Wednesday, February 26, 2020

U.S. No Longer Hide Fact That Nuclear Drills Are Aimed At Russia

Convenient hysteria: US is no longer sugar-coating the fact its nuclear drills are aimed at Russia

Mikhail Khodarenok

Last week, the US conducted a military exercise which simulated a nuclear exchange with Russia and contrary to traditional practices, the Pentagon put that politically explosive designation out in the open.
Any operational directive (or combat order) starts with an overall “enemy” assessment which includes data about the “enemy’s” political situation and military capabilities in the strategic area of interest, as well as possible scenarios of engagement. 
Sometimes a particular enemy is designated for these exercises, but usually it’s just given some abstract label (such as blue, green or orange). Even fake countries, like Donovia or Limaria, are invented in some cases.
All the documents pertaining to military exercises are usually classified. Depending on the level of sensitivity, they are marked as “secret” or “top secret.” All this is done in order to avoid souring relations with other states, which might well happen if, for instance, the papers reveal that one nation is role-playing an attack on another.
Nuclear war games are always classified as top secret. Basically, all documents related to strategic nuclear forces operations would be the most restricted military data in any nuclear state.

And then a senior Pentagon official comes out and says, at the DoD Background Briefing on Nuclear Deterrence and Modernization, that they held a "mini-exercise" with a scenario that “included a European contingency where [the troops] were conducting a war with Russia, and Russia decided to use a low-yield limited nuclear weapon against a site on NATO territory.” The exercise was complete with a simulation of a conversation between the secretary of defense and the president “to decide how to respond.”
Forget cautious secrecy, the full transcript was published on the DoD’s website. This makes one think, what is that about? One thing we can say for sure is that it definitely does not help maintain or promote peace and friendly relations in the world.


Anonymous said...

Just make sure these guys who unleashed a nuclear attack on Russia do not hide in a specially made bunker when Putin returns fire.
I believe the US public doesnt want war but its these guys who are deliberatedly provoking China and Putin.
They shd be charged with war mongering.

Anonymous said...

These Nato countries especially the east european states that let the US use their countries to attack will be razed to the ground.Trump is using these countries as cannon fodder.
In this way Trump hopes that while these countries and Russia are destroyed,the US will emerge unscathed and be ready to be King of the
World forever.
This only a dream . Putin will make Russia can devastate the conus
and make it uninhabitable if Russia were destroyed.

Anonymous said...

That's why some time ago,a US politician said it was insane for one person to decide the fate of the world.He wanted a fail safe approach which will be unacceptable to the US war hawks.
These guys are out to provoke China and Russia as well as NK into war just like the Pentagon did in Gulf of Tonkin.THere was no NV attack on US boats. In fact the US boats forced the NV in to firing to defend themselves.
Johnson lied to Congress and 58000 young Gis were sacrificed to defend US.Make no mistake . A war with CHina/Russia will be unthinkable and though both maybe destroyed,the US will suffer catastrophic destruction,ianti missile shield or THaad .

Anonymous said...

The US think with its missile shield it can launch a quick
and disarming nuclear attack on Russia and China.
No way will these 2 countries roll over and surrender.They will make sure retaliation can be swift and devastating and let the military tell their political masters its a dead end.
The trouble is the latter and former owe their positions and are beholden to the military industrial complex. No more war and you
will be out of ajob