Thursday, February 16, 2012

Daily Headlines:

Today's news seems centered on the decline of the U.S. while a massive movement towards a totalitarianism form of government arises. First, though, we take a look at international news:

Just hours after Iran announced it would be expanding centrifuge operations at the underground facility near Qoms, the Islamic Republic continued to threaten the West.

Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman Ramin Mehmanparast warned the U.S. and its allies on Wednesday evening that “hasty steps will lead to heavy casualties,” Channel 2 Newsreported.

“The U.S. and its Western allies are unable to carry out any operation against Iran,” Mehmanparast was quoted as having said. “Any irresponsible response will lead to heavy casualties.”

Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta believes that Israel could attack Iran in an April-to-June timeframe, and there apparently has been a decision made for the U.S. to help in an assault on the radical Islamic nation’s nuclear facilities.

U.S. military sources tell WND that the Pentagon has begun preparations for “a number of operational plans and counter-operations,” with a Feb. 22 due date for submitting the plans.

There also is a request for identifying U.S. forces “by 1 March with a ‘through’ date of October.”

The apparent U.S. war plans, based on what U.S. military sources tell WND, suggest that the U.S. may not wait for an attack on U.S. assets before responding and instead may be preparing to assist the Israelis in an attack on Iran’s nuclear facilities.

The situation has prompted the Arab League and Western powers to consider injecting their own military forces into Syria with the aim of ending Assad's rule. But before that happens, Israeli military officials believe Assad would lash out at Israel, both to divert Arab attention on Syria's internal struggle and to establish a lasting legacy for himself.

Syria reportedly has the most extensive chemical weapons arsenal in the world.

The Israeli army has been holding drills and formulating plans focused on dealing with a number of possible scenarios springing from the situation in Syria.

On Tuesday it came out that the Obama administration is considering plans to unilaterally slash the size of the U.S. nuclear arsenal by up to 80 percent. From a military standpoint, this is utter insanity. Early in his presidency, Barack Obamasigned a treaty with Russia that restricts both nations to a maximum of 1,550 deployed strategic nuclear warheads. But now Obama wants to cut the size of the U.S. arsenal down to as low as 300, without requiring the Russians to do anything.

Most Americans just assume that we have such a massive nuclear arsenal that nobody would ever dare to mess with us. Well, that was true back in the 1980s, but that is not true today.

If Barack Obama does unilaterally slash the size of the U.S. nuclear arsenal by 80 percent, that would make another world war much more likely. If we are sitting there with far fewer nukes than Russia and China have, they will not fear us nearly as much.

Obama is not just intent on trimming the size of the U.S. nuclear arsenal.

The truth is that he wants to gut it.

The United States of America is becoming more like Nazi Germany every single day. In fact, the Nazification of America is almost complete. The parallels between Nazi Germany and the United States of today are going to absolutely shock many of you. Most Americans simply have never learned what life was really like back in Nazi Germany. Under Adolf Hitler, Germany was a Big Brother totalitarian police state that ruthlessly repressed freedom and individual liberty.

To prove all of these points, I am going to use extensive quotes from two sources. Kitty Werthmann was a child living a peaceful life in Austria when Hitler took over her nation. Her eyewitness accounts about what life was like under Nazi Germany are invaluable. In addition, I will also be quoting extensively from author Bruce Walker. He is the author of a book entitled "The Swastika Against The Cross: The Nazi War On Christianity", and during his years of research he has uncovered some absolutely jaw dropping stuff. After reading the information in the rest of this article, there should be no doubt that the United States is becoming just like Nazi Germany.

Sadly, this is not an exaggeration. Some of the most germane points are worth listing. Can anyone argue against these facts?

#1 Nazi Germany was a totalitarian Big Brother police state that constantly monitored everything that German citizens did.

Today, the bureaucrats that run things in the United States are also absolutely obsessed with constantly trying to monitor us. For example, there are now control freaks that inspect the lunches of preschool students in certain areas of the country in order to make sure that they contain the "right" foods...

#2 Nazi officials often used their positions of power to force others to do dehumanizing things.

This is exactly what the TSA is doing today. It would be really easy to imagine some Nazi military officers forcing a young woman to walk back and forth in front of them several times so that they could admire her form. Well, that is what TSA agents are doing to American women today. The following comes from a recent Wired article....

#3 In Nazi Germany, even women and children were treated like dehumanized cattle.

Well, today schoolchildren are being strip-searched all over the United States. Down in Georgia, one student was recently strip-searched by public school officials after another student falsely accused him of having marijuana.

