Thursday, February 24, 2011

In the news:

North African Turmoil Could Rocket Crude to $220

If the turmoil paralyzing parts of the Middle East and North Africa brings oil production in Libya and Algeria to a standstill, it could cause crude oil to explode to $220 a barrel, derailing the global economic recovery.

World economy will fall if revolts spread to S. Arabia

“If something like we have seen in Egypt or Libya happens in Saudi Arabia, we’re talking about a catastrophic scenario that will bring a global economic meltdown.”

“The world needs to wake up to the fact that if a country like Saudi Arabia follows the same path we’ve seen in Egypt, Tunisia and Libya, it would be a very, very dangerous situation for every economy in the world – the rich and poor alike,” said Luft. “The first thing that will happen is, the poor people of the world will starve; there will be no oil to distribute food in places like Africa. Then all the world markets will collapse.”

Unfortunately, the unrest appears to be spreading rapidly and now reaching northern Africa:

'Days of Rage' Spreading to Africa?

The government of Zimbabwe has arrested dozens of political activists in an attempt to stop protesters from igniting a “Day of Rage.” The 45 activists were indicted Wednesday on charges of treason after watching videos of North African protests.

Police testified the activists were discussing the possibility of holding similar demonstrations in Zimbabwe. Among the group were trade unionists, student leaders and their organizer, Munyaradzi Gwisai, leader of the International Socialist Organisation.

More ominous news from Syria:

Satellite Photos: More Nuclear Sites in Syria

Western intelligence agencies have detected another nuclear plant in Syria – in a Damascus suburb.

Following Israel’s bombing of a nuclear production plant in Syria over three years ago, another nuclear complex, albeit smaller, has now apparently been found, following close analysis of satellite photos

The small, two-building complex reported by the German paper is located in Marj al-Sultan, adjacent to a military base - 15 kilometers east of Damascus.

The images of the smaller building show chemical equipment apparently made of stainless steel, as "would be expected in a uranium conversion plant," according to Western intelligence officials who wished to remain anonymous.

This is very interesting for two reasons: 1) The close proximity to Damascus (consider the pending destruction of Damascus) and 2) Israel will be forced to either ignore this complex or destroy the complex. The decision is binary. So how will Israel handle this new information? Stay tuned for this one.

Iran warships dock in Syria

Two Iranian warships have docked in Syria, a military commander said on Thursday, dismissing Israeli condemnations of the manoeuvre as a "provocation."
Coinciding with political turmoil in Egypt and elsewhere in the Arab world, Iran's decision to send warships close to Israeli territory has rattled politicians in the Jewish state.

NZ quake death toll at 98; 120 bodies under rubble; 226 missing

New Zealand Quake was '1 of 5000 Aftershocks'

The Inflation Disaster is Near

Five dollar a gallon gas will shatter the Federal Reserve's tightly constrained lid on inflation and accelerate the other half our long anticipated "double dip" recession.

Already the increases in food and clothing prices have been felt at the cash register. Disposable income will inevitably drop along with consumer demand for domestic cars and trucks,

In 2009, the United States still imported 51% of all its petroleum requirements, both crude and refined. This continues to be an unacceptably high number in our quest for energy independence. Gas prices remain hostage to the increasing hostile regimes that sell us oil.

IMF says weaker dollar would help global growth

To address global imbalances, the G20 should allow the dollar to fall, the Washington-based institution said.

"Some further real effective depreciation of the US dollar would help ensure a sustained decline of the US current account deficit towards a level more consistent with medium-term fundamentals, helping to support more balanced growth," the IMF said.

Oklahoma Police Captian Faces Disciplinary Action for Refusing to Attend Islamic Event

The Tulsa Police Deptartment is investigating a captain who refused an order to assign officers to attend an upcoming Islamic event because he said it would violate his religious beliefs.

Capt. Paul Fields was reassigned after he refused to order officers under his command to attend the Islamic Center of Tulsa’s Law Enforcement Appreciation Day, a spokesman for the department said.

“It is my opinion and that of my legal counsel that forcing me to enter a Mosque when it is not directly related to a police call for service is a violation of my Civil Rights,” Fields wrote in an internal police department memo obtained by Fox News.

