Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Washington State Sees 20% Drop In Hospitalizations Of CV Patients

Washington State Sees 20 Percent Drop in Hospitalizations of Patients with Coronavirus-Like Symptoms

Hospitals in Washington State have experienced a 20 percent drop in the hospitalization of patients exhibiting symptoms related to the novel coronavirus, according to the state’s Department of Health (DOH).
Hospitalizations for individuals experiencing symptoms related to the coronavirus have been on the rise in Washington for a month, jumping from 61 patients during the week of February 29 and growing to 251 by March 21. However, as of March 28 the number dipped down to 193.

The Seattle Times reported:
The state Department of Health (DOH) survey, covering the seven-day period that ended Saturday, tallied 193 admissions of patients with symptoms of fever, cough and shortness of breath, down from 251 the previous week. This also marks the end of a monthlong rise in these admissions, which dates back to the last week in February, when only 61 hospitalizations of COVID-19-like illness were counted in Washington state.

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