Another student down in Albuquerque was recently forced to strip down to his underwear while five adults watched because he had $200 in his pocket. The student was never formally charged with doing anything wrong.

#4 In Nazi Germany, authorities could stop you and search you at any time and for any reason.

In America that is not supposed to happen, but it is happening. Last year, TSA "VIPR teams" conducted approximately 8,000 "unannounced security screenings" at subway stations, bus terminals, seaports and highway rest stops.

#5 Under Adolf Hitler, there were massive increases in government spending.

According to eyewitness Kitty Werthmann, just about everyone was getting some sort of a handout from the German government....

#6 Under Hitler, taxes were raised dramatically in order to pay for all of these social programs.

Kitty Werthmann says that "our tax rates went up to 80% of our income."

#7 The economy of Nazi Germany was very highly socialized.

As Ludwig Von Mises once correctly observed, the German economy under Hitler was not capitalist at all....

#8 In Nazi Germany, if you conducted business outside of the socialist paradigm you were heavily punished.

Well, the same thing is happening in the United States today. For example, the FDA has been running elaborate entrapment schemes that are designed to entrap producers of raw milk. Any "unauthorized commerce" is dealt with very strictly by the U.S. government these days.

#9 In Nazi Germany, government regulation of business got wildly out of control.

There are many more; this list should be read. Don't worry - this is all on schedule to be completed by the time the Tribulation arrives.

The United States now suffers the fever of despotism, in great part, because Congress has relentlessly abrogated its sworn Constitutional duty. Article One, Section One of the Constitution informs us:

All legislative Powers herein granted shall be vested in a Congress of the United States, which shall consist of a Senate and House of Representatives.

Nowhere in the Constitution do we find that Executive branch appointees, such as those comfortably ensconced at HHS, EPA, or Treasury may write laws that the people are expected to obey. Congress and her law-writing committees were once responsible for actually writing all the Federal laws and regulations, down to the smallest detail. Now Congress passes two thousand pages of overview legislation that specifically permits the unelected, unappointed, and unconfirmed bureaucrats to add cauldrons full of the devil brew to the details of new legislation. The Founders of this country would be aghast at the powers so easily forfeited by Congress and hoarded by the Executive branch.

Congress has also allowed a non-Constitutional plague of mutant appointees: Obama's czars. These goose-stepping Marxist termites gnaw at our Constitutional foundation of checks and balances. Here is an excerpt from a Judicial Watch report on the forty-five czars deeply imbedded in the Executive agencies. Read the entire report here, a terrifying piece of investigative reporting.

Also in the news:

Bird flu experts meet at the World Health Organisation this week to decide how to continue with genetic research that risks creating a catastrophic pandemic.

The urgent summit is an attempt to settle a row over the censoring of two studies which show how make a highly contagious mutant H5N1 bird flu virus.

Far deadlier than normal flu, H5N1 kills roughly half of humans that contract it, but so far the virus has been mainly restricted to poultry.

The world is seemingly just on the brink. From warfare to nuclear and chemical threats in the Middle East, to world-wide economic collapse, and that list goes on and on.

It is quite easy to see how the world will embrace a "leader" who appears to have the answers to these problems.

And - more importantly - the time is right for such a leader to appear.

It is my belief that the news will become more and more ominous as we approach the "gathering up". We always have to keep in mind the following scriptures during these last days:

"Let us fix our eyes on Jesus, the author and perfecter of our faith, who for the joy set before Him endured the cross, scorning its shame and sat down at the right hand of the throne of God"
(Hebrews 12:2)

"Peace I leave with you; my peace I give you. I do not give to you as the world gives. Do not let your hearts be troubled and do not be afraid."
(John 14:27)

In other words, we cannot forget who is ultimately in control and we cannot forget our known destiny as we watch the signs of this generation.



Anonymous said...

Took a deep breath after reading all of these headlines..and WOW. It is amazing how far we have went down in such a short , fast period. Many people just don't see it, and go about their daily lives with no thought to what has and is happening here in the USA. They are also blinded to the truths of the Bible and the prophesies that are so clear to the believers keeping watch.
I see more and more clearly what Jesus meant by saying many would say Lord, Lord, but He would say I never knew you. I can see it in the mouths of many professed Christians..they go to church, they claim to be Christian, but their words and their actions say otherwise. Although I cannot judge anyones heart, it saddens me when I see and hear things from Christians, that can stumble someones, either another Christian or an unbeliever that may be one of His, just waiting to be witnessed to by a Christian.

My thoughts for the day..

Caver said...

Now, that was interesting....change in strategy

US to join in the attack on Iran to be ending in October....just in time for the elections.

