for Israel's security - a tremendous leap of faith for Israelis faced with a looming Iranian bomb.”

The two views represent the crux of the fundamental disagreement between US President Barack Obama and Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu three days before they meet at the White House on how and when to stop Iran going nuclear.

The Israeli view was laid out clearly by Yadlin when he wrote, “That moment of decision will occur when Iran is on the verge of shielding its nuclear facilities from a successful attack – what Israel’s leaders have called the zone of immunity.”

This ominous development is ignored in the US president’s interview.

When he declared, “The Israeli people understand that the United States isn’t bluffing when it says ‘all options are on the table,’” Obama no doubt recalled the disagreement with Netanyahu going back six months when the Israeli prime minister asked him privately on the sidelines of the UN General Assembly to lay down a US-Israeli consensus on red lines for Iran’s nuclear program, beyond which the US President would be committed to strike Iran.
In return, Israel would promise to refrain from attacking Iran and follow America’s lead on the issue.

The US president turned him down.

The US president turned him down.

Israel has not relinquished its position, which Yadlin put very clearly: “What is needed is an ironclad American assurance that if Israel refrains from acting in its own window of opportunity - and all other options have failed to halt Tehran's nuclear quest - Washington will act to prevent a nuclear Iran while it is still within its power to do so.”

The absence of that American assurance is keeping Israel from a commitment to refrain from attacking Iran notwithstanding all the verbal ammunition thrown at its government from Washington.

We'll still have to wait until next week to see what happens between Netanyahu and Obama, but the early signs aren't very promising. If the early rhetoric continues without progress, then indeed Israel will have to deal with Iran alone; which is consistent with biblical prophecy as we approach the expected wars described in Ezekiel 38-39 and Isaiah 17 approaching.


Caver said...

Well, this pretty much sums it up to me.

Bibi demanded a red line and rock solid commitment that Obama wouldn't just kick the can down the road another block or two.

Obama wouldn't commit.

In other words, Bibi wouldn't play the fool with their national survival.

Obama had nothing concrete to counter with.

The irony, it seems to me, is that Obama can't afford to be passive. If Israel has to go it alone....

1. He loses the Jewish vote.
2. The price of oil goes sky high before the election.

Unless....and this is almost too horrible to contemplate

US missiles and fighters intercept and try to stop the Israeli jets on the way to Iran.

Alice said...

And in light of all that, Mr. C, we have another day of tornado devastation in the midwest...


Alice said...

And one more thing.....

Although I've despised him from the very beginning, I never really thought him a candidate for the prince that is to come.


First Abraham Lincoln and now Gandhi and Nelson Mandela...? The man's ego knows no limits! It's revolting!

And that's just ONE of a VERY looonngg laundry list of qualifications he seems to meet or exceed...

I find I'm questioning myself more and more. Perhaps he is THAT prince...

Caver said...

Yup, Alice....and scheduled to arrive here about 2am.

Funny timing ain't it. Just as Bibi is getting here.

If I were Obama...and if I knew the Bible...I think I would think about the "coincidence" of this and his meeting with Israel's leader during her time of need.

Jec said...

As much as I hate to say this, but it looks as though Obama wants Israel to act on it own........possible to send them to the front lines only to back way off and watch from a distance the destruction that will unfold. Obama is playing with fire and has no idea the outcome. But we do, and know that somewhere along all of these lines, the Rapture will occur.

Seth said...

