Saturday, March 3, 2012

The Globalist Agenda And The Tribulation

It doesn't take much reflection to realize that the entire push that we watch daily - that push towards "globalization" - whether a global financial system, a single world currency or a global form of government - has made enormous progress in just a few short years. Obviously this effort has been ongoing now, for over a century (interestingly and not coincidentally, it started around the time of the first "birth pains" of this generation, which was during the World War I period) - but over the last 3-4 years, this effort towards globalization has been moving in hyperdrive.

As one small story to bolster this point of view, I can recall giving a talk 3 years ago to a group, and I had to work hard to make the case that the world is indeed moving towards a global financial system, including a single currency. Now, I don't have to work at all to make that point, as it has become generally accepted. Main stream news tell us this now, on a daily basis. Even this small story represents a huge change in behavior and 'acceptance', and it has happened over a very brief period of time.

Obviously, the Tribulation represents the most extreme form of global governance as we know that the antichrist and the false prophet, along with their "10 kings" will rule this global government. We are approaching that period rapidly.

These thoughts lead into today's focus, which ultimately leads us into the globalization story (it will take a little time, so be patient!).

This begins with a story that cannot be ignored - a story that has become as surreal as anything this writer has seen in 54 years on planet earth.

Imagine this scenario:

We have just seen the early conclusions of an independent group of 'researchers', in a formal setting, spend 6 months researching facts, and they have come to the conclusion that a sitting U.S. President has an inexplicably false birth certificate and a false social security number.

That is a staggering, epic news story, yet it isn't even being covered by the MSM, and even many of the so-called 'conservative' outlets are ignoring this story. In fact, the more liberal news outlets openly ridicule this story, despite the enormous amount of objective data that indeed this birth certificate is obviously fraudulent.

This white-wash of what is arguably the biggest political story in centuries - is beyond surreal and gives us a clue as to just how far down the path of complete media control along with complete globalization we are, and these ideas lead to the next news story which is worth reading in full, and it ties together everything stated above:

An investigative "Cold Case Posse" launched six months ago by "America's toughest sheriff" – Joe Arpaio of Arizona's Maricopa County – has concluded there is probable cause that the document released by the White House last year as President Obama's birth certificate is a computer-generated forgery. The posse says it has identified at least one person of interest in the alleged forgery of Obama's birth certificate. – ABC News
Anyone who spends more than 4-5 minutes looking at the so-called "birth certificate" with any of the hundreds of analyses which have been written, can easily see that it is fraudulent. In fact, whoever did this did a very poor job. Let us continue:

Dominant Social Theme: It was a great cover-up, but now it's been found out. Obama is not what he seems to be. So what are you gonna do about it?

Free-Market Analysis: While we have always believed that President Barack Obama was controlled by the larger forces of the Anglosphere elite, the apparent forgery of his birth certificate raises even more questions.

But we also believe the historic release of this questionable Obama long-form gives us another tactic to ponder. As the Internet Reformation has had a continual impact on the plans of the elites they have grown far more brutal and obvious. As someone recently wrote, "the gloves are off."

This is important - below is the rest of the article and it gives us a window into the reality of these days as we approach the Tribulation:

All the man and his (hypothetical) handlers had to do was print out the document and run it through a scanner (thus re-condensing the layers). Heck, they probably could just have re-saved the document as a jpeg, pdf, etc.

It seems crazy, doesn't it? Anyone who has the patience to sit through yesterday's Cold Case Posse presentation (see article excerpt above) should come away astonished by two salient facts:

One, the US President is apparently occupying his position illegally (so it seems); and two, the release of the "long form" and its clumsy manipulations must be comparable to the Watergate cover-up in terms of its ineptness. This is not too strong a statement, in our humble estimation.

There are tens of millions in the US who work with Photoshop or Illustrator regularly or irregularly. Ask almost any of these individuals if they would release a document with nine separate layers showing evidence of tampering (when trying to establish the authenticity of a document) and listen to their responses.