That's a switch from a few months ago....starting in Sept / Oct to give the sitting American president a "loyalty factor" in the upcoming election.

Looks like the plan may be taking shape after Iran threw their "move deeper" maneuver threw a curve ball our way.

Scott, these code words to type in are just about prohibitive....well at least for eyes as old as mine. Walked away from posting several times before finding some I could read.

Dutch Treat said...

Scott, yesterday I shared some of my folks experiences of Nazi occupation; and today it domunates your blog. You were so right that most people have no clue that this will happen again. That's why this blog has been such a blessing to me so I can share some of these stories; and I've always tried to do it in light of Bible Prophecy. I have no clue how many people read your blog or how many of those are truly seeking the Truth. So the best thing we can do is reach out to those who are willing to listen; and leave the results to God. Certainly the world will ignore our warnings; but then they also ignored Noah's warnings until it was too late; and we are certainly living in the days of Noah. So just keep doing what you're doing and you'll be richly rewarded by your Heavenly Father. Speaking of the concept of the Mark of the Beast, it was also used by Caesar Augustus in the Christmas story. So who says history won't repeat itself?

John Chingford said...

Hi Everyone

I have been in touch with Scott. I have been told that a lot has transpired on this site since I last viewed it about September time. I have been encouraged to fellowship with you again, so here I am. Hello!

Anonymous said...

Hi Dutch. I appreciated you sharing your story. I appreciate what you wrote in your comments today as well. I agree with you.

Hi John..Not sure what has transpired on this site. I don't get to visit it daily as I would like and very seldom leave comments, but I am glad to have you back here and fellowship. Its not easy to find a place that has Christian fellowship, and discussions about prophesy. I am blessed to have found this site. Thank you Scott.

Anonymous said...

Scott..yesterday I asked a question about 666. I have clarified my question on that post. I hope anyway. Thanks so much you guys are so wonderful.

Alice said...

Hi John! Welcome back!

Anon, I have a sister in Christ who came out of the JWs. I will try to get some thoughts from her to pass your way.

Scott, I ditto what Caver said about the "code words." It's strange....right now the second word I'm supposed to type is only showing the last half of its first letter. Yes, half of a letter! Therefore it's hard to be sure what that letter even is! Perhaps I'm supposed to skip it? I dunno. I'm sorry. Don't mean to complain as I know you have no control over this, just thought I'd let you know, though.

And if you're reading this, obviously I was ultimately successful in posting! ;)

Scott said...

Hmmmmm.....Well, I have two options...I can go back to moderating every comment (and I hate that because when I am out all day, I hate to have to wait for comments to appear) or I could lift all such restrictions allowing spam, but there are pornographic related spam that is getting blocked, and I hate for that to appear in comments....

If this becomes a problem, I could do one of the above options.

John Chingford said...

Hi Alice

Don't worry too much about the code words. If you cannot read it, just simply guess. If you are wrong you will be given another code which you may be able to read. Generally if your guess is close enough the system accepts it anyway. It is designed that way to prevent spammers from operating. You may need to try a few attempts but you will not lose your message.

If you are concerned about losing your message just simply copy/paste into Word document first. In this way that reinforces so that you don't have to repeat your message

When typing the code words remember to leave a gap between words.

God bless

GG said...

Hi Anon~

The question you pose with regard to the sign of the beast 666 is complex in nature. I wish I had a better answer for you but I am going to just give you a simplified link to start and then you can begin searching and praying in the HS for God to reveal his answers that you need.

See, other cultures view this number differently as well. I say with all that is happening in these last days, it's crucial to keep our eyes fixed on the Lord and not Satan. I know you desire answers but I too am not sure what the exact question is since this is a huge vortex in itself. I hope this will help you a bit :)

God Bless!!


PS..Scott my preference is retyping and trying. I think letting the flood gates open again could prove to be more damaging. Just my vote. Look at the stuff that has slipped through already. We will be chasing garbage and lose the primary focus of listening to what the Lord needs us to hear and see in these last days :)

Anonymous said...

what garbage are you referring to?

GG said...

Hi Anon~

Sad to say, I will not be going into any details. I am not sure if you are new or old but if you get a chance to read the past posts you will clearly see the garbage and can discern much from it. It is clearly that behavior which is operating outside the circle of love and outside the spirit of the Lord. :) This great site has been under attack for a few months. The great thing is what is done in secrecy always has a way to come to light! Praise God!

