Saturday, March 17, 2012

UN Environmental Constitution = Repressive System Of Global Governance

This is exactly what we would expect as we progress towards the Tribulation.

Most people have no idea that the United Nations has been drafting an environmental constitution for the world that is intended to supersede all existing national laws.

This document has a working title of "Draft International Covenant on Environment and Development" and you can read the entire thing right here.

Work on this proposed world environmental constitution has been going on since 1995, and the fourth edition was issued to UN member states on September 22nd, 2010.

This document is intended to become a permanent binding treaty and it would establish an incredibly repressive system of global governance.

This "covenant", as it is being called, claims authority over the entire global environment and everything that affects it. Considering the fact that everything that we do affects the environment in some way, that would mean that this document would become the highest form of law for all human activity.

OK; I get it. Back to worshiping the creation, not the creator. At least that is the premise, but ultimately, its simply a way to implement global governance in an "acceptable" format.

This proposed UN environmental constitution for the world is incredibly detailed. The U.S. Constitution only has 7 articles, but the UN document has 79 articles. If the U.S. eventually ratifies this treaty, any national, state or local laws that conflict with this covenant will be null and void. This is potentially one of the greatest threats to our national sovereignty that we have ever seen and we need to warn the American people about it.

Essentially what this proposed environmental covenant does is it takes the sustainable development principles underlying Agenda 21 and turns them into global constitutional law.

If the United States became a party to this treaty, America would become a paradise for control freaks. Basic decisions about what you eat, about what you wear, about where you live, about how big a family you can have and about what activities you could engage in on a daily basis would be dictated by the mandates in the global constitution.

If you doubt this, just read the document.

As they say, 'the devil is in the details':

Let's take a closer look at some of the wording in this proposed constitution for the world....

In documents such as these, drafters have learned to never use the term "global government" because it sets off alarm bells for people. So they often use the more politically-correct term of "governance". On page 36, we are told that proper governance includes the creation of governing institutions on various levels "from the local to the global"....

"The Draft Covenant is a blueprint for an international framework (or umbrella) agreement consolidating and developing existing legal principles related to environment and development. The intention is that it will remain a “living document” until – as is the hope and expectation of those who have been involved in the project – it is adopted as a basis for multilateral negotiations.

And this:

In the forward to the document, we are told that the covenant is a "living document" that will serve as a blueprint for an international agreement that the authors hope will eventually be adopted by all members of the United Nations....

In the preamble we are told that a "global partnership" is necessary in order to "achieve sustainable development"....

Article 3 of this proposed global constitution declares that the global environment should be under the "protection" of "international law"....

Later on in the document, things start becoming more specific.

In Article 16, we are told that all member nations must integrate environmental conservation into all of their national decisions....

In Article 20, we are told that parties to this treaty will be required to "mitigate the adverse effects of climate change". Th
at means that if this treaty is ratified in the United States, the national debate about climate change will be over and our national, state and local government institutions will all be required to actively fight man-made global warming whether it actually exists or not....

In Article 31, there is a requirement to eradicate poverty. Yes, everyone should work hard to eliminate poverty, but what this document envisions is a worldwide socialist system where wealth is redistributed on a global scale....

If the U.S. ratifies this global environmental constitution that means that there will be a lot more government agents snooping through our trash cans to make sure that we are recycling properly like is already happening in Cleveland, Ohio.

In Article 33, countries are required to determine "the size of the human population their environment is capable of supporting" and to implement measures to make sure that the population does not exceed that level....

In Article 34, nations are required to maintain "an open and non-discriminatory international trading system". This document affirms the emerging one world economic system and sets out rules for how to participate in it in an environmentally responsible way....

In Article 41, nations are instructed to integrate sustainable development principles into all decisions regarding "infrastructure and town and country planning"....

In Article 51, we learn how all of this is going to be paid for.

It turns out that we will be required to finance the implementation of all of these repressive new requirements....

In Article 69, the International Court of Justice and the International Tribunal for the Law of the Sea are essentially designated the "judicial branch" for this global governance scheme....

Those that try to claim that this is not a proposed constitution for the world are simply being delusional. Article 71 even gives us detailed procedures for "amending" this constitution.

If this document is not intended to be a constitution, then why does it have a "preamble" like the U.S. Constitution does, why is it organized into "articles" like the U.S. Constitution is, and why does it set forth procedures for "amending" the document like the U.S. Constitution does?

This document would establish a very repressive system of world governance. The global elite believe that we are not smart enough to think for ourselves and that they need to run the entire planet like a tightly-controlled prison in order to save the environment.

