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Strange Things, Strange Times: Bizarre Executive Order, Civil Unrest, CERN, 'End Of The Internet As We Know It', etc.

It seems that we are seeing more and more news recently that defy description or historical precedent. 
Of course, biblically we should expect such, as during the Tribulation - In the words of Jesus, "For then there will be great distress, unequalled from the beginning of the world until now..." (Matthew 24:21)

[I normally don't like to post videos and audios here, but this audio is worth listening to, as this executive order is very strange]

This again is a huge red flag that Washington is treasonous towards the American people and its will. Wake up American we are being destroyed from within.

– Executive Order — Providing an Order of Succession within the Department of the Treasury ►0:51 (Executive Order link:…)
– Don’t trust the media – Trump is actually winning ►11:28
– Can the media stop Trump? ►16:20
– Can Obama stop Trump? ►18:53

President Obama and many in Congress have taken recent employment numbers and twisted them into something positive, meaning that because unemployment figures have fallen over the past 2-3 years, the economy has “dramatically” improved.

It’s a lie of epic proportions. The real reason why unemployment is dropping is because record numbers of Americans are either discouraged with trying to find a decent job or have landed on the government dole. The point is, the unemployment rate is artificially low because a record number of Americans are no longer in the workforce.

And yet, at the same time, Congress and the Obama administration are collecting a record amount of taxes, meaning more money is coming out of the economy so there is less in private hands to invest in, and expand, businesses (and thus, create jobs).

Despite record tax hauls, the government is still spendingmore than it takes in, which has led to an explosion in the national debt. In fact, Obama holds the record for collecting the most taxes and for debt expansion as well, nearly doubling it since he’s been in office.

Whatever motivations our elected leaders have regarding the economic disaster they have created, the fact is we’ve already reached the point of no return. As big as our economy is – and it could be even bigger if our regulations-happy president would stop smothering it with massive compliance costs – it is still not big enough to pay off what we owe. We simply don’t generate enough national wealth each year. In fact, our national debt (around $20 trillion) is higher than our annual GDP (around $17 trillion).

The numbers don’t lie: An economic collapse is imminent, and most of us will see it in our lifetimes.
What follows are nightmarish scenarios of abject poverty, depredation and global chaos. A broke United States means the world loses its cash cow. When U.S. consumers don’t have money to spend because they don’t have jobs, there is no “global economy.” There’s no economy, anywhere.
When the bottom falls out is anyone’s guess, but just looking at the numbers, the future does not look bright. The government cannot continue to spend hundreds of billions more per year than it takes in, piling debt upon debt, without a day of reckoning at some point. And given the trends – rising taxes and rising debt – the crash is on its way.

Many people watching Milwaukee burn on the news from the safety of their homes in the suburbs feel immune. It seems like this only happens in big cities, right?  “These people are burning down their own neighborhoods, how ridiculous,” observers say. They feel safe in their belief that the issue is merely a war on cops,and it’s nothing that could happen to them.

While cities like Milwaukee and Baltimore have been hard hit, keep in mind that Ferguson, Missouri is a relatively small town with a population of just over 21,000 people at the last census.

Suburbia isn’t the safe haven many believe it to be.  And guess who is covering up the threat? That’s right. The mainstream news. It certainly wouldn’t be politically correct if they were to air the fact that the sister of the armed man shot by police in Milwaukee actually directed her fellow rioters to head to the suburbs.
In fact, CNN did the complete opposite. They carefully edited a clip and flat out said Sherelle Smith was calling for peace. In my part of the world, they would call this kind of deception a lie, not a “mistake”.

Wow, that’s really nice, isn’t it? Despite her loss, she wants her community to band together to end violence.  Good for her.
Not so fast. Here’s the REAL clip.
Take a long hard look at the threats you face during civil unrest, and develop one. Wherever you live, whatever your situation, you need to plan as though 911 does not exist. Whether riots are occurring in the streets or not, in the seconds during which the lives of your family hang in the balance, you are completely on your own.
Following is a plan for dealing with an episode of civil unrest, taken from an article I wrote during the Ferguson riots.  This plan is also applicable for societal breakdowns that occur in the aftermath of a huge disaster.

