Monday, March 30, 2020

Things To Come: Globalism And Totalitarian Ideology

Is Globalism the New End of History?

At the beginning of the twentieth century, the traditional ruling class was replaced with technocratic governments.  The old elite were interested only in perpetuating their power and managing the general affairs of the state.  In contrast, the new managerial class was much more ruthless and methodical.  Their ambition went farther than any tyranny of the past; they believed they had a quasi-divine mandate to reshape society in their image.  

 As a direct consequence, the twentieth century has shown that in the absence of an absolute, divine reference, words can justify any atrocity.

A totalitarian ideology aims to impose a vision on society and transform the individual mindset to fit a collectivist pattern.  All ideologies pretend they respond to a social necessity and that they are the end of history. 

 Ideologies are a means of transferring morality from the divine to a human level, thus shifting the emphasis from truth to power.  

Fascism, National Socialism, and socialism left behind a trail of economic devastation, wars, and mass murder.  The fascist economies were based on a corporatist model; big companies in Germany and Italy worked alongside the state to set a national economic policy.  

In the United States, the New Deal enacted reconstruction programs through cooperation between big businesses and the government bureaucracy, under the wise guidance of the Federal Reserve.  The centerpiece of the economic policy was the coerced government cartelization of industry based on corporatism.  The progressive and fascist economic models were virtually indistinguishable.

Any rational person would have learned from the lessons of the past century, but not our so-called leaders.  The growth of government has created a bureaucracy whose members, as in some feudal aristocracy, consider that their power is derived from their social status rather than the consensus of the governed.  

The entire progressive rule, from Prohibition to open borders, has been a sequence of escalating social engineering experiments.  Permanent tinkering with the public education system has produced functional illiterates with the political worldview of Maoist guards.  Another progressive experiment, the welfare state, is insolvent and is kept alive only by the economic tricks of the glorious Federal Reserve.   

After the collapse of communism in 1989, the way was open for a progressive New World Order.  The oligarchic bureaucracy of the Deep State, together with shadowy characters from former communist and third-world countries, became part of a criminal global organization with supranational managerial power.  Ideologies competing with Progressivism had ended in enslavement, genocide, and war, so a new narrative was required.  The dangerous myth of the end of history was revived; this time, the future will belong to liberal democracy.

The new narrative is globalism, which is supposed to be the ultimate ideology that will save the world.  In reality, it is a mismatched combination of totalitarian ideologies; social movements; and the half-baked, pseudo-Marxist philosophical ideas of the Frankfurt school and Antonio Gramsci.  Socialism has been replaced with the socialization of perceived injustices.  Globalism considers nation-states as obsolete entities that are responsible for war and genocides.  In the name of ill defined concepts like diversity and multiculturalism, the demographics of Western nation-states have been irreversibly altered.

This process has no legal or moral basis and is justified only by emotional propaganda.  Instead of being set by negotiations, wages are now determined by an immigration policy dictated by politicians and CEOs rather than internal market demand.  Under the pretext of fighting a permanent crisis, the fascist corporatist economic model has been revived.

  From orange and yellow terror alerts to pandemics, the ruling class needs to keep the peons in a permanent state of fear.  Never let a good crisis go to waste, and if no good crisis is available, manufacture one.  To our rulers, God is dead, so the connection between morality and the rule of law that is essential to the good workings of a republic has been broken.  The rule of law is gradually being replaced with the designed chaos and violence of social justice, while morality has become just a cover for "humanitarian" propaganda.      
Our society is becoming neo-feudal, consisting of the ruling class and their serfs, with the indigenous middle class gradually losing any political and economic influence. 

A narrative that grows into a state ideology is changing and altering everything, from entertainment to education, science, history, and politics.  The ideological tone is increasingly strident and hysterical, with any attempt at moderation gone out the window; it is as if a doomsday cult has monopolized any form of communication. 

The worst is yet to come.  In the twentieth century, the demented dream of reshaping the world according to ideological principles led to the death of tens of millions of people.  That same dream has now been revived by the globalist Mafia on an even larger scale.  In a world that is increasingly violent, dysfunctional, and fragmented, chaos engulfs everything.  

The fabric of society is being torn apart, and there is no natural cohesive factor to oppose it.  As the decision-making process becomes more centralized, rulers look increasingly like monkeys pulling levers at random.  In the end, they just give up any attempt at running society rationally and institute the total control of ignorant goons.  They are the apprentice sorcerers that lost control of their own experiments.

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