Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Netanyahu vs Obama II - Coming Attractions

This article from the Jerusalem Post is very interesting and worth reading. It reveals what we can expect to see in the coming days as preparations are being made for Mr Netanyahu's visit to Canada and the U.S.:

On eve of US trip, gov't sources say Netanyahu spending considerable time working on speech to annual policy conference expected to address Iran's nuclear march and the stymied diplomatic process with the Palestinians.

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu is scheduled to leave for Canada and the US late Thursday night for a visit that – unlike previous trips to Washington and meetings with US President Barack Obama that focused on the Palestinians –is expected this time to center on Iran.

Government sources said Netanyahu is spending considerable time working on his speech to the annual AIPAC policy conference Monday evening. The sources said this speech will not just be one of platitudes, but rather a "policy speech" that will "break new ground".

OK, that gets my attention. Iran is the focus, and PM Netanyahu will be giving a speech which will "break new ground". This may prove interesting.

Netanyahu is expected to address both Iran's nuclear march, and the stymied diplomatic process with the Palestinians.

Netanyahu is scheduled to land in Ottawa early Friday morning and hold a meeting with Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper, who has turned Canada into one of Israel's staunchest supporters and closest friends in the world.

Netanyahu is not scheduled to leave for Washington from Ottawa until Sunday afternoon, listening to Obama's speech to AIPAC Sunday morning before travelling to the US. President Shimon Peres is scheduled to address the parley just before Obama.

According to a report in The Wall Street Journal, Obama is considering using his AIPAC speech to more clearly define US policy on military action against Iran before his meeting with Netanyahu the next day. The report said Obama's staff was considering the possibility of outlining the "red lines" that Washington believes Iran should not be allowed to cross. Other administration officials, however, believe that if Obama does want to set out those red lines publicly, he was likely to do so in private with the prime minister.

These meetings and speeches may prove to be quite revealing. PM Netanyahu could use these forums to give clarity on his intentions regarding Iran. What President Obama says, to be completely honest, has little meaning, as one simply cannot count on what he says. Mr Netanyahu, however, in the process of breaking new ground may give us some invaluable information regarding his intentions for the Iranian nuclear situation.

Stay tuned - this one may get very interesting and is certainly worth following closely.


Dutch Treat said...

Let me get this straight: Canada has a PM who doesn't say he's a Christian but acts like one; while in the US we have a President who says he's a Christian but doesn't act like one. I don't know about you; but when it comes to making tough decisions I know who I'd rather have.

Caver said...

Well, another Whee Doggie moment! Seems they're coming kind of fast-n-furious these days.....two Ah'Shucks followed by a Wow! and a couple Whee Doggies followed by a mad search for the closest bunker.

Oh, to be a fly on the wall. Lets see if Obama drops another "ambush" on Bibi with no time to react. Is Bibi going to be his "polite" but firm, all business, and attentive self. And what type of bombshell is Bibi getting ready to unload on the meeting and Obama.

One gets the feeling Bibi is holding all the Aces now....and its payback time. Course, Bibi can be counted on to just be professional and look out for Israel's best interest....but that alone should be hot coals down Obama's pants and a public frying pan up side the noggin.

Shucks, we have paid really good money for less entertainment than this is gonna be.

Anonymous said...


You better believe it.

NYMEX GOLD down almost 100 an ounce.
Silver also down over 2 bucks.

DOLLAR starting to rally.

This is beginning to look real.

Mr. Obama scared to take on Assad
according to DEBBKA....whatevers.

Obama is trying to FEED the bull
more energy so he can get re elected.

AND yet, markets WILL CRASH anyway,
if social mood says so. Nothing
Obama can DO about that one.

It appears EWI scenario of crashing
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I will have MORE NEWS on 2 MAR 2012
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Stephen >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Scott said...

Caver -- I agree....Bibi is holding the cards now and its going to be fascinating to see how he plays this hand. In one sense though, I assume they still need US money and technology, but he may have decided that its not worth the price. We'll see soon

Also - you noticed what I noticed - which is the fact that Obama will be giving a speech first (as what happened last time) - that too will be interesting - to see if he (obama) plans an ambush or whether he'll be reconciliatory.

And the wild card in all of this - IMO - are the Saudis. They still have enormous clout with any US administration, and we all know they'd be delighted if Israel and/or the US takes out those nuke facilities.

Hmmm.... a lot of food for thought here

GG said...

Auh..Mr.C :)

That run down with the wheee dogies is better than a roller coaster ride (ha ha). I am trying to envision Mrs. C. with a smile on her face noticing you making your proclamation for the things about to come as you move about the house.

Meanwhile, we are battening down the hatches here with crazy winds that won't cease coupled with rain/ice. Pray my roof stays on and my bowing and flexing windows stay in tact. :). Lord Jesus come!!!

God Bless !!


Caver said...

Scott....You may well be right...I'm kind of figuring that Bibi has deduced that there is no trusting THIS administration for anything...not dependable for anything but treachery. He has nothing to loose...he has maneuvered all the chips to his side of the table so its time to adapt the same attitude. This MAY force Obama to get in or out of the game....but at least get off the pottie.

GG...Hope you're ok Sis! We've been watching that front move across but it lost its punch before passing over here. Praying for you and your family.

Anonymous said...

Praying for all of you and me too! Lol! Just look at the weather map of the us currently. Eeek! Prayer covering time! Ally