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Will Ukraine Take Donbass By Force? It's Official: Obama To Send TPP To Congress, Understanding The Campaign To Destabilize

Will Ukraine Take Donbass by the Force of Arms?

Regarding the situation in Ukraine and Donbas, I talked to a war correspondent now residing in Donbas that prefred to remain anonimous. 

Is Kiev currently preparing an offensive on Donbas?

Reports stating that it has to be a Ukrainian offensive are given regularly, but there isn’t any offensive. They attack in small groups without any support, bleeding at the same time. It looks like Kiev wanted to get rid of them.

Donetsk and The Ukraine army do not have the strength to on the offensive. They can, at most, take a village. Kiev, to hold power, must end the conflict in Donbas. It cannot do this peacefully, because it would have to agree on the confederacy. Second thing: It would have to give away the entire area of Donetsk and Lugansk. In an act of last hope, Ukrainian troops may try to create a massive offensive.

Are people who live there aware of that kind of scenario?

A lot of people have returned, some of them do not have a clue what was going on, what is war. They have not experienced it, they are not living it. People who lived here during the war are aware that something else might happen, but they do not care to much about this.
The army would be happy to go on the offensive, but there is no strength. The Donbas army consists of about forty thousand soldiers. However, a volunteer with a rifle and a soldier are not the same. Kiev officially now has seventy thousand people plus there is still a regular Ukrainian army, which works, but does not take part in combat operations.

In total, you have to count that there is 110 – 120 thousand Ukrainian soldiers. The entire Ukrainian army according to various estimates and sources is from 240 to 270 thousand people. It would be a huge mistake not to think that The Ukraine couldn’t put half a million people to arms. They will be soldiers, who will shoot off-target, but they will shoot. If Novorossiya wanted to attack there is no chance that 40,000 people could take on the entrenched 170,000 soldiers fighting on the side of Kiev. Their front would be full of holes. Any army could enter Donetsk in broad daylight.

If The Ukraine put everything on one hand and Novorossiya was left to itself then it would have no chance of survival. The fire power and numerical superiority of Kiev would decide the victory. The Ukrainian side would have huge losses, but it would not take them into consideration.

What would have to happen if there was such an offensive?

Two conditions would have to be fulfilled. The first is the unofficial green light from the West, especially the US. They’d have to be sure that within a few days Russia wouldn’t react, because it would be busy with something else. The second condition would be that there was no other choice.

If Kiev was in the situation of being trapped so much that it would only remain to pass the power and flee from the Ukraine, or put everything on one hand and pacify the Donbas. It might work or may not succeed. Or finally, you may find that Ukraine will go to hell and there will not be anyone to carry out such an offensive.

So are we waiting for another Maidan?

It’s about twisting off what Maidan did and at the same time introducing the situation of reform which Maidan introduced. You can’t unscrew everything and say everything will be fine – corruption, bureaucracy, theft come back again. People do not go for it.

The White House has put Congress on official notice that it will be sending lawmakers a bill to implement President Barack Obama’s Trans-Pacific Partnership agreement later this year.

The White House submitted what’s known as a Statement of Administrative Action giving Congress a 30-day notification that the administration plans to present legislation implementing the TPP.
Obama has previously said that he intends to push the TPP in the lame-duck session of Congress after the election.
Congressional leaders have said they would not consider the so-called “free trade” deal before the election because it is extremely unpopular with voters.
Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton have spoken out against the TPP, though Clinton helped negotiate it and once called it the “gold standard.”

The administration’s latest move makes it official it will push the controversial agreement in the lame duck.
Senator Jeff Sessions, a vocal opponent of the TPP and top adviser to Donald Trump blasted Obama for disregarding the will of the American people.
“Americans know these agreements have allowed trade practices that unfairly close manufacturing plants, costing millions of high paying jobs,” Sessions said.
“President Obama knows that the only chance he has of passing the TPP is during this short window [of the lame duck]. His determination flies in the face of the clear will of the American people, as demonstrated in the primaries,” he added.

Sessions said the lame-duck session is tailored-made for special interests to sneak unpopular legislation through.
“Our nation is about to see once again how powerful forces work overtime to advance a globalist agenda that the people oppose,” the Republican senator from Alabama said.

Saturday night’s Black Lives Matter riots began when a police officer pulled over a car with two men inside. The two men left the vehicle and attempted to run. A police chase ensued on foot. At some point during the pursuit, police fired shots at one of the men. The unidentified 23-year-old suspect was pronounced dead.  He was in possession of a stolen handgun according to police spokesman Capt. Mark Stanmeyer.

Rioters set several businesses on fire, including a bank and a gas station. Firemen responding to the scene hesitated to enter the area to put down the fires without police protection. There were numerous reports that police officers barricaded themselves inside the 7th district police station to escape the mayhem.