Recently, I've been thinking about all the craziness that's going on in the world. The econimic turmoil that most of the world is in, including the US. (Don't be fooled by a high DOW number. We're in debt over our heads.) I've also been looking all the earthquakes, tornadoes, floods, etc. happening world-wide, and it's VERY apparent that we are nearing the end of the age and the return of our Lord Jesus. I've been reading a lot of differring opinions on things like when the Rapture is gonna happen. There's the pre-trib, mid-trib and post-trib views, and I've seen people using different scriptures as support for their views, sometimes people from two different views use the same scripture as absolute proof that they're right and the other people are wrong. There's so much confusion going around that people are starting to miss the point. I could go into why I believe what I do and give scripture to support it, but I'd be wasting my time. Here are the undeniable facts. There will be a time of great tribulation on this earth like nothing ever experienced here before. There will also be an event where believers in Jesus Christ will be "caught up" to meet Jesus in the air. This will happen in the twinkling of an eye, and we will be changed just as quickly. Jesus will also physically return to earth to rule from Jerusalem for 1000 years. At the end of this 1000 years, Satan will be thrown into the lake of fire. Now we get to the biggest point. Those who have accepted the free gift of salvation through Jesus Christ will spend eternity with Him with no more death, pain, sadness or tears. Contrastly, those who did not accept the free gift of salvation will be thrown into the lake of fire along with Satan and his demons. Time is short. There are only two choices: eternity with Jesus or eternal torment. Whether the Church is saved from the Tribulation or have to go through it ultimately doesn't matter because once it's all done, we'll eventually be with Jesus.

And now for the even bigger point for us believers. We were commissioned by the Lord to preach the gospel to all nations and make disciples. Hell is real, and Hell is FOREVER. We can't be flippant about sharing the gospel. We aren't called to convice people about Jesus. We're called to be a witness for Him. Ultimately the choice is up to the individual where they spend eternity, because Jesus has made a way to get to Heaven; and we choose to accept it or deny it. We simply show the way. The harvest is plentiful, but the workers are few. Let's take Him seriously and get our own lives right and tell the world about the great love of our Saviour.

Jesus, thank You for the way You provided for us to spend eternity with You. Please don't let us take advantage of Your grace and love. Give us clean hearts and boldness to share the gospel, because time truly is soo short. Thank You, Jesus. We love You. Amen

WVBORN56 said...

To use a little horse racing ling, "we are coming down the homestretch" folks. yaaahoooo!


Anonymous said...


Are u serious ?? That the US will
STOP Israel BY FORCE from attacking
Iran ?? That would be INSANE.

Is that really possible ??

Please tell me

Stephen >>>>>>>>>>>>>

Paal said...

Hi all fellow prophecy watchers. Im Paal (23), a reborn christian from Norway.

This blog is one of my definitive blessing during my days, and you are, even tough i dont communicate with you, my only christian "fellowship".

Thats why im boldly asking for a prayer. The short version of my problem is that i, from time to time, get "attacked" by demons that, even though im deeply in love with my girlfriend, "forces" me to think of homosexual fantasies. I am praying for protection many times a day, but despite this i find myself "weak" sometimes, and i do things i should not do.

I dont want to be this kind of person, and thats why i (maybe too) boldly ask you to pray that my demons, once and for all, goes away.

Thanks anyway.

May the rapture happen soon, so that i one day can see you guys!

Bless you


James N Nashville said...

Hello everyone. To me, this week starting tomorrow,takes on more meaning with each passing minute.

I have to say that I am solidly behind Netanyahu and what they have to do. I think when I look at how I view the US now, under Obama's lack of leadership,I have never felt such a sadness of who and what our country has meant to the world and more importantly to God.

When the Lord reveals to you how hopeless things are without Him as the focus, it hits me at my core. There is a deep longing within me unlike any other time in my life to be with Christ forever. I use to think that I wanted to experience a certain age before I go, but that, through Christ has changed now.

When I see pastors like Rick Warren embracing muslim theology I now things are coming to an end.

I woukd like to know if anyone has felt this change in them as I have.

James N Nashville

Scott said...

James, I feel the same way - I know exactly what you are talking about.

Paal - I'm so glad you can come here and feel the fellowship that we all have grown to love. And yes, I cab guarantee that everyone will be praying for you. Don't forget, when you come to Christ, you are forgiven for ALL sins, past and future (many of us make the mistake of thinking that we are only forgiven for past sins.....The key is to recognize sin, admit the sin and ask forgiveness.

As the song says "God's grace exceeds my sin".

Stephen...The scenario of the US potentially stopping Israeli plans in order to thwart an attack on Iran was discussed when we had Iraq air space. Hopefully, that is now out of the picture, but last year this time there was a lot of discussion on that possibility. God help us all if that ever happens.

Scott said...

Jec - that's how I am seeing things right now. Obama wants his cake and eat it...I think he wants to distance himself as much as possible from Israel so that he won't have to deal with the ramifications of any action. Typical.

