Sunday, February 27, 2011

Iran exploiting anarchy in Sinai

How many times can we see similar stories? It seems that every time we take a turn, as far as Middle East affairs, we see Iranian influence.

Iran aiming to exploit anarchy in post-Mubarak Sinai

Iran is working to bolster its weapons-smuggling infrastructure in the Sinai Peninsula as anarchy continues to prevail in Egypt following the toppling of the Mubarak regime earlier this month.

According to information obtained by Israel, Iran has been working to build new infrastructure in the Sinai that can be used to smuggle advanced weaponry in large quantities into the Gaza Strip.

I personally believe that Ahmadinejad realizes that his time is short and he now has a limited amount of time to hasten events in the Middle East which will (in his mind) bring forth the Mahdi. This thought is bolstered simply by viewing their actions; all of which are ultimately directed against Israel:

“Iran wants to take advantage of the current anarchy in Egypt and establish a stronger foothold in Gaza,” a senior defense official said. “They are building new capabilities, upgrading smuggling mechanisms and studying the new military presence there to see how it will affect them.”

One known smuggling route for Iranian weapons to Hamas begins in Sudan or Eritrea where ships unload weaponry, which is then loaded onto trucks that travel up through Sudan and Egypt until they arrive at the Gaza-Egypt border. The weaponry is then smuggled into Gaza via one of the hundreds of tunnels along the Philadelphi Corridor.

In addition the concern about an increase in smuggling, Israel also fears that the Sinai will turn into a launch pad for attacks into Israel.

Recent events seem to confirm Iran's influence is working:

In recent years, the Sinai has turned into a platform for attacks against Israel including by Hamas, which several months ago launched Katyusha rockets into Eilat from the Egyptian territory. The Egyptian military has for years encountered difficulty in controlling the Beduin population that does not hold allegiance to the Egyptian government in Cairo.

In addition to the Kassam rocket fired into Israel, another Kassam was fired that landed in Palestinian territory.

Violence is already escalating:

Meanwhile Saturday, the Israeli Air Force attacked a number of targets throughout Gaza in retaliation to continued rocket fire on the western Negev.

The IAF bombed Hamas and Islamic Jihad targets throughout southern and central Gaza, including a tunnel that the IDF said was being dug into Israel to be used by terrorists who planned to infiltrate to carry out an attack.

“The strike was in response to rocket attacks on Israeli territory and the IDF will continue to work against terrorist activity that threatens the State of Israel,” a statement by the IDF read.

Iran is on the move and making in-roads closer and closer to Israel. They already control Hezbollah in Lebanon, Hamas in Gaza, and now they may well control the Egyptian border with Israel. That would give Iran a ridiculous amount of influence in and around Israel.

Given that Ahmadinejad is focused on Israel's destruction, this is yet another ominous development for Israel as we watch the vice surrounding the tiny country tightening. It will continue to tighten. God will place Israel in such a position that their only possibility for survival will be to turn to God and look for His protection. And we all know how that turns out.

As always - God will deliver Israel from this threat. Ezekiel 38-39 contains all of the details. We have a big advantage in viewing events in the Middle East - we know exactly what happens. God has told us in advance. Its too bad the world leaders don't have this template for the future - but it really doesn't matter - God's plan will play out exactly as we know it will - exactly as described in the prophetic scriptures.

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