Monday, August 22, 2016

New Center Of Power Is Emerging In The Middle East: Turkey-Iran-Russia Alliance Strengthens. Gog-Magog Coalition In Focus

Right on schedule:

New Center of Power is Emerging in the Middle East

Events of the recent days clearly show the emergence of a new alliance in the Middle East that is willing to work in close cooperation to seek the solution to the Syrian conflict.

This fact is not only evidenced by Russia starting to use the Hamedan Air Base in Iran to launch strikes against ISIS targets in Syria, but also by the development and strengthening of bilateral cooperation between Ankara and Tehran. Moreover, Turkey’s President Tayyip Erdogan has officially announced his intentions to visit Tehran with an official visit.

According to Iran’s Fars news agency, this visit is extremely important for the establishment of a new level of relations between Tehran and Ankara. It’s been announced that the meeting will partially be focused on the organization of the cross-party meeting of Iranian, Turkish and Russian officials to discuss strategies that would allow those players to put an end to the war in Syria. According to various observers, this visit will be the official start of the formation of the Russian-Iranian-Turkish alliance on Syria, Fars news notes.

The Time would declare right off the bat that this meeting will mark the appearance of the new anti-US axis of evil in the Middle East.

The fact that Putin has been advancing rapidly in the the Middle East has been pointed out by the Austrian newspaper DiePresse. According to the newspaper, the fact that Russian air strikes are being launched from the Iranian airfield against terrorists in Syria has deep symbolic significance, since Moscow and Tehran are showing that they began to work more closely on Syria, manifesting to the world and above all the United States that Russia is here to stay in the Middle East.

The New York Times would note that the new level of Russian-Iranian cooperation in Syria leads to the conslusion that Washington committed a major mistake by refraining from creating so-called “safe zones “and large-scale military operations in Syria, leaving a loophole for Russian to enter this war on its own rules. According to American historians and officials, the fact that Tehran allowed Russia’s warplanes to use its territory is a milestone development. This step has not simply granted Russia’s aircraft tactical advantage, but also looks like a part of the larger plan to attempt the creation of a broader coalition to settle the Syrian conflict.

The Times is convinced that Obama should wake up to fact that he has virtually created a new military axis in the Middle East that is being held together by Russia’s Iran’s and Turkey’s contempt towards Washington.

The rapidly developing military ties between Russia and Iran have been reported by The Wall Street Journal, that would note that Moscow and Tehran are strengthening their cooperation after the Iran nuclear deal being signed by President Obama. This step was immediately followed by Russia’s decision to sell advanced anti-aircraft missile systems S-300 to Tehran.

The French Le Figaro has also noted that the allies in the Syrian conflict, Iran and Russia both refrained from establishing direct military ties officially for a long while. However, once the agreement on the Iranian nuclear program was signed, both Moscow and Tehran advanced on this path, which was a truly unexpected development for Western powers. French analysts are convinced that Moscow would take full advantage of the weak posture of the Obama administration in the region, since Putin used the war in Syria to speed up Russia’s return to the international scene as the lead actor.

Students of history will find eerie but quite predictable parallels between the collapse of the Roman Empire in the 4th Century AD and the collapse of America’s global hegemony today. Not only has the choice of political so-called leaders become the near-exclusive province of big money patriarchs and their corporate interests. The choice of politicians voters are offered is worse than abysmal. As President Barack Obama tries every sneaky trick in the book to ram through a hugely unpopular Trans-Pacific Partnership free trade corporate scam, a report has emerged that there is a staggering $6.5 trillion of US taxpayer dollars that cannot be properly accounted for by standard good accounting methods. That’s trillion, not million, not billion, but trillion. That is almost 40% of the annual USA Gross Domestic Product. Missing in action…

The Defense Finance and Accounting Service, the agency that provides finance and accounting services for the Pentagon’s civilian and military members, has just revealed that it cannot provide adequate documentation for $6.5 trillion worth of “adjustments” to Army general fund transactions and data. According to a report released July 26 by the by the Inspector General of the US Department of Defense, US military budget practices are out of control. 

This is no minor book-keeping bureaucratic snafu. It exposes the rampant corruption at the heart of the world’s largest military Leviathan, the Pentagon. The Pentagon report goes on to declare, “In addition, DFAS Indianapolis did not document or support why the Defense Departmental Reporting System-Budgetary (DDRS-B), a budgetary reporting system, removed at least 16,513 of 1.3 million records during third quarter FY2015…the data used to prepare the FY2015 AGF third quarter and year-end financial statements were unreliable and lacked an adequate audit trail.” (emphasis added)

Translated into plain English, the US Army–and that’s only one branch of the US Armed Forces–destroyed accounting documents, did not provide an audit trail for accountability of funds allocated by Congress, and made apparently arbitrary, unverifiable accounting year-end adjustments that made it look like the books balanced, adjustments of $6.5 trillion worth. In other words they not only cooked the books, they Dixie-fried them, as in…trillion…trillion…trillion…

Interesting to know there are two mammoth institutions with government ties or government agencies which never have submitted to an independent audit. One is the privately-owned but Government linked and supposedly Congressionally monitored (hardly) Federal Reserve. The second institution never to have been audited is the Pentagon. Never.
The day before September 11, 2001 then US Defense Secretary Rumsfeld announced, “According to some estimates, we cannot track $2.3 trillion in transactions.” The story vanished the next day in the panic of 911 events.

