Friday, February 10, 2012

Russia Accuses West Of Syrian Involvement

If Russia believes the West is involved, then you can bet that Syria believes the same. Based on what Assad has been saying for several months, we can expect to see some kind of aggression into Israel soon:

Without specifying which nations he is accusing, Moscow's deputy FM says Western countries are arming and advising rebels, says Russia will take "drastic measures" if West keeps pushing issue at UN Security Council.

In an attempt to deflect criticism of Russia for blocking a UN Security Council resolution urging Assad to give up power, Deputy Foreign Minister Sergey Ryabkov said Western states were stirring up trouble in Syria, where Assad has pursued a violent crackdown since March on protests against his 11-year rule.

"Western states inciting Syrian opposition to uncompromising actions, as well as those sending arms to them, giving themadvice and direction, are participating in the process of fomenting the crisis," Itar-Tass news agency quoted Ryabkov as saying.

He did not specify which nations were arming Syrian rebels.

Ryabkov, speaking on a visit to Colombia, said Russia would take "drastic measures" if the West kept trying to intervene in Syria's internal affairs through the Security Council.

"The UN council is not a tool for intervention in internal affairs and is not the agency to decide which government is to be next in one country or another," Ryabkov said. "If our foreign partners don't understand that, we will have to use drastic measures to return them to real grounds."

Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin, who is almost certain to win a presidential election in March, warned the West not to meddle in the affairs of Syria, or those of Russia.


Anonymous said...

EU’s crisis-busting projects

Posted by Florian Pantazi on 23/10/11

On the 19th of October, the European Commission has announced in a press release that it will invest 31.7 billion euros into the transport infrastructure of member countries in need...This development is also in line with the measures advocated in a recent Project Syndicate op-ed (“Mediterranean Reborn”) by Javier Solana. According to him, rebalance the current trade flows from the Pacific region to Europe...Taken together, these projects have the potential of creating tens of thousands of low-level jobs across southern Europe, at a time when unemployment in Spain, for example, has reached alarming levels. (sources: Presseurop, European Commission press release, La Vanguardia, Project Syndicate).


* * *

Have a great day.

Jill said...

Scott, I want to come in the Prophecy Update living room and sit for awhile. I feel like the tide is turning and we are witnessing a cloud of deception and confusion like never seen on earth. The evil is bubbling to the surface and so many around me are blinded by de-sensitation. Like when you put on socks in the AM and feel them, then you stop feeling or being aware of them on your skin. The theme of my week has been an increased awareness of false prophets and the impact they have made on the church, on the seekers, and on the scoffers. I just left a musicians page on facebook where she was speaking of finding new freedom as a Gay Christian. I just read 'John Spong's , "Jesus for the non religious" to see how his heresy is presented, Scott, these people and so many others are leading so many away from the light, further down the well and my heart is grieving. I have stated before that I left that lifestyle after 35 plus years and I am now the enemy to my former friends. I am a university professor, I study hebrew and go to a very stable messianic congregation. I am ostracized by the former friends but that is not what hurts, it is the absolute success of the enemy to create a false sense of security with the 'new' theology of 'Christ' and LOVE. I will close with this, I became interested in prophecy as a teenager because at age 14 when I remember consciously CHOOSING to pursue my attraction to same sex (that I had been aware of for many years), I was standing in my bathroom and I heard VERY clearly the Lord say to me--- "when this is accepted across the land, the end will come" ---- I knew what the meaning was but I tried to ignore it..... as the signs speed up and swirl around us I urge all to do as I did and Repent, please urge your family and friends to understand that time is short. stay in the Word, close to the Shepherd and do what Yeshua did and focus ONLY on what the Father is doing so the deception does not overtake. Love to you all, stay firm.

WVBORN56 said...

Bless you Jill. I'll be praying for you as you live as light in a University environment.

We have one lady at our church who is also Messianic Jew. She brings me copies to the Levitt Letter each month. Her husband is a retired NASA scientist and is unsaved. She knows my interest in Israel and end times and we have good discussions.

So glad to hear your testimony and God's saving mercy in your life. I think what you heard as word from God about the end times certainly seems to coming true as all the end time signs are converging at the same time. God Bless.

Alice said...

Bless you, Jill, for sharing that! Thank you! Wow... So powerful that you heard that message from powerful!

On the flip side of the seeker-friendly heresies which are soooo prevalent in these last days.... I've heard that the book "Not a Fan: Becoming a Completely Committed Follower of Jesus" by Kyle Idleman is really, REALLY good. Has anyone here read it?

