Monday, March 23, 2020

'There Are Decades When Nothing Happens And Weeks When Decades Happen'

“There are decades where nothing happens; and there are weeks where decades happen.” ― Vladimir Ilyich Lenin

The quote by Lenin has been reverberating in my conscience for the last few weeks. I believe the quote from Strauss & Howe provides context to what has happened and will happen as this Fourth Turning advances towards its climax. I began a new role in my organization two weeks ago, after only seven months in my previous role. I’ve been in non-stop crisis meetings, as this coronavirus pandemic has flipped everyone’s world upside down. As of Thursday, we were ordered to work from home.
Governor Wolf essentially shut down every business in the state, except for food stores, gas stations, and healthcare facilities. I await the imminent shelter in place order and the National Guard patrolling the streets. 
I’ve been writing about our ongoing crisis for over ten years, so it’s not really a shock to me the ---- has finally hit the fan. I certainly didn’t expect a global pandemic to be the catalyst for part two of this Fourth Turning. But, I’m sure most people didn’t see Hitler’s invasion of Poland leading to a world war resulting in 65 million deaths when they were just living their lives in early 1939.

We exited the eye of the hurricane and have seen our ship of state capsized, as an immense wave of reality has destroyed the delusions of millions and exposed the Fed as a feckless fraud, manned by reckless academics following the orders of a banking cabal and their corporate cronies. All while the corporate media propaganda mouthpieces of the oligarchy use panic, fear and misinformation to lead the masses towards their desired outcome – more governmental control and more wealth and power for the ruling oligarchs.
So here we are, less than a month since all-time highs in the stock market, in the midst of the fastest bear market in history (down 32% in three weeks), with GDP in the 2ndquarter expected to be at least NEGATIVE 15%,unemployment headed towards 20%, restaurants and retailers shutdown, and large portions of the country on mandatory lockdown. Major cities resemble ghost towns.

Those running this country (and the world), whether elected, unelected, or invisible to the common people, have chosen to use this global pandemic to purposely create a global depression in order to “save us” from the 1% to 3% possibility of death. 

Their mainstream media messengers of the pandemic narrative declare we must follow the orders of those who never saw this coming and had no preparations in place beforehand. As usual, they use the tactics of fear propaganda to herd the sheep towards the slaughterhouse. Small businesses must go bankrupt and tens of millions must lose their jobs in order to stop this Chinese virus. But, who ultimately benefits?

I would venture to say this Crisis is truly reshaping the basic social and economic environment we have taken for granted for the last few decades. This week, the same corrupt politicians who rammed through TARP and bailed out the criminal Wall Street banks in 2008/2009 and threw you under the bus, will pass a massive $2 trillion stimulus package written by banking and corporate lobbyists that no one voting on it has read – let alone the American public.
We were already running a $1 trillion deficit, so what’s a $3 trillion deficit among friends? Here’s how it will play out. The criminal bankers and connected mega-corporations will reap the benefits of their crimes. When this is over, millions of small businesses will be gone, and the mega-corporations will reap the bonanza over the carcasses of small business owners.

The propaganda media will tout the few thousand bucks thrown at the plebs who have lost their jobs and the billions in loans to keep small businesses afloat. Meanwhile, the Wall Street bankers and the mega-corporations will receive trillions in bailouts either directly from the taxpayers or behind the scenes from the Fed. The very same executives who used debt to buyback $7 trillion of their own stock will be rewarded for their outrageous greed and stupidity by being bailed out by you – AGAIN.

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