Do we really expect anything else at this time? Is this really shocking for a prophecy watcher? It had to happen sooner or later - as mentioned so many times before, its not like the first day of the Tribulation a "switch" gets flipped and the world goes from being a free and open society into an oppressive global governance. No. Rather, we are witnessing a continuum - a stepwise progress towards a world governance.

The development of this UN mandate will be worth watching very closely, as it represents one more step towards the inevitable.


Anonymous said...

Hmmph! I am so not surprised! Scott-i know we areconstantly amazed at "how" things are lining up, the twists and turns involved but what are your opinions of how things are going down? I frequently feel llike we cant see much more before it is our time, but then again....
I know I sound like a fruitcake sometimes. And I find it very disturbing that my "new age hippy leftist" friends are generally much more in tune, accepting and aware of whats up and a whole lot nicer in general than most of the people I know who claim to be Christians! And frankly, that worries me. A lot! How can Christ come back for his bride when really, at least in America, the church is weak, filthy, drunken, and whoring? We might be forgiven, but what about the go and sin no more part?
I kinda see war in the m.e. Then something happens. What, I am not sure? Big earth disasters or maybe we get invaded and conquered, or the aliens come and tell us they are our friends, I dont know but omething huge. I know I sound crazy, but I am totally sane.
A penny for your thoughts brother. Ally

WVBORN56 said...

You are not crazy Ally. Thanks you for a good challenge to me and the church. You kinda of sound like my son who is a Christian "Hippy". Actually he was in the rock climbing culture... who are the present day hippies. They are kind of into mother earth and environmental causes. Good people but very lost from what I observe. God Bess, WVBORN56

Anonymous said...

Thank you WV! Yup, I am still a hippy and so are most of my friends. Lol! But as you know, I am definately a believer and watching for precious Yeshua! Still weirds me out how unkind and judgemental "Christians" can be. Heck, look at Jesus and his crew! Not exactly the most "churchie" people out there.
Thats one of the reasons I like here, Prophecy Update Blog, cuz we really do love one another.
I had a fb friend who posted this picture of Jesus (she is not a christian, yet she obviously gets it better than most churchgowers) and he says "Now go and follow the greatest law, love your brother!" And those gathered around him, started saying things like "what if he believes in another God?" And "what if she is gay?" And Jesus replies, "What? Did I stutter or something?" Whoa, pretty rough when a Wiccan understands whats up better than his followers do!
Thanks guys, I know I am sorta weird, but I sure love the truth a lot! And I love all of you so much!
Here is to seeing you real soon on the way up! I will be the old lady inthe tie dye ;)
Maranatha my peoples! Ally

Scott said...


The birthpains will continue into the Tribulation - so everything we are seeing today will be manifest many times more than what we are seeing now - from the wars, deaths, pestilence, quakes, etc...All increase dramatically

At the same time, freedoms will be lost as a whole-world totalitarian state takes shape as led by the 10 kings, the AC and the False Prophet

Meanwhile, as the Trib approaches, I fully expect to see Israel's "inner circle" enemies (Lebanon, Gaza, West Bank, egypt, Syria) attack Israel and in the process, Damascus gets taken out.

We may be here for that one.

Then, I feel, within months of that carnage, the world will see Gog-MaGog - which will devestate the surrounding Islamic groups and create the perfect entry-point for the AC to enter the picture and offer up his peace plan, which includes a provision of rebuilding the Temple.

I believe the Church may be gone before Gog-MaGog.

Thats how I see it playing out and I believe the big battles could easilt take place this canendar year.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Scott very much for your opinion! I think we will see the next war action ie. Whatever Israel is gonna do. I really dont want to see any of it! Eek! I like easily available food and cheap gas, electricity etc. On the other hand, I hope Bibi does what God tells him. I was sorta thinking pre election, but thsts really soon.
I think we will be here for the damascus destruction, that looks on the verge now. I do get quite concerned though about the usa really getting a smackdown from "Big Daddy" as I like to call him. The more tptb push Israel, the worse our weather is getting. The stuff thats coming this week is very bad indeed. Get under your prayer covering now guys!
For Caver, I am expecting some crazy earthquakes in the next 5-10 days also. Hopefully not here.
I am seeing increasing signs that we are falling behind in rhe military preparedness game and wouldnt be surprised if we get invaded sometime. please Lord, take us home before I have to see that!
I continually hope the rapture is the gamechanger that tilts theonslaught of the new w.o. But we are getting so very close now to EVERYHING that I become less sure of that. I am however in the same way, more convinced God is in charge!
I do KNOW this! No matter what happens, keep your eyes on Jesus! Always on him! Always! Do not be fooled by cheap imitations. Lol. Cuz they are gonna try and spring one if those on us soon I bet. (wonder if its made in china?) I crack myself up sometimes!
I keep hoping one day we wont be on here...preferably due to rapture not internet policing. Lol