I often tell people I weathered the LA Riots — and most of them have no clue what that means. Nor do they understand why I fear mob uprisings (especially thick are those who are pushing for such uprisings). You really do want cops keeping a lid on things and you really don’t want to be anywhere that isn’t happening.
I’m watching a thread where anti-cop rhetoric is strong — including singing the ‘No cops! Let people sort things out themselves’ song. Yeah, about that… I’ve seen what happens in those circumstances. It ain’t pretty.
Here are some ruminations from a guy who has actually been on the ground when the ****hits the fan. Back in ‘92…. **** When the rioting came within two miles of my house, I spent the day sitting on my porch, smoking my pipe, reading with a shotgun on the table. To be more precise, a riot gun. Just so you know a pistol can be scary, but shotguns carry a very distinct message — namely, “I ain’t playing.” (The survival rate with shotguns is waaaaaaaay lower than with pistols.) I wasn’t playing.

The Commerce Department is finalizing the transition of control of the internet from U.S. hands to a "multi-stakeholder" model that includes Russia and China.
None of this was approved by Congress.  The administration is acting unilaterally to strip U.S. control of the internet and give it to totalitarians and religious fanatics.

The move means the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority, which is responsible for interpreting numerical addresses on the Web to a readable language, will move from U.S. control to the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers, a multistakeholder body based in Los Angeles that includes countries such as China and Russia.

"The proposal will significantly increase the power of foreign governments over the Internet, expand ICANN's historical core mission by creating a gateway to content regulation, and embolden [its] leadership to act without any real accountability," Cruz wrote in a letter sent to Commerce and signed by two fellow Republicans, Sen. James Lankford of Oklahoma and Sen. Mike Lee of Utah.

In the event any facilities are relocated to China, senators noted, they could go in the same building as the agency responsible for censoring that country's Internet. "We have uncovered that ICANN's Beijing office is actually located within the same building as the Cyberspace Administration of China, which is the central agency within the Chinese government's censorship regime," they wrote, noting that some of the American companies involved with the transition process have already "shown a willingness to acquiesce" to Chinese demands to aid with censorship.
"While this is certainly not illegal, it does raise significant concerns as to the increased influence that governments … as well as the culture of cronyism," they added.

Has there ever been a nation that voluntarily gave up a powerful tool that drives commerce and allows for the freest flow of information in the history of civilization?  Probably not, because such a tool never existed before this.  But some ideologies can't stand freedom.  Russia, China, the Arab world, and others have tried for decades to wrest control of the internet from the U.S.  Finally, they found their naive pidgeon in Barack Obama. 
This is a radical change.  I suspect we will see almost immediately that it was a mistake.  But once the transfer is made, it will be too late to get it back, leaving us pretty much at the mercy of anti-freedom governments.

Have you seen the video of the “mock human sacrifice” that was conducted right outside the entrance of CERN? A spokeswoman for the European Organization for Nuclear Research (more commonly known as CERN) has told the public that this ritual happened without their permission and that they are looking into the matter. If this “occult ritual” was indeed some kind of “sick joke”, what was the motivation? This new video continues a long string of bizarre events related to CERN and the Large Hadron Collider that is housed there. Last month, I wrote about strange “portal-shaped clouds” that formed over CERN during recent experiments. And the the director of research at CERN, physicist Sergio Bertolucci, has publicly admitted in the past that the Large Hadron Collider could potentially open up a “door” to “an extra dimension”. There has been so much speculation about what is really going on there, and that makes this latest video that much more creepy. If you have not seen it yet, you can view it on YouTube right here

There are so many unanswered questions about this video, but here are ten things that we do know at this point…

#1 There were eight people in black robes and one woman involved in this mock human sacrifice. The fact that the eight shrouded individuals were wearing black robes means that someone definitely wanted this to look like an occult ritual.
#2 This ritual was conducted directly next to the statue of the Hindu goddess Shiva that stands at the entrance to CERN. In Hindu lore, Shiva is the “goddess of destruction”, and this spot was obviously purposely chosen.
#3 During the ritual, a woman walks into the middle of the group, disrobes, and willingly lies on the ground.
#4 Subsequently, one of the individuals in black robes pulls out what looks like a knife and brings in down in a stabbing motion toward the woman. After that, the video quickly ends.
#5 CERN is officially calling this ritual “a work of fiction” and says that this was done without their permission or knowledge…

The video, shot from a window of a nearby building, is a “work of fiction showing a contrived scene,” officials said on Thursday.
“These scenes were filmed on our premises, but without official permission or knowledge,” a spokeswoman for the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN) told the AFP news agency.