And finally, this in from Debka:

Hamas Iran-made missiles hit Beersheba as Iranian warships dock in Syria

Israel's security leaders ought not to have been surprised when Hamas fired two long-range Iranian-made Grad missiles Wednesday night, Feb. 23 at the Negev cities of Beersheba and Netivot.

The attack occurred exactly when Iranian Navy commander Adm. Habibollah Sayyari was due in Syria's Latakia port to attend the welcoming party for the two Iranian warships which made it through the Suez Canal without US or Israeli interference. It also marked a fresh, redoubled Hamas offensive against Israel.

Wednesday night, Israel put the communities within range of the Gaza Strip, including the cities of Beersheba, Netivot, Ofakim, Sderot, Ashkelon and Ashdod, on heightened alert status for further Palestinian attacks.

That night, Israeli air strikes hit a Jihad Islami missile team and then spread out to bomb Hamas command centers, which had meanwhile been hurriedly evacuated in expectation of Israel's routine aerial reprisal.

DEBKAfile's military sources report that more aggression from the Gaza Strip is inevitable given the Netanyahu government's feeble or non-response despite the urgent need to shore up Israel's security situation continuously eroded by the turbulence in Arab capitals.

Even though it was obvious that Hamas had been strengthened by Hosni Mubarak's fall in Egypt, Israel stood by as Hamas rampaged out of Gaza and into Sinai and the Egyptian-Israeli border areas – even when a Hamas special team on Feb. 5 blew up the Egyptian pipeline which conveyed 43 percent of Israel's gas needs. Replacement sources have added close to $400 million a month to Israel's energy bill.

It looks like the worst fears from the Egyptian situation are now being realized:

Western military sources report that the Iran-backed Palestinian Hamas is further exploiting the shaky situation in Cairo and Israeli inaction to double or even triple the quantities of weapons smuggled via the Suez Canal and Sinai into the Gaza Strip. One Israeli officer said he had never before seen surface-to-surface missiles, anti-aircraft missiles and anti-tank missiles secreted into Gaza in such bulk.

And add this to the mix:

The free passage afforded the two Iranian warships for transiting the Suez Canal Tuesday, Feb. 22 – without Egypt or US and Israeli warships even inspecting their cargoes - has encouraged Tehran to press on with its expansionist ambitions.

Hamas understood that its redoubled offensive against Israel would be most welcome. The Palestinian extremists held their fire until Tehran announced the warships had put into Latakia Wednesday and the arrival of Iran's navy chief that night. And then they went into action – first against an IDF border patrol, then to fire Grads at Beersheba and Netivot.

Israel's policy-makers have chosen to ignore the role of those two vessels as the thin edge of a wedge: They are to set up a permanent base on the Mediterranean with more Iranian naval vessels continuing to pass through the Suez Canal and joining them at Latakia.

Hamas is counting on Iran building up its military presence and on Israel to stand by helplessly – just as it did when its request to the new military rulers of Egypt to stop the Iranian flotilla's passage through Suez went unanswered.

The Palestinians ruling Gaza are sending Grad missiles as messengers to Israel that they now enjoy Iranian support close by in the Mediterranean. DEBKAfile's military sources wonder if this message will not finally act as a wakeup call for Jerusalem.

All of this in one day of prophecy watching. Turmoil and instability is the order of the day - as we watch the Middle East racing to embrace radical Islam - at a degree far more than we have ever seen.

Ultimately, as we know from biblical prophecy - it has to do with Israel being surrounded by her enemies - enemies who will gather together and launch a massive invasion of Israel.

We are watching the exact set-up for this to happen.

God's plan is setting up exactly as we would expect.

We shouldn't be surprised by any of this nor should we have a spirit of fear. We were told that these things would happen, and we were told that we would see such things - on this side of the Tribulation. We were also told to look up - and watch for Jesus' return as we begin to see these things (Luke 21:28).

I don't know about you, but I'm following these instructions and looking up.

I'm ready - are you?


Anonymous said...

