Saturday, February 25, 2012

"U.S. To Announce Aerial Blockade On Syria"

Thanks to Dylan for this one, and it is important enough for a separate post. Don't forget Assad's warning that he would attack Israel in the event of any "outside intervention":

The Pentagon is readying for the possibility of intervention in Syria, aiming to halt Syrian President Bashsar Assad's violent crackdown on protesters, the newspaper Asharq Al-Awsat reported Saturday, citing a US military offical.

Keep in mind the RTP ("responsibility to protect") doctrine as discussed in "Saturday Headlines" below.

According to the official, the intervention scenario calls for the establishment of a buffer zone on the Turkish border, in order to receive Syrian refugees. The Red Cross would then provide the civilians humanitarian aid, before NATO crews would arrive from Turkey and join the efforts.

The measure would pave the way for the US to declare an aerial blockade on Syria.

The intercession is to be modeled after NATO's efforts in Kosovo, which brought an end to the Serbian control of the region. NATO's plan of action included prolonged aerial shelling.

The next step in the reported US Department of Defense plan would be to appoint a team of UN observers to monitor the humanitarian aid, and enter Syria. They would need aerial protection, which would eventually lead to an aerial blockade.

In his most forceful words to date on the Syrian crisis, US President Barack Obama said Friday the US and its allies would use "every tool available" to end the bloodshed by Assad's government.

This situation continues to evolve rapidly as the violence worsens. The so-called 'international community' is just on the verge of taking additional steps - steps that would ultimately uproot Assad from his position and he seems ready to avoid that at all costs, including a war with Israel.

Stay tuned on this one.

And below, we see even more pressure placed on the international community to enact the RTP doctrine:

Syrians Trapped In Homs Say World Is Failing Them

The Syrian military took its bombardment of the rebel-held Baba Amro district of Homs into a fourth week on Saturday as the Red Cross tried to evacuate more distressed civilians from the city.

Deploring the outcome of an international "Friends of Syria" conference, opposition activists said the world had abandoned them to be killed by forces loyal to President Bashar al-Assad.

A video uploaded by activists in Homs' Khalidiya district showed crowds at a funeral, shouting "We swear to God we will not be silent about our martyrs." In the background, clouds of smoke were rising from buildings that activists said had been hit by shell fire.

Civilians are enduring desperate conditions in Baba Amro.

"We have hundreds of wounded people crammed into houses," the activist Husseini said. "People are dying from lack of blood because we just don't have the capability of treating everyone."


Dutch Treat said...

Stephen, Scott, I just want to comment further on the imminent-soon topic. Several years ago I was at a Bible study where someone asked why the 4 Gospel accounts were written some 30+ years after the fact; and someone came up with a theory which made a lot of sense. Right after Jesus ascended to Heaven they all thought that his return was imminent (meaning soon), that it would happen the next day, next week, next month, or at the latest next year. Then he didn't come and didn't come; and they got older and older when it suddenly dawned on them: Hey we might be alive when this takes place. We'd better start writing this stuff down; or we may lose it forever. Well that was 2000 years ago; and He still hasn't come back. Even though the signs of his return are all coming together at once, as Caver alluded to, the Lord may decide to hold off a bit longer. That's why I never got overly concerned about things like the timing of Isa 17, Gog-Magog, or the makeup of the 10 Kings. So while Jesus did tell us to beware of the signs of his return, he also told us not to worry abaout when it will happen, but to be ready when it does. So just live out your Christian Faith everyday; and a Glorious Eternity will be awaitng you whether it's today or 20 years from now.

Elizabeth said...

The Rapture '20 years from now'?
Oh heaven forbid, Dutch Treat!
What makes me long for that day is the increasing wickedness in this world. We don't belong here. Our citizenship is in heaven!
David Reagan once said he hates this world with a passion. Well I'm with him!
And look at Lot, "vexed with the filthy conversation of the wicked".
You're right, Dutch, that we shouldn't worry about the timing of the Rapture, but I'm going to look at every little sign pointing to His return and sit on the edge of my seat until I can go into that glorious Presence 'where is fulness of joy'!!

Anonymous said...

ok, Scott, thanks for clarifying
the matter....I was confused.

The DOW is in a rising wedge pattern VERY SIMILIAR to the
Transports which BTW, have already
BROKEN the same pattern to the

In DOW theory, we have a HUGE
divergence between the Dow and
the Transports, VERY BEARISH.

Dow theory is NOT EWI per see
but another TOOL that one can
use when doing anlaysis on stocks.

Bottom line ????

in the near future if the really
want to. But WILL they ??

we will see.

an R2P on Syria ??

That makes sense if BEARS are going
to make their move.

It still bothers me about this rapture business though. Paul
was VERY SPECIFIC about people
discussing peace and safety in
1 THESS 5.

I cannot get that out of my mind.

and an R2P would be a WAR scenario
for sure....not to mention what
would follow such an act if
NATO does that.

