Sunday, February 13, 2011

George Soros - Back in the News

George Soros is back in the news. As mentioned before, I fully believe that Soros has a significant end-times role to play. In fact, his influence in world events is already significant -and his hatred of Israel is legendary. He is no friend of the U.S. either as shown in previous posts. This article shows us what makes Mr Soros tick, and what lies beneath his public persona:

George Soros, Nazi Obsessive

George Soros, as a teenager, was actually helping real Nazis confiscate the real property of real, about-to-be-“exterminated” Jews in his native Budapest, Hungary.

And no, this actual Nazi collaboration by a young George Soros was not an obscure tidbit dug up by opposition researchers. George Soros freely admitted his actions in the now-infamous Steve Kroft interview of 1998. Soros was shocked that the interview was so upsetting to so many and endeavored greatly to put the controversy to rest by giving more details and explanations to his biographer, Michael Kaufman.

When Soros spoke with Steve Kroft in 1998, the huge question was whether Soros had felt any guilt over his acquiescence to the Nazis. It was Soros’ denial of any survivor’s guilt and his nonchalant “If I hadn’t been there doing it, then someone else would have” excuse that caught the discerning public eye at the time. And details added in his biographer’s ear did nothing whatsoever to diminish Soros’ inhumane diffidence regarding the sufferings of his fellow Jews during the Holocaust.

In fact, in the biography — aptly titled Soros, the Life and Times of a Messianic Billionaire — are scads of details that make Soros much more culpable than the Kroft interview. At age 72 — with 58 years for reflection — George Soros described his year of living under Nazi rule as “the most exciting time of my life.”

That's just the back-drop. But it gets even worse:

That was the same year Soros’ own uncle, along with his wife and children, were “deported” to Auschwitz. But as Soros glibly recounted, his family had long ago abandoned Judaism — for a “cosmopolitan” pseudo-religion, for Esperanto, and for watching their fellow Jews, including family members, get carted off by the Nazis. It caused George no real grief. “We were somehow above them,” he told his biographer, his family having abandoned their “tribal” loyalties long ago.

This information is important, because we need to know what we are dealing with in terms of Mr Soros and his world view.

It ought not go without mention, too, that as soon as Soviet forces “liberated” Budapest, George and his father immediately set about capitalizing on their fellow Hungarians’ desperate straits. George’s “sense of exhilaration” accelerated in 1945. The year was for George “as exciting and interesting — in many ways even more interesting and adventurous — than the German occupation.” That was the year George Soros first began his financial ventures and currency trading in the flourishing black market.

When Jews are being “deported” to death camps, Soros says, I am “above them.” What’s that to him? If “I was not doing it, then someone else would be doing it.” When life savings of hard-working people depend upon the value of their currency, Soros trades with the same nonchalance. His only goal is to save himself, promote himself, and enrich himself.

Oh, and lest we forget, Soros’ main life objective, as he told his biographer, is to “become the conscience of the world.” If Soros’ own conscience is the guide, who would wish to live in that world?

Keep the above facts in mind as we watch Mr Soros attempt to shape the world into his vision, via his enormous resources and wealth. I have a feeling that we'll be hearing more and more from Mr Soros. He has already admitted that the collapse of the U.S. dollar - as a pathway into a world currency and world financial system - was a planned event in which he was a major player.

He would very much like to see a collapse of both the U.S. and Israel. While I hate to make assumptions regarding someone's motivations - it seems pretty clear that Mr Soros isn't working on behalf of the God of the Holy Bible. And these days, as we approach the last chapter in the Bible - one is either working on behalf of good or evil. I'll let you connect those dots.


Anonymous said...

Scott >>>

As I told you before, I am VERY
BULLISH on the dollar. I think
the coming rally will teach
Mr. Soros a powerful lesson in judgment. His judgment, that is...

Stephen in Hawaii

Scott said...

I hope you are right. My connections in financial world are concerned about the dollar though - enough to have me worried. Its hard to see a scenario in which we won;y have significant inflation in the next few years - but I would love to be wrong on that.