We can't say for sure but we'd be surprised if more than a handful would indicate that they'd follow the path Obama (or those around him) took ... providing what seems to be a kind of documentary proof that Sheriff Joe Arpaio has now seized upon (though it took his "cold case posse" six months).

With all the resources at his disposal, Obama still evidently managed to release an easily exposed cover-up. This despite plenty of apocryphal evidence that Obama is a direct product – or outcome – of US Intel, with its literally millions of spooks, "spook support" and high-tech gadgetry.

We do believe that Obama is "handled." What else CAN we believe? He won't let any of his records be examined, going back all the way to kindergarten. And his activities are in line with what the elites want to accomplish – one-world government.

The elites apparently are creating a formal world government in the modern era via global depression and war. We don't believe the US economy is improving and we don't believe the EU "crisis" is over.

Nikolas Sarkozy was just chased into a French pub in Basque country and had to hide out there for several hours while the crowd raged outside. The mood in Europe is foul. In the US and Britain it's just as bad. China isn't so happy, either.

And yet ... this is exactly what can be expected given the policies that are in place. There is no doubt the current economic environment is a "controlled" outcome. Central banks are not flora or fauna; they are not "potted plants." They do not occur naturally.

Monopoly fiat money is a ruinous phenomenon. Those who have built and implemented some 150 central banks around the world understand full well what they do and what the ramifications are.

It is the Internet itself – through what we call the Internet Reformation – that has challenged the plans of the powers-that-be. Like the Gutenberg Press before it, it has exposed the larger strategy of the elites of the day.

We're not sure if there was a larger, cohesive conspiracy 700 years ago, but there sure seems to be one now.

An entire globalist system is now in place including NATO, the UN, the World Criminal Court, the IMF, the World Bank(which wants to take over jurisdiction for the oceans) and the World Health Organization.

The elites have moved their plans forward via dominant social themes – fear-based promotions – that frighten Western middle classes into giving up power and wealth to globalist facilities. But in the Internet era, these promotions are working a good deal less effectively.

It is to the benefit of the elites to continually sow doubt and confusion within the mind of the larger public when it comes to any kind of modern facility, either governmental or technological. We believe the power elite through its controlled Intel operations is pouring resources into undermining the alternative 'Net media.

The idea is to create a narrative of confusion, one in which the outlines of the REAL story are gradually blurred and no one knows whom to trust or what the outlines of objective truth (yes, there is such a thing within the purview of our experiences) might look like.

But we also believe the historic release of this questionable Obama long-form gives us another tactic to ponder. As the Internet Reformation has had a continual impact on the plans of the elites they have grown far more brutal and obvious. As someone recently wrote, "the gloves are off."

Thus, we figure the clumsiness of this long-form forgery (if that is what it is) is perhaps predictable, and even PURPOSEFUL. The idea might be that those who are "running the show" want to provide us with irredeemable proof that they can basically do whatever they want.

They're SHOWING us that they're in charge; that they can put a man in office who has no business being there and is actively trying to destroy what is left of the US Republic. Yes ... it could be argued this is part of a larger methodology of intimidation.

There may be even more to it, by the way. We're not necessarily big fans of either "Sheriff Joe" – an authoritarianbully, in our view – or the hyper-conservative/hyper-theological World Net Daily (though its editors and writers certainly break courageous stories now and again).

But we can't help noticing this entire incident has ended up pitting these two elements against an even more objectionable opponent (from a freedom standpoint) in the Obama administration. Once again, we're being presented with a conservative/liberal dialectic. The world is being framed in illogical, but compelling, ways.

We find it really difficult to believe that with all the resources available to him, Obama (knowingly or not) released this apparently clumsy forgery. One can, of course, make an argument that it was created so badly because only a very few people were involved. But we also think there could be more to it.

Alternatively, the idea is simply to sow confusion and dissent. Obama may be reelected, but the result will be an even more polarized society as many will have good reason to believe the president is not legally viable. This would certainly provide increased fodder for social disruption and a subsequent crackdown.