Frankly, the USA and NATO should
mind their own business, but
SOMEONE has to STOP this crazy
man, he is killing too many people

I will agree that stocks are at
the EDGE of the roller coaster dive, that is for sure...AAPL
in EXCESS of 500, ect ect.....

We will see soon enough.

Stephen >>>>>>>>>>>>

Dylan said...

Ik i've already had my moment today, but my cousin wrote this review on the Iran nuclear situation. Just thought I'd share it with you guys.

Anonymous said...

PLEASE SEE THIS >>>>>>>,7340,L-4194323,00.html

Stephen >>>>>>>>>>

Dutch Treat said...

Elizabeth, in no way am I implying that it will take another 20 years til the Rapture. I'm with you that the sooner the better and keep watching the signs. In the end though God is in charge here; and we must be patient and wait for His timing. I hope this clears up any confusion.

Anonymous said...


YOU will not believe this site
this PM, it's LOADED more then

Stephen >>>>>>>>>>>>>>

hartdawg said...

Stephen...1) assed is the lesser of the evils. tho his regime is corrupt the alternative is much worse. the rebels are far more dangerous. 2) the "peace and safety" in 1 thess 5 is the false peace under antichrist. we know this cuz its the "day of the Lord" 3) you're right, the U.S should leave them alone

Scott said...

I agree with Hart - Stephen - look at what Hart said - he has the proper context to "peace and safety"; its indeed the false (temporary) peace that the AC will bring at the very beginning of the Tribulation.

Jec said...

Hey everyone. Is a aerial blockage the same as a no fly zone?

Caver said...

From my wee little knothole....he has been a brutal dictator from the word go, for sure. But the entire revolt, the insurrection was an outside financed and sponsored event from day one. And it got exactly the reaction from the dictator that they expected. And Assad had no choice really, just which way did he want to loose force or by resignation. Either way, he loses his life probably, unless he flees and goes into exile.

Now this trumped up R2P, and the no fly zone...the cowards way of forcing him to react...a chess game. And, if he goes the way he promises, they get the war with Israel thrown in as a freebie.

Lots of darkness, lots of evil working to the surface all around. They really wanted to get SA involved and overthrown with the radicals too, but Assad may not give them the option.

The entire world may well get a tad more than it bargained for in this little power play.

Scott said...

JEC - I assume its the same - and Caver, who would know, seems to be confirming that in his post above (?) - at least I think so.

Anonymous said...

Scott >>>>

You are confusing me YET again.
I thought ALL THIS TIME that you
were correct on the Jewish Wedding
Model interpretation of the end
of this world.

But now u say that this RAPTURE
will NOT occur until after AC
has taken over at the beginning
of the TRIB period ??

I used to get YELLED at on this
forum for believing like that
if you remember....

please explain yourself

If you guys believe in the rapture
BEFORE AC is revealed then OF COURSE that would be BEFORE any
peace and safety that AC would
create, is that correct ??

Please tell me

Stephen >>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Caver said...

That's the only way I can read it. That's part of the restrictions...and from some outside reading it will be for more than just the "refugee" camps being set up in Syria.

Don't forget...UK and France special ops forces have been operating on the ground with the rebels for some weeks now.

Really, what I am taking from this is a real air lift type blockade of supplies. Could get real interesting if they do impose this and Russia, Iran, NK, or China decides to send in some "stuff" by supply aircraft.

Alice said...

Yet another AMAZING day...I feel extremely blessed and humbled simply to be able to watch...

Here's another interesting article about the Temple Mount:

"Expert Warns of Waqf's Dangerous Plans for Temple Mount
Archaeologist Dr. Eilat Mazar warns: The Waqf is planning to unite all the mosques on the Temple Mount into one."

Scott said...

Yes Stephen. The order of events:

Rapture ---> arrival of the Antichrist (confirming of the covenant of Daniel 9:27---> "peace and safety" which he appears to bring with his power---> then the sudden destruction which the Tribulation brings to the world...

No one is saying that the Rapture takes place after the AC comes to power. Not sure where you got that idea (?)

Anonymous said...

Scott, I will tell you what I think
to be SEEMS to me that
1 THESS 5 is tied into 1 THESS 4 there will
be a time of peace and safety which
appears we are in right now and the
RAPTURE will happen during that time.

Paul's peace and safety reference
appears to agree with Jesus when
He said that it will be "like in
the days of Noah, they knew NOTHING
about what would hit them until it

The rapture itself will be a disaster and a great force of DESOLATION. I am sure of that.

In other words, 1 THESS 5 ties
directly into 1 THESS 4....

Stephen >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Scott said...


The reference to the "Day of the Lord" in 1 Thess 5:2 is a clear and unambiguous reference to the Tribulation, thus setting the context for the rest of the scriptures seen there. The Apostle Paul is stating that the beginning of the Tribulation people will be saying "Peace and Safety" because that is what the AC appears to be bringing to the world, probably because of the "confirming of the Covenant" Of Daniel 9:27. The destruction that comes refers to the Tribulation.

We see yet another reference to the Tribulation in 1 Thess 5:9 when we see a reference to the "Wrath" (of God)... I Thess 5