Thursday, March 8, 2012

Daily Headlines

Danger Rating for Syrian Chemical-Biological Missiles

US military officials said on Wednesday, March 7, that contrary to the prevailing impression, President Barack Obama and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu discussed not only their dispute over an attack on Iran at their White House meeting on March 5, but devoted considerable attention to the Syrian crisis, focusing on the hundreds of surface-to-surface missiles armed with chemical and biological warheads possessed by Syria.

The hazard could be accelerated by three elements, say American sources:

1. Assad might decide to respond with extreme violence to foreign military intervention in Syria, even an operation confined only to drawing the civilian population into security zones safe from the attacks of his security services.

2. Assad might respond to an Iranian request to take part in a preemptive strike launched by Tehran or Iranian retaliation for attacks on its nuclear facilities by the US or Israel.

3. Assad might transfer the unconventional missions to Iran’s Lebanese surrogate, the Hizballah - in which case, the US, Turkey and Israel would have no option but to smash them.

Testifying to the US Senate Foreign Relations Committee Wednesday, the Chairman of the Joint US Chiefs of Staff, Gen. Martin Dempsey said the Assad regime had ““approximately five times more sophisticated air defenses than existed in Libya covering one-fifth of the terrain” and “about ten times more than we experienced in Serbia.” He also has chemical and biological weapons.

Iranian Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei on Thursday praised US President Barack Obama for recent remarks in which he warned against "beating the drums of war."

Calling Obama's statement good, and a "departure from the illusion," Khamenei nonetheless criticized the US president for his steadfast advocacy of continued sanctions against Iran. It is a mistake to think Iran can be brought to its needs, Khamenei told a gathering of the clerical council, the Assembly of Experts.

Senior Hamas official Mahmoud al-Zahar denied reports in British media Wednesday that the Gaza-based group would stay out of any military conflict between Israel and Iran, the Iranian Fars news site reported.

"Retaliation with utmost power is the position of Hamas with regard to a Zionist (Israeli) war on Iran," Fars quoted Zahar as saying.

Speaking with Fars Wednesday, Zahar added that the group would respond not only against Israel if it attacked Iran, but also, "whoever [was] helping them."

A report in Ma'ariv Thursday said that U.S. President Baack H. Obama offered to give Israel advanced “bunker buster” missiles and long-range planes that could fly thousands of kilometers without refueling – if Israel agreed not to attack Iran during 2012.

The report was based on discussions with diplomatic officials who were privy to the conversation Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu had with Obama in Washington this week. The diplomats said that Obama had offered a “package deal,” whereby the U.S. would not seek to prevent an Israeli attack in 2013 – after the U.S. presidential election in November. That didn't mean that the U.S. was giving Israel a “green light” for an attack; it was more like a “yellow light,” which perhaps could be interpreted as close to red than green, the diplomats said.

So, predictably, its all about the upcoming U.S. elections more than Israel's security.

Satellite images of an Iranian military facility appear to show trucks and earth-moving vehicles at the site, indicating an attempted cleanup of radioactive traces possibly left by tests of a nuclear-weapon trigger, diplomats told The Associated Presson Wednesday.

The diplomats who spoke to the news agency are all nuclear experts accredited to the International Atomic Energy Agency.

Two of the diplomats told AP the crews at the Parchin military site may be trying to erase evidence of tests of a small experimental neutron device used to set off a nuclear explosion. A third diplomat could not confirm that, but said any attempt to trigger a so-called neutron initiator could only be in the context of trying to develop nuclear arms.

The diplomats also said they suspect attempts at sanitization, because some of thevehicles at the scene appeared to be haulage trucks and other equipment suited to carting off potentially contaminated soil from the site.

I decided to look into the Hamas Charter out of curiosity after seeing evidence that Hamas endorses CAIR. CAIR always refuses to denounce Hamas and Hezbollah whenever asked to do so. I encourage those who are interested to see CAIR's remarks for yourself in relation to The Third Jihad.

