Monday, March 12, 2012

Monday Evening Update: Rocket Fire A "Dramatic Development"

The situation in southern Israel continues to escalate:

IDF officials say the 200 rockets firedat Israel's southern communities since Friday marks a “dramatic development in terms of the quantity and rate of the fire.

“In the first three days of the current round of fighting we’ve sustained a larger quantity of rockets than the quantity fired at Israel in the two previous rounds, in August and October, which were longer,” an army official said.

Senior security officials in Jerusalem believe Islamic Jihad and its terror confederates - which they say include Fatah members in Gaza - will not stop firing rockets until theydeal Israel's civilian population a significant blow.

“Islamic Jihad views its blows to Israel as highly limited given the success of Iron dome,” the IDF said. “The various organizations are currently trying to produce an image of victory.”

Iron Dome has, thus far, intercepted 90% of the incoming rockets targeting Israel's southern communities.

And we see this predictable development:

Israeli officials also laid the rising body-count of Gaza residents killed in Israeli pre-emptive and retaliatory strikes – 25 thus far – squarely on the shoulders of the terror groups, saying they are using civilians as “human shields.”

“Civilians who were not taking part in hostilities have been wounded in an Air Force strike on a terrorist cell launching medium-range rockets from a populated area in the northern Gaza Strip,” the IDF Spokesman’s Office said.

“This incident demonstrates that terrorist groups in Gaza use human shields and fire rockets from densely populated areas,” the statement added.

Legal experts say mounting rocket strikes from civilian areas is a violation of the rules of war and the onus for civilian casualties rests with the terror groups.

Over 200 rockets have been fired at Israel's southern communities since Friday evening. Monday afternoon's preemptive strike brings the death toll in Gaza from retaliatory raids to 25.

Nonetheless, Gaza terror groups say they will "not be the first to blink" and rocket fire continues unabated.

Defense Minister Ehud Barak said earlier on Monday "if the rocket fire escalates, Israelwill continue air strikes against terrorist targets."

Minister of Strategic Affairs and Deputy Prime Minister Moshe Yaalon said "At this point we see no need to enter Gaza, but the possibility exists."

Yaalon has previously called for a major incursion into Gaza, but on Israel's terms at a time of its own choosing.

Prime Minster Benjamin Netanyahu said on Monday that Israeli is prepared to step up its activities in the Gaza Strip if rocket fire continues.

Speaking in the morning at a Likud faction meeting, the Prime Minister said, "The Israel Defense Forces is prepared to expand its activities [in the Gaza Strip] as much as is necessary."

Meanwhile, the Middle East quartet issued a statement raising concern over the "grave situation in Gaza and southern Israel and expressed serious concern for the recent escalation and called for calm."

United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon said on Monday he was extremely worried by a recent flare-up in violence between Israel and Palestinians in the Gaza Strip.

"I am gravely concerned at the latest escalation between Gaza and Israel and once again civilians are paying a terrible price," Ban told the UN Security Council. He said rocket attacks on Israeli civilians were "unacceptable" and urged Israel to "exercise maximum restraint."


hartdawg said...

This is the peace Israel gets for giving up gaza....perhaps if they give up more land there will be peace.

Scott said...

Exactly.....The "Land for peace" thing isn't working out so well after all is it?

Mrs.C said...

"US Might NOT KNOW If Iran Started Building Nuke"

" "LA Times" quotes senior US officials as saying Washington not necessarily able to detect Tehran's clandestine activities."

No kidding the U.S. doesnt Israel does...

"Barak: Those Who Attack Our Civilians Will Be Punished"

Oh yes indeed they will...

"PM: Iran Owns And Operates Islamic Jihad"
"Netanyahu says current round of violence in South ‘could take some time’ to bring to an end.
Islamic Jihad is a wholly owned Iranian subsidiary, so not only did the violence in the South not push Iran off the agenda, it instead thrust Iran front and center, Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu told the Likud’s cabinet ministers on Sunday."

Bibi knows who the "head of the snake that needs to be crushed" is.
He has refered to the evil terrorists of Iran as such for quite sometime...

Caver said...

Interesting quotes from Bibi...

"...PM: Iran Owns And Operates Islamic Jihad..."

"...Islamic Jihad is a wholly owned Iranian subsidiary, so not only did the violence in the South not push Iran off the agenda, it instead thrust Iran front and center..."

Maybe the crazy Aytolies ought to pay attention to this one...

And Obama too....

Anonymous said...

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Scott said...

I agree Caver - and this shows how easily Iran can manipulate Syria, Hamas, Hezbollah, etc into the Isaiah 17 scenario.

Anonymous said...

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Sharon said...

JEC, I'm praying for God's peace to cover you and your wife during these days. May He richly bless you both with the Fruit of His Holy Spirit, to especially touch the lives of your children and grandchild. Know that the Lord Your God is with you (Is. 41:10). Blessings & hugs!

Anonymous said...

Dear Jec,

I add my prayers for you and your dear wife and family along with those of everyone here.
As Spring is early this year and the reminders of our coming resurrection are popping up all over in NC,
I am using them as a reminder to pray for you and Yours. HIS.

Jec said...

Hey everyone, thanks so much for all your prayers. There is a lot going on in the Middle East. All of these rockets excursions into Israel seems to be a test that both, Israel and the enemy are learning much as to how the other will respond. They are only playing hopscotch on the play ground for now, and this is nothing in comparison to what is coming!

As for an Up Date for the misses---Have of any of you have heard the old saying "Too many cooks spoil the broth"? How about this one......"Too many doctors spoils the prognosis"? I made up that last one to make a point.
There have been a whole lot of doctors that have checked my wife out. I guess I need to ask more questions, but there seems to be conflicting messages. Shortly after my post, someone (a nurse or aide) said they think they can work with her. Next thing I found out, is that they are moving her back to ICU for a procedure to remove fluid from around the lungs and in which they were successful with that as they we're able to drain a quart along with what's in her legs. They are also detoxin the left and right lung along with the rest of her body, and she said she is feels 100% better after they did that! A therapy person was supposedly coming in today to help with excercises for strength. I believe one option that everyone is looking at is that she will be coming home instead of hospice. My daughter has agreed to help to care of what ever needs to be done. Thanks again for your prayers.

GG said...

Hi Jec~

That is wonderful news for you and your family. I know it can be frustrating when the Dr's. do that. We just have to remember they are human too and limited in their wisdom. They may be done, but God is not.

I love Gods infinite wisdom and it seems he has other plans for your wife at this point :) He even sent you some angels to step forth to work his plan. Enjoy each day to the fullest, even if it's the little things.

I will still be praying for you. Thank you Jesus! Thank you God for hearing Jec's prayers and all the prayers that surround this wonderful woman. Glory be to God!

God Bless!!


GG said...

Hi Mike-

I apologize for not acknowledging all the success that Michele had with her Aunt :). I am so happy God worked miracles in this situation for all involved. I am praying Michele has witnessed much through this experience and that she will continue to seek and rely on the Lord--especially for her salvation. Let her know we are praying for her from here. I pray she receives him quickly.

God Bless!!