Wednesday, February 19, 2020

Another Sighting Of Hundreds Of Dead Birds Falling From The Sky

Hundreds of dead birds fall from the sky on highway in Catalonia, Spain in video

Hundreds of dead birds fell from the sky as reported by a driver on the C-31b highway in Catalonia. 

Environmentalists speak from a chemical leak in the atmosphere or mass poisoning as residents also reported a strong chemical smells in the air during the mass die-off. What about 5G?

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The latest massive bird kill occurred on the C-31b highway in Tarragona in Catalonia, where a local resident aboard his car was able to record what happened to be hundreds of dead birds, that had fell from the sky, covering the road.

Finally, others draw a parallel with the hundreds of birds found dead around a UK hospital and the Nascar Hall of Fame building in the USA during tests of new 5G antenna. 
Catalonia’s officials are currently analysing some carcasses to exactly pinpoint how hundreds of birds fell dead from the sky on this highway near Barcelona, a new open test laboratory for 5G. More apocalyptic headlines on Strange Sounds and Steve Quayle. [LaVanguardia]

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