Saturday, March 28, 2020

Bill Gates: Lockdowns Should Last 10 Weeks - 3 Months

Bill Gates Says Lockdowns Need To Last 10 Weeks, Possibly 3 Months

Brock Simmons

Billionaire globalist Bill Gates recently partook in an “ask me anything” session on Reddit, where users were free to ask him anything he would do his best to respond.

Of course most of the conversation centered around the coronavirus, and the tech magnate is now all of a sudden some kind of medical and sociology expert.
During this AMA session, Gates suggested that we may need to lock down, or “shut down” as he prefers to call it, needs to last upwards of 10 weeks, and there are many references to it lasting as long as 3 months, or even 18 months until vaccines come out.
Some people are trying to newspeak the lockdowns by calling it a “suppression strategy.”
"I think people in the US will be able to largely isolate for 2-3 months. If they can access testing including a home test kit then they will understand who is infected. I keep saying how important the testing piece is."

It’s easy for Bill Gates, who recently became a centibillionaire, to shelter in place in his giant mansions, tennis courts, pools, and acreage. The rest of us peasants? Not so much. But Gates has no idea what it’s like to live as a normal person. 

Some people brought this up, that the lives lost from an economic catastrophe would be more than those lost by the Covid 19 pandemic, such as this comment:
There is a wide misconception about the feasibility of storing months worth of food while living paycheck to paycheck.
Not to mention, now your employer is closed due to the coronavirus.
The recession will inevitably be more damaging to the America Worker than the coronavirus itself.
This was the first thing I thought of. He’s dodging questions left and right in this thread about supporting people/causes financially and keeps repeating the same shit; just stay in your house anywhere from 2-6 months. Yeah Okay Bill. So easy.
Several people also asked him about the Event 201 pandemic simulation that the Gates foundation helped to organize last fall, and Gates never addressed those questions.
Gates also took part in a video chat as part of TED Connects, and at around the 16:25 mark they start to talk about how people will have to be isolated for upwards of a year:

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