Tuesday, March 27, 2012

IDF Fortifies Borders: Iran Flying Thousands Of "Activists" To Syrian And Lebanese Borders

This "global march" on Jerusalem may end up being more than previously expected.

Below is the entire article from Debka:

Israel boosted its Syrian and Lebanese border units as special flights carrying thousands of pro-Palestinian activists from Tehran touched down in Damascus Tuesday, March 27 for the international Global March to Jerusalem Friday, March 30. Before taking off, they were split into small groups and tutored by Iranian Al Qods Brigades officers in tactics for breaching Israeli border barriers, bursting through and challenging the Israeli military forces defending the border.

On arrival in Damascus, one group of activists was sent by special bus to Lebanon, where Hizballah officers stood by to lead them to villages close to the Israeli frontier; a second is assigned to face Israeli lines on the Golan.

These anti-Israeli activists from several countries are being planted at strategic points to carry out the plan hatched together by Iran, Syria and Hizballah to ignite Israel’s two northern borders in solidarity with the annual Israeli-Arab Earth Day next Friday.

Earlier reports from Damascus that the demonstrators would keep the Quneitra sector of the Golan and the Lebanese Beaufort were meant to put the Israeli command off its stroke by disguising the real scope of their plans and their objective:

a mass assault on Israeli borders. They are programmed to coincide with the outbreaks the Palestinian Authority is preparing for Jerusalem and the West Bank and Israeli-Arab disturbances inside Israel – all on the same day, as DEBKAfile reported earlier Tuesday.

The Palestinian extremists of the Gaza Strip will certainly not stand aloof.

This is obviously not intended as a peaceful demonstration. Whatever violence ensues will certainly be blamed on Israel. This scenario may be a set-up in order to gather yet another consensus of condemnation against Israel on an international level. The risk, however, is that such demonstrations are taking place on a powder-keg and it could take very little to ignite the entire region.


Anonymous said...

On Global march to Jerusalem;
[Luk 21:20]And when ye shall see Jerusalem compassed with armies, then know that the desolation thereof is nigh.

Just a thought


The rebirth of the USSR said...

PJ Media » His Worst Mistake: Obama Surrenders to Vladimir


Caver said...

Hi Mato,

I think that's for the end of the trib.....a little further down the road than I have us placed at right now.

Gotta run....ain't finished the cleaning chores with me better half yet. :tiphat

Scott said...

But he could have quoted Zechariah 12:3 "I am going to make Jerusalem a cup that sends all the surrounding peoples reeling", which applies to this generation IMO.

Ian said...

Psalm 83, anyone?

I believe scripture suggests this march is not simply a prophetically significant event but that it could potentially fulfill biblical prophecy.

The hour is late brethren. May we not be ashamed at His coming.

See you in the air!



Anonymous said...

Dear Heavenly Father, we pray for Your wisdom for Israel's leaders, with clear direction on the course of action to choose. We pray for protection for Your children in this nation and that they will know that Your mighty hand has moved for them. Let Your will be done! In Jesus' name, amen.

Anonymous said...

Barack Obama: I Have A “Moral Obligation” To Neuter America


Anonymous said...

Barack Obama: I Have A “Moral Obligation” To Neuter America


Anonymous said...

Scott it should be more than abundently evident by now that you have coddled him way past every advise that has been given to you to protect your ministy!!!!

Anonymous said...

I think this blog is more usefull than any other blogs (in term of Prophecy and God's word). You have more supporters than you can imagine, Scott. Thanks for writing this blog for us. God will always protect and bless you, Scott.

Anonymous said...

Hello Mato.

I praise God that you too have the understanding for the soon surrounding of Israel as the Luke 21: 20 event.

We may enter into a time soon that not many are ready for and am afraid for the strong delusion that the Lord will send to those that love not His word.

I John 2:27.....But the Anointing which ye have received of Him Abideth in you,
and ye need not that any man teach you:
But as the Same Anointing teacheth you of all things, and is Truth, and is No lie,
and Even as it hath taught you,
Ye shall Abide in Him....

A group of pre wrath believers have been discussing this since 2007 after the Holy Spirit affirmed the appointed times we are about to enter into.

Joining you in prayer.

Thank-you Scott for your ministry!

Agape in Christ

Hisown :)

Mrs.C said...

Forgive me, Hisown, Mato, but Luke 21:20 is during the Trib, and we are not in the Trib. Are you attempting to say we are?
Interesting how so many are suddenly posting that believe falsely, that we are in the Mid Trib...please share how we are in the Middle of the Tribulation 

Scott said...

FWIW - I believe Luke 21:12-24 is a reference to 70AD. Regardless, its a common mistake that folks exchange this verse in Luke and the similar scripture in Zech 12 by mistake (they are very similar)...I take the Zech scripture to reference the condition of Israel at the end of the age (aka last generation) with a time gap (as we see in the prophecy of Isaiah 61:1-2) inserted. (later in Zech 12 we clearly see the Tribulation in view). I believe we see Israel surrounded by her enemies both in this age, after their regathering, and during the Trib (and of course 70AD as well)

Mrs.C said...

Hi Brother Scott, :)
Forgive me, but entering the Tribulation is kinda like the "flip of a switch", with Daniel 9:27 confirmed. That is the beginning of the 7 years.
God Bless!

Scott said...

Oh - as far as the 7 year timeline, beginning with the confirming if the covenant, indeed, it could be likened to a switch. Absolutely.

But the general state of affairs on the earth including the birth pains build up throughout the generation.

Same for the US....I wouldn't expect to see a world go from being completely free and democratic into a world-wide totalitarian state in a single day. we are seeing a process of "road paving" into the Tribulation.