Also, for those who have not yet viewed this free documentary, you can access it directly from

My question is this. If CAIR is really interested in promoting equality and the difference between peaceful Muslims and Islamists, then why the uproar? Clearly this documentary works to expose the radical side of Islam within the Middle East, Europe and America. These facts are clear, not distorted. So why the fuss from CAIR? The only logical conclusion I can find is that Islamists take it personally when someone exposes their faith. If CAIR really is a moderate group channeling equality for Muslim Americans, they would stand in truth with Muslims who speak out in The Third Jihad documentary. In looking at portions of the Hamas Charter paired with the knowledge that CAIR is supposedly endorsed by Hamas, the truth becomes evident.


Anonymous said...


I need your help. I have had this
feeling for atleast several weeks whenever I get mad that the stock
market does not go down...almost
like Jesus is talking to me asking
me "why do I continue to be concerned
with the things of this world when soon they will not matter at all"


DOES ANY ONE ELSE on this blog
feel like that, or have a voice
telling them that ??

Please tell me.

I am trying to understand. I did not want to talk about it with you guys but it's like Jesus is reminding me OF IT over and over.

Please help

please help

Stephen >>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Anonymous said...

SCOTT PLEASE READ Just making sure
you get this Stephen >>>>>>

I need your help. I have had this
feeling for atleast several weeks whenever I get mad that the stock
market does not go down...almost
like Jesus is talking to me asking
me "why do I continue to be concerned
with the things of this world when soon they will not matter at all"


DOES ANY ONE ELSE on this blog
feel like that, or have a voice
telling them that ??

Please tell me.

I am trying to understand. I did not want to talk about it with you guys but it's like Jesus is reminding me OF IT over and over.

Please help

please help

Stephen >>>>>>>>>>>>>>

GG said...

Hi Stephen-

That is the prompting of the HS. The Lord is trying to get you to keep your eyes fixed on him and not the things of this world. That is wonderful! Listen to the prompting. Acknowledge it and repent and ask him what he desires out of you. He has greater things for you to do and he can't use you if your primary focus is this other God(so to speak). It's going to be hard but if you truly want to operate in the will of the Lord one must give up your desires and walk with him.

Try a spiritual fasting for one week. Say no peaking or speaking of EW. Pray to the Lord each day and ask
him to show you what he needs out of you. Write down all these promptings you get. Do what he asks of you and you will be amazed at what happens. I will be praying for you :). What do you have to lose? Enjoy the journey.

God Bless!,


Anonymous said...

The HS at work..
I get the HS guiding me all the time. I have this habit that I cannot seem to quit..and the HS is constantly telling me tomorrow. NOW. I can't even tell you, it is this constant voice telling me to do it..that I can do it if I just give it all to Him. I don't know how to do that though..I am a fairly new christian, and I don't know how to stop a life long habit and give it to Christ. I try, I say I do it daily, but then I feel like Paul..what wretched man I am!

I just want to obey the Lord in every way of life, and this is one that I am having trouble with. I have made so many changes since being born again. I am a new creation, praise the Lord..but this one habit..oh my. The HS convicts me of this sin in my life minute by minute by minute. Telling me to straighten this up before He returns for us. I don't want to be ashamed before Him.

Sorry for going on and on like that!! God Bless!

amy said...

I've been listening to npr here in south florida and they've had some interesting if disturbing shows on. I was just wanting to get your thoughts on these.

This was just in the past 2 days and I can't send you yet the other show that npr had on. It was All things considered from this Thursday morning. They had a muslim discussing christianity in the coming election.

Aubrey said...

I feel like that over and over again, Stephen. When people around me get something worldly, I don't even care at all. My home isn't here, I'm just living here temporarly. God doesn't want us focusing on worldly things, including the markets, but on Him. What can we do for him that will matter for eternity? How can we glorify Him? I have investments and I know it's hard not to get in to that stuff but really it doesn't matter at all.

Aubrey said...

One more thing, Stephen. If you feel like the markets have become like an addiction of sorts, I'd say to fast from all market data. Last year I was obsessed with prophecy stuff and news related to prophecy and I did a complete internet fast for 30 days. I felt so close to Jesus and more at peace than I had for quite some time. Back away completely from it for a while and ask God to help you do this.