The title of my latest book is The Lost Hegemon: Whom the gods would destroy. It refers to the fact that the boring old patriarchs, let’s call them BOPs, such as D. Rockefeller or G. Soros or W. Buffett–oligarchs whose so-called power is based on the popular delusion that they have real power, a funny kind of hypnosis or mass delusion we nurture–that their ability to push their globalist one world fascist agenda is failing.

It’s failing everywhere, whether in their use of Islam as with Fethullah Gülen in Turkey’s recently failed US coup attempt, or in their ISIS/Al Qaeda terror war against Syria to gain control of the oil and gas of the region. Or they have failed in their effort to isolate Russia or encircle China in the South China Sea. It recalls the final days of the Roman Empire which collapsed during the Fourth Century AD not from foreign invasion, but from internal moral rot and corruption.

The economic model of the Empire of Rome was based on the plunder of conquered territories. As the empire expanded, it installed remote military garrisons to maintain control and increasingly relied on foreign mercenaries to man those garrisons.

In the process of military expansionism the peasantry, the heart of the empire, became impoverished. Small farmers were bankrupted and forced to flee to Rome to attempt a living as proletarians, wage laborers. They had no voting rights or other citizen rights. In the eyes of the rich, they were simply the ‘mob’ that could be bought, manipulated, and directed to attack an opponent; they were the ‘demos,’ the masses, the public. Roman ‘democracy’ was all about mass manipulation in the service of empire.

The government of Imperial Rome didn’t have a proper budget system. They too squandered resources maintaining the empire while itself producing little of value. When the spoils from conquered territories were no longer enough to cover expenses, they turned to higher taxes, shifting the burden of the immense military structure onto the citizenry. Higher taxes forced many more small farmers to let their land go barren. To distract its citizens from the worsening conditions, the Roman ruling oligarch politicians handed out free wheat to the poor and entertained them with circuses, chariot races, throwing Christians to the lions and other entertainments, the notorious “bread and circuses” strategy of keeping unrest at bay.

The next fundamental change that mortally wounded the Roman Empire was the shift from a draft army made up of citizen farmer soldiers to one of paid professional career soldiers as the ever-more distant wars became more unpopular. It was not unlike what took place in America in the years after the Vietnam War when President Nixon abolished the draft in favor of an “all volunteer” Army, after the popular anti-war protest became a threat to the future agendas of the military.
As conditions for Roman soldiers in faraway wars became more onerous, more incentives were needed to staff the legions. Limiting of military service to citizens was dropped and Roman citizenship could be won in exchange for military service, not unlike what is taking place now as immigrant youth are being promised US citizenship if they risk their lives for America’s wars in Afghanistan, Iraq or elsewhere.

The revelation of a $6.5 trillion Army bookkeeping disaster is but a symptom. A Presidential race pitting Democrat Hillary Clinton against Republican Donald Trump is but a symptom. A nation that spends on wars everywhere in the world while ignoring its domestic infrastructure decay whose proper rehabilitation would cost an estimated $3.6 trillion, merely half of what the US Army cannot account for is, sadly, destined to collapse. Unless of course the American people get disgusted with the Sodom and Gomorrah that today is Washington, and begin to act outside the matrix.



Caver said...

Hummmmm.....that's certainly interesting.

Just some quick down-n-dirty math says that's about $21,000 for every American that still has a pulse and $54,000 for every one that actually earns money and pays taxes.

And that's JUST the money they lost...stole...spent on black projects...or whatever. Money we earned with our sweat and time just written off.

This is stating to get aggravating.

D. Pearson said...

Guys pray for my son ( and all our military)
He's getting ready to deploy on a M. E. U. To the heart of the hot zone! Was scheduled in February, they have now upgraded to immediately. No idea, what's in place right now.

Caver said...

David, am praying at the Caver household. God Bless your family and especially your Son.

Unknown said...

Will do....prayers for your son & all our people in that region. Thank you to your son & your family as well.


WVBORN56 said...

Praying for your son David! 🙏

Caver said...

Been reading at a bunch of other sites and pretty much reinforces what we read here, with a few additional wrinkles here and there. Lots of dots being connected but guess the prophecy crowd has yet to get their head fully wrapped around it.

