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Coronavirus Spreads To Italy, Costa Mesa Files Court Document To Block Federal Relocation Of 35-50 Infected Patients

Coronavirus news: Deadly virus spreads to Italy amidst World Health Organisation warning

Italy has confirmed 16 cases of the virus which originated in China. All public meetings, including church services, sports matches and carnivals, have been banned in the ten towns.Authorities have also requested that 50,000 people remain at home.

Of the cases 14 are in Lombardy and two in Veneto.
Doctors are working to discover whether a further two patients in Veneto also have the virus.
None of the 16 had recently visited China, raising concerns about the speed of the disease’s spread.

One man who tested negative for the virus recently met a friend who returned from China, and authorities are investigating whether he could have passed the contagion on without catching it himself.
Those who caught the virus included his wife and one of his friends.
Italian health minister Roberto Speranza commented: “We had prepared a plan in recent days, because it was clear what has happened could somehow happen.”
Separately South Korea has declared an ‘emergency’ as 100 new cases have been confirmed in the country.
It came after the second death from the virus in South Korea was confirmed, in the southeast of the country.
Many cases have been linked to the Shincheonji Church, which critics have labelled a cult.
The controversial church has shut all 74 of its venues in South Korea.
Instead worshipers are advised to watch religious services online.

World Health Organisation head Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus has warned about the growing number of infections with no direct connection to China.
He said: “We are concerned about the number of cases with no clear epidemiological link, such as travel history to or contact with a confirmed case.”
However Dr Ghebreyesus added prevention measures put in place meant there is a “fighting chance” of stopping the virus spreading widely.
There are growing fears about the number of cases in Iran, where four people have died.

On Friday both Israel and Lebanon reported their first cases of the virus.
In total China has reported 75,567 cases, which have caused 2,239 deaths.
The virus first emerged in the Chinese province of Hubei.

Separately the governor of Tokyo criticised Shaun Bailey, the Tory candidate for Mayor of London, after he suggested the 2020 Olympics could be relocated to the UK capital.
According to the South China Morning Post he said it was “not appropriate to try to make it an issue in a mayoral election”.
He also claimed Tokyo’s association with the virus was because of a cruise ship which “belongs to Britain”.


Until two days ago, the CDC’s “official” numbers claimed 15 infections in the United States. With the return of other infected evacuees from the Diamond Princess cruise ship, that number jumped to 35. But now, we know the real number is much higher, possibly as high as 70 infected people in the United States, thanks to a court document filed by the city of Costa Mesa, California.

That document, uncovered by Fox 5 News in San Diego, is shown below. It calls for a judicial decision to block the federal government’s attempt to move 35 – 50 infectedpatients from Travis Air Force Base to an ill-prepared isolation facility in Costa Mesa that’s near millions of people.

But the CDC’s “official” numbers claim there are only 13 infected patients in California to begin with. Let’s see if we can unravel the numbers here…

35 – 50 infected patients being urgently moved from Travis Air Force Base

The “statement of facts” section of the document warns that “35 – 50 patients already diagnosed with the Coronavirus” are about to be relocated from Travis Air Force Base to a facility in Costa Mesa. The lawsuit document then warns, “State officials demanded to know why local emergency personnel notified City leaders at all of the plan to produce people with a deadly and highly communicable disease into the community.”
Here’s what the lawsuit document says:

Statement of Facts:
Defendants intend to relocate from 35-50 patients already diagnosed with the Coronavirus from a secure location on Travis Air Force Base, where they are isolated from population centers, to Costa Mesa, a densely population city within a county of over 3 million. (Dempsey Decl. ??2, 6-7). And they plan to do so without first determining the suitability of the facility where the individuals will be housed. The Defendants’ plan was announced at the eleventh hour, with no efforts to include local government leaders or local public health officials. (Id.). Indeed, State officials demanded to know why local emergency personnel notified City leaders at all of the plan to introduce people with a deadly and highly communicable disease into the community.

This means the CDC has been withholding the real numbers of infected patients from the public

What this lawsuit means is that the CDC has been lying about the total number of infected coronavirus patients in America.
Although the numbers are a bit hard to nail down due to the lack of information from federal agencies, the current “official” count of infections, via the CDC, is just 14 confirmed cases in the United States, with only 414 people tested.
In addition, the CDC says there are 3 people evacuated from Wuhan, China who have the virus, and 18 people evacuated from the Diamond Princess cruise ship.
That’s a grand total of 35 people who are confirmed infected in America, according to the CDC.
But according to this map of infections in America, via NBC News, there are only 13 cases in California, with 2 recovered there. The map shows 20 cases outside California, including the 11 in Nebraska.
Added to the 35 – 50 infected patients at Travis Air Force Base as described by the lawsuit above, this seems to indicate there are actually 55 – 70 infected people in America that we know of so far, at least if we’re crunching the (somewhat confusing) numbers correctly.

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