Thursday, February 17, 2011

The Revived Roman Empire back in the Picture

Despite overwhelming evidence that the so-called "peace process" (aka "forcing Israel to give up more land and agree to indefensible borders") is dead (well, at least for now), the EU won't let it go. Predictable.

EU's Ashton Pressing for 'Peace' Talks

European Union foreign policy chief Catherine Ashton said on Tuesday that the international community still sought to achieve a peace deal and a Palestinian Authority state by September, despite the revolutionary turmoil in the Middle East.

AFP reported that Ashton also voiced her belief that a deal was still reachable in spite of the deadlock in Israeli-PA peace talks and the resignation of the PA cabinet as well as Saab Erekat, its chief negotiator.

Ashton flew into the Land of Israel for a one-day visit aimed reportedly aimed at "galvanizing both sides into restarting peace negotiations which hit an impasse late September." Her visit comes in the wake of a recent initiative by Russia to have the UN Security Council send a delegation to the Middle East to try and restart Israeli-PA talks.

The restarting of the failed talks appears to be an urgent priority for many members of the EU and UN, despite the hectic political situation in the region and saber-rattling by Iran.

And you gotta love this quote:

Ashton met Foreign Minister Avigdor Liberman on Tuesday. Voice of Israel government-run radio Israeli quoted Liberman as telling her that the international community must find a way to block Iran's nuclear ambitions before asking Israel to make concessions to the PA.

Come on. Who cares about nuclear threats to Israel, when we have a peace deal to force Israel into agreeing to? (Or not...We also have the proposal to create these borders without Israel's approval too - we can't forget that)

A "peace deal" which will include the West Bank, the Golan Heights, a land strip dividing Israel and a division of Jerusalem?

A nuclear threat against Israel?

As engineered by a radical Islamist who is sworn to destroy Israel?

Someone who believes that he will bring about the Mahdi who will finish the job, if needed, and then bring the world to Sharia Law?

Who cares?

We have a peace deal to force down the throats of Israel.

Trivial matters such as Israel's destruction are irrelevant in today's world.

Not to worry though. God is watching these events closely and He is waiting until the very last moment - a moment in which Israel has nowhere to turn - except to God for their protection. And God will come through in a very big way.

Just read Ezekiel 38-39 - it tells the whole story.


Anonymous said...

A while back you posted something about things boiling over in September and she's talking about September and I keep reading about things happening in September on other non-prophecy sites. Interesting indeed!

Anonymous said...


You certainly seem to be placing events in order according to Scripture. Your only problem (in my very humble opinion) is that you, and some others, just can't seem to grasp the fact that these are the "birth pangs" that you will see, to include the very soon rise of the Antichrist; all prior to the Rapture of the Church.

Don't be surprised to see if Lady Ashton is soon replaced by a more competent person to be the "one voice" for the EU; by way of Foreign Policy, in conjunction with the Land (Israel) being Divided.

DrNofog said...

Please be sure to remind us of this, on the way up, prior to the wicked one actually being revealed...

PS. It would also help to pick a blog-name or sign your posts so we know which anon we be addressin'.
[unless, of course, you're afraid we might hunt you down...]

Anonymous said...

Highly recommend reading the following excerpt from the blog of best selling authoress, and attorney, C. Cumbey, posted today (which yours truly would entitle "Failure to Reduce the Balkans"):


Was the 1999 NATO Kosovo War the Start of New Age Revolution?

Remember those NATO wars of 1999? Javier Solana was given complete authority over them on January 30, 1999. President Clinton went on national television here in the USA on March 21, 1999 to say "I fully agree with Javier Solana's decision to do this." He was referring to the about to begin bombing of the country formerly known as Yugoslavia back to the Stone Age. (cont. below)

Anonymous said...

(Please visit following link for remainder of blog.)

Expected Imminently said...