Such "road paving" scenarios we see, that are gradually building into the Tribulation include the rise of the EU (revived Roman Empire) - soon to morph into the 10 Kings. Something like that can't happen overnight. Has to evolve so that when the Trib DOES start, its ready for its Tribulation shape.

Same with many of the signs. The rise of the Kings of the East - for instance, couldn't happen overnight - had to occur through a process during this generation. China, for instance, couldn't have gone from a 3rd world country into a military power overnight.

Thats the kind of thing I am talking about when I refer to a process leading into the Tribulation.

Mrs.C said...

Oh, and I agree completely. The stage is being fully set for the Trib to begin with all that you stated. It is absolutely amazing and a privileged that God allowed us see all of this, and be a Witness for His Son in these days. Just clarifying with you Brother, as I believe the posts mentioned above, are suggesting that we are already in the Trib. Just as one the other day, that posted and left, drive by post I guess lol, was promoting the same false idea, that we already are in the mid-Trib…seems to be a recent common theme so as to speak...interesting how that happens...
God Bless and Strengthen You Brother!

Scott said...

Its funny....The apostle Paul had to clear up the same thing - some people thought that they were in the Tribulation ~2,000 years ago! Thats why I call 1&2 Thessalonians "Letters of Clarification" !

Anonymous said...

Luke 21:20 warns us of coming desolation. Does not say whether you are in tribulation/middle or even third part, but for clearly a beginning of sorrow.
Desolation of ashkelon/ashdod zep 2:4 (again just a thought)

Yes there will be great tribulation, 7 years??? 3 1/2 years??? The bible does not say how long the great tribulation is, but the beast will be allowed to continue to reign for 42 months.

Daniel speak of the last kingdom, prior to Christ, and revelation talks about the darkness of the kingdom of the beast.
This beast who will make war against the Lamb and His armies, this beast who also will be destroyed at the brightness of his coming, this beast is the last kingdom prior to Christ.
Daniel beasts have one thing in common...

They all invade Israel/Jerusalem...

Now that Israel was gathered for the second time, the last kingdom may now invade it...thus, the invasion of Gog coalition...

And immediately after tribulation, the sun will be darkened...
For surety multitudes will come out of tribulation...

Be ready, pray that we be worthy to escape these thing which will shortly come to pass...


Mrs.C said...

lol, yes indeed Brother Scott, yes indeed! Jesus shed His Blood on the Cross for us, no Trib experience could even begin to measure to that...as Paul said we are not appointed to wrath... more importantly Jesus Himself said He would keep us from it...

Revelation 3:10
10.Because thou hast kept the word of my patience, I also will keep thee from the hour of temptation, which shall come upon all the world, to try them that dwell upon the earth.

God Bless You Brother!

Scott said...


Luke 21:20 is a warning to the Jews who were in Jerusalem in 70AD when the Romans were on the verge of besieging the city. The clue to the context is found in verse 12 and verse 24 ("taken as prisoners to ALL THE NATIONS" (which is a reference to 70 AD - this won't happen during the Tribulation, as the Jews will flee to Petra....

Israel has been invaded many more times than the 4 empires of Daniel 2. Just because there is a reference to an invasion (such as Gog-MaGog) doesn't link it to the 4 world-gentile empires references in Daniel 2. For instance, we have had 4 invasions of Israel since its regathering in '48 and none of those are part of Daniel 2. These are separate things entirely.

The "Great Tribulation" is a reference to the last 42 months of the entire 7 year Tribulation.

The "Beast" and the 10 Kings form the last empire (the 10 toes of the King N's dream - Daniel 2.

The saints that the 'Beast' makes war against are those newly converted Christians who came to Christ during the Tribulation - its not a reference to the CHurch. This reference is also found in Revelation 20:4.

None of these scriptures even remotely point to the presence of the Church in the Tribulation era. We know what happens to the Bride of Christ through Rev 3:10, 1 Thess 1:10, amd 1 Thess 5....We are not here for the Tribulation - thats clear.

- There is also no mention of the Church anywhere in Revelation 6-18; where we find a detailed description of the Tribulation.

- We are told that we will not experience the very hour of trial

- We are told that Jesus "Rescues us from the coming wrath" - another reference to the Tribulation.

And more importantly - and this must ALWAYS be remembered....

The Tribulation is God's wrath upon an unrepentant world. As the Bride of Christ, aka "the CHurch" - once we accepted Christ, then Christ already paid the penalty for our sins AND - Jesus took the wrath for us. It makes no sense that we would have to face God';s wrath, as Jesus already did that. IF we were to face God's wrath, then our entire doctrine crumbles immediately - and we know that cannot happen.

Therefore, simple logic dictates that we will not be here to face God's wrath, It really is that simple.

Mrs.C said...

Excellent Brother Scott :) Thank you for a great post :)
God Bless!

Anonymous said...

Exactly bro. Scott, luke 21:20 warning of temple destruction and scattering of jews and this happenned in 70ad.temple desolated.
But will it happen again in the coming days (just a thought as ashkelon and ashdod will be desolated)
I forgot to include earlier that when the beast kingdom successfully invaded Israel/jerusalem the priesthood/temple was in placed.
Does daniel speaks only of these kingdoms?
After Israel was born on 1948, stopping them as a nation is the main goal of their brother (Ishmael/esau) but they were not successful and also priesthood/temple was not yet reinstated.
Is the priesthood being reinstated today? Will there be a third temple?
Is Gog the last who will invade israel/jerusalem? Thus the last kingdom?
What clear is Gog will invade Israel/Jerusalem, and this will happen when God gather Israel for the second time. But Will it happen when the priesthood/third temple is reinstated? Thus the last kingdom of daniel?

God has not appointed us to wrath, for Jesus delivered us from the wrath to come.
But will the beast makes war and overcome the saints? Yes, coz the bible tell me so.

Be bless.