Monday, February 24, 2020

Rumors Of War: Russian Lawmakers Blast U.S. For Nuclear War Exercise

"Sick People" - Russian Lawmakers Blast US For Nuclear War Exercise

US Defense Secretary Mark Esper participated in a war exercise late last week at the United States Strategic Command (USSTRATCOM) HQ in Omaha, Nebraska, which featured how the Pentagon would respond to a Russian nuclear attack on Europe, reported Defense One
"We conducted a mini-exercise," a senior defense official said, speaking on the condition of anonymity. "The scenario included a European contingency where you are conducting a war with Russia and Russia decides to use a low-yield limited nuclear weapon against the site on NATO territory, and then you go through the conversation that you would have with the secretary of defense and then with the president ultimately to decide how to respond."
"During the exercise, we simulated responding with a nuclear weapon," the official said.

News of the "mini-exercise" immediately traveled to Moscow. Russian lawmakers called the Pentagon's nuclear war simulation completely outrageous: 
Senator Sergei Tsekov called organizers and participants of the exercise "sick people," telling RBC News on Saturday, that he was "very surprised, frankly, very much, that they are doing this and also declare it. Although, on the other hand, judging by their current state and current actions, why be surprised?" 
Alexander Sherin, the deputy head of the Duma's defense committee, told HCH news on Saturday that the US' nuclear war simulation with Russia has several objectives: 
"Firstly, the population is getting used to such an incredible scenario for resolving the conflict as a nuclear strike between the Russian Federation and the NATO bloc. Secondly, an attempt to intimidate the population of Europe and justify the presence of American bases in European countries as guarantors of security and defenders in the event of a nuclear attack from Russia," Sherin said.
He said it would be foolish for Moscow to launch nuclear strikes on European countries because the fallout would flow back into Russia.
Sherin says the reason the US nonchalantly leaks its nuclear war exercises to the media is because it has never had a major war on its soil, unlike Europe and Russia. 
The latest drill comes as President Trump's gargantuan military budget of more than $740 billion has allocated a whopping $44 billion for nuclear weapons. 

Peter Kuznick, the director of the American University's Nuclear Studies Institute, told RT News there is no such thing of limited nuclear war. 
The exercise comes weeks after we reported the US added a 'low yield' nuclear weapon to its submarine arsenal in a controversial first in decades.  


Anonymous said...

The US is already broke . Don't believe me?The Roman empire lasted some 500 years. The sun was not supposed to set on the British Empire.
Well both died . The main issue is funds. Granted the US is many times richer,but a time will come when it will face reality.
The US still has many elite policy makers who has the mentality of US is top dog and and everyone is subservient.
All good things must ,inevitably,come to an end. That day of reckoning aint far off

Anonymous said...

Can you blame them especially since the USAF says its ready to use
nw. Well. Well. Its very good to utter such words to scare the adversary.
The problem is Russia is gigantic country.During the cold war,the US wanted to use thousands of nw to destroy every village,town and city in the Soviet union,China,Nk and eastern Europe.
A top UK general said the authors of the report were mad .Fortunately the US did not carry out the blue print.
As of May1 2020,the USAF declared its ready to use nw. I believe they think the US can be immune from nuclear retaliation.
Fortunately though China can be destroyed as well as Putin,the US
could suffer catastrophic destruction as a price.
THe US president better get the top eggheads to advise him . There are many in the US.Though some may have impaired judgement and recommend a nuclear attack,they would quickly hide in abunker if Russian and PLA missile head to the US.

Anonymous said...

So the USAF is ready to unleash its nw against Russia.Stop spinning the bs.The US military was tasked to deter a nuclear aginst the conus.@
2 can play the game. The US dropped atomic bombs on Japan safe in the knowledge the Japs couldnt retaliate and the crew could return safely.
During the Vietnam war USAF had its first taste of sams. It suffered heavy losses and its bases were immune. Not anymore.
If the US military were to do such athing again, rest assured the sams are far more deadly and can hit target 500km away.
Furthermore the bases of origin for such an attack will be hit.of course US suppression of Russian and Chinese defences can erode the capability of the defence but surely they have plan b.
Now with corid virus ,priority shd be licking the problem and not uttering threats which would sound hollow.