Wednesday, February 26, 2020

China Colonizing The World

China Is Colonizing the World (Part One)

Dave Hodges

As the late Carl Sagan once said, extraordinary claims require extraordinary proof and this is precisely what is going to be presented in this multi-part series in which it is alleged that the Conroanvirus will present a set of circumstances in which the Chinese will firmly establish themselves as the new world policeman as they have hijacked the role from the United States. 
It will be alleged in this series that the Chinese have pre-positioned colonists, economic and military interests around the planet as an early part of the plot to control the world for the United Nations takeover in which the UN claimed that they would be the sole planetary and economic authority by 2030. This is the subject of this, Part One, in this series. 
Part Two will examine the role that bioweapons (ie the Coronavirus) and locusts along with a resulting economic collapse across the planet will be used to usher in the New World Order. 
This is a completely unbelievable hypothesis until one looks at what has already unfolded. Have the Chinese begun the early stages of colonizing the planet? A small sample-size, cursory look easily establishes the fact that the Chinese are fulfilling their new mission as the future world policeman as we can clearly see that the Chinese are the new imperialist power on the planet. 

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