Tuesday, March 6, 2012

"We Can't Wait Much Longer"

Now we're starting to see the post-meeting commentaries. Below are a few of the best:

Israel Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu brought 14,000 pro-Israel lobby cheering delegates to their feet repeatedly - especially when he pledged Monday night, March 5, “Never again will our people have to live in the shadow of annihilation.”

While publicly reiterating that there is still a window that allows for a diplomatic resolution of the issue, Obama admitted privately to Netanyahu that the Fordow underground uranium enrichment plant can no longer be destroyed by bombs and missiles; American commanders say all that can be done is to block the vents of this underground facility and slowly stifle the personnel inside. Time and several strikes would be needed to accomplish this.
Netanyahu: Iran is building not one Fordow but ten. We can’t wait much longer.

In other words, the talk of open windows and more time is moot.

How much is “much longer” is the subject of debate, but one thing is clear: Israel won’t wait beyond 2012 or until after the US presidential election in November.

“Israel has waited six years for sanctions to stop Iran,” he told the AIPAC audience, but they have failed.

Prime Minister Netanyahu’s visit to Washington did not resolve Israel’s differences with the Obama administration on if, when and by whom military force should be applied to shutting down a nuclear Iran.

Therefore, no joint communiqué or statement followed their White House meeting, which was also attended by White House National Security Adviser Tom Donilon and the prime minister’s security adviser Yaakov Amidror.

An Israeli attack on Iran is therefore to be expected at some time in the coming months.

Something is afoot with America’s Jews. They are becoming schizophrenic. They don’t know what to do and are unsure of who they are anymore.

In the midst of this it began to dawn on me — even if Jews have pledged their bodies, votes and money to the Democratic Party for the better part of the last century, in their minds, even in their hearts, they are ready to go Republican. Indeed, if they have any sense they will. The question is — will they finally shed their traditional selves and go there?

Monday I am becoming more optimistic. The differences between the Democratic House minority leader and the Republican Senate minority leader were so extreme in their thought, execution, and reception, they almost came from alternate universes.

McConnell was calm, concrete, and deliberate in his delivery, certain that he was right morally and intellectually. Pelosi seemed nervous and insecure. She should have been. She followed McConnell who actually had something to say, real proposals about what Congress could do about Iran, even if Obama didn’t want to. She had nothing to offer but platitudes, which she recited in an uninspired fashion while anxiously perusing the silent audience, looking for a reaction that never came.

Then Bibi finally arrived. He was welcomed like a conquering hero and began to speak. He soon was getting standing ovation after standing ovation for his impassioned and perfectly executed delivery, his love of Israel and America. He was a master, of the AIPAC audience at least, and probably many others. Something was becoming abundantly clear.

Forget Romney, Santorum, and Newt. Goodbye pining for Mitch Daniels, Sarah Palin, or Chris Christie. Bibi’s a better speaker than any of them by a lot — and vastly more experienced. Remember his talk in front of Congress last May? They were ready to elect him president right there. On top of that his father’s a famous historian and his brother was a military hero. He is the one to beat Obama. Head-to-head against the president he’d probably clean his clock — and the two guys evidently hate each other already. So why not?

The author above should have added "the truth always wins in the end". Period.

Every time Benjamin Netanyahu comes to America, the world should be reminded thatBarack Obama has never been to Israel.

After nearly four years, the leader of the free world continues to shun the only true democracy in the Middle East.

During the same period, Mr. Obama has traveled to several autocratic, if not theocratic, Muslim countries to reassure them of America's good will.

At the moment, American troops and advisors are being hunted down and summarily executed in South Asia by Muslim "allies" for real or imagined insults to a holy book which inspires the worst atrocities of a new century.

No matter the many mobs that gather in the many Muslim capitals chanting "death to America," no matter the many Muslim theologians that use the sanctuary of mosques to preach hate in the name of Allah and jihad; a politically correct generation of timid social democrats, here and abroad, continues to assure their constituents that Muslim scripture is simply being misused by a few radicals.

Now comes a Shia theocracy whose secular and religious leaders have publicly vowed to wipe "Israel off the face of the earth." Should they succeed, in an instant, the heretofore impotent Sunni world majority will be displaced by a more militant and less ambiguous Shia role model.

If the history of weapons programs in North Korea, Pakistan, and India provide precedents, western Intelligence might make a call on Persian nuclear capability when missiles are inbound over Tel Aviv.

Our most kinetic response to the imminent threat from the Muslim minority, and a thousand lesser barbarities from the Muslim majority, is to apologize to the Sunni and "sanction" the Shia. Indeed, American and European infidels and apostates are consistently assured by a fearful political class that the West is not at war with Islam or Muslims. And now that Israel presumes to exhibit the courage to prevent the first holocaust of the 21st Century, America and Europeadvise restraint and caution. Unfortunately for Israel, the threat is potentially terminal and time is not an ally.