Even if Turkey doesn't pile on in Syria, but just joins the Russia-Iran-China alliance that is going to be huge.

NATO in general and the US in particular best find a good sale on anti-acid large quantities. Shucks...might just not want to pass up a good buy on new underwear either.

This could get messy and ugly quick.

What guess we soon hear of Russia backing China in the South China Sea.

Unknown said...

I prayed for your son today and thanked God for him

Bt374 said...

My thoughts exactly Caver.
At this point, like WW1, we are one bad afternoon away from conflict. I believe Russia will , by default, support any nation or cause that we do not.
Most of my friends and family will admit that the world theatre is a mess. However, when I begin to discuss the biblical implications for the signs at hand, I hear " it's always been this way, only now, the media brings it to light...."
I hear so many shallow explanations for why we are not to waste time on something that no one could possibly know about or predict...
I am not a prophet. I am an encourager at best. That being said, i believe I have begun to feel a small particle of the frustration that a true prophet of God might have felt. Standing in the center of a crowd of sick people with a cure that they have to simply ask for and believe it will work. But they won't have it! Instead, they will surround themselves with speakers and teachers that will tell them what they want to hear. Even unto their own demise.
Thank you Jesus, for you knew my name and thought of me while you hung on the cross. I am undeserving but so very grateful.

God bless everyone


Mrs.C said...

Brother Brian :) Personally, when I run into that stuff with my family, especially those really dug in, I smile and thank them for fulfilling Prophecy with their own words! :)lol That gets their attention :) I also tell them in a calm kinda way, that hey, ya, they dont understand now, and perhaps "it scares them, but let me just share with you something". I then share with them the Prophecy of Damascus being destroyed, something like "in the not too distant future, you will witness Damascus being destroyed in one night. Remember that I shared that with you straight from Gods Word, and I will be here for you when it happens". Plant a sure seed in them, as Gods Word is true, and never returns void. They will remember you shared that with them before it happened. :)
God Bless!

2 Peter 3:3-4
3 knowing this first: that scoffers will come in the last days, walking according to their own lusts, 4 and saying, “Where is the promise of His coming? For since the fathers fell asleep, all things continue as they were from the beginning of creation

Scott said...

Thats a great approach, I tend to do a similar thing with a more vague non-specific approach, but I like that damascus idea a lot - and its so specific and discreet and undeniable and simple to understand...OK - this is my new approach :)

Mrs.C said...

lol Yes indeed Brother, its how you say it to a non-Believing skeptical person also.
Kinda like the middle of the road, sincere (which we are)certain (which we are), not overly dramatic, but more matter of fact :) Gods Word is so true, and we have great confidence and assurance that the Damascus destruction is going to happen. A privilege to share with you Brother :)

Mrs.C said...

Oh, and forgive me, but on this approach, be prepared for those you share this with to possibly run off and "Google it".lol I have had some come back with the "Damascus already was destroyed in 732" nonsense, and of course, they THINK this dismantles your statement of fact about Damascus. lol silly I know you already know this stuff, but I thought Id share for others :)Here is what I had in my notes from years ago on RR when someone there tried to argue that Damascus had already been "destroyed", and so I usually draw from this info to come back to those UN-believers over the years :)
"Damascus is still called Damascus.It has been "conquered" by any number of enemies, and still remains "Damascus". Until this day, Damascus has never ceased from being a city. The city Damacus even boasts in present day, that they are “ the oldest continuously inhabited city in the world”.
A bit of history.The Syrian city of Arpad, did not surrender so easily. It took Tiglath-Pileser three years of siege to conquer Arpad, then he massacred the inhabitants and destroyed the city. In 732 he advanced on Damascus, first devastating the gardens outside the city and then conquering the capital and killing the king, whom he replaced with a governor. Damascus continued to be a city. I bring up this point because God, in His Word makes it very clear in Isaiah 17
•Damascus will not be "conquered”, but rather no longer ever to be a city again.
•It took time (not overnight) for Tiglath-Pileser to conquer Damascus. God, in His Word, again makes it very clear. Damascus will be there in the evening, and then gone by the next morning. Gone in less that a day

Scott said...

Good point - then I'll do what I commonly do with other related topics (like when discussing pre-trig doctrine) - by saying "now, you will see this argument, but its wrong for these reasons" - LOl - sad but true...So with Damascus I;ll just remind folks that it STILL exists as a city!

Mrs.C said...

lol Simple and to the point there Brother, it is STILL a city! :)

Scott said...


Jen S. said...

Brian, I feel your frustrations also. Together, let's stay faithful to Him who is faithful. We're just responsible for sowing the seeds. You're doing the right thing and I look fwd to shaking your hand someday...soon.

D. Pearson said...

Thank you guys!