Seth - very very well put - thanks for that.

WV - Indeed brother!

Jill said...

so glad you are speaking up and i hope some of my words can help you. not all thoughts, fantasies are attacks of demons (but i do know it can be a tool of the enemy to tempt with visual and auditory stimulation). What is the problem is our brains learn what stimuli and continued thought patterns give us the most 'dopamine' or pleasure and then stores that info in our memory. The more we access thoughts and fantasies the easier they are accessed until it seems like they appear out of no where and we are powerless over them. Our flesh wants pleasure and stimulation, our spirit when reborn wars with that desire. Solution has multiple parts,,,, number one - absolute repentance, know and feel what this does to the Lord's heart and to your relationship with Him. number two - ask for Mercy, mercy and compassion and a way out of thoughts and behavior that destroys our fellowship with Him. number three - SOAK in the Word, turn off the TV and INTERNET when you are alone, do not give any room to the enemy,,,, you are basically in need of a 90 day 'rehab' from the world. number four - get a buddy that will PRAY with you and listen but not condone, and will not let you recount details of failures ( this stimulates the brain as much as actually doing it). number five - Pray all the time, have an ongoing talk with your Father, and do a study on what it means to please Him, DO NOT RUN AWAY FROM HIM WHEN YOU FAIL - GO TO HIM FIRST BECAUSE HE ALWAYS LOVING YOU NO MATTER WHAT,,,,, so many other steps but this is a good start for at least 90 days, your goal is to change your brain, stop the thoughts BEFORE they get going even if you have to yell STOP IT!!!!, then let the Word change your heart. I promise you will RUN from the temptation when you realize the seriousness and the evil of the sin. Lastly if the enemy has targeted you and is placing thoughts or scenes in your head, then praying and fasting is needed to break this and to renounce any past connections. The most hopeful thing we can all do is be purified by our greatest hope, the return of Jesus our Messiah, nothing here is worth not being ready, nothing.
Praying for you Paal.

Brad said...


Run out and get the book "Lifetime Guarantee" by Bill Gillham. I am a counselor and have found the book to be the very best at explaining how the "attack" works. Satan is very deceptive.....he can even pretend to be you in your own thoughts...leaving you thinking you are the one having those thoughts. Please feel free to send me your email and I can show you how to fight back!!!!


Anonymous said...

Several years I was spiritually attacked. God was with me through this experience, but soon after this fear crept in to me. The fear blossomed and grew, taking over any peace that I had. During this journey, God showed me that there were several misbeliefs and lies that I believed about Him, which He corrected and used to free me. The things that I did that seemed the most helpful were having friends pray for me, listening to Christian music (esp. David Crowder Band) and letting the words speak to while also praising our Great God and Jesus, but most importantly was diving fully into the Bible. As I learned even more about God & Jesus' love for me, His promises to me and the fullness of His forgiveness to me and salvation for me. My faith was greatly strengthened thru this journey. I will keep you in my prayers for God to guide you on this journey and you hear His quiet voice very clearly. Blessings to you, brother Paal!

mary said...

Good morning brothers and sisters.
As I am reading the comments this morning, I am feeling so blessed once again to realize that we have "family" all over the world. Just in case I forget one of your names, I would like to say Welcome to all the new faces I see here today. It is so nice to hear from you.
James, I am strongly feeling like you do. I too have that deep longing to be with Jesus. I am so hungry for my Bible, that it is all I read anymore.I know that I have said it before but when I am at work, there are times(many), when I feel such peace and joy that I find myself just smiling, anxiously waiting to go home and be with Jesus.
Scott, thanks for your time you put in to this blog and your love for the LORD. You are right, the fellowship here is so sweet.
Maranatha ! soon and very soon..... :)

Alice said...

Paal, I will keep you in my prayers!

Caver said...

Paal, please add another to the list praying that you be isolated from these thoughts.

May I add my welcome to all the new and infrequent posters to this little family also.

Yep, as said by several before me....I used to have goals and ambitions I wanted to achieve before "going home". No longer, I'm ready for the big "Poof" right now. I do not recognize this place, country or world anymore. I'm ready

Dave DU said...