American policy is, at once, a flawed assumption and a cultural insult. Granting Muslim stability a higher priority than Israeli survival is the assumption; and elevating Muslim culture to parity with Jews or Christians is the insult.

Moral equivalence is the problem, not the solution to epidemic political cowardice in the non-Muslim world. Israel has no good reasons, by virtue of history or evidence, to accept any American assurances, especially from an Obama administration. Anti-Semitism is ever the canary in the geo-strategic coal mine.


Anonymous said...

Just a thought - what will Pakistan think about an Iran-strike solution?
They too have been identified as being a high-risk, unstable environment and they already have an offensive nuclear capability.

Bibi has an interesting problem - he is charged with protecting Israel, he knows prophecy, prophecy says that Israel will be protected by God. My prayers are with him.

Anonymous said...

Touche! I wish Bibi was running, alas, we have some sorry sacks of manure instead. There isnt a redeming moral individual among either parties. And please dont even try to convince me otherwise because I know the real deal. Keep looking up guys cuz the only hope we have is in him! Maranatha!

Anonymous said...


BULLS have been warned and warned,
but they scoff and scorn at the bear.
DOW down over 200.....transports
down again, breaking down completely
into a three down of smaller counts.


It would NOT SURPRISE ME that the
end is coming; I am NOW willing
to admit the danger of that.

This market is on full DOW THEORY

and that is serious.

Stephen >>>>>>>>

WVBORN56 said...

Waiting to see Stephen's thoughts on the stock market drop today. It was over 200 points.

As for Bibi, he was amazing and wishing for political leadership in America like Israel has. It probably is too late in the prophetic "watch" for us. It will be interesting to see how long before they strike and if we are even here for the start of all that is about to unfold.

It is incredible to know we very well may be going home soon.

Thanks for keeping us up to date Scott with all the latest developments.

Anonymous said...

Dear 56:

Yeah, it's getting exciting. Did you see my comments ?? I just posted them and was waiting for Scott to update.


It might be best to TELL EVERYONE
YOU KNOW about JESUS, really soon.
I am VERY CONCERNED with the breakdown in stocks tonite and so
is EWI......

This market is set up for a BLACK SWAN event, makes it dangerous.

I would go back and post on Real Jock again but i got banned already.
I could use another ID, but I feel
that would be a WASTE of time.

They have been warned, no sense
paving the road twice, as they say.

IT AMAZES ME the comments on Real
Jock of HATRED toward Kirk Cameron.
I find that disgusting.

Freedom of speech SHOULD ALSO be
given to Christians, you would think.

LIKE the movie says: We should have known better, but we did not.
(except people that have accepted
Jesus Christ)

I guess when u have NO FAITH to believe in a coming EVENT like
the rapture, you can laugh it off
like it means nothing....like those
people at Real Jock.

about this. John 14 says so.
He WILL be back. He spent his whole
LIFE with NO SIN....and no LIES.
I respect Him for that. that is a
HARD THING to do for 33 years straight. I KNOW I could NEVER do it.

Stephen >>>>>>>>>>

Anonymous said...

You guys should ALL listen to the
song by Larry Norman (check on
Google) >>>>>>>>

"I wish we'd all been ready"

I play it often...

it's spooky

Stephen >>>>>>>>>>>>>

Dylan said...

Stephen, I'll be sure to listen to that song. One song that gives me chills every time I listen to it is "Going Home" by RAPTURE RUCKUS. It's uplifting. RR is a Christian Rap/Rock/Hip hop group. But yeah, that song is amazing.

WVBORN56 said...

Ahh yes, Larry Norman, I used to listen to that album when I was in college and cleaning our church. That was over 35 years ago. He was a man ahead of his time with contemporary Christian music. It is probably another reason for my interest in prophecy and the rapture. I loved his music and especially that song.

Anonymous said...

UPDATE >>>>>>

SORRY for the bad news....I looked
at my charts with EWI again and it
appears that BULLS may do ONE MORE
PUSH above 13,000 before this is
over to complete a 5th wave of C
pattern rally.

It is not required but the FORM of
the chart would look better on the
DJII if that were to happen.

And sure enough, WE ARE UP tonite.
IF this current rally continues,
the end will be DELAYED yet again.

However, indications are that this
last wave UP will be very divergent
in a NEGATIVE way with the momentum

If bulls are going to pull this off, they BETTER keep this rally
going.....as of tonite. But in the
end, the result will be the same.
their greed will catch up with them.

Stephen >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Dave DU said...

If you can get hold of a copy of the movie that was made by "mark 4" pictures called, "Thief in The Night". A little band called the "Fish Market Combo" did a version of that song at the beginning of the movie. The movie itself is very good and was scared the livin daylights out of a lot of people when it was released back in 1972.
Stars Patty Dunning and Russell Doughton. I believe Russell, at his age is making another rapture movie.