Monday, March 30, 2020

The George Soros Agenda

Soros and the Coronavirus pandemic

Rachel Ehrenfeld

Billionaire George Soros uses his political-philanthropic private foundations' global network to induce chaos to change the capitalistic democratic systems that prevailed since the end of WWII. Soros aims to reshape the world according to his purported wily Open Society philosophy, which evolved after the collapse of the Soviet Communist system. He tested his ideas in Eastern Europe before moving to the rest of the world, and on to his major target, the United States of America. 

Soros’s open-borders agenda and his efforts to create a global ‘open society’ have suffered a setback due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, but his ambition of changing America from within, and meddling in the domestic affairs of nation-states where his OSF operates did not ebb. Rest assured that Soros, who thrives on chaos, takes advantage of the distraction caused by the pandemic to advance his political goals in the U.S. and elsewhere.  
Over the last three decades, Soros used the massive spending of his private International Non-Governmental Organization (INGO), to spur political activism in progressive Left-leaning/radical organizations, academic institutions, and media outlets, along with large campaign contributions. Hecombined this formula with his market manipulations to produce fundamentaldisruptions and changes in the political landscape of many countries, includingthe U.S., affecting domestic and international markets, policies, and even thepresidency.
When Steve Kroft interviewed Soros on “60 Minutes” in December 1998, he asked the famous speculator whether he felt any complicity in the financial collapses in Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Japan, or Russia. Smiling, Soros responded: “I don’t feel guilty because I am engaged in an amoral activity which is not meant to have anything to do with guilt.” His amoral behavior is not limited to finance. “I cannot and do not look at the social consequences of what I do,” he replied arrogantly

Professing to be an “amoral” financial speculator has earned Soros the image of a maverick. His generous handouts did wonders to blind the political, media, academic and social elites, and afforded him the respectability and credibility he needed to advance his sociopolitical disruptive agenda, remodeling countries, especially the U.S., to whatever he deems as an “open society.”

To increase the spread of and maximize the influence of his disruptive ideas, Soros has been using his charities to fund progressive socialist/globalist groups. He endowed his flagship charity, the  Open Society Foundations (OSF), which operates as an INGO, with more than $19.5 billion and an operating budget of $1.2 billion for 2020. It is the "world's largest private grant-making" political entity, which according to its website operates in more "than 120 countries,” distributing "thousands of grants every year” to local NGOs and individuals who claim to be independent and sometimes even non-partisan, to “promote” the OSF’s “values.” 

The short and long-term aggregate influence of Soros’s private INGO, and its network of thousands of local NGO’s is multidimensional and grows exponentially. 
Soros’s global network is exceptionally complex and notoriously opaque. Transparify, which rates global think-tank transparency, classified the OSF as "highly opaque," with the rating of "0."
In January 2020, Soros chose the World Economic Forum in Davos to announce his most ambitious initiative, the "most important and enduring project" of his life, the Open Society University Network (OSUN). He pledged $1 billion to create what "the world really needs," an international platform for teaching and research that existing universities all over the world would be able to join, among other things, "to fight dictators and would-be dictators." 

How would the scholars at the OSUN identify "would-be dictators"? Easily. According to Soros, "A perfect way to tell a dictator or a would-be dictator if he identifies me as an enemy." 
Soros created the OSUN, a “new kind of global educational network," to serve as a global indoctrination organ to fight against "climate change" (the Left's new religion) and to "educate against nationalism” and other topics close to his heart, so his "Open Society" doctrine of radical socialist political activism endures and spreads after he's gone.

Soros' new OSUN is set to function as a “thought” feeder to and enforcer of his Open Society doctrine, which functions as a clarion call for resistance and revolutions, evoking some of Karl Marx’s and Leon Trotsky’s ideas on permanent revolution.
The OSF’s press release announced that the OSUN would join forces with other Soros-funded universities: his Vienna based Central European University (CEU), and Bard College in upstate New York, with campuses in New York City, Boston, California, Germany, and Russia, Al-Quds University in the West Bank, Arizona State University, the American University of Central Asia in Kyrgyzstan, BRAC University in Bangladesh, and others. 
Soros’s OSF calls for and funds NGOs and individuals for training to organize protests and large-scale demonstrations and teaching resistance techniques. They also call for and support activities against nationalism, Judeo-Christian values and traditions, and of course, capitalism.

Soros, who vehemently opposes Donald Trump, failed to foresee the latter’s successful run to the White House, thus shorted the equity market, losing nearly $1 billion. Since then, he pledged to use all available means to overthrow Trump, whom he calls an “imposter,” and his administration a “Danger to the World,” out of office. 
Soros and his family and their foundations are pouring money into election campaigns of Democrat candidates to all offices, especially district attorneys. They also fund advocacy groups that function as “echo-chambers” for candidates for the 2020 elections. The candidates’ main qualification is adherence to Soros' progressive- socialist, anti-law enforcement, open borders, illegal migration, sanctuary cities, gender and racial rights, social justice, climate change, etc.
Soros's bottomless funding of such candidates led U.S. Attorney General William Barr to warn that the liberal billionaire has been bankrolling radical prosecutor candidates in cities across the country. "There's this recent development [where] George Soros has been coming in, in largely Democratic primaries where there has not been much voter turnout and putting in a lot of money to elect people who are not very supportive of law enforcement and don't view the office as bringing to trial and prosecuting criminals but pursuing other social agendas," he told Martha MacCallum, on "The Story" on Fox News, in December 2019. 
The chaos following the breakout of the coronavirus pandemic that tanked the financial markets and shut down the U.S. economy is a crisis Soros will not waste to attack Trump. According to the Washington Free Beacon, Soros has already given “$3 million in contributions” to Priorities USA Action -- the Democratic Party's largest super PAC. The money is used to flood Florida, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin with ads attacking Trump’s handling of the pandemic. How much did Soros contribute to help fight the pandemic?


Anonymous said...

Why are these corrupt politicians still in office? If the citizens of these Democrat controlled cities want law and order in their communities they need to remove the swamp creatures from office. They have certainly abdicated their oath of office to protect their citizens. Instead they serve at the whim of an arrogant tyrant whose agenda is to destroy the American way of life.

Anonymous said...

He knew he had to indoctrinate our youth which he did a great job. He created racial unrest and is playing with our economy. If money is the root of all evil….look no further than Soros.