Alice said...

Amy...I will take a listen later tonight... fascinating... npr, the voice of the left becoming the voice of... ?

Ed said...


I check for news here every day, even though I seldom comment. To be clear: I agree with you all that Jesus is all that truly matters. Yet, Jesus did talk quite a bit about money concerns, including in several parables. All I'm saying is that dealing with earthly stuff is not inherently bad. What choice do we have?

To Stephen in Hawaii - I like you! I find your comments interesting; you have your own style, and that's ok. Hold on to the Lord Jesus Christ, my brother. We all sin and take things too far sometimes. God forgives us, so we should probably forgive ourselves and each other, too.
-Ed (not in Hawaii, sadly) ;-)

Dave DU said...

Hi Stephen,
I guess we all need to sought out our responsibilities vs cares vs things that don't really matter.
Secondly your anxiety is normal. As Keith Green once sang, "it's dust to dust until we learn how to trust. So please don't worry or panic over your battle.
Thirdly, try memorizing Philippians 4:6-8. These are great verses for your delema. It's a great honor from God when he says to that you don't have to worry about anything at all.
Fourthly Take one day at a time and know that He is God. Rest in His overcoming power.

Bless ya dave.

Caver said...

Stephen, some great advice up there.

Trust in Him, pray for His help...that He purify your heart and lift this affliction from you... and rest assured we are prying for you also.

Alice said...

Yikers, Amy! I haven't listened to the show yet, but I did read the article at the first link. That so-called Bible "scholar" has statements that are so messed up it's hard to know where to start. Not sure I can listen to the interview without getting a wee bit angry...

I tend to agree with one of the comments below the article that said something like, "She is essentially saying that anyone who believes in a LITERAL interpretation of Revelation (code word, Republicans, Evangelicals) is dangerous."

I find it VERY interesting that NPR has these topics in their programming line-up! NPR is clearly doing it's part to minimize God's Word. As Scott says, this is right in line with what we would expect to see!


Stephen, you are in my prayers!

Scott said...

I can't add a whole lot to what everyone else said above; there is some very good advice above. As Luke 21:28 says, when we see the signs, we should be looking up towards him. I think there are a lot of good reasons for that scripture.

Anon - we all struggle with sin. If we have sinned one we have sinned them all. We're all covered by the blood of Jesus. Having said that, pray for His strength and guidance in combating this particular sin.

Nathan said...

Military COUP d'etat: Treasonous Panetta Says U. S. Military ...Google this it will make your eyes pop out of your head !!!!!!! MrsC I apologize I apologize I apologize ! You were right , watch this video ....Obama is HORRIBLE . Here's pretty much the synopsis : Leon Panetta OUTRIGHT tells Congress that they will ask for the United Nations permission and NOT the congress if any military conflict is to happen in Syria !!! Theres more to it....Ps watch the Congressmans expressions while he's questioning him ....Scott you need to do a report on this .

Anonymous said...

Thanks for all the support. I can't
explain EXACTLY why this has happened to me. It's really like I
said, when u TRY something so hard
in this world and you expect results
and THEN U FIND OUT you are going to
be successful, like playing the short
side (the downside of the stock market) .......and then u realize

that you may be doing all this for nothing, and like the first time
in my life that I played options, it's like I keep getting this
voice (Jesus I believe) telling
me over and over it's not even
worth it ??

It's unreal.

I think he is dealing with me BUT FOR A GOOD REASON, it's like He is
telling me that the money i COULD
MATTER....since if we all go to Heaven, WE TAKE nothing with us at all.....not even put option profits.

Its scary.....

I feel lost right now since I am
not used to having Jesus talk to me
over and over, BUT I am SURE HE
is doing this for a reason.

He knows I belong to Him and i
believe there is NOT much time left
until the trumpet blows and the Church is gone.

HE is dead serious about coming back, I feel this DEEP in my soul, man, I am not joking, this world
is in for a BIG SHOCK and soon.