So, my comment is to say to let the hedges of protection down even more will only enhance these distractions; thus allowing these parties to continue on with the hurtful spirits they have chosen. This is a wonderful site, blessed by the Lord, and many love Scott and will do what they need to protect it in these last days.

I say this only with love, not directed specifically at you. We have so much to do in these last days and hours. God doesn't give us the spirit of confusion and deceit. He does give us this wonderful opportunity to fellowship among each other in love, prior to going home. What we do with that time is something we will each be accountable to the Lord when we arrive in his wonderful presence.

God Bless!!


Dutch Treat said...

John, welcome back. Please feel free to join us anytime the Spirit moves you. As for these new codes, if my comments don't come up, I just keep trying until a code pops up that these Mr. Magoo eyes cn actually make out.

Caver said...

John, welcome back!

GG, my sentiments....exactly and precisely. The garbage does NOT need rehashing, just let it be.

Great advice on the code words. If that is what it takes to keep the "mess-n-world" out, then so be it.

Dutch, read your recounts with great interest and more than damp eyes. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

GG..I am old but I come here as often as I can. I love keeping up with prophesy, but I don't get to read it daily.

I just went back through and read comments from the last several weeks. I understand now what you were referring to.

I wear my heart on my sleeve, and I was so afraid you were talking about my 666 question. I wasn't sure if we are allowed to ask questions on here. I will keep to the task of watching for the Lord, and praying for the lost.
I can't wait to be raptured, I will see you guys there!

God bless you GG.

Anonymous said...

Should it be impossible for you to type in code words simply press the middle icon to the right of entry box and you may listen to the code words thus enabling you to post. I cannot understand what the other 2 icons are for.

Alice said...

No no no! I don't want you to have to moderate all posts again, Scott! You have enough work keeping us updated and you are a blessing to us all! I agree - we just keep on typing our code words until they work. Not a problem!

Love to all here!

Unknown said...

Just noticed that there is a "refresh" button next to the box where you type the code. It is like a C with an arrow i.e, the 1st icon.

If you press that icon it will give you another code. Just keep pressing it until a code comes up which you CAN read. It is very fast! Regarding the audio icon, it doesn't give me the same name as is written. I don't actually know what the voice is for.

Caver said...

Agree with Alice....Scott, please don't do anything to either cause yourself more work or degrade the integrity of the blog.

John, great tip. I didn't find the audio helpful either, but your suggestion works grand.

GG said...

Hi Anon~

My apologies, I am glad you could see I was referring to something else :) Welcome to you.

Welcome back in fellowship, John.

God Bless!!


John Chingford said...

Thanks everybody for welcoming me back

Alice said...

John, that refresh button is a GREAT tip! Thanks!

mary said...

Welcome back John. This is such a great place to fellowship.
GG, I have to say welcome back to you also. I remember the first time I wrote something, I was scared to death because I had never been involved in a blog before, and you responded with addressing me as sweet little mary, or dear mary, anyway... you made me feel so comfortable to be a part of this, along with all the others here also.God bless you all and keep looking up!

Anonymous said...

Gee. ALOT of postings.....

WELL, I have to say it....


DOW appears to be headed to 13,000
as early as tommorrow !!!!

We were UP over 100.....for the 16th of FEB....2012....

It appears that the END may take
a while...I have said this before,
and WHILE I thought this market
was topping, it appears NOT to be.

Elliott Wave is NOT perfect, I never said it was. With that said,
AS LONG AS bulls are in control,
stocks will continue UP.

It is ONE thing to be emotional
about the rapture, BUT another
thing to be REALISTIC. I will
always FALL into the latter catergory.

No one CAN FORCE events to happen sooner then they are written to happen.

which means, as long as STOCKS are destined to rally, there will be NO
rapture. I am VERY serious about that.

Yeh, go ahead, attack me, I don't care. BUT before you do that, PLEASE look at the facts since 3/4 OCT 2011......


Stephen >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Scott said...


You are so so so wrong about the timing of the Rapture.

Read "Maranatha, Our Lord Comes" by Showers.

Either way, the Rapture is an "imminent" event, which means it can take place at ANY time - no conditions are necessary. None. Nada. It could happen right this second. There are no scriptures which support your point of view. I say this with all love and kindness possible, but your interpretation of scriptures (and there are no scriptures which point to the stock market, I promise :)

GG said...

Hi Mary~

That is so nice to hear. I do remember that. I love fellowship and am so excited to have this chance to meet you all here before we go home and live life together forever!

Honestly, my posts can surprise me on some days. If I am in despair, I will usually pray and as we can see the HS does his fine work :)

I have had a lot of major medical going for months and have to say the Lord has been working with me to provide some solutions in treatment that seem to be working right now. Auh...the days with no more sickness!