#6 It appears that CERN may know exactly who was involved, because their spokeswoman told the press that CERN “welcomes every year thousands of scientific users from all over the world and sometimes some of them let their humor go too far” and that “those responsible for the prank had access badges”. If this is indeed the case, why keep their identities secret?
#7 Previously, a bizarre “dance of destruction” was filmed at CERN with their full knowledge and permission that you can view right here. Many have pointed out that the “dance of destruction” appears to contain at least some occult elements.
#8 The police in Geneva are aware of this incident but they are not involved in the investigation at this point.
#9 An argument in favor of this being a mock ritual is the fact that the video was almost too perfect. The figures in black robes walked into the courtyard just as the video started, and even though it was night they chose a spot that was well lit so the person filming the ritual could get some really good shots. And the video ends very abruptly, and so we never get to see if the woman that was “stabbed” ends up bleeding. So there are definitely some reasons to question the motives and authenticity of what took place.
#10 This incident has drawn even more attention to CERN, and the hype surrounding the Large Hadron Collider continues to grow. In fact, large particle colliders that open up “doors” or “stargates” to other dimensions are even showing up in toys for our children. The following comes from Mac Slavo

Now on top of all the speculation as to what CERN scientists are really attempting to do with their Large Hadron Collider, many observers could not help but notice that the town in France where CERN is partially situated is called “Saint-Genus-Poilly.” The name Pouilly comes from the Latin “Appolliacum” and it is believed that in Roman times a temple existed in honor of Apollo, and the people who lived there believed that it is a gateway to the underworld. It is interesting to note that CERN is built on the same spot.
Religious leaders – always suspicious of the aims of the scientific world – drew a connection to a verse straight out of Revelation (9:1-2, 11), which makes reference to the name ‘Apollyon.’ The verse states: “To him was given the key of the bottomless pit. And he opened the bottomless pit… And they had a kind over them, which is the angel of the bottomless pit, whose name in the Hebrew tongue is Abaddon, but in the Greek tongue hath his name Apollyon.”

The CERN collider is composed of some 9,600 super magnets – which are 100,000 times more powerful than the gravitational pull of Earth - that fire protons around a circular track at mindboggling speeds. A beam might rotate for up to 10 hours, travelling a distance of more than 10 billion kilometers, enough to make it to the far reaches of our Solar System and back again. Travelling just below light-speed, a proton in the LHC will make 11,245 circuits every second.
No less amazing are the magnet’s coils, which are made up of 36 twisted 15mm strands, each strand comprised in turn of 6000-9000 single filaments, each filament possessing a diameter as small as 7 micrometers. The 27km length of the LHC demands some 7,600 km (4,100 miles) of cable, which amounts to about 270,000 km (145,000 miles) of strand — more than enough to circle the Earth six times at the Equator. According to the CERN website, if the filaments were unraveled, they would “stretch to the Sun and back five times with enough left over for a few trips to the Moon.”

There may be another reason for the CERN super collider being buried hundreds of feet underground: The unbelievable hot temperatures it can reach. How hot you ask? Well, about as hot as conditions in the Universe after the Big Bang, or more than 100,000-times the temperature at the center of the Sun. This will be achieved, CERN says, by accelerating and colliding together two beams of heavy ions, an epic scientific event that will take place next month.

One year after CERN’s grand opening, Sergio Bertolucci, former Director for Research and Scientific Computing of the facility, grabbed headlines when he told a British tabloid the super collider could open otherworldly doors to another dimension for "a very tiny lapse of time,” mere fractions of a second. However, that may be just enough time “to peer into this open door, either by getting something out of it or sending something into it.”
"Of course," added Bertolucci, "after this tiny moment the door would again shut; bringing us back to our 'normal' four-dimensional world ... It would be a major leap in our vision of nature… And of course [there would be] no risk to the stability of our world."

