Tuesday, March 20, 2012

"Powerful", "Prolonged" Earthquake Hits Mexico

7.4 Earthquake Hits Mexico

A strong earthquake rattled residents in southern Mexican resort towns and the nation's capital Tuesday, but there were no immediate reports of serious damage or injuries.

The U.S. Geological Survey reported the quake had a magnitude of 7.4.

The epicenter was about 15 miles (25 kilometers) east of Ometepec, Guerrero, the USGS said.

Residents rushed into the streets after feeling the temblor in Mexico City, about 200 miles (320 km) away from the epicenter. Tourists and residents also felt the earthquake in the resort city of Acapulco.

Authorities were investigating reports of damaged or destroyed homes in Ometepec, said Alejandra Garcia of the Guerrero state police.

Authorities in Mexico City were surveying buildings, schools and hospitals to evaluate damage, Mayor Marcelo Ebrard said.

A major earthquake struck Mexico on Tuesday, damaging buildings, scaring residents and prompting evacuations across the capital, although there were no early reports of serious damage.

The quake was felt as far away as Guatemala City.

A powerful and prolonged earthquake rocked Mexico and parts of Central America on Tuesday, knocking out electricity and phone service in this sprawling capital and sending tens of thousands of people into the streets in search of safety.

Additionally, there were several other notable quakes today:


Mike said...

I think the US sanctions will not affect Iran at all. Scott, what do you think on this article?
Iran Says "Gold Is Money" - Casey Research: Trading in gold rather than a fiat currency is "cashless"


Scott said...

One thing I have learned over the last decade or so, is to always ask the question - "what is in the 'best' interest of the globalists, or in the 'best' interest of the globalist agenda ? "
For reasons that escape me, it seems apparent that the globalists do not want to return to the gold standard - in fact it was they who removed nations from the gold standard. So the globalists aren't in favor of this, therefore I don't see it catching on.

Perhaps that is too simplistic, but that formula seems to work well in almost any scenario that we see today.

Additionally, FWIW - I don;t think the globalists want to see Iran with a nuke, so that could be interesting. They also want Obama re-elected -> so all of that is consistent with making Israel hold off until after the elections. It would fit with everyone's interests (well, except for Israel, as it may be too late to wait until after the elections.

Unknown said...

Iran is being backed into the corner. The Saudi's do not want to share the leadership of the future Caliphate with Persians. Saudi is also helping to topple Assad in Syria. We worked with Al Queda in Bosnia, Libya and now Syria to spread radical Islam. The Iranians and Syrians will fight for their own survival. Then we can nuke them in self defense.

Anonymous said...

Scoot-i think the globalist want want all dictators out of office because they cant control them! and the globalist have done a smash bang up job in the past year getting them out of office.
I dont think they care who the president of the u.s. Is with the exception of ron paul. As I have stated before, and I feel 100% certain of this, if you get as high as a presidential candidate, you have been corrupted and are playing their game either wittingly or unwittingly! Not that I am endorsing ron paul, but he doesnt play well with the globalist at all. He is however a mason so.....but on that same note so is glenn beck, sorta bizare.
As for gold, or gold for oil. Very tricky, hard to move around just like drug money! You have to guard it, everybody is trying to steal it etc. the swift thing is gonna hurt them snd hurt em bad! If Russia wasnt backing them up, it would probably collapse the country! Syria is the wild card right now.
Anyway thats my opinion! :) maranatha!

Jec said...

Anon, I have never heard that Ron Paul or Glenn beck is a mason until now. Isn't a mason a globalist anyway? Bazaar for sure.

Anonymous said...

Beck hasnt com out and said it but he wore a sweater with the masonic symbol on it on his tv show several times. I found the mormon and mason to be well, sorta conflicting. The mormons seem to be very jealous over anything that isnt mormon.
Im from a long family of masons, im talking hundreds of years, and was always under the belief that christianity and masons went hand in hand. Boy wad it a rude awakening when I found out they are satan worshippers! Apparently they dont even find out until the highest degree that thats what they have been doing. but thats a whole nuther story!
I was posting this really. There wad an earthquake drill scheduled for a fake 7.9 earthquake in mexico today. Wait gets weirder. President Obamas daughter Malia was practically at the epicenter. Ooooooo weird! And no damage. From a 7.9? Thats almost impossible. Sorta like the 6.0 "warning" quake we had on the east coadt this summer. Ally

Anonymous said...

ON AND ON......

makes me sick.

But not much i can do about it.

Stocks UP again tonite. SORRY about the late update BUT I was
busy with errands.

Stocks WERE down day session, on the DOW, but Nasdaq UP again...
and NEW HIGHS on nasdaq as of 5 min
ago. !!!!

AGAIN the end is delayed....

AAPL closing every DAY now above 600.....

Hard to say when this rally will stop. Bulls seem unstoppable, but
the top.

To be expected.

WED looks up again.

we will see.

Stephen >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Alice said...

Ally, the mormons perform masonic-type rituals at their upper echelon. These masonic rituals are virtually unknown to the, shall we call them "entry level", unsuspecting mormons.

Similarly, the entry level masons typically are not aware of the satanic rituals in the upper echelon of the masons, either.

Very creepy, though, the influence of the masons in mormonism. I saw a great video on this. Will see if I can find it.

Anonymous said...

Alice, thanks! I knew about the upper level of stuff with the mormons but never put the two things together before. Bingo! I'm sure glad I know Jesus cuz the more of the pieces I have of the puzzle, the uglier the picture gets ;)
I was really intrigued when I found out that O ba ma was from illuminat ti blood and is related to queen elizabeth. That was sorta interesting. And that all (with the exception of 4) of the U.S. Presidents do too and are related to each other. Huh?
There are tons of weird info like that out there! Ally

Diane said...

Ladies, if you have not viewed "The Fuel Project", I heartily recommend it. I first learned about it from someone on this blog.

There is a lot of information on the Mormons, Masons, Illuminati, NWO, etc, tracing the origins thru the ages, from the Garden until now.

There are about 70 short videos (averaging 10 mins each). The videos can be viewed on You Tube or ordered on DVDs. There is also a Facebook page.

They are very Bibical and historically accurate.

Maranatha, Diane

Alice said...

Ally, you are so right about that puzzle picture getting uglier and uglier!

The illuminati stuff is so weird... and has been going on forever... What a strange world this is! So glad Jesus paid the price for me and it's not my home!!!

Diane, thanks for the tip! I'll check them out!

Diane said...

PS The name of the above mentioned series by The Fuel Project is "Know Your Enemy". The logo picture is the "all seeing eye".

If you decide to watch them, I recommend viewing the videos in order , as each video builds on the previous one.
They can be harder to follow and a bit confusing if one skips around.

Sorry I forgot to give all the info ....Diane

Ann Marie said...

I posted the info about the Fuel Project-- and they are great videos. I thought I would add that they also have a Facebook and website where you can get updates.

As always, I appreciate this site and enjoy your commentary. I know we are closer every day.

As for the earthquakes...a friend posted on fb a mainstream news video about the possibility of major (like 9) one in next several days... if I can find the link I'll post it here.