Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Turkey Moving Towards Russia - Leaving U.S./NATO?

Syrian Crisis Will Bring Russia and Turkey Closer Together

The years-long Syrian conflict will be one of the key topics at the upcoming meeting between Russian President Vladimir Putin and his Turkish counterpart Recep Tayyip Erdogan in Saint Petersburg, with experts saying that both leaders will reach an understanding on how to put an end to violence in the embattled Arab country.

Vladimir Sotnikov, a researcher at the Institute of World Economy and International Relations of the Russian Academy of Sciences, was optimistic about the talks. "I think that Russia and Turkey will find common ground on key issues," he told RIA Novosti.

After all both leaders are again on speaking terms following the worst incident in recent bilateral history that sent relations between Russia and Turkey into a deep freeze. They have improved since Erdogan sent Vladimir Putin a letter of apology for Turkey's shooting down of a Russian warplane in Syria.

The bilateral ties grew even warmer after Moscow ostensibly warned Ankara of an imminent coup hours before a group of Turkish military officers tried to overthrow Erdogan.

"Russia's moral and also political support is extremely important for the Turkish leader in his standoff with his Western partners that emerged in the wake of the coup," the analyst said. For its part, Moscow wants Ankara to "recognize Russia's national interests that are particularly evident in Syria at the moment."

Russian leadership, according to Sotnikov, "is hoping that Turkey will pay attention to our fight against international terrorism." Erdogan, he added, has already sent signals that could be interpreted as a positive sign in this respect.
"The swift rapprochement between Russia and Turkey, as well as bilateral attempts to reverse the effects of the crisis must have a positive impact on resolving the Syrian conflict," he said.

If Erdogan seals the border, Assad and Russia will secure "victory in Aleppo"
Sotnikov further said that Turkey's position on Syria is instrumental in bringing peace to the war-torn country because the Syrian-Turkish border is "nearly porous." Gazeta.ru also mentioned the border region as a key issue that affected counterterrorism efforts in Syria.

Terrorist groups, including Daesh and al-Nusra Front, have utilized this area to rearm, resupply and rest where the Syrian Arab Army and Russian warplanes cannot attack them. If the border is fully sealed, they will not be able to operate in Syria.

"The failed military coup created additional prerequisites for a thaw between Erdogan and Putin," the publication added.

Professor Mesut Hakki Casin echoed these sentiments, adding that "Ankara is going through a period of the biggest loss of trust in its key ally, the United States," in a comment for Deutsche Welle.

The Milli Gazette suggested that the coup could have been an attempt to prevent Turkey from fostering closer relations with Russia.

"What the West fears the most is that one day Turkey will divorce itself from the US, the EU and NATO, burn all bridges and chose to become an integral part of a different alliance, primarily the Eurasian bloc," the publication noted.

The media outlet further said that if Putin and Erdogan reach an agreement on Syria during the August 9 talks, "the deal will have a significant impact on the Greater Middle East project" as Washington's foreign policy strategy for the region is often called.


Caver said...

If Turkey does pivot, that would sure throw the West and NATO into a tizzy. From the looks of some "stuff" on the new batch of Wikileaks emails Hilary was heavily involved in the recent uprising in Turkey since 2009.

It sure looks like nothing, absolutely nothing except scripture, is as we believed. The subterfuge goes so many layers deep.

ally said...

Good morning Caver! Well it certainly SEEMS some biblical prophecy might be falling into place. But these days, things get crazy and flip around so quickly even I, (the great and accurate predictor lol) can barely keep heads and tails separated these days! And I really pay attention too.
Waiting for this next birth pain to get revved up, cuz it's gonna.
Hillary doesn't seem well. I'm kinda wondering when the "bosses" are going to finally wake up and realize she and her husband have become big liabilities and replace them with their next picks. Remember these guys play for the long term goal. Individuals mean nothing to them.
That would sure make for an interesting twist wouldn't it?
I have noticed though that the really "big" moves seem to happen overnight now with little warning. Do you get that same impression?
Thanks Scott!!!!! Lots of love your way brother :)

Caver said...

Chuckling...Yup Ally. You're spot on.

In fact. a kind of private thought I've had is if the Lord is lifting the curtain, exposing the real evil back in the shadows. Think about it, at this critical time when an anti politician is running with the backing of a whole bunch of spiritual leaders. With millions of Christians praying and everything is falling apart for TPTB.

If rumor is true, the next batch of emails to be released are on the Clinton Foundation and that will be the final nail. That could bring down governments and virtually every major US agency.

ally said...

Funny thing Caver, I'm seeing it the same way right now. I've been praying for at least 5 years now, almost daily, for God to expose the evil to the point that no one can deny it any longer, wether they are believers or not. He is definitely answering.
I feel the exposure currently is a combination of God's hand coupled with the fact these jerks really don't care anymore who knows what their evil plans are.
Heck, the illuminaughty have a Facebook page and a website where they sell jewelry that gives you power.(demonic power of course)
Hmmmph, what will they think of next?
Oy Vey!!! I'm kinda laughing, seriously, do they really think they can trump God? Maybe God is going to trump them with Trump? Now that's funny!!!!!
Sorry if I drive you guys crazy but, you know, me and all my wild beliefs like the Bible being true and Jesus coming soon! It's nice to communicate with others who are watching :) :) :) :)

Unknown said...


We have three of the 5 Ez 38/39 countries pairing up. Seems like we should be surprised if Ethiopia & Libya all of a sudden start coming up in the news...yes??? Jesus said the end will come like a flood, so I'm wondering how these 5 countries will be linked. Thoughts?


Scott said...

My opinions on this are probably a little unconventional but thoughts ive formed over the years. Imo the first part of ezek 38 are obvious when it comes to Russia, iran and turkey. Not quite as much w northern africa. Imo there will be "invaders/fighters" from northern africa but not necessarily discreet countries who are "declaring war" in a formal sense. Its too long and convoluted to give reasons for this as a message, but keep in mind that the invasion comes from the far north so somehow these fighters from northern africa have to be transported to north of israel (russia/turkey/iran already are). We know that radical islam is taking over northern africa but they arent creating discreet nations, but doing it more like isis. So i believe that the war theater already has massive influx of radical islamic fighters there and fighting now. Syria and iraq etc. Somehow they will be gathered into this gog-magog invasion as participants. But i uave never believed that specific countries will formally attack israel from northern africa yet many of those "invaders" will have come from northern africa. Thats my take anyway

Dee mac said...

Guys speaking of eziekle 38/39 I watch this video the other day with this Israeli pastor mentions Libya and the other are already in place, he also mentions that Israels air space was entered by an aircraft which just so happened to be one of their old drones and it was the Russians. That's how the drone went undetected because it was one of their own drones. Give this a watch and see what you all think. We moving into perilous but exciting times, it's such a comfort to know who's on the throne and in control :) :)

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ally said...

JD Farag is on my weekly radar. That's for sure!!!