Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Headlines for a Day

Italy and Malta want special summits on Africa crisis

The Fairness Police: No Friends of Israel

Gigantic Icelandic volcano could plunge Europe into Ice Age

If New York faces Apocalypse...

Huge demand for corn boosting food prices

China grain hoard concerns help lift wheat

'Peace in China not gained by giving in, only through war'

Foreign Ministry fears Hezbollah behind terror threats on Israeli embassies

Maximum security at 4 Israeli embassies due to threats


Leslie Nease said...

As busy as things are these days, I'm so amazed by how you stay on top of it all! Thank you, thank you, thank you for all you do to help us all stay informed and watchful. You are a true blessing!

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Anonymous said...

Agreed! Thank you, Scott. You're postings are such a blessing. SERVE THE KING!!

Expected Imminently said...

Thanks Scott

I shall be on the lookout for a designer gasmask to wear with a fetching Arctic survival outfit. :)

Should it blows all of a sudden like, I shall look out for you in Glory.
Praise The Lord!


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Anonymous said...

Sue, praying for your safety and divine guidance during this tumultuous time.


Anonymous said...

And just think.... with all this going on, still no Rapture of the Church.

Anonymous said...

I read today that the oust leader of Eygpt went into a full coma the night he gave closing speech.

With this and the Saudi's king also having a heart attack and dying last week. which reports say the phone call with "O" was a heated discussion and he suffered the attack right after the phone call.

These two rulers both dying or in a coma instantly over stress of what's going on in the ME. Doesn't this seem strange?? Like there is an evil force behind shaping the ME in a speedy fashion?


YES....SCOTT thank you for all the work you do keeping us up to date!!


Expected Imminently said...


I wonder how many times that has been said over the millenia? In the last days (when it's bad) they shall say 'where is the promise of His coming'?

When the Father says to the Bridegroom 'GO' He will GO, GO, GO and we'll be UP, UP, UP right on time! Praise The Lord!


God Bless you for that. :)
But I have to say I am at peace about it. I suspect all this seismic activity is in preparation for the the Tribulation.

If it happens before, it happens!

Worrying about it won't make an iota of diff; and a few good jolts may knock many off the fence to faith in Jesus who is "upholding all things by the Word of His power..." It cannot happen without His approval,that's o.k. by me cause I trust Him to do the right thing.

Maranatha (sooner rather than later).

Sue :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks Scott,

I am really enjoying the daily update...if we can see the tribulation events starting to take shape...then we know it can't be much longer for the rapture of the church..."in the twinkling of an eye"


Expected Imminently said...

I wonder if Jordan will be next to fall?

Queen Rani of Jordan has been pronounced as a ‘corrupt thief’. As a Palestinian she has marched in support of her fellows against Israel.

She has angered the tribes of Jordan as she is too political and seemingly has been squirreling away the money of the ordinary Jordanians to give to her Palestinian family.

She is a beautiful young woman who has dared to poke her finger into the ‘apple of God’s eye’. It may be that her time to pay has come, and Jordan’s royal family ousted from their kingdom? The Stone appears to be quashing one long-time leader after the next – it seems the finger of God may now be on Jordans royal heads?


In an unprecedented move the leaders of Jordan's main Bedouin tribes have published an open letter addressed to King Abdullah II accusing his wife, Queen Rania, of corruption. The text, released on 5 February, is signed by 36 representatives of the main Bedouin tribes.

It comes at a particularly difficult time for the king, whose authority has been sapped by the growing discontent voiced by demonstrators.

Until now the monarchy had managed to play on the opposition's instinctive loyalty. "It is not the king who is to blame," Hamza Mansour, the secretary-general of the Islamic Action Front (the political arm of the Muslim Brotherhood), recently told Le Monde, "but the clique surrounding him." The outlook seems even more uncertain now that the tribes have added their voice to the tide of criticism.

The letter makes no direct reference to the issue of the country's fragile ethnic balance, but claims that the queen, of Palestinian parentage, has created centres of power serving her own interests. This trend upsets the agreement on governance between native Jordanians and the royal family, posing a threat for the monarchy.

"We call on the king to return to the treasury land and farms given to the [queen's] Yasin family. The land belongs to the Jordanian people," the letter demands.
The king's council made a counterattack, with the Howeitat tribal confederation publishing several communiqu├ęs in support of Abdullah.

The queen often appears on the covers of gossip magazines the world over, with endless comment on her glittering lifestyle, in particular her lavish 40th birthday last August in the Wadi Rum desert.

Jordan "will sooner or later face the flood of Tunisia and Egypt due to the suppression of freedoms and looting of public funds," the letter warns. It endorses several of the demands expressed by the Islamist opposition.

Scott said...

THANKS SO MUCH for the kind words. Its greatly appreciated.

I have to address one comment (which I typically ignore).

"...with all this going on, still no rapture of the church"....First of all, the "logic" is pretty hilarious, but I won't delve into that.

The rapture will occur at some time before the Tribulation begins. It may come years before the Tribulation and it may come hours before the Tribulation. We don't know.

The fact that it hasn't happened yet means nothing, and it hardly "proves" anything.

But I will say this....With every single day that passes, people like you can somehow, in your minds, feel that you are "right" (even if based on a ridiculous faulty premise)...And in your minds, with such passing days we are "wrong".

That logic - although astonishingly incorrect, perhaps gives some people a needed feeling of being "correct"...Thats fine and dandy.

I'd rather be on the side of Christ, and watching as he commanded. Perhaps you should read Luke 12 and 24 for some perspective. But especially Luke 12:54-56.

And I'll close with 2 Peter 3

"in the last days scoffers will come, scoffing and following their evil desires. They will say, "Where is this coming he promised?

Wow - sounds like the apostle Peter was quoting you directly. :)

Scott said...

Thanks for that link -- somehow I missed that article - reading it now...very very interesting....One of the pitfalls of being dependent on a foreign gov't who is also an enemy....

DrNofog said...


Ahh, a young-un'.

EI won't give her Bdate. We suspect that it's in the BCs...


Anon said... "And...still no Rapture..."

Dude, if you've been following this blog for any length of time you'd know that we'll be here to witness a couple more tid-bits of prophecy like Psalm 83/Isaiah 17 and very likely Ezek 38-39.

A powerful witness, as in: "See, I told you so! I read the last chapter so I knew what wuz gonna happen next!", and "Maybe you should get saved now soz you won't get 'Left Behind'!"...