Constance Cumbey is just about the nastiest piece of work this world has coughed up this era. A more vicious and spiteful R.C. Jesuit you couldn't find under a grubby old stone.

Slandermongers breed slandermongers.

Once she fishes out a Pretrib site, she sends in the nasties and stirs with a long handled spoon, the kind they use to sup with the devil.

Be warned and keep clear!


Scott said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
DrNofog said...

D%$*&, Scott!

That was a well-thot-out, Christian response that was very informative, and totally non-offensive!

I wish I had copied it before you had a brain-burp and decided to delete it.

Please repost it, as it puts a lot of thing in perspective.

DrNofog said...

My wife is very well read and has been using $2.00 words on a sharp tongue since before I met her.

I had properly advised my wife about yer ferrin language, idioms, and colloquialisms, but I had to show her yer descriptive post about CC...

I had to catch her as her knees buckled and she was to fall about the place laffin'...

Well done, EI!

Scott said...


I was really torn on that one....I hate to engage in that "war' on the one hand...and on the other hand, it is a weird phenom - and does bear resemblance to cult-like behavior. For now, I'm going to try and ignore, but I'm 51/49 on whether to ignore or to deal with it.....

Expected Imminently said...


Thank you for your comment, and hugs to you and your wife. I didn't sleep properly last night as I was holding my breath for the 'cumbe' back. Not worried about the toads and weasels, rather concerned about the reaction of my brethren.

I don't take pleasure from such a warning, but sometimes a polite request in a loving tone isn't enough to prevent folk from walking into a pit of quicksand. Sometimes a good ‘hand-bagging’ is essential.

CC is well know to me and the people she has shredded mercilessly; the modern equivalent of the Grand Inquisitor and the slathering black hooded sadists who delight in her bidding of ‘honey traps’ in order to wrack victims and turn the screws.

I missed the deleted comment, but give the devil enough rope and he always hangs himself. No doubt several dozen hail Mary’s and maybe some blood letting as a penance for ‘letting the cat out of the bag’ is in progress as I write.

By the way, as things stand, it is unlikely Anonymous will be in a position to remind you of anything ‘on the way up’.

Jesus is Lord.

Scott said...

I basically summarized a series of discussions that I had with Herb Peters - a person that I admired and respected. But his site took on a life of its own, and the folks there (IMO) basically saw their pre-wrath view as something that was worthy of going to an obsessive "war" against the more traditional, pre-trib, Pre-Mill view, and IMO, it became ridiculous.

Thats one reason, I hate to even engage in it at this point.

But I will leave it at this:

Anyone with the pre-wrath view should REALLY read Shower's book on the pre-wrath view and its deficiencies. Somehow I doubt that will happen.

I just don't understand their "crusade".

I rarely see pre-trib, pre-Mill folks obsessively worrying about their view and feeling the need to "correct" their various views. Yet they seem obsessed with the more traditional view, and seemingly want to have a "war" over these differences in view.

Personally, my view is that they can believe whatever they want. we'll all find out soon enough.

But I distinctly recall, according to their views, that someone should have been declared as the AC by now (didn't someone even come on this board 'inform' us that such a date was rapidly approaching?

A date that has come and gone? Because many of them believe that we are already in the Tribulation, in fact now >3.5 years in, and for the life of me, I can't recall anyone going to the Temple (which hasn't been built yet) and declared himself as the AC...

Secondly, they obsessively believed that Solana is the AC - and he is now basically out of the picture (other than written commentaries etc) - and I believe he is near or over 70 years old now. But some still cling to the "fact" that he is the AC.

Come on.

Expected Imminently said...

Scott said 'For now, I'm going to try and ignore, but I'm 51/49 on whether to ignore or to deal with it.....'

This is the 'cumbe on', that is exactly what they want, it's music to their closed ears.

If you can take a rise in blood-pressure, read the blog anonymously where I am sure you will realise ignoring them hurts them far more.

With love and concern

Scott said...

LOL on the one comment :)