Saturday, August 13, 2016

TPP: The Road To The New World Order

The TPP is the New World Order

But one thing we know about progressives – they never give up.
Next up for them is the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) and its lesser known cousin the US-EU Trans-Atlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP). It is estimated that, should it be enacted, the TPP alone will control $27 trillion, or more than 40 percent of the entire world’s GDP.

We all know what the job of Washington lobbyists is. Their entire purpose for being is to purchase favors and loopholes from the government on behalf of the large, multi-national corporations they represent. Beck’s team researched TPP, and in doing so, they found something astonishing. Over the last eight years of Obama’s reign, lobbyists have taken in $2.6 billion to spread around for their various causes, of which we assume are many. But fully one third of all that money raised has been spent to push pro-TPP interests. Over thirty percent has been consumed by one issue. Wonder why that is?

And why is the TPP such a huge secret? What is in it that they don’t want the public to know – until it’s too late? I’m certain there is plenty – most of which we may never know. Look at the disaster that is Obamacare and what was hidden in its 2,700 pages. The TPP is more than double that, at 5,544 pages. Oh, and of the 30 chapters of the TPP, only 10 have anything to do with actual trade. That’s odd…for a trade agreement.

Representative Alan Grayson of Florida and democrat hack complained about the cloak and dagger rules for viewing the TPP. Last year, he told the Huff Po that, “They created ground rules that are farcical. He couldn’t have staff in the room, couldn’t go home with documents, couldn’t take notes of the documents, couldn’t discuss the contents with staff, constituents in the media or other members of Congress outside of a classified facility, and had to be watched while he was reading.” Are these the plans for a D-Day invasion or a trade agreement?

Celeste Drake, a trade policy specialist for the AFL/CIO, said she was allowed to read the document. She also says she can’t discuss any of what she read because she could be arrested for doing so. Drake doesn’t know if anyone has been arrested and prosecuted, but she does know that no one who has read the text wants to test it.

This next tidbit should scare the crap out of you. According to Jeff Sessions, the TPP will be run by the Trans-Pacific Partnership Commission (TPPC), which will be set up in secret and will create a new trans-national governance structure. Who will be on it is yet unknown, but it will likely be representatives of multi-national banks and corporations – not ambassadors of nations, like at the U.N. – none of which will have U.S. sovereign interests in mind.

Within the TPP is something called a “living document clause.” The TPPC will be the sole caretakers of this “living agreement clause,” which should send chills up the spine of anyone who cares at all about freedom and national sovereignty.

The Living Agreement Clause will allow the TPPC to change the rules however they see fit, whenever they see fit. In other words, our Congress, none of whom should vote for this, could think they are voting for this wonderful trade agreement, presented as a positive, and, the day after it is signed into law, the TPPC could change it.

This living agreement is the culmination of what we’ve been railing about forever – that progressives see the Constitution as…you guessed it…a living document.

But unlike the Constitution, which is still difficult to change, the TPPC can alter the TPP with a simple vote, and there’s not a thing we will be able to do about it.
Also, as part of the TPP, a new international trade court will be established, where international corporations will be able sue the United States, who signed the agreement, and force us to change our laws to accommodate them, regardless of the unconstitutionality of the corporation’s suit.
The ultimate goal of the TPP, and also the lesser known TTIP, is to usurp authority of nations and eventually abandon the idea of the sovereign nation-state all together, in favor of an amalgam of borderless territories. This was the dream of the E.U. and has always been the dream of the progressive movement.

Obama puts Congress on notice: TPP is coming

The White House put Congress on notice Friday morning that it will be sending lawmakers a bill to implement President Barack Obama’s landmark Trans-Pacific Partnership agreement — a move intended to infuse new energy into efforts to ratify the flat-lining trade pact.

The move establishes a 30-day minimum before the administration can present the legislation, but the White House is unlikely to do so amid the heated rhetoric of a presidential campaign in which both major party nominees have depicted free trade deals as massive job killers.
Friday's notification is the clearest signal yet that the White House is serious about getting Obama’s legacy trade deal — the biggest in U.S. history — passed by the end of the year, as he has vowed to do despite the misgivings of Republican leaders and the outright opposition of a majority of Democrats in Congress.

Striking a defiant tone, Obama predicted at a press conference last week that the economic centerpiece of his strategic pivot to Asia would pass in the lame-duck session, saying he’d like to sit down with lawmakers after the election to discuss the "actual facts" behind the deal, rather than toss it around like a "political football."

"We are part of a global economy. We're not reversing that," Obama said, describing the necessity of international supply chains and the importance of the export sector to U.S. jobs and the economy. "The notion that we're going to pull that up root and branch is unrealistic."

But given the tenor of the elections, the entire process could be pushed into a crowded lame-duck legislation session, which would mean no time for the mock markups. Instead, there could be a lot of deal-making between the White House and congressional leadership to move the bill before Clinton or Trump takes over on Jan. 20.

Obama said last week that he’s ready to press his case. "Right now, I'm president, and I'm for it. And I think I've got the better argument," he said.


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