Astonishingly, astrophysical observations have demonstrated that all visible physical matter accounts for only four percent of the Universe. Now the race is on at CERN to find those elusive particles or phenomena responsible for dark matter (23 percent) and dark energy (73 percent). Essentially what the CERN experiment hopes to achieve is to separate – by way of the atom smasher - the invisible dark matter, which has been described as the very glue that holds together, from the visible. There’s just one problem with this experiment: Nobody has any idea what the consequences will be if that goal is achieved. So once again, this ‘dark versus visible’ paradigm has generated a battle that transcends the scientific world, becoming a question involving philosophy and spirituality.

Although most corporations shun any connection with religion and the spiritual world, CERN has chosen as its mascot a Hindu goddess. But not just any Hindu goddess. Just outside of its headquarters building sits an ancient statue to Shiva, ancient Apollyon, the goddess of destruction. Strange?

As Singer admits in Elliott's Q2 letter to investors, what the fund, up 6% YTD, is seeing, is "the most peculiar period we have faced in 39 years." The details are familiar to those who have read Singer's previous laments (most recently here) on central planning: too much central bank power, too much monetary debasement, inevitable inflation, and "when it happens it could be swift and impossible to tamp down."
Not surprisingly, Singer touches on a very popular topic in a world of nearly $14 trillion in negative yielding bonds, namely the scramble for safety, and surprised by the "continued stampede" to buy such bonds, he says that today's environment marks "the biggest bond bubble in world history", leading him to declare that "the global bond market is broken."

"Everyone is in the dark," Elliott notes. "Experience doesn't count for much, and extreme confidence may be fatal." 
Singer's gloomy conclusion is almost as apocalyptic as that of Carl Icahn from his latest Bloomberg TV interview: "the ultimate breakdown (or series of breakdowns) from this environment is likely to be surprising, sudden, intense, and large."

Board-certified diagnostic radiologist Dr. Milton R. Wolf says that Hillary Clinton has a “serious underlying disease” that her campaign is hiding from the American people.
Wolf, a practicing physician in Kansas City, reached out to Infowars to question why Hillary is being given the blood thinner Coumadin, a drug used to prevent heart attacks, strokes, and blood clots in veins and arteries.
According to Wolf, “Hillary’s doctors know you would NEVER, NEVER give Coumadin to normal, healthy patients. It’s too dangerous,” and that this must mean, “her risk of morbidity/mortality from blood clots without Coumadin must be substantial.”
In his experience, patients who take Coumadin are at risk of “intracranial hemorrhage” and suffer falls “on a regular basis”.
Wolf asserts that Hillary’s diagnosis of sinus thrombosis is only possible if she suffered “massive injuries” as a result of her fall in 2012.
“Her dural sinus thrombosis was absolutely NOT caused by a simple concussion. Not a chance. That was a lie,” he notes, adding that, “Sinus thrombosis is almost always due to serious underlying disease.”
Wolf’s assessment is in line with that of Dr. Drew Pinsky, who told KABC earlier this week that the treatment Hillary is receiving was “bizarre” and that he was “gravely concerned” about her health care.
Although Dr. Wolf is a conservative and ran for the U.S. Senate in 2014, he supported Ted Cruz over Donald Trump during the Republican primaries.
Wolf’s assertion that Clinton has a “serious underlying disease” is at odds with Hillary’s personal physician Lisa Bardack, who claims that Clinton is in good health.
Yesterday, Trump spokeswoman Katrina Pierson questioned why Hillary was taking so much time off and said that she should call a press conference to address the concerns over her health.
The mainstream media continues to parrot Clinton campaign talking points by insisting that a fake document falsely attributed to Bardack means the issue has been “debunked,” despite no serious commentator ever citing the document as proof.
A recent Rasmussen poll found that 59% of Americans want Hillary to release her full medical records, just as the media pressured John McCain to do back in 2008.


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