Friday, February 10, 2012

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Today, the Syrian crisis is moving slightly ahead of Iran in the race to be the first tipping point:

According to reports from the Free Syria Army, the Syrian military has moved forces stationed in the southern part of the Syrian Golan Heights closer to Israel...armored forces that were stationed along the Syria-Jordan border, which were recently reinforced, were moved and are now closer to Israel, according to the report.

Israel has been concerned that Syrian strongman Bashar al-Assad, whose regime is on the verge of collapse, may try to defuse the uprising against him by starting a conflict with Israel.

A Lebanese newspaper, The People's Army, claimed Thursday in its news website that the IDF has been making an extra effort in the past few days to place landmines all along its border with Syria.

Hundreds of Israeli soldiers are reportedly working at lining the border with mines. Israel had already placed mines along some stretches of the border with Syria after the Nakba Day events last year, in which hundreds of Syrians broke into Israel virtually unimpeded. The action had been orchestrated by the Syrian government, later reports showed.

Syria's military has begun stockpiling chemical weapons and equipping its soldiers with gas masks near the city of Homs, opposition sources reported on Thursday.

Opposition activists said they had received reports that the Syrian army had transferred a significant quantity of grenades and mortars containing chemical agents to a school building in Homs.

The opposition also reported that gas masks were being distributed to soldiers at roadblocks.

Opposition sources said the ferocity of attacks by government forces against the cities of Homs, Idlib and Daraa had reached unprecedented levels of intensity over the past two days, with hospitals and clinics bombed and doctors arrested.

The tantalizing videos that Syrian citizens have been uploading to the internet, the reports of bombings on crowded living quarters in the city of Homs, the attack on the southern city of Dar’a, the large numbers of dead civilians, currently over sixty (twenty of whom died after the Syrian army disconnected the electricity to the quarter where the local hospital happens to be), are a testimony to Assad’s strategy that comes less than a day after Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov’s visit to Damascus.

If there is one thing Assad learned from the Russians, it is the way in which they fought their war in Chechnya. A full-on campaign against rebels, bombing cities, indiscriminate massacres, population expulsions and finally gaining control of territory.

This is the kind of warfare Assad is now deploying against the city of Homs, a key city and the third largest in Syria. A victory for Assad there, according to the Syrian regime, will bring about a turnaround they have been looking for.

Defense Minister Ehud Barak warned Thursday that sophisticated weapons could be transferred from Syria to Lebanon and to the Hizbullah terror organization

“You have to be alert to the possibility, so that during the fall of the regime there will not be the transfer of sophisticated Syrian weapons to Hizbullah and Lebanon,” Barak toldArmy radio.

Israeli officials have expressed concern that Assad's fall would have regional consequences that could affect Israel.

Officials have also warned that Syria’s weapons, including alleged chemical and biological ones, could fall into the hands of terrorists, including Hizbullah, which fought a war with Israel in 2006.

Last month, incoming IAF chief Major General Amir Eshel, said Syria possessed “huge stockpiles” of such weapons.

In recent months, Israeli leaders have stepped up their rhetoric about Iran’s nuclear capabilities and increasingly are warning that Israel might attack Iranian nuclear installations to prevent Tehran from developing a nuclear weapon. Lately they are warning that such an attack could come this year. This is sparking widespread debate in Israel, where memories are still vivid of missile attacks on the country two decades ago during the Iraq war.

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Caver said...

Shiver.....sounds like Assad is trying to use the old Russian playbook but throw a conflict with Israel into the brew and hope for a career (life??) extending result.

Just can't shake two statements by Israel and delivered to Syria by 3rd country diplomats.
1. And attack on Israel by Hezbo, Lebanon, OR Syria will be considered an act of war by DAMASCUS specifically and that is who Israel would retaliate to.
2. Any use of Chemical, Biological, or nuclear weapons on Israel would be considered equal...all WMD...and Israel would respond in kind.

Now, consider that Israel has only one kind of WMD, nuclear warheads.

Add it together and the only thing this boy comes away with is any attack by Syria, Hezbo, or Lebanon on Israel with any type weapon other than conventional results in Damascus being hit with nuclear weapons.

STEPHEN, here is an article you may well enjoy....well, find interesting. It marries the EW into government stupidity and the economic decisions made to date....and predicts the 3rd wave which will drop us off the cliff.

Personally, I concur that the EW is real...and lots of other folk understand it....and an evil consortium have engineered our economic downfall. Add intentional economic suicide, mass ignorance and greed, and the EW together for the Perfect Storm effect...and it will be nasty beyond words.

Where we differ is that it will affect the timing of the rapture. Course the Lord, in His infinite knowledge and wisdom, may well have it all coming to a crescendo at exactly the right time for maximum effect.

Gonna be interesting...

Alice said...

Thanks as always, Scott!!!

Just ran across this, too:

"Blasts Hit Security HQs in Syrian City Aleppo"

Dutch Treat said...

I just saw on the news that Obama backed down on the contraception issue. He talked about his opponents making a political football out of it, and about his christian faith. I didn't know whether to laugh or throw up. I decided on the former since it would be less painful, not to mention less messy. I was none too happy last year when my home state of NY legalized same-sex marriage; but at least they had enough sense to exempt the churches from having to sanction it. Let's hope and pray that the Supreme Court will end this whole mess and declare it unconstitutional; but then knowing Obama, he'll probably ignore it.