One grants, with this latter argument, that Obama is in a sense the ultimate disposable man. But we are not surprised that logic leads to this latter conclusion. In our view, many of those who work directly for the great central banking families are continually surprised that they can be world leaders one day and scapegoats the next. But that's how these people seem to work.

Conclusion: You make your deal. Don't be surprised by the consequences. Obama may be in for a rough ride. And his "fellow citizens" as well ....

Editor's Note: Feedbacker Marty, in the thread below, offers several scenarios including one along the lines that we mentioned, but also this thought-provoking one: "The forgery is intentionally of low quality, so that it will be found out. It will be shown that the original was lost, or destroyed inadvertently, by an incompetent clerk (probably one of a male Caucasian republican persuasion), and that he created the document to cover up his own incompetence. Thus the discoverer of the fraud, can be ridiculed in the eyes of the public, for being correct, and a nobody (a now wealthy nobody) can be scapegoated." In fact, "Sheriff Joe" indicated at the press conference that his office already had identified a "person of interest." And it's true that the Sheriff made a point several times that the forgery was not necessarily coordinated from the top down. In other words, President Barack Obama may have had nothing to do with it. Or, so, according to Marty, the scenario could play out ...

I have found it more and more interesting how Tim LaHaye's version of events leading into the Tribulation, with a small number of globalist elites (unwittingly) hand-picking the antichrist, only to see him become the draconian world leader that we know he will become. That scenario seems to be setting up perfectly now.

Then we turn to this bit of related news:

Shocking footage obtained by Andrew Breitbart weeks before his death that threatens to derail Barack Obama’s 2012 re-election campaign will be released within two weeks, according to Steve Bannon, a member of Breitbart’s media empire.

Breitbart himself referred to the Obama footage during a CPAC speech last month when he stated, “I’ve got videos – this election we’re going to vet him,”

Breitbart also made a chilling and prophetic statement when referring to the footage during an event in Washington DC three weeks ago when he told Lawrence Sinclair, “Wait til they see what happens March 1st.”

Bannon also revealed that Breitbart had been working hard on a new website that was scheduled to be launched this weekend. Whether that website will still go active remains to be seen.

It will probably take several weeks before the Los Angeles County coroner's office determines an official cause of death for conservative website editor and author Andrew Breitbart, who died unexpectedly Thursday at age 43.

A source familiar with the investigation told The Times on Friday that although officials completed an autopsy Friday, they are awaiting results from various tests that will take six to eight weeks to be returned from the lab. The source stressed that such waits occur in most cases in the coroner's office.

Breitbart was a Hollywood-criticizing, mainstream-media-loathing conservative and shot to stardom with two stories in recent years: breaking the story over sexually charged tweets by former Rep.Anthony Weiner of New York, a scandal that led to his resignation; and posting a video of Shirley Sherrod, an employee of the U.S. Department of Agriculture, in which she appeared to make racially charged comments, leading to her firing and then a subsequent apology by the Obama administration when it was later revealed that the video had been heavily edited and her comments portrayed out of context.

His big splash came in 2009, when he posted an undercover video in which a pair of conservative activists posing as a prostitute and her boyfriend asked employees of the community group ACORN for help with a brothel that would house underage Salvadorans. ACORN was embarrassed when some of its workers seemed too helpful; Congress responded by defunding the organization.

Shocking footage obtained by Andrew Breitbart weeks before his death that threatens to derail Barack Obama’s 2012 re-election campaign will be released within two weeks, according to Steve Bannon, a member of Breitbart’s media empire.

Also in the news:

As we would predict:

According to the message, the conditions set by the Palestinians include an acceptance by the "Israeli government to the two-state solution based on the 1967 borders, with the possibility of a limited exchange of equal pieces of land and a full halt to the building of settlements including in East Jerusalem.”