G,day Paal,
my prayers are with you. If I may add, in all your putting off of the flesh, please don't forget to put on the repentant works of God. It's going to take good ol fashioned determination and just plain ol saying "no" to these temptations. You may even find yourself walking around the house saying "get behind me satan", or "I bind you evil thoughts in the mighty name of Jesus". Or it could simply be, "in the name of Jesus I cast you out of my head you devil, leave me alone".
Your in for a rough ride my friend but remember, "you can do all things through Christ who gives you the strength you need", Philippians 4:13.

The other thing is, "you have a great High Priest who has gone to heaven, Jesus the Son of God. This High Priest of your's understands your weaknesses for he faced the same temptations you did and yet He did not sin. So Paal, go boldly to the throne of your gracious God. There you will recieve His mercy and you will find grace to help you when you need it", Hebrews 4:14-16.
By personalising the Bible like that Paal it really puts us all on a case by case basis of letting Jesus deal with us personally. It also shows me that Jesus faced homosexual temptation just as you are right now, so He is more than qualified to deal with you on your level. The other thing is He didn't give into the temptation. So my friend there is your strength; the clear, sinnless path of Jesus' perfection and the enabling "power of His Might".
Your going to have to keep on asking Him Paal (Matt 7:7-8) and that means leaning on Him heavily for the needed strength to get you past the hour of your temptation. Another helpful verse is 1Corinthians 10:13.

What I'll say next I ask you not to take it as me mocking you or as being "homophobic", but as advice. "Jesus made Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve". May I suggest that you please go back to the creation scriptures and familiarise yourself with them, because thats where it all started, and is where, I believe, we need to get our moral bearings from. Please don't listen to the world and the devil when they say that God created homosexual genes as I don't see that in the Bible, but remember "Adam and Eve", "Adam and Eve" all the way from here to heaven.

You may also have deep, bitter roots as to the reason for your homosexual drive. It might pay to explore these possibilities with a Christian Counsellor/Psycologist as there maybe root sins and unforgiveness for you to deal with. I'm not saying there is, but it's a possibility

Paal there's so much more I'd like to say to you but because of time I'm constrained. My friend stay "strong in the Lord and in the power of His might" for He is your salvation.

Your brother Dave Down Under.

PAAL said...

Scott, Jill, Brad, Anonymous, Mary, Alice, Caver, Dutch; Thank you all so much.

I really found A LOT of comfort and blessing in your kind words. This has led me to believe that there was a reason for me finding this blog, not only to be updated in Bible prophecy, but also blessed in so many other ways.

Jill: Wise words. Thank you. In the last months i´ve felt that the subject of fasting has been put upon my heart and attention, and i´ve always wanted to symbolically "break loose" from this world for the Lord, so i think i´ll prepare myself and give it a try. I tried it once before, a three day fasting, and it was a real tough, but positive, experience.

I know you should not "overestimate" the devil, in regard that all thoughts not are attacks, but these "sinful periods" always come when i feel the closest to the Lord. Even when im reading my Bible, my imagination can run wild, and its like there is a voice that just repeats reasons and justifications to sin.

This has also made me angry with the Lord, because i´ve, from time to time, has felt like he´s abandoning me, even when i take heed in his words. In my heart i know that this, of course, is not true, but its amazing what conclusions you can reach when your "down" spiritually.

And Brad: I found the book at Amazon and will order it. Thanks. My email is lt.glahn at Send me an email!

Again: Thanks everyone, i really, really appreciate your words. And i relate so much to what you wrote, Caver, about not recognizing this place anymore.

I look forward to meet you guys in person!


PS: Sorry for bad english!

PAAL said...

Thank you so much for encouraging and wise words, Dave. In my heart i "know" all of this, but its so great to get a reminder like that.

Bless you.


Anonymous said...

Obama is one sorry traitor he has sold our only ally in the Middle East down the river & America will pay for his lack of solidarity with God's people. This is a sorry day for our country to allow this wannabe muslim to run our country. I am disgusted to be an american. Obama is a liar, bafoon who gets NO respect from Iran or anyother country. I can only hope he loses the election before he destroys our country