Like the riots in Ferguson, MO, these riots have targeted local businesses. For the most part, these businesses were caught by surprise and the police were incapable or unwilling to gain control before several of building were damaged or destroyed.  The businesses include a BP Gas Station, the Jet Beauty Supply Store, O’Reilly Auto Parts and BMO Harris Bank. When the gas station was set ablaze, there were three people in the building. They all managed to escape without injury.

Officers got in their cars to leave at one point, and some in the crowd started smashing the windows of a squad car and another vehicle, which was set on fire.  Police reported that an officer was hit in the head with a brick that was thrown through a squad car window. Police said the officer was being treated at a hospital. As officers returned to the scene, this time in riot gear, gunshots could be heard.  The shots were fired by someone in the crowd.

The Black Lives Matter movement is just one of the Social Movements involved with the destabilization of the United States of America. Others include La Raza, The Revolutionary Communist Party, the World Workers Party, the Muslim Brotherhood, ISIS and the Islamic Jihadist movements.

Any discussion regarding the current destabilization of our nation invariably results in a demand to know who is responsible. Instead of keeping you in suspense, hoping that you read the rest of this article, I am going to tell you upfront that the person responsible is your next-door neighbor. That’s correct, your neighbor is responsible for the rapid down-spiral of our country. They did not value their freedom, liberty and rights. Very bad people, many being American,  figured this out when we interred citizens of Japanese descent during World War II and have been working on taking control of our country ever since. Don’t feel like this is a purely American issue, Germany did the same and much worse to their Jewish citizens. Stalin and Chairman Mao used the same tactics.  In the end, the willingness of a people to allow their government to strip citizens of their rights with a promise to provide for a slight measure of safety and security is the weapon that aspiring dictators have used for centuries.  Now many of you may think of yourselves as either a good Republican or good Democrat.  What people that think this way fail to recognize is that upon the assassination of John F. Kennedy, our two-party system ended. Eisenhower warned us this would happen, he even told us who would take advantage of it (“the Military-Industrial Complex”). Fascists  or what we now call “Globalists” are slightly more accurate labels for the “Military-Industrial Complex” that Eisenhower referred to, but in either case he was warning us that our nation’s power structure had been infiltrated by very bad men who would achieve total control of our nation in time. We failed to listen.

Like any good crime novel, the first question a good investigator will ask is “who benefited” from the crime that has been committed. In the case of our nation’s destabilization and collapse, each group contributing to the destabilization sincerely believes that they will be a primary beneficiary of the resulting new system. Organizations like La Raza believe they will be able to balkanize the country and realize the promise of a new Hispanic homeland, Aztlan. Members of the Black Lives Matter movement believe they will be the recipients of some long overdue reward for the past mistreatment of their race and be able to live in a new balkanized urban society that is not governed by white devils and thuggish white police officers.   The Muslim Brotherhood and other Islamists seek to balkanize our country, much like they have done in Europe, to provide for Sharia Law zones and an eventual North American Caliphate. The United Nations is sincerely looking forward to becoming the central committee of the “New World Order” heralded by George H.W. Bush.  This is the promise each of these groups have received from the financiers of their movements. At their root, all of these movements rely on tribalism and racism to motivate their members. Now I know many of you will say that the Islamists are motivated by religion. This is false. Even the most ardent Jihadi Islamist leader is racist to the core against whites, asians and blacks. Now some of you may say “but many of the Jihadi attacks have been carried out by blacks and Asians”.  This is true, but in their purist world, all races are inferior to those of true Arab descent. In the end, the Islamists will use anyone willing to support their cause. When they achieve their goal of balkanization and conquest, the inferior races will be expelled, disposed of, or worse. This is no different than the vast majority of Black Lives Matter protestors being white, working for black leadership. In the end, these whites are dispensable and are never considered equals within the movement. Black Lives Matter even has rules for whites that participate in their protests to remind them of their subservient role and past “white privilege”.  I believe it was Vladimir Lenin who labeled these types of people “useful idiots”. There are dozens of other causes at work, each pushing for their piece of the pie when our nation collapses. The Communists (they like to call themselves socialists) are a particularly nasty group that seeks revolution through whatever means to herald in their repressive, totalitarian leaders. Communists will leverage any form of hate, racial bias or religion to achieve their goals.

I know a lot of people believe that the George Soros Group of Foundations is the principle “Darth Vader” that finances these divisive groups. He is to an extent, but there is still an “emperor” behind the scenes setting the agenda and controlling his actions.  The United Nations, the Council on Foreign Relations, the Ford Foundation, the Tri-Lateral Commission, The Bilderberg Group and many more are at least equal to the influence and financial support of Mr. Soros. Many nation states are incredibly anxious to finance our destruction, including Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Turkey and Iran.  I’m not sure if you noticed, but the U.S. Government has been financing its’ own destabilization since 1963 with the advent of the Vietnam War.  Each of these organizations wants some level of control over the people, resources and territory held by the United States when the curtain finally falls.  Some of these organizations work together, as long as it doesn’t conflict with their goals. Some of these organizations are competitive, hoping to capitalize on our destruction at the expense of other organizations working towards our demise. I know it is easy to want to point a finger at each one of these groups individually and seek to stop their evil work, but the real villain here is your neighbor. You see, had your neighbor not become complacent with their liberty and freedom we would not be having this discussion. Had your neighbor not accepted state control of the media, unfettered spying on their life’s activities, social safety nets that have been abused for decades and the willingness to disarm for paltry promises of greater safety, this discussion would not be required.

