Thursday, February 3, 2011

Soros Blames Israel (again)

George Soros, often the "man behind the curtain" again reveals his true colors:

Soros blames Israel, encouraged by Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt

The Washington Post shamefully allows George Soros to run one of his op-ed screeds in its pages. This one focuses on the tumult in Egypt and sees a promising future of freedom in the Arab world. This is doubtful. A mere look at the history of the region is enough to reveal the overly optimistic cheerleading.

Aside from this excursion into reality, is there anything else regarding George Soros's column that might give one pause.

How about his gratuitous and anti-Semitic slam on Israel and the Jewish supporters of Israel (he takes on Christian supporters of Israel, too). He is preemptively blaming them -- the Jews -- as being the stumbling block for freedom for the Arab world. Always the Jews.

Below is the quote from Soros:

The main stumbling block is Israel. In reality, Israel has as much to gain from the spread of democracy in the Middle East as the United States has. But Israel is unlikely to recognize its own best interests because the change is too sudden and carries too many risks. And some U.S. supporters of Israel are more rigid and ideological than Israelis themselves. Fortunately, Obama is not beholden to the religious right, which has carried on a veritable vendetta against him. The American Israel Public Affairs Committee is no longer monolithic or the sole representative of the Jewish community. The main danger is that the Obama administration will not adjust its policies quickly enough to the suddenly changed reality

But once again, the facts escape his usual political agenda:

In fact, Israel has all but stayed out of this turmoil in the Muslim world.
The American Israel Public Affairs Committee, a pro-Israel group that has become Soros's punching bag, has also been quiet.

The Arab leaders (be they government, religious , military, media and educational) prefer to look at their citizens as subjects to be controlled and manipulated. They choose to divert hatred away from them and towards the West and towards Jews who are blamed for the poverty of the Arab world.

The Arab world is rife with anti-Semitism; the major source of anti-Semitism in the world today comes from the Muslim world (especially from Saudi Arabia and Iran).

The Arab world has long blamed the Jews for their immiseration. Now they seemingly have confirmation of their views from a respectable source.

The Washington Post is one of the world's most respected paper. The fact that it is printed in our nation's capital will carry extra weight in the Arab world. Imagine the way the Arab world will translate this op-ed: Washington Post says Jews are the stumbling block for freedom for the Arabs.

Its almost laughable that the nation of Israel could be blamed for this situation in Egypt. But hey, when everything that goes wrong in this world can be blamed on the Jews, why not?

The scary aspect of this situation is the fact that Soros has so much influence in U.S. politics. It doesn't take long to complete a search and realize the enormous amount of money he spends on politics within the U.S., but also various projects that he funds around the world. He is undeniably a key figure in the world today. And he hates Israel.

One has to wonder what else he has in store as we approach the Tribulation. I am guessing that he may have a pivotal role to play. We shall see. Or, on second thought, maybe we won't be here to see it.

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