Friday, February 25, 2011

Iran Pushing the Buttons in the Middle East

It is amazing to see the widespread influence of Iran throughout the Middle East. It seems that everywhere you turn, only a little digging will reveal some form of Iranian influence behind much of what we are seeing in the region today. The biggest problem is the simple fact that of all the countries in the region, Iran is the most determined to see Israel's destruction.

Is Iran using Mideast revolts to reignite Gaza border?

On Wednesday, it seemed that the terrorist organizations in the Gaza Strip - Hamas and Islamic Jihad - were trying to take advantage of the rapid transformations sweeping the Middle East, and reignite the situation on the border with Israel after a few weeks of quiet.

A border incident led to the firing of a Grad rocket at Be'er Sheva for the first time since Operation Cast Lead two years ago. Whoever decided to fire the rocket was well aware that striking a residential neighborhood would generate a harsh Israeli response and spark a new escalation in hostilities.

Just a brief glance at the region reveals Iran's influence and efforts to stir things up:

But Iranian leaders might have a double aim: to suppress the domestic protest and to further destabilize the region. There is more than a reasonable suspicion that Iran was involved in the unrest in Bahrain. Tehran also dispatched warships through the Suez Canal in order to create a provocation, and its emissary in Lebanon, Hassan Nasrallah, threatened to conquer the Galilee from Israel. In addition, the Iranians are examining new possibilities in Egypt, now that the local security forces have been weakened.

Additionally, we see this:

In the meantime, the "Al Jazeera effect" is playing out in an arena closer to Israel. The Muslim Brotherhood in Jordan announced this week that it will resume its demonstrations against the regime, and opposition groups are demanding that the king be stripped of the power to form governments and dissolve parliament.

That represents yet another concern. If Jordan's stable and moderate government is toppled by the radical Muslim Brotherhood, it will represent another "game-changing" event in the region - one that will not be favorable to Israel in any way.

We should expect such in these last days.

IDF to Kindergartens in towns by Gaza: Keep kids inside

Doesn't this headline (alone) point out what we are dealing with?

The IDF on Friday instructed teachers to keep children from going outside to play in kindergartens located in towns near Gaza.

The order comes from concerns of further firing from Gaza after two Grad rockets landed in Beersheba earlier this week, causing building damage, with five people treated for shock.

The IDF also instructed residents of towns surround Gaza to be alert over the weekend.

Soldiers responded to the Grad attacks late Wednesday night with a series of attacks throughout the Gaza strip on Thursday.

Palestinian news reports said one person was killed and three wounded in an IAF attack in Rafah. The IDF said the targets were linked to Hamas and had been involved in terrorist activity.

The Grad rocket attacks are back

In retrospect, what was troubling about yesterday's Grad rocket attack on Beer Sheva was not only that it happened, but the near routine reaction of my whole family to the imminent rocket impact.

That's easy to understand, given that rockets fly into civilian areas almost daily. Not that anyone else in the world seems to care.

This morning the only difference in our schedule was that our son was escorted all the way to the gate of his school so that we could react appropriately in case there was another attack.

What was wrong with this scenario is that we were getting used to rocket attacks. As if this were a normal way to live. Just as we all were getting used to be stripped and x-rayed all over the world airports. Instead of solving the problem we were giving in and accepting this abnormal world.

But this will not work for long. The documentary Iranium suggests that Iran could attack the US with missiles tipped with nuclear warheads from barges positioned a hundred miles from the US shores.

Taking into account what Bernard Lewis has reiterated in the movie, i.e. "With these people, with their apocalyptic mindset, mutual assured destruction is not a deterrent, it is an inducement " I find it strange that no one mentioned the possibility that the Iranian warships that just sailed through the Suez Canal might have had the very same purpose -- to launch a N. Korean atom bomb on Tel Aviv.

Were the Iranian ships rehearsing a future scenario? I hope the Israeli government, if not the Obama administration, know what they are doing.

Iranian influence is clearly widespread in the Middle East, and under the leadership of Ahmadinejad there is one single goal and one single obsession:

The destruction of Israel. Period.

To see the eventual outcome of this effort all one has to do is read Ezekiel 38-39. That is where all of this is headed - its just a matter of time now.


Anonymous said...

Scott do you see Isaiah 17/Psalm 83, the Great middle east war occuring before Ezekiel 38-39 war and do you see them occuring before the tribulation or before the rapture or well into the tribulation?

I have believed the Isaiah 17 war occurs first, followed by the gog-magog war and they are fairly close. I think the Gog-magog war will occur after the rapture and the church is gone since the way God intervene's on Israel's behalf is more like what we observe in the OT. Your thoughts?


DrNofog said...


I tend to think that we'll be here to see both Ps.83 AND Ezek.38, or at least the beginning moves of E38.
I follow Dr. Reagan [], amongst others, and think he has a good handle of the chain of events leading into the Trib.

I think the Rapture occurring in close proximity, possibly near the end of E39, will add to the world-wide horror and panic of such a devastating world war that leaves that hated Israel as the undefeated nuclear power, and the world will scream "Never again!", and clamor for one who can negotiate an end to this world madness.

