Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Future Police State

The video linked below is chilling.

Although this isn't specifically related to the Mark of the Beast, it reveals how far technology has progressed as contrasted to how our freedoms are being lost. Technology and freedom are sounding more and more like two ideas that are inversely related, as concerns about security become more and more hyped by an industry that is making billions from these fears.

If we are accepting this level of "security" - including the TSA's infamous "groping" and "naked imaging" which has been implemented and unfortunately accepted by the population - is the Mark of the Beast that remote? Is the Mark of the Beast that hard to believe?

Just a few short years ago, the "Mark" did indeed seem remote. Not in today's world however. It now just looks like one more eventual step in this ongoing progression of the loss of freedom in the attempt to gain the perception of greater security:

The Future of Homeland Security


Anonymous said...

Scott - I enjoy your "sound, not sensational" posts! Thanks for taking the time to research what is going on in the world, prophetically speaking, and adding your commentary to it.

Just rented a 2011 car with a keyless "fob" that enables the car to start with a push of a button on the steering column, as long as the fob is within the car cabin, and your foot is on the brake. It is not hard to extrapolate how that "fob" could be minimized further into an implantable microchip - just think, you would NEVER lose your "keys". No calling a locksmith if your ever got locked out. No $250+ replacement fee for losing a high tech key or fob. Maybe this is a little "out there", but I'm fairly confident that in addition to being required for buying and selling, the Mark of the Beast will also be marketed to the masses by appealing to people's desire for convenience, "safety" and the latest technology (modern day idols?), thus going beyond just financial transactions.


Scott said...

First, thanks a lot - its really my pleasure.

Secondly - I agree completely - and things like this will make it go over with the public in a post-rapture, post-church world. It will probably go beyond financials.

Don't forget, the implantable microchip also could contain all health information about a person, and its already being "sold" on that merit...Also GPS tracking for children and soldiers and grandma.

They will sell this to the public on a lot of merits.
Exactly - good point.

God Bless

DrNofog said...

My comment from "Paving the Road: The Mark of the Beast" applies here too.
But I won't pull a "Scott" and double-post it...

[Yer brother huh?...]

Expected Imminently said...

They are now advertising a car that can be started from the fob at a distance. I think it's French?

A little boy from the US dressed as 'Daft Ada' is a real hit in the advert.


Expected Imminently said...

They'd have to drug me and sit on me for this Grandma to get 'chipped', there's enough stuff dropping off as it is without getting chipped an all.

Mind you, I once ended up in a RC Mass seeking out a wandering patient, I found him and had to sit with him all through the service. ~~~~