It would take years to diagram and explain all of the various organizations, interests and relationships at work to destabilize the United States. Various authors have focused on one aspect or one cause. To make this easier to understand, the following graphic provides a high level overview of the types of organizations, their relationships to other types of organizations and a non-inclusive list of the organizations within each type. Again, the lists within each type of organization (Quasi-Government, Banking/Finance, etc.) are not inclusive, they are illustrative.  Organizations like the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) enlist the support of high level government officials, politicians and “think-tank” researchers to produce consensus documents/policies intended to guide Quasi-Government and Banking/Finance interests. In turn, the Quasi Government organizations tailor the guidance received for use in directing activities of Social Movements with the support of Banking/Finance organizations.  Political Movements generally rely on financing that comes from Foreign Governments with strings attached that achieve the interests of the foreign government sponsor(s). The Political Movements embed their operatives within various Social Movements to gain power and influence. For example, the Muslim Brotherhood is extremely active within the Black Lives Matter movement. This cooperation achieves several goals, including the expansion of manpower, the broader dissemination of the Political Movement’s influence and the ability to leverage financing from Foreign Governments to buy influence within the Social Movement hierarchy.  Within the United States, both the Social Movements and the Political Movements are shielded by the major political parties. For example, Saudi Arabian influence has flourished under both Republican and Democratic administrations. Turkish support for the Muslim Brotherhood and its resulting influence in the United States has also been supported by both Republican and Democratic administrations.  The intent here is not to define all of these relationships. The intent is to convey an understanding of the interests at work, their purpose and the methods that they are using to cause the eventual demise and fundamental transformation of our nation.  In many ways, the various organizations are playing a game of musical chairs, hoping to have a seat when the music ends.

More than 2,500 files from the raft of organizations run by billionaire George Soros have been leaked by hackers.
Saturday’s leak, published by DC leaks, includes hundreds of internal documents from multiple departments of Soros’ groups, predominantly the Open Society Foundations.

The files are grouped into sections such as geographical region, the World Bank and the President’s Office, and cover the period from 2008 up until 2016, according to The Daily Caller.
They reveal work plans, strategies, priorities and other activities by Soros, and include reports on European elections, migration and asylum in Europe.

DC Leaks claims to be the work of American activists who want to present the truth about the “US decision-making process as well as about the key elements of American political life.”
US security experts however are blaming the leak on Russian hackers, according to Bloomberg, in a similar reaction seen in the wake of the DNC leaks.
The DC Leaks hackers previously released data from the Open Society Foundations in June, a breach that was reported to the FBI, according to spokeswoman Laura Silber. She said an investigation by a security firm found the intrusion was limited to an intranet system used by board members, staff and foundation partners.
DC Leaks also revealed emails from former NATO general Philip Breedlove which showed he tried to provoke President Obama to start US conflict  against Russia. Breedlove claimed to CNN in July that the emails were stolen as part of a state-sponsored intelligence operation.

Russia has deployed its most advanced surface-to-air missiles to Crimea as tensions rise in the region.  
The S-400 'Triumph' air defence system has been sent to the peninsula, following a pledge to deploy it to the region last month.
The announcement came on Friday amid escalating tensions between Ukraine and Russia over the contested peninsula. 
The Kremlin said on Wednesday that two Russians were killed while thwarting what it described as a series of attempted terror attacks by Ukrainian 'saboteurs' in Crimea.  
President Vladimir Putin condemned what he described as a 'stupid criminal action' by the Ukrainian authorities and vowed to take additional steps to ensure security of Crimea. 
Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko rejected the Russian claims as 'fantasy' and 'provocation'.
He said his government would use only political and diplomatic means to restore its sovereignty over Crimea. 
Since Crimea's annexation, Russia has stepped up its military presence in the peninsula, which is home to its Black Sea fleet. 
Earlier this week, footage appeared to show a fleet of Russian armoured trucks driving down a street on the peninsular in a large convoy on the northern Crimea border. 
The S-400 'Triumph' is the country's newest anti-aircraft and missile defence system. 
The air defence system can track some 300 targets and shoot down around three dozen simultaneously over a range of more than 150 miles.  
It has also been deployed to Syria, where Moscow is conducting a bombing campaign in support of long-time ally Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. 
The deployment of the S-400 to Crimea comes as NATO rolls out the biggest military build-up in eastern Europe since the end of the Cold War.

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