Susan said...

God has to have something to come back and judge - and we as a people are sure inviting judgment, so it isn't surprising to see the increase in evil, selfishness, and wickedness we are experiencing.

Call me naive, but I am shocked at Obama's approval ratings. I guess the nation as a whole has deficit spent for so long (and we as individuals have also) that no one really believes that there will come a day of reckoning. I have a neighbor that barely hung onto their home and just the other day I saw them driving a new BMW?! Go figure. Doesn't ANYONE get it? That (no financial accountability, you deserve_________ - fill in the blank), and the many other falsehoods being promulgated as truth.

We have become a nation of secular morons: "thinking that we have become wise, we have exchanged the truth of God for a lie, Rom 1:25a". I come to this blog to help get my thinking about current events "scripturally aligned"... "When these things begin to take place, stand up and lift up your heads, because your redemption is drawing near" (Luke 21:28)...My favorite is probably Luke 22:36-

"Be always on the watch, and pray that you may be able to escape all that is about to happen, and that you may be able to stand before the Son of Man."

Only because of Christ can we stand before Him.

Scott said...

Very well stated Susan. As far as 'approval' ratings, as the saying goes "When you rob Peter to pay Paul, and there are more Pauls than Peters......" - well, you get the rest :(

DT - don't let that deceive you - Obama has simply passed the problem off to the insurance companies, and we know that they will ultimately disappear under Gov't mandated healthcare. Its really just a delaying tactic - not to mention the fact that he doesn't have a constitutional authority to do either.

Alice, thanks for the link - I'll check it out

Caver - yep - indeed. I wouldn't be the least bit surprised to see Syria sending some missiles into Israel soon, whether directly or via Hezbollah.

Anonymous said...

Here is a good article, but the
implications of this are FAR MORE
SERIOUS due to EWI >>>>>>

why more serious ??

I will tell you. Stocks are starting to sell off. Yeh, the DOW
was well off the lows, but still
down 89. AND WHILE it is true
that we need to TAKE OUT 12, 500
on the downside to be convincing,
all violatility measures SHOW
UPSIDE breakouts !!!!

That is highly UNUSUAL for the first down Dow day since we JUST made news highs 24 hours ago.

Mr. Assad is getting more agressive
and quickly, just read the article.

I am NOT SURE the exact order of what happens next, but the EURO,
GOLD, and SILVER were all DOWN with the Dow.

as EWI has been predicting.

ANY VIOLATION of 12, 500 on the
dow would make me go on RAPTURE
ALERT......really....this is no

In contrast, BULLS might be able to come back, BUT THEY better
move quick or LOSE it all the way.

Stephen >>>>>>>>>>>>

Anonymous said...

To whom it MAY concern >>>>

Just search for roller coaster pics
on google AND you will be AMAZED
what you see.

Stephen >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Anonymous said...

Dear GG >>>>>

Yeh, they may be smiling on the
roller coaster BUT that is sad
since they will NOT be smiling
if they leave this world w/o Jesus.

THAT would be very sad.....

problem is, if that RAPTURE hits
soon, huge numbers will be left behind, like alot of those people
on Real Jock . COM......

Stephen >>>>>>>>>>>>>

Anonymous said...

Dear Caver.....

I read your article...

and I DISAGREE with it on two
MAJOR points....

(1) The crash will HIT ALOT more
intense and bottom by 2016, NOT
2018 according to EWI...

provide safety. they WILL
COLLAPSE with the DOW...I have said
this many times...



I think when people face this
reality and STOP playing
this bull gold and silver
game they will SLEEP better
at nite.

otherwise ??

they lose

Stephen >>>>>>>>>>>>

Anonymous said...


PLEASE go here >>>>>>>

Stephen >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Alice said...

Scott said, "DT - don't let that deceive you - Obama has simply passed the problem off to the insurance companies, and we know that they will ultimately disappear under Gov't mandated healthcare. Its really just a delaying tactic - not to mention the fact that he doesn't have a constitutional authority to do either."

I agree, Scott.

We need someone like Caroline Glick who can articulate exactly what O has done here - smoke and mirrors. And constitutional authority? Here, let me usurp the constitution in a BIG way and later change the wording and rules a teeny bit and the media will then report for me that I "caved" while I continue my usurpation. Perfect! All the while I tell everyone how the OTHER SIDE is to blame for making this a political issue.

The deceit is breathtaking...


Caver said...

This whole thing was calculated, deviously calculated, IMHO.

Calculated to mandated an obvious outlandish demand that trampled the Church and constitutional separation of church and state.

Following the anticipated mushroom cloud...

He then backed off and only mandate trampling the constitutional separation of church and state.

Very clever, he's so he's only forcing us tax & insurance premium payers to pay for abortions and contraception....a clear violation of the same provision of the not in such an obvious manner....and no one will raise a peep. They will praise his humility and clear thought.

We've been had.

Caver said...

I joyously and gleefully stand corrected!

The Catholic Church Leadership did NOT fall for it.

They're standing firm and some non Catholic religious leaders are on board too....and the stand may be gaining steam.

Thank You Father!