Saturday, February 29, 2020

The Hoarding Begins In The U.S. : Costco In Brooklyn

Meanwhile At A Costco In Brooklyn, The Hoarding Begins

The same long lines that we've seen in China, Japan, South Korea, and across the world as people panic buy food and health supplies have started in the US.
On Saturday, the US Surgeon General urged people to "stop buying masks," saying on Twitter that they're not effective in preventing the general public from catching coronavirus.
Despite the CDC telling everyone to calm down, alleged video of long lines pouring out of a Costco store in Brooklyn, New York, surfaced on YouTube Saturday afternoon.

This angle shows hundreds of people lined up outside of the Brooklyn Costco today in the freezing cold for a chance to load up on supplies amid virus fears. 

This comes days after we reported Hawaiians raced to Sam's Club and Costco to panic buy food and health supplies as virus fears surge.

And as we noted earlier today: "The great panic of 2020 is underway" as Americans are now stocking up on supplies as a pandemic could be imminent.


Gary said...

Hi Scott, the Home Depot by me is sold out of masks.

Scott said...

I'm not surprised. I think the mask helps a ton for people who are sick, preventing their coughs etc from spreading..I'm not convinced it helps a lot in prevention for a variety of reasons. My focus would be more on treating it if I get it. - which would be the same measures as with any URI