Monday, February 7, 2011

Egypt's Slide Towards Islamic Revolution

Egypt is basically at a standstill right now, but the following commentary provides a clear vision of what is actually going on within this "revolution", while providing an update as to where things now stand:

Egypt's Western-assisted slide towards Islamic Revolution

It seems 40+ years and a lifetime of diplomatic headaches have not been enough to teach the West its lesson when dealing with uprisings and democracy in the Middle East. And they are repeating the same mistake in Egypt.

When the demonstrations first began in Cairo on January 25, they were led by a large group of students with a list of specific demands. Having himself clearly learned the lesson of the shah’s overthrow, Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak subsequently agreed to most of those demands, most importantly the demand that this be his last term in office and that he not establish a dictatorial dynasty with his son taking over next.

A Christian source in Cairo (whose name is being withheld for his own safety) says the uprising should have died down then and there.

“As we followed the unfolding of events including the announced change in government and president Mubarak’s speech, we wondered why the international news media is focusing only on the thousands in Tahrir Square who are escalating their demands and refusing dialogue,” said the source.

And then something happened:

something changed in the uprising after the first few days, after Mubarak had already agreed to most of the reforms demanded by the original protestors.

“What is happening now has nothing to do with this original protest. What is happening right now is a conspiracy to topple Mubarak from outside the country,” he said. That change coincided with the more visible participation in the uprising by the Muslim Brotherhood, a radical Islamic group with ties to extremists across the region.

“Only a few people (hundreds?) are still there from the original protesters,” he noted. “They have been slowly replaced by other highly organized groups that all carry the same model of cell phones and have the same blankets.”

There are even reports that these groups may not be Egyptians at all, with some eye witnesses saying they clearly do not speak Arabic with an Egyptian accent or in the local dialect.

“This is typical of the Muslim Brotherhood, and everybody on the streets of Cairo knows this. We heard people on the streets saying that the plot to take over the country is now clear,” revealed the source. “The escalation of violence…is because of this. Egyptians who love Egypt, the millions that took to the streets yesterday, want this to end.”

There is more to this article, but it is interesting that this movement has no resemblance to the original protests. It is also clear that the Muslim Brotherhood has seized control and shows no signs of letting go.

Its all part of the bigger plan - a plan that has been extensively described by the ancient prophets.


Anonymous said...

WOW Scott,

You've been busy. And on a roll already this morning. Lot's of things happening. Do you work full time and monitor this world at the same time?

As usual...YOU ARE DOING A FANTASTIC JOB! God has given you such a wonderful gift to be able to see the news and how it relates to prophecy. Thanks for being the "watchman" for all of us.

It is just soo amazing how we are living in such a fast speed now. As if the speed dial has been turned up to set and line up all the dots to be connected with just "ONE SHOUT". Oh how I long to hear that shout today!

It will be a pleasure to meet you on the other side when that day comes.

Until then...may God richly bless you in ALL areas of your life. And, shield you and your family with His Armour of protection from satan and his attacks for impacting and informing those of us that are your brothers and sisters. Thank you for allowing God to use YOU to bless us all!


Alice said...

I ditto everything God's Girl said!

Thank you, Scott!

Scott said...

Thanks both of you! Its greatly appreciated.

Gods Girl - I manage to fit it in with my job - which isn't quite full time, but close. I get up early and check the news and then try again in the early evening. Its an addiction :) - I can't help it. I would do the same without the blog, so the investment in time isn't much worse than it would be anyway :)...Its really and truly my pleasure - for the first time in my life, I have the ideal "boss" - God! You can't beat that !

Anonymous said...

Yes, having GOD has your boss is a plus for sure. Just think of ALL the rewards and benefits you are accumulating on this job...nothing to compare in this world!

Thanks again for ALL that you do! We really appreciate it.