Earthquakes are back in the news today as well - and below we see today's quakes of > 4.0 magnitude:

EMSCNear East Coast Of Honshu, JapanMar 03 13:26 PM4.635.0MAPI Felt It
USGSNear The East Coast Of Honshu, JapanMar 03 13:26 PM4.635.4MAPI Felt It
GEOFONSoutheast Of Loyalty IslandsMar 03 12:19 PM6.629.0MAPI Felt It
USGSSoutheast Of The Loyalty IslandsMar 03 12:19 PM6.931.0MAPI Felt It
USGSSoutheast Of The Loyalty IslandsMar 03 12:19 PM6.615.2MAPI Felt It
EMSCSoutheast Of Loyalty IslandsMar 03 12:19 PM6.92.0MAPI Felt It
USGSCoquimbo, ChileMar 03 11:01 AM5.553.1MAPI Felt It
GEOFONNear Coast Of Central ChileMar 03 11:01 AM5.240.0MAPI Felt It
EMSCCoquimbo, ChileMar 03 11:01 AM5.550.0MAPI Felt It
USGSMolucca SeaMar 03 09:24 AM4.894.1MAPI Felt It
GEOFONTalaud Islands, IndonesiaMar 03 09:24 AM4.876.0MAPI Felt It
EMSCMolucca SeaMar 03 09:24 AM4.880.0MAPI Felt It
GEOFONLeeward IslandsMar 03 08:40 AM5.0135.0MAPI Felt It
EMSCDominica Region, Leeward IslandsMar 03 08:40 AM4.8140.0MAPI Felt It
USGSDominica Region, Leeward IslandsMar 03 08:40 AM4.8142.8MAPI Felt It
GEOFONOff East Coast Of Honshu, JapanMar 03 08:15 AM4.832.0MAPI Felt It
USGSOff The East Coast Of Honshu, JapanMar 03 08:15 AM4.814.4MAPI Felt It
EMSCOff East Coast Of Honshu, JapanMar 03 08:15 AM4.810.0MAPI Felt It
USGSHokkaido, Japan RegionMar 03 06:06 AM4.650.3MAPI Felt It
GEOFONSoutheast Of Honshu, JapanMar 03 06:00 AM4.6356.0MAPI Felt It
EMSCMindanao, PhilippinesMar 03 04:48 AM4.7100.0MAPI Felt It
USGSMindanao, PhilippinesMar 03 04:48 AM4.781.3MAPI Felt It
GEOFONMindanao, PhilippinesMar 03 04:48 AM4.910.0MAPI Felt It

Data sources courtesy : USGSEMSCGFZGEONET


Dutch Treat said...

Just to take a break from prophecy headlines, I hope and pray that all of you survived the violent weather of the last few days. The more houses I see destroyed, the less I complain about the toilet not working as smoothly as it should. Paal, welcome to the family. I will certainly pray for you. Just keep seeking the Truth of God's word; and it will set you free. Scott, nice to know that you can actually admit your age. Just remember, age is mind over matter. If you don' mind, it don't matter.

WVBORN56 said...

Thanks for all the work for this mornings update Scott. I struggle to read thru this depressing trend we are seeing in America of injustice with the elite control of everything. Sadly we are no longer a nation of the people, by the people and for the people. Big sigh... but the good news, we are going home before the wrost of the worst comes during the tribulation.

Come soon Lord Jesus!

Scott said...

Thanks Dutch...fortunately we dodged this one where I live. Not so much for the midwest unfortunately.

WV - as they say, just "keep your eyes on the prize", because thats ALL that matters now...And (IMO) its one of the many reasons that Jesus instructed us to be looking up (for His return) when we see these things...Focusing on the earthly happenings will only be depressing...Much better to focus on Jesus and His imminent return for His Bride!

Anonymous said...

Crazy stuff going on. Wow..Just amazing.
Thanks Scott for such a well put together blog. It shares so much information that I can't get anywhere else in one place.

Jec said...

Paal, I placed you on my prayer list.

