Tuesday, March 20, 2012

In The News:

Iran Nuclear Program Soon To be Strike Proof

Iran's nuclear proram will soon be strike-proof, according to Defense Minister Ehud Barak. Speaking on Monday to the Knesset's Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee, Barak said the window of opportunity for a military strike is rapidly closing.

The Islamic Republic, he told the committee, is rushing to move its nuclear development facilities underground, and beyond the reach of any attack.

Israel's government leaders have been working in concert in recent weeks to accustom the population – and the rest of the world – to the idea that if necessary, due to the short time left before the sites are underground, the Jewish State is ready “go it alone” to eliminate Iran's nuclear threat. The US has bunker busters that could reach deep underground sites, but Israel's are more limited.

Gaza terrorists fired a Kassam rocket on the Western Negev Monday morning, causing no damage orinjuries but showing Israel they do not intend to keep the “calm.”

The Palestinian Authority is continuing to honor and glorify terrorists who carried out attacks against Israelis and has this time honored a terrorist who stabbed a soldier in Hevron earlier this month.

The incident occurred on March 8, when villagers tried to stop the arrest of Khaled Mahamrah, who was released a few months ago inexchange for Gilad Shalit. The stabber, Zakaria Abu-Aram, stabbed the soldier with a paper cutter. Aram was subsequently shot to death and another terrorist was shot and wounded.

On Monday, Jewish institutions around the world stepped up security after a gunman killed four people - three of them children - at a Jewish school in the southwestern French city of Toulouse.

Later that day, European Union Foreign Affairs Chief Catherine Ashton caused a stir after she apparently drew a link between the Toulouse attack earlier in the day, the killing of civilians in the Gaza Strip, as well as to the Norway killing spree late last years.

Responding to Ashton's comments on Tuesday, Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman, on an official visit to China, said the EU FM's comments were "inappropriate and I hope that Ashton reexamines and retracts them."

Russian Special Forces have arrived in the Syrian port city of Tartus according toopposition forces, and confirmed by Russia's Defense Ministry. The Syrian port of Tartus happens to be the only naval base Russia has outside the former Soviet Union, so it goes without saying they really desire to keep it.

Response so far seems muted as a SecurityCouncil source told ABC News of that the arrival members of Russia's military in Syria was a "bomb" of a development, sure to have serious repercussions, yet U.S. State Department spokesperson Victoria Nuland said the U.S. government had not heard of the reports of Russian troops in Syria and declined to comment.

Jewish institutions around the world are stepping up security after a gunman killed four people - three of them children - at a Jewish school in the southwestern French city of Toulouse yesterday.

About 200 students study at the small, private, religious school, which has no exterior signage to indicate that it is a Jewish institution. Intelligence work was apparently undertaken prior to the attack. The gunman took advantage of the fact that, despite the tall gates surrounding the school and security cameras at the entrance, no security guard was standing at the site. In the past, French schools were appointed armed security guards but a few months ago it was decided to decrease that level of security and cancel the guards.

I am sure there are many Americans who have no idea nor care what “The Draft International Covenant on Environment and Development” (DICED) is. They should. Some call the Draft Covenant “Agenda 21 on steroids” while others see it as the “Environmental Constitution of global governance.”

The Covenant’s 79 articles, described in great detail in 242 pages, take Sustainable Development principles described in Agenda 21 and transform them into global law, which supersedes all constitutions including the U.S. Constitution.

All signatory nations, including the U.S., would become centrally planned, socialist countries in which all decisions would be made within the framework of Sustainable Development.

The Draft Covenant is a blueprint “to create an agreed single set of fundamental principles like a ‘code of conduct’ used in many civil law, socialist, and theocratic traditions, which may guide States, intergovernmental organizations, and individuals.”

The writers describe the Covenant as a “living document,” a blueprint that will be adopted by all members of the United Nations. They say that global partnership is necessary in order to achieve Sustainable Development, by focusing on “social and economic pillars.” The writers are very careful to avoid the phrase, “one world government.” Proper governance is necessary on all levels, “from the local to the global.” (p.36)

On Friday, 3/16/2012, President Obama issued an executive order called "National Defense Resources Preparedness" (NDRP), posting it on the White House's official website.

Almost immediately, the blogosphere exploded with the news. Citizens began calling their TV stations, radio stations, and newspapers, demanding coverage. At the time of this writing, the furor has yet to abate

So what is the problem? Well, considering that the authority of the DPA has never been meaningfully exercised, and that the pre-emption of authority claimed by the Clinton-era EO 12919 has been similarly dormant, why would the Obama administration choose this particular time to update an obscure and unused authority? It is this question many believe must be asked and answered, and sooner rather than later.

The rest is worth reading:

In an attempt to provide that answer, allow me to don an appropriately stylish tinfoil hat before I present a plausible scenario.

