Thursday, February 3, 2011

In the Middle East: Updates

First up - Egypt seems to be stuck in the same position right now. More violence and the future of their government is still unknown as the struggle continues and as Mubarak refuses to step down at this time:

Demonstrators at Cairo's Tahrir Square

Egyptian army tanks and soldiers moved to end violence between anti-government protesters and supporters of Mubarak in Cairo's central square on Thursday after standing by for nearly a day as the two sides battled with rocks, sticks, bottles and firebombs.

Hours after automatic gunfire hit the anti-government protest camp at Tahrir Square, killing at least three protesters, soldiers carrying rifles could be seen lining up between the two sides around 11 a.m. Several hundred other soldiers were moving toward the front line.

Four tanks cleared a highway overpass from where Mubarak supporters had hurled rocks and firebombs onto the protest.

The protesters accused Mubarak's regime of unleashing a force of paid thugs and plainclothes police to crush their unprecedented nine-day-old movement, a day after the 82-year-old president refused to step down.

A joint statement from five European leaders Tuesday said they are watching the unrest in Egypt with "utmost concern" and condemned "all those who use or encourage violence, which will only aggravate the political crisis in Egypt."

Now the EU weighs in:

'Go Now' EU countries tell Murbarak, as Egypt faces Tiananmen moment

Germany, France and the UK have told Egyptian leader Hosni Mubarak to begin the transition to democracy "now," amid pitched battles between government forces and pro-democracy protesters in Cairo's main plaza.

What cave has the MSM been in over the past 2 weeks? Egypt will not be automatically moving into "democracy" as the MSM has been painting. We know that the Muslim Brotherhood will take over this movement and it will be a far cry from democracy. Don't believe this mantra from the uninformed MSM. There is more in this article, but frankly it isn't worth it.

Meanwhile, coming from the U.S. we see this:

Obama Stands by Muslim Brotherhood Endorsement

For the first time, a U.S. government supports granting a government role to an extremist Islamic organization: the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt.

Let that one sink in for a little while.

Gibbs said the Muslim Brotherhood must reject violence and recognize democratic goals for the U.S. to be comfortable with it assuming a role in the new government.

Maybe he needs a quick history lesson here?

Obama's new position, while not totally surprising, is worrisome to many. "The White House appears to be leaving Hosni Mubarak, an ally for three decades and lynchpin of Mideast stability, twisting slowly in the wind," writes David Horowitz of the Freedom Center. "And worse, it appears to be open to allowing the Muslim Brotherhood to play a key role in a 'reformed' Egyptian government...

It stands for the re-establishment of the Islamic Empire (Caliphate), the takeover, spiritually or otherwise, of the entire world, and jihad and martyrdom. It has front organizations in the UK, France, and the United States

Even Leslie Gelb, president emeritus of the Council on Foreign Relations, says that the prospect of the Muslim Brotherhood's rise to power "would be calamitous for U.S. security...

And this is who we are now supporting?

The [Brotherhood] supports Hamas and other terrorist groups, makes friendly noises to Iranian dictators and torturers, would be uncertain landlords of the critical Suez Canal, and opposes the Egyptian-Israeli agreement of 1979, widely regarded as the foundation of peace in the Mideast. Above all, the [Brotherhood] would endanger counter terrorism efforts in the region and worldwide… The real danger is that our experts, pundits and professors will talk the Arab and American worlds into believing we can all trust the [Brotherhood]..."

What else can be added to this?

Gallery: Riots heat up in Cairo's Tahrir Square

And lastly, we see this expected announcement:

ElBaradei's Ultimatum to Mubarak: 48 Hours to Leave the Country

Egyptian uprising idol Mohammed ElBaradei has ordered Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak to leave the country by Friday – or he will be a “dead man walking” and not just a lame-duck president.

Mubarak dramatically announced he will not run in September’s presidential elections, but shortly afterwards, U.S. President Barack Obama dealt him a stinging slap, stating that a transition to a new government should begin “now.”

The radical Muslim Brotherhood has become more vocal in its calls for Mubarak’s resignation, drowning out several opposition groups that have accepted an offer by newly-appointed vice president Omar Suleiman to negotiate.