I came across a very good update on Prophecy in the News with Gary Stearman. After watching this one, I feel literally like we are days away from huge things happening in Syria and Iran. Why....why all of this happening at the same time? Cause there never was a time in the past that was foretold by scripture until now! A perfect picture snap shot of the world precisely as told by the prophets of old. The continuation of watching, waiting and look up! We are close! Maranatha!

Dylan said...

The midwest is in my prayers.

Is anyone following the Iran elections? Last I heard khomeini's party has more support than ahmedinejad's. Could this be prophetic in some way?

Anonymous said...

ONE JUST HAS to wonder how long this will take, but NOT yet.....

Israel will be 64 years a NATION
very soon.....13/14 MAY 2012....

But no rapture yet.

But are BULLS are walking on thin ice. The moment of truth is coming.
There are now MANY momentum divergences in stocks OVER the last
4 weeks.....and they ARE NOT bullish at all !!!!

will happen soon, WHAT I am not sure.

But whatever the event(s) are,
they will be shocking, I can assure
you of that.

Social MOOD is in the process of
turning VERY NASTY in the near

Stephen >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

PAAL said...

Scott, Jill, Brad, Anonymous, Mary, Alice, Caver, Dutch; Thank you all so much.

I really found A LOT of comfort and blessing in your kind words. This has led me to believe that there was a reason for me finding this blog, not only to be updated in Bible prophecy, but also blessed in so many other ways.

If it is your kind prayers or not, i dont know, but i already feel "lighter".

Jill: Wise words. Thank you. In the last months i´ve felt that the subject of fasting has been put upon my heart and attention, and i´ve always wanted to symbolically "break loose" from this world for the Lord, so i think i´ll prepare myself and give it a try. I tried it once before, a three day fasting, and it was a real tough, but positive, experience.

I know you should not "overestimate" the devil, in regard that all thoughts not are attacks, but these "sinful periods" always come when i feel the closest to the Lord. Even when im reading my Bible, my imagination can run wild, and its like there is a voice that just repeats reasons and justifications to sin.

This has also made me angry with the Lord, because i´ve, from time to time, has felt like he´s abandoning me, even when i take heed in his words. In my heart i know that this, of course, is not true, but its amazing what conclusions you can reach when your "down" spiritually.

And Brad: I found the book at Amazon and will order it. Thanks. My email is lt.glahn at Send me an email!

Again: Thanks everyone, i really, really appreciate your words. And i relate so much to what you wrote, Caver, about not recognizing this place anymore.

I look forward to meet you guys in person!


PS: Sorry for bad english!

Anonymous said...

Re: Breitbart - How he was likely removed from the scene...

CIA secret weapon of assassination - Heart Attack Gun, Declassified 1975
(If I'm not mistaken, that would be the late Sen. Barry Goldwater examining the gun.)

A CIA secret weapon used for assassination shoots a small dart of frozen poison, which can penetrate clothing, melts, rapidly entering the bloodstream causing a heart attack and leaves nothing but a tiny red dot on the skin, as explained in Congressional testimony in the short video below.

Scott said...

Sorry for these comments being so late to be posted; I've been out of town w/o an internet connection (is that possible?)....Just getting back in the swing of things :)

Anonymous said...

Paal, welcome! When those thoughts come....get them under control! Immediately switch your thoughts to another thought. And concentrate on the new thought! Also, tell the evil one, "it is written, get thee behind me satan" and plead the blood of Christ!
Hey anon, thats pretty old technology really. There is a gas they can hit you with that causes you to have a fatal heart attack instantly. No trace chemicals left. And tons more stuff we dont know anything about. The heart attack gas they have had for decades. The foolish part is the fact those videos should have been thrown up on the net immediately!!!!! Oh well, we better pray for whomever has them now.
Scott, where are you? Its Sunday and nothing has gotten posted today yet. Im not concerned about the non post. Im concerned for you. If you know you arent going to post, or you might be late, can you give us a heads up? otherwise I start to worry! Lol, but I am very serious! Love you all! See you soon Maranatha -ally

PAAL said...

Jec, Anonymous: Thanks so much!

Bless you!