Things are happening so fast it is hard to keep up with it. You do a great job keeping us informed. Thank you for your hard work.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Linda thanks for all you do. You capture all the relevant news and bring it into focus as it rleates to end time prophecy.

DrNofog said...

Stephen, R U still expecting a dollar rally after all these "signs"?

You can clearly see that the Illuminati/IBC is 'telegraphing' their intentions, bracing the masses with little tid-bits of dire warnings of our imminent collapse and the "necessity" of our merger into the North Amero Onion in order to 'facilitate' our recovery and make us competitive with the EU...

And, of course, it's not their fault. These are just unstable events in a troubled area of the world, that we should have made ourselves less dependent upon!

BTW, you seem to miss responses to your previous posts if they're a day or 2 later, and not made the same day [here], as you hurry to the latest news. Not everyone can always reply the same day.

Just curious to know your thots... and you can reply here since I referenced it here.

Also, who's feeding you the "sunshine, smoke an' mirrors" about gold and the dollar?

It only works one way. Strong economy = invest in Am businesses [strong $$], - Econ goes south = move yer assets into gold [$$ takes a dive, ie. hyper-inflation]!

History---> 1929 Stock market crash. The IBC wants to own and control Am businesses so they conger up this neat scheme: Run ads on "how to get rich in the stock market", only they're not ads [laws against deceptive ads]. They're cleverly disguised as "human interest stories" of poor house wives invest and make it big time...
When they got enough 'losers' in, the banks pulled their money out and took it to Canada, starting the crash. [BTW, they brought Churchill over on a so-called state visit on the day of the crash to show him their power, so he'll play ball properly and not get outta line].
Meanwhile, Am business, desperate for operating funds, are forced to sell stock for pennies and the IBC snaps them up.
[They don't teach it that way in government controlled schools, BTW!]

DrNofog said...


I have also noticed over the years, that prophecy, in general, addresses what the 'masses of humanity' will see [and what they are "supposed" to "see", by what they are being fed by the LSM.

God doesn't put a strain on the majority of us to "see" all the machinations of all the "conspirators" involved!
He simply mentions it in passing, with a very, very pregnant:
"For the mystery of iniquity does already work..." 2 Thessalonians 2:7 --> ["mystery", as in "secret", you know, the "C" word: "c o n s p i r a c y"]
...and leaves it for the interested students of political history to ferret out the details of the "Agenda"...

Expected Imminently said...

I am SO glad you are a 'ferret', I panic in confined spaces and learn nothing until the rabbit bolts - too late then!

Good show! :)

SonOfGodThruChrist said...

I just want to thank you scott for this website God bless in the name of Jesus Christ, it has allowed me along with other websites to try to sway non-believers into believers, in revelation the bible speaks of a comet type asteriod crashing into the sea. I've managed to discover when this is going to occur, well not pin-point but close to it. Im going to post the video people should watch, im also going to post the video of the denver underground airport, which is really a bunker they have already been working on, which there going to go into. In the video a scientist talks about after emerging from the bunkers they will be assigned an idea chip, which i think symbolizes the mark of the beast, here's the video on planet x, also pay attention to the movie Battle For L.A. coming out 3/11/11 i think it will tell alot about whats going to happen. Thank you continue to do work and may God continue to bless us all in Jesus Name

SonOfGodThruChrist said...

This link is the denver underground airport, which is really an underground bunker there going to go into i speculate

It also speaks of locust in sky, which i think will be UFO's which are really fallen angels. Have you noticed the amount of "alien" movies that are coming out as of late? Transformers revenge of the fallen... fallen angels that is. What is transformers story line? Bad "aliens" who come to destroy the planet while Good "aliens" have been sent to watch over us.

Scott said...

Linda and Anon - many thanks :)

DrNo - good point - I agree.

Son of God - thats very interesting and I will most definitely take a look at that video. I assume you know about the site 'The Vigilant Citizen' - which has an excellent review of that airport and its strange paintings etc, you may want to check that out. Also, as you probably know, there are other similar places around the world (although perhaps not as dramatic and as "in your face" as the Denver Airport.

Thanks again for that link - I am most interested.

SonOfGodThruChrist said...