Working against Mubarak is President Obama’s decision to instruct U.S. ambassador to Egypt Margret Scobey to speak with ElBaradei. The move was "part of our public outreach to convey support for an orderly transition in Egypt," according to U.S. State Department spokesman Philip Crowley

We can all connect these dots. Even though the moderate factions are willing to support this interim government as proposed, until the next elections, a plan which would seem to represent the called for "orderly transition" - we now see that such proposals have been rejected by the Muslim Brotherhood and ElBaradei. A full takeover by the Muslim Brotherhood will be anything but democratic and anything but orderly. Count on it.


Anonymous said...

what is our congressmen saying about "O" and the way he is handling this situation? Is anyone or any group in outrage over him supporting the radical muslim brotherhood?

It is just totally amazing how this turmoil in the ME is spreading like wildfire.

I just fill "dirty" being in a country with a president that supports anything to do with anti-Christian values. We are being seen in this world as the Non-Christian nation "O" proclaimed we were. Oh, how it just saddens my heart.


DrNofog said...

Sorry for the repost from Lamblion but these things are "so happening"!

Rodney said... "Soon the I.M.F. or Western partners will step into provide more stable prices for food and fuel and the sea of rage will become a still pond. That is my heartfelt belief."

The IMF, UN, EU, et al are all creations of the Illuminati. They worship the illumination, the light of 'reason' that comes from the "Light-bearer"; Lucifer.

The end-game that they have mapped out is for WWIII, a final conflict between, and the total destruction of Islam, Israel, and Christianity, leaving ol' A/C as the surviving 'Messiah' and only true god.

And who heads up the so-called "Western partners"?

Why, wouldn't that be our very own Kenyan-born, 1st illegal-alien-in-chief, Muslim pretender, and sock-puppet of the international banksters!!!

Bail them out?!?
Or back-stab them and steer them into the hands of the Muslim Brotherhood?

Egypt now fears Obama a 'Manchurian President'

No, I see Psalm 83 being set up before our very eyes!

Scott said...


I agree with your take on who is really running things. And the hidden, power-groups (including the CRF, Bilderbergs, etc.) are also ultimately driven by Satan.

His time on earth is almost upon us. I pray for those left behind.

Expected Imminently said...

Over the years, I have known The Lord to encourage me by various means.

My husband is the ‘strong silent type’, not know for an adventurous vocabulary. Just now, he saw me preparing his evening meal and asked me “Is ‘tea’ imminent?” I looked at him in amazement (and so would you if you knew him) I replied ‘Yes, it’s overhanging - any minute now’. He has no knowledge of the name I use on line, it was unexpected, and so unlike him that I am convinced The Lord has just alerted me to the blessed hope.


Expected Imminently said...

Hello Scott and all,

I wondered if the following article would be of interest to you? It is by Jacob Prasch, a part Jewish New Yorker that we have adopted in the U.K.

DrNofog said...

So, you and yer mum have been keepin' yer double-0 identity a secret from the hubby?

And am I to assume that Susan Jakeway is an alter-ego also, if yer MI5 mum taught you proper?
Otherwise the posties will know where to hunt you down.

PS. I wonder what Dr.Reagan has against pen names? I like mine just fine...

Expected Imminently said...


No! no! no! yes well, he hardly say’s a word anyway, he’s as good as gold, keeps me Ariel from getting in a twist he does. AND he see’s to me mum’s chickens, when MI5 needs em for messages; when they gets all broody, there’s no shifting ‘em – out he comes with his 12 bore, waves it about a bit, and Bob’s yer uncle, they be off with their ---- Eh up! He’s just rushed in for his weapon; foreign pigeons have just flown in down our radio signal! I knew we’d ‘ave trubble with cable. Pigeon pie for tea tonight, the little blighters.

Fret not! me alter-ego is looked after by me maiden name – yes! I know, it’s hard to believe, but I was once a ‘maiden’, bowled over long since - - - but the Posties don’t know nowt! I’m telling ya, true as I am stood ere in front of ya, they don’t know WHO they is a messin with, and that’s a fact.

Dr Reagan don’t mind none, he don’t mind one bit us using Suedohnims, as long as we ain’t trying to be clever and charge for it. THAT’S when things gets dicey, chargin, tis bad for yer ‘ead. It’s like the bull in the field, tis free to get in it, but once yer plumb in the middle, that bull always charges! All ya can do then is pray – ‘for wot we are abaht to receive, may we be truly thankful’ – innit?

DrNofog IS fine, it sounds dead posh and cerebral! :D