So, I do apologize to all if on some days it comes off a bit edgy. I have felt God has tried to use me hear to lift others up and in sickness and in good health, I do always want to please him.

God Bless!!


Scott said...

Don't worry GG - soon, you'll be in your glorified body!
Meanwhile, we'll be praying for you. :)

Anonymous said...

Scott, you are right, it could happen like that, I NEVER said
it would not.

as LONG as the stock market's
DESTINY is to go UP, and it WILL
go UP as long as JESUS allows it
to go up......

then you should KNOW that a rapture
like that would precipitate an

My point being is that as LONG
as this RALLY we have now is
allowed by GOD to continue, there
will be NO rapture....

think about it.

I am NOT stupid, I have learned
some things in the last 58 years in this world.

Stephen >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

hartdawg said...

Hey scott....just a quick comment about moderating, i read this site daily but usually only comment on weekends. when you have comment moderation it discourages me from commenting and when a question is asked it could take all day to get an answer. unless it gets totally out of hand please leave the site as it is

WVBORN56 said...

Come Lord Jesus! We long to see the King of Kings and Lord of Lords. All praise and glory to your name. Thank you for your grace and mercy for each of us here. Thank you I am not the same person I was. That you are a God of many scond chances. You alone are worthy. Thank you that we are surrounded by such a glad cloud of witnesses and please enable us to throw off every sin that hinders and run this race with endurance to the finish...keeping our eyes on Jesus.


Scott said...


I completely agree and see your point...That's why I hate moderating and why I'm not doing it now. Its good to see you again BTW :)

Stephen - I also agree with that. The Rapture will create an immediate financial collapse, among other world-wide problems.

WV - well stated, as usual brother

hartdawg said...

Since im here and hopefully still have your attention on some weekend when you get time, could you do a teaching or post your own thoughts on psalm 83 (prayer or prophecy), Isaiah 17 and Jeremiah 49:34-39? Are these battles in rapid succession, simultaneous and who alls involved and their timing? Id love to see a teaching or study from you on this topic. whether ill totally agree or not im not sure but itll be great to hear your position on this...if you ever get time

Redeemed said...

Well, I just discovered this blog and felt like dropping by with a comment.

Is anyone aware of the sudden onslaught of teaching against the pre-trib Rapture? A large number of people and even Bible teachers who used to hold to that doctrine are abandoning it. That has been my Blessed Hope for many years than I care to say - have looked into the other views and the Spirit always brings me back to pre-trib. Maybe people are getting tired of waiting and forget the Lord doesn't keep time like we do. A thousand years and a day are the same to Him.

There are even efforts to discredit the pre-trib and call it false doctrine that goes beyond just an honest difference of opinion. Then there is the promotion of the partial rapture.

Is anyone familiar with the expository teaching of H.A. Ironside? What a blessing he has been in my life!

I could go on and on but don't want to wear out my welcome. There is always another day. I look forward to finding fellowship here. So many are disenfranchised and lonely and turn to blogs like this for encouragement.

May the Lord bless everyone!! And Maranatha! Even so come Lord Jesus!

John Chingford said...

Hi Redeemer

The onslaught against pretrib began quite some time ago in the UK. I don't know the data but it seems that we pretribbers are in the minority now.

It has clearly come about by the influence of the "dominionists" which were initially and surreptitiously introduced by Catholic infiltrates posing as the Latter Rain Movement and restorationists and then influenced by the reconstructionists.

These movements spread very quickly through the UK bringing with them replacement theology and dominionism (which has always been taught by Rome.

God bless

John Chingford said...


That should have read "Hi Redeemed" not "redeemer". The "r" and the "d" are close together on the keyboard and I have thick fingers. I am a one finger typist and often do that because my laptop has small keys. I usually notice (or know) when I do this, but not on that occasion.

What a difference the "r" and the "d" make in this instance.

Sorry Redeemed for addressing you much too highly. lol.

Alice said...

Welcome, Redeemed!

I've heard of Ironside but have not read his work. I may check him out! Thanks!

I was raised in an RT church so never even had the Blessed Hope until I read the Left Behind series and began to understand what the rapture of the church is. Wow! What an eye-opener for me! And now, some 15 yrs later, after truly studying and praying about it, as you said the Spirit always leads me back to pre-trib. All praise to Him!!!

John Chingford said...

Hi Alice

What does RT stand for? Is it reformed theology?

To everything else you said AMEN!!!

Alice said...

Sorry 'bout that... Replacement Theology