The bible speaks of a comet or asteriod crashing into the sea in revelations. I've managed to put it all together i "think". The video im going to post is in reference to that comet/asteriod. It goes on to explain some kind of chip being implimented after they emerge from the bunkers they have built which i strongly think is going to be the mark of the beast. Thank you Scott for all the work that you are doing. This website along with a couple more i visit has helped me open of the minds of alot of people. Right now its a battle for souls i fight for God Almighty and Jesus Christ, so lets save as many as we can shall we? Thank you and God Bless. P.s. pay attention to all the "alien" movies coming out as of late... especially pay close attention to Battle For L.A. 3/11/11 i think that will reveal alot of information... could the "alien" spaceships in the sky be locust that revelation speaks of?

Anonymous said...

Hello Dr. No >>>>

I am still expecting a HUGE RALLY
in the dollar, for the very reason
that no one is expecting that.

As I said before......if it were
THAT easy to do the obvious and
buy gold, silver, and sell all
the dollars, if it were that easy,
then we could all quit our jobs and play the markets....

BUT, that is not the case.

I see SILVER is already starting
a massive sell off.....

I believe, and still do, that the
EURO will collapse, not the dollar.

Also, no news out of UFM or anywhere on the identity of the AC.
I guess we will continue to wait.

Stephen !!!!!!! in Hawaii

Anonymous said...

"The ENP reform proposals are to be published in a review on 20 April and were debated by the 27 EU commissioners on Wednesday. EU diplomats are also expected to discuss the subject ahead of a meeting of EU foreign ministers next month."

Passover begins on the evening of 19th of April:


James said...

Son of God can you list the other sites that you referenced above.

For Everyone...It's amazing to watch the speed of the events happening now. The Israeli newspapers are struggling to keep up, the White House under this President is usually two weeks behind in its response, even our dear friend Scott is posting more than ever. I think this weekend we should spend time with our families because next week is going to pick up speed in so many directions. As always, reconcile your life with Christ. Speak about him and often. If you take the time to notice, God is putting us all in great places to witness for Christ. Sharpen your listening powers and passionately honor Christ in all that you do. If you can do some people watching this weekend that would be great. You can see the fear and worry on everyone's faces. Reach out to them. People are more open now as the Holy Spirit is being poured out over our nation. Onward and upward my friends!!

Anonymous said...

EU defence ministers to discuss Libya unrest
24 February 2011, 22:38 CET

(BUDAPEST) - European defence ministers are expected to discuss the unrest shaking Libya at a meeting Thursday night,..


Anonymous said...

Dear Dr. No >>>>

As I said before, if its obvious,
then it is obviously wrong...

PLEASE check out NEM

just go to

This is the QUEEN of Gold mining
companies....and the stock just
took a real beating this am on
the NYSE.....

THIS IS WHY I am very bullish on
the dollar and negative on Gold.

I believe the END will come, its
just that I use Elliott wave in
my analysis, and I do NOT see
the end coming in the conventional
way everyone is thinking...ok ??

Write soon


Stephen in Hawaii !!

Anonymous said...

"Events in Libya are different from those in Tunisia and Egypt and could eventually lead to civil war there, according to global intelligence company Stratfor. This could in turn have a profound impact on other countries in the region and affect the political stability of the whole Middle East, warns Stratfor in a commentary."


Anonymous said...

"A senior European Union diplomat said Thursday the EU was considering military intervention as a means to help resolve the crisis.",,14856872,00.html

The 10-nation (full members) military organization, the Western European Union (WEU) may remain a viable option, particularly as the head of NATO said they have no plans to intervene.


DrNofog said...

EI, ...a 'ferret', huh?

Well, hopefully I don't git pegged as a 'weasel'...

SonOfGodThruChrist said...

This the website i use to show the end of time signs. It has alot of good information for someone new to all this

Then i show them this website to match up current events to the signs from the website above.

This youtube channel has alot of good information on the approaching planet x or planet nibiru, weather, the mass species dying and some other things.

This website alot of good information on everything. i highly recommend this one

I hope you find these websites useful. God Bless everyone

Scott said...


Many thanks for the links. Its always good to add to the list of good sites for our prophecy watching!

God Bless