Anonymous said...


a NEW UFM Secretary General has
been announced >>>>>

PLEASE go here >>>>>

I am NOT SURE of this guy's birthdate.....if it is 3 SEP 1971
look out.....

I am HOPING to get more info from the UFM website eventually.

This one is Morocan like Amrani.

I am amazed at THE SPEED at which
he got selected, however.

Stephen >>>>>>>>>>>>>

Scott said...

Thanks so much for sharing that; and indeed I do feel the acute urge to tell this story of prophecy and the end of the age to anyone who will listen.

Anon - so is ole Solana making a comeback? Coule be. Stranger things have happened, but he's really getting old IMO, as a 'candidate'.

Anonymous said...

Scott, I just came across this.
please read it and TELL ME what you
think. I am NOT agreeing or disagreeing with this article.

I just want to know what you think.

Stephen >>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Jill said...

Stephen, thanks for posting that article,,, it highlights the tired, twisted lies of the enemy one by one brought on the scene by misguided men/women who wanted to maintain their lifestyle and indulge their passions. Each one of the "brief history of scripture misuse" is an absolute stretch and does not pass good scholarship or common sense. See Dr. Michael Brown's web page on this subject. Take the overused 'Jesus never said anything about same sex couples,,,,, Jesus was a Torah observant Jew !!, He lived the word and IS the word. He fought the Pharasees on their selfish, burdening extra rules - the heart of the Torah was always grace and mercy and He was hated for reminding them of that. Then they pull out the 'can't eat pork or shrimp,,, can't mix fabrics,,,,well, those are called Chuk, there is really no commentary that completely explains why. I believe they were put in the Torah for such a time as this, when Men will seek to dis-count all the boundaries God put in the teaching and instruction. If you can find something that you can't wrap your head around or interferes with your engaging in your passions, then the whole of the law must be non-important. The David/Ruth junk is once again a beautiful story seen through the porn-filled unregenerate mind. These are the very lies that salve the guilt of untold millions. But dear friends the worst of it is the promotion of 'LOVE, God's love for everyone and the ridiculous notion that He doesn't care about SIN', which is devoid of the full picture. God is HOLY, that is what they will be saying in Heaven over and over, that is why Aarons Sons were destroyed, that is why John cried Repent, that is why we will be on our faces before Him. A Holy God, perfect in LOVE for us but True to His word. Thank God for the free gift of grace to those who repent and believe on Jesus. May God have mercy on the twisted and lust-blind false guides.

Anonymous said...

Just seen the news with regards to Iran saying they have an important announcement about nuclear issues !

Could this be a ruse saying they are much further along which would force Israelsl hand im to attacking there installations in the hope that Russia would then attack Israel as retaliation in theory doing there dirty work !

For Iran to lose a number of military installations and people in return for a full scale attack on Israel by Russia and n it's minions Must be seen as a credible option by a nation with such terrible views on Israel .

Come lord come


Caver said...

Jill, Phenomenal testimony! Just Wow! Thank you for sharing.
Just contemplating the "message" you were given that day..."when this is accepted across the land, the end will come" ...

Guess our proximity to "that day" depends a bit on where "...the land,..." is. If its just the US..we gotta be awful close. If it means the whole world...well, there are many that aren't anywhere close....I don't think.

Am thinking specifically of the northern folk (Eskimos) and the Muslims....they will still kill for this practice, as far as I know.

OK...Caver needs more coffee...there's gotta be at least two brain cells awake enough to contemplate this.....

Dave DU said...

Jill your so inspirational. You'll be a testament I'm sure to all freedom seeking sinners. Rest assured one door has closed and another is about to open.

For some reason I believe this scripture passage is for you. 2Cor 1:3-5. Particularly the "comforting others" part.

Bless ya

GG said...

Hi Jill~

Thank you for stepping up with that powerful witness! I can tell by your post that your spirit has been tested much this week. It looks like you have come such a long way and I know God is very proud of you for heeding his warning and following his will for your life. I am sure it wasn't easy turning away from passions of the world and toward the desires of the Lord.

It seems the Lord has his hands in using you when you seem the most tired :) Go out Dear One and preach the good news!! Tired or not, your message is coming across beautifully.

God Bless!!


Anonymous said...

Jill, thank you for your response to the article that Stephen brought forward, as I was perplexed with how to counter the arguments in them. The town I live in is very liberal; among my friends in this town, I am one of the few who views this as sinful. I will look up Michael Brown later for more scripture to counter these twists of God's word.