I'm sorry i keep talking on and on, but THE LORD is a person of
HIS WORD, He promised to come back and HE will. People that scoff and
scorn like the Real Jock guys will
be so sorry. Hey, MY HEART goes
out to them but they will NOT listen. I'm sad really.....

The rapture can make you REALLY SICK really fast if you are left behind. Those people will realize
when it's too late, the STUPID CHOICE they reject Him.
out HIS arms to them and it's like
they DON"T even know HE is there.

I don't know what we should do ??

GO out and tell everyone about this
but then get laughed at ?? What
would you guys do, please tell me.

Stephen >>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Stocks UP again above 12,900 BUT for how long ?? we will see.....

Anonymous said...

Ok, lets say i am RIGHT about all this stuff ??

REMEMBER JOHN 3:16 and 17....

WHY have people hardened their hearts
against HIM ?? WHY ??

I look at Real Jock, I look at HOW HARD all those guys work to make
their bodies nice and be appealing
and I look at Wall Street and
how hard they all work to get every last dime they can get.

and yet,




and what do they have ??

what can they show for themselves ??

they are left behind with their
earthly treasures after JESUS has swept his CHURCH away.

and for what ??

ask yourself....

what can we do ??

how do we wake them up ??

they are SLEEPING and they don't even know what will hit them.

I read recently on another blog that when that RAPTURE hits there
are going to be SO MANY Christians
in Heaven that will have an empty
bank account cause they were so BUSY trying to accumulate treasures in this world.

And that is NOTHING compared to the left behind.
THAT is MUCH WORSE >>>>>>>I'm sure.

so can they be helped ?? How do
you help people that will NOT EVEN
DESIRE to listen to your warnings
of all this ??

You guys know what I mean, we are
blessed, we have HIM already, we know the truth. But what about all
those people that are still trapped
in themselves ??

and they NO NOTHING about what will
hit them.

That is a problem is it not ??

think about it, really seriously.
We are dealing with human souls here. Not dogs or cats, ect.

what can WE do to GET them to listen ??

Once the CHURCH is gone, it's too
late.......THINK ABOUT THAT...


I am NOT talking about the second chances that people will have in the TRIB period to accept HIM, I know about that.

I am talking about RIGHT HERE AND
NOW, before THAT Rapture hits.

Sorry I'm talking alot. I have things to say.

I have not been like this before,
but this has been building
in me for quite some time.
i had to UNLOAD it.


Stephen >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Caver said...

Hi Stephen,

Yea, we know your pain on this one. Its so hurtful to tell the truth of His love and sacrifice and our Father's divine plan of salvation and only get hate and ridicule in return.

Most of us know exactly the frustration of your experience.

But we can rejoice at the same time....

1. Jesus told us it would be this way in the last days. This only goes to prove again the accuracy of the Bible and that we can put all our Faith in Him. He is true.
2. There will be a reward for your efforts....of that you are assured.
3. All you can do is be obedient and leave the consequences to God. That's all you can do.
4. You planted a doesn't matter what they say now, you planted a seed. They might ridicule you but they heard you too. As things unfold, trust the Lord...He can open their eyes over time that they see the truth of what you said. Trust Him that He can grow the seed you were faithful and planted. Just do your job, trust Him to do His part.....He will.

God Bless!

GG said...

Hi Stephen~

Your compassion is running over greatly. I am with you on these feelings and it seems so unfair on both sides sometimes. I trust the Lord has given us all free will to do with it as we desire. Unfortunately, some choose to dismiss or deny God and all that is in store for them, either good or bad.

You keep doing your part my friend and the rest will fall into place. Speaking up for your Heavenly Father and witnessing is all that can be asked of you. You are showing up for the task at hand. It must be on the hearts of the others to turn their life over to Christ. Some think this is non-sense; Some learn through different means from God, as he never sleeps and slumbers to reach the lost in these last days. Some of those means can be from someone who cares like you! :)

Keep up the great work. I can see he is working in you and through you, Dear Brother. I am glad you are sharing.

God Bless!!


Dave DU said...

Go Stephen,
Keep punding that witnessing footpath. Your putting me to shame!