Wednesday, February 16, 2011

More Headlines for a Day

Food Prices at dangerous levels

Mubarak dead? In Coma? Egypt papers abuzz with news on ousted ruler's health

Strong quake jolts Eastern Indonesia

Strong quake hits off southern Taiwan

4.3 magnitude earthquake near Mount St. Helens is biggest in 30 years

Libya protesters take to the streets

Report: Iran recovered quickly from cyber-attack on nuclear plant

Israel faces emboldened Palestinian delegation in the UN

Koranic Dissimulation is Normative Islam

Saudis ready to aid Bahraini ruler. First riots in Libya after Yemen, Jordan

This last article is worth reading as it provides perspective in terms of what is happening in the Middle East today.

The day is still young. Who knows what news will break before the end of the day. We'll be watching.


Alice said...

Hi Scott...

Thanks for the headlines!

I'm still kinda shocked (but not) by this one that I just ran across. What do you think? Think it will make it into the U.S.'s main stream media?

DrNofog said...

Did you post info on the increase of earthquakes past to present in groups of 38 year increments?

It was very impressive, but I'm having a dickens of a time trying to find it again [I thot I saved it as important, but apparently not...]

Scott said...

DrNo - I have that information on a power point presentation...For a small fee, I'll be glad to find that information :)

Just kidding. I'll find it and put it on this comments page later tonight - I'm on the run right now - but I should be able to find it quickly.

Alice - Let me take a look at that link later and I'll get back on that

Many thanks!

Scott said...

Here it is DrNo:

Quakes > 6.9

1863-1900 = 12
1901-1938 = 53
1939 - 1976 = 71
1977 - 2014 = 151

Not to mention this. I have old slides from about 10 years ago when we were averaging ~ 20,000 quakes a year (total) and its already jumped to 30,000 a year now. (I know because I have had to revise those slides over and over)...Thats 50% increase in 10 years in total quakes

DrNofog said...

Not to keep pestering you, but where did you originally post that, and did you compile that data yourself or pick it up elsewhere?

Scott said...

No, it was something I found elsewhere. Its in my presentations, and I don't have the link. I could probably find it with some digging. I normally have the reference of all my slides, but for some inexplicable reason, I didn't on this particular slide. It COULD have been a tangent from the USGS. Let me see if I can dig it up. (I may have it bookmarked now that I think about it. )