I also think, in seeing both start, that this would give us a last minute, "See, I told you so!" powerful witness to our lost families and friends.

Anonymous said...

I'm not Scott, and I'll defer to his impressions, but you have to remember that the rapture is imminent and NOTHING has to happen before Jesus returns. The increasing evil that we are seeing in this world will hasten the rapture and Jesus's return. There is a limit to God's patience.

On a personal level, just today I had my tire slashed while shopping at a local drugstore. Why would someone do this? I happened to be driving my husband's car that has a "Yes on 8" bumper sticker, and a "Smile, Jesus loves you" license plate holder on the back.

Our country continues to pile up God's judgment through the ungodly leaders we elect, and the decisions they make that spit in the face of God and His Word (dropping defense of DOMA, anti- Israel policies, QE (stealing by printing more money and devaluing what God has given)- the list goes on and on. Additionally, most people who are not believers want nothing to do with God, or they just want a "feel good, no judgment spirituality". I think the return of Christ is sooner than most realize.


Expected Imminently said...


"I think the return of Christ is sooner than most realize".

Amen! :)

Anonymous said...

Not only do I long to see the King and to be in Heaven with no more sin and pain and suffering, I long to meet all of you and all my brothers and sisters in Christ. I love you all! :)


Scott said...

Susan - I think you answered your question on why someone would slash your tires - its because you dared mention the name of Jesus. Seriously. That and the "Yes on 8"....Its sad. BTW, I agree with your comments.

Mark - as far as the order of events - this is how I see things rolling out:

I see an "inner circle" (surrounding Israel) which contains most of the players mentioned in Psa 83 (Syria, Lebanon, Egypt, Gaza and possibly Jordan) - which I believe will happen first (perhaps with Iran pushing the buttons behind the scenes)....I see Isaiah 17 somehow happening as part of this...

I believe this leads into Ezekiel 38-39. I believe the above has to happen first, because God will virtually destroy the Islamic strongholds around Israel at the time of Gog-MaGog's destruction (IOW, if Gog-Magog happened first, I can't see the ability of the Psa 83 coalition to even form after Gog-MaGog)...

I just can't believe that the Church is here for Gog-Magog for the following reasons:

1. It is completely inconsistent with the Church age, but very consistent with God's direct intervention for the Nation of Israel (during "their time")

2. We believe by faith, not by sight. If we were to see Gog-MaGog during the time of the Church Age - and thus, see the direct intervention of God - unmistakably - that is inconsistent with the fundamentals of faith acquired during the Church Age.

3. I don't have a #3, but this way I can claim 3 reasons.....(kidding)...

These are weak reasons I'll admit. Its more of a hunch than anything else. We can't know for sure, strictly based on the scriptures.

But either way, its a "win-win"...We're either in Heaven (WIN) or, we are still here and get presented with an EPIC witnessing opportunity (WIN)...So I'm happy either way...:)

Anonymous said...

Dear Susan >>>

i am sorry to hear about your tires.
I find it strange that someone would
do that, but of course, the antichrist spirit is getting worse
in this world.

HOWEVER AS I have said before in
this blog, and it bears repeating,
there IS SOMETHING that needs to
happen first before the rapture.

And that is the REVEALING of the AC.

Please reread 2 thessanonians 2

I am NOT trying to pop your happy ballon, I am just trying to point
out the TRUTH in scripture.

I would like JESUS to come VERY SOON. I miss my dog named Silver
very much. BUT I must face the
reality of Paul's words, and wait.

As of 10 minutes ago, NO ONE yet
has filled Dr. Masadeh's position
of Secretary General of The UFM...

believe me, the MOMENT I see it i
will add it to this blog right away.

I am still waiting, every AM I
check the websites I watch.

All I can do is wait. Masadeh's
position is unfilled as of 26 FEB
for one full month.

I believe that will CHANGE very soon.

Stephen in Hawaii !!!!

Jill said...

Scott, I demand you give a
reason #3.... kidding :) .... Shabbat Shalom everyone, may you enjoy your sanctuary in time.

Scott said...


Expected Imminently said...

Stephen said "HOWEVER AS I have said before in
this blog, and it bears repeating,
there IS SOMETHING that needs to
happen first before the rapture.
And that is the REVEALING of the AC.
Please reread 2 thessanonians 2"

Yes Stephen, please read 2Thess2 IN CONTEXT - it concerns the start of the earthly trial of the 7 yr Trib.

The CONTEXT does not concern the Rapture which is supported by other Scriptures such as Rev3:10"...I also will KEEP YOU FROM (EK, OUT of) the hour of trial which shall come upon the WHOLE WORLD, to test those who dwell on the earth".

It is UN-BIBLICAL to look for a/c, and it STEALS away the reward for the 'blessed hope' from yourself and from other believers.

Satan comes only to steal and destroy, and that is the action ALL thieves.

The Rapture can occur at any moment (imminent) NOTHING has to happen first. Did you notice that Scott AGREED with all that Susan wrote?