1) In early March 2012, Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta told the Senate Armed Services Committee that it is the position of this administration that international organizations such as NATO or the United Nations have at least as much, if not more authority to deploy U.S. troops, with or without congressional notice or permission.

2) A week later, the NAACP petitioned the U.N. Human Rights Council to involve themselves in our election process -- specifically our November presidential election, in order to monitor the vote for instances of voter suppression. It is the fantasy of the NAACP that laws requiring presentation of a photo ID to cast a ballot are in actuality thinly veiled efforts to keep the poor, elderly, and non-white populations from voting, presumably for Obama.

3) Attorney General Eric Holder has spent his tenure creating a hair-trigger system of race-conscious prosecutions, most notably in reference to cases involving voter fraud. His previous employee, J. Christian Adams, has built a second career from simply exposing the injustice of Holder's Department of Justice.

4) Most recently, Holder struck another blow against the concept of verifiable voting by forestalling Texas's proposed Voter ID law, saying it "goes against the arc of history." Aside from the attorney general basing his decisions on perceived "historical arcs" rather than clear and established law, the end result is the same: the creation of an air of uncertainty surrounding the upcoming election.

Now (as I adjust my tinfoil hat to a jauntier angle), let me tie these points together.

By employing repetitive reporting of "uncertainty about the reliability of the presidential election tally" by the major media, compounded by expressions of the same uncertainty by administration officials, the left could install that narrative amongst the segments of the population that pay little or no attention to the day-to-day practice of politics.

Could the NAACP then, with support from the Department of Justice and the administration, make the case to the U.N. that the election was in fact tainted, and subsequently persuade the member nations of the U.N. to declare the election invalid? It is possible, and such a declaration is certain to bring chaos to the streets of every major city in our country, as well as a great deal of smaller ones. To restore order, the president might need to deploy troops. Should the Congress resist the move, the administration might simply appeal to the U.N., which could request/order the deployment of troops by a willing and complicit Secretary Panetta.

And of course, President Obama would simply continue in office, for the sake of stability, until this could all be sorted out.

Perhaps it now makes sense for the administration to have updated an unused executive order, preparing their legal argument and framework for the imposition of peacetime martial law. Liberty, once lost, is seldom regained.

Yes, it is far-fetched, but it is also distressingly possible. The sad fact in America today is that we have a president so disdainful of our foundational law and freedoms as to make the far-fetched seem queasily reasonable.

The timing of this executive order is jarring, even if the specific changes to the order are not. The power it conveys is staggering and cannot be safely entrusted to a single branch of government, much less to a single man. The Congress needs to reassert control over the exercise and implementation of the Defense Production Act before it can be utilized by a power-hungry cabal of leftists eager to fundamentally transform America. There is a door no one has locked, and our home is not secure. Close the door, lock it, and throw away that key.


Anonymous said...

So by delaying Israel's plan to slow down the bomb in Iran, we have effectively engaged Russia through Syria, the Iranian proxy, TO PRETTY MUCH GUARENTEE WW3. Ahem, didi I catch that right?
Ooh election debaucherie! Let me see now, I cant cash a check, board a plane, rent a house, drive a car or even get on a greyhound bus, ih wait, or even walk down the street without an I.d. But I can vote without one. Huh? Maybe the answer is to put tsa agents at the polls. They wont let you enter to vote without I.d. And a full body search or scan. That way you dont need our I.d. To vote, just to enter the building. (this of course is not a real suggestion, im being facetious!)
Hadnt put the pieces together rhat away Scott, but yup, sounds plausible!
I prefer a colander by the way. I think I will wear one to the polls this year, along with a I Love the NWO tshirt and please vote for obummer button, telling people how much I just love losing all our liberties and keep up the good work. I think my mom used to call rhat reverse physcology when I was a kid. Pretty bad Scott, I cant even make myself laugh at myself today. If you could see what I look like and how amazingly rubber faced and goofy I am, really it would be very funny visually! But frankly, im not in the mood to spend the night in jail, and fight my way through a crooked court system!
Thanks for the update!

Scott said...

Anon --- that pretty much sums things up! sad but true. But as I've said before, it has to roll out this way as we approach the Trib - all of these things represent a long, gradual continuum. We're just catching glimpses of what is to come. It's only going to get worse for the world...Fortunately, we have a much much better fate in store :)

WVBORN56 said...

Anon great use of sarcasm to make your point. I loved it.

All this terrible stuff does not seem to affect most of us in a direct or in an immediate way so no one gets overly concerned. The weather was almost 80 yesterday and I was feeling pretty normal as I went about my business and getting ready to mow my yard. Life is still pretty much normal for most of us.

Unfortunately people are going to wake up one morning and realise much too late they have lost all their precious freedoms our fore-fathers fought to give to us.

Fortunately for us (the church) we will be with Jesus at the marriage super of the Lamb enjoying our honeymoon!

Praise the Lord for His grace and mercy in our lives.


Scott said...

Good points; I completely agree. I was